Top 10 People Who Went Broke After Winning The Lottery

Top 10 People Who Went Broke After Winning The Lottery

How’s it going YouTube? I’m your host Landon Dowlatsingh and welcome
back to another most amazing top 10 video. Have you guys checked out our shop yet? Head on over to after
this video and check out our awesome merch. We all dream about winning the lottery and
thinking about how we would spend our new-found fortunes. Well, some lottery winners act like they have
money to burn and they end up spending their money on crazy things and before they know
it, they are completely broke and worse off than before they won the money. So let’s take a look at the top 10 people
who went broke after winning the lottery. Starting off this sad list in at number 10
with a Typical scenario. Lisa Arcand was the lucky winner of $1 million
dollars in the Massachusetts lottery back in 2004. She did the typical things lottery winners
usually do like buy a house and go on several vacations. However, when you really think about it, $1
million dollars after tax isn’t that much money in todays world. After she realized how quickly she was going
through her winnings, she opened up a family restaurant to try and earn additional income. Unfortunately, within a few years, she completely
ran out of money and her restaurant had to be shut down. She actually said that her lottery experience
was more depressing than anything. Unhappy meal makes its way into number 9. Luke Pittard won $1.9 million in 2006 but
he quickly spent all of his winnings on a trip to the Canary Islands, a wedding and
a house. A year and a half later, he was flat out broke
and he was forced to find a job again. He applied to McDonalds and now he works in
the kitchen flipping burgers. He said that he’s happy though…but I think
that’s a lie. People who win the lottery should be forced
to talk to a financial advisor so things like this don’t happen. Karma creeps in at number 8. Denise Rossi won $1.3 million dollars in the
California lottery back in 1996 but instead of telling her husband of 25 years about her
winning the lottery, she asked for a divorce and said that she wanted it done quickly. Well soon after the divorce, he ex-husband
discovered her lie and in 1999 a judge determined that she had broken the asset discloser law
and he awarded her ex-husband with every penny from her winnings. You know what they say, Karama can be a bitch. Next up in at number 7 we have Vivian Nicholson. She won about 150,000 pounds back in 1961
which is the equivalent to about $3.5 million dollars today. She famously said that she was going to “Spend,
spend, spend her money. And that’s exactly what she did. She bought expensive designer dresses, lavish
vacations and a new car every six month. By the 1970s she was completely broke. But in 1998 she received money from a musical
that was about her life. Well, as you probably guessed it, she spent
all of that money too. The gambler rolls the dice in at number 6. Back in the mid 80’s Evelyn Adams defied
all of the odds by winning the lottery twice – once in 1985 and again in 1986. She won $5.4 million dollars but she also
had a gambling addicting. Oh and did I mention she lived in Atlantic
city which is a miniature version of Las Vegas. So, as you probably guessed, it didn’t take
her long to lose all of her money. Where is she now? She now lives in a trailer park and is completely
broke. Next up in at number 5 is a Big spender. Sharon Tirabassi won $10.5 million dollars
in 2004 and she spent her money very fast. She would treat her friends to vacations to
Cancun, Las Vegas, California, Florida and the Caribbean. She got married and bought a house for half
a million dollars but instead of paying cash for it, she took out a mortgage for $360,000. The spending spree continued and she bought
numerous cars including one that cost her over $200,000 and she gave millions away to
family and friends. Three years later, all of her money was gone. By 2008, her husband was arrested for a DUI
and she lost their home because she couldn’t afford it. Now to pay the rent and support her family,
she is working part time and is riding the bus because she no longer has her expensive
cars. Mansion to Slaughterhouse butchers its way
into number 4. At the age of 19 Michael Carroll was working
as a garbage man in England when he won about $14.4 million dollars in the lottery. Michael literally blew all of his cash on
a mansion, drugs, gold jewelry and hookers. Apparently, he would smoke more than $3,000
worth of crack cocaine a day and he would throw indulgent parties pretty regularly. Well the party is over because now he has
no money and he is working at a slaughterhouse barely getting by. The man who lost it all comes in at number
3. Willie Hurt was a family man living in Michigan
when he won the 1989 lottery jackpot. He won $3.1 million dollars and he opted to
collect annual installments of $156,000. Well by the time he had received his second
annual installment, he was already in the process of a divorce, lost custody of his
children and he had spent most of his winnings on crack cocaine. Things got even worse, after he spent 48 house
binging on drugs and alcohol. He had a huge fight with his girlfriend and
she was later found with a gunshot to her head. He was charged with murder and could spend
the rest of his life in prison. Number 2 Too much partying. Back in 1998, Gerald Muswagon won $10 million
dollars in a Manitoba draw in Canada. He spent a large chunk of his winnings on
expensive cars for his friends and family and he converted his new home into a “party
pad.” Eventually he had spent all of his money and
he was forced to take a minimum wage job in order to support his six children and girlfriend. Sadly, in 2005 just seven years after his
huge win, he took his own life because he was broke. In at our number 1 spot, we have a Tragic
story. Billy Bob Harrell Jr. was working as a stock
boy at home depot when he hit it big and won the $31 million jackpot back in 1997. At first, he was living a really lavish lifestyle. He bought a ranch, six other homes and some
new cars. So basically, like many other lottery winners,
he wasn’t able to say no when people would ask him for a handout or whenever he saw an
expensive looking car. Later on in life he divorced his wife and
he eventually committed suicide because the stress of losing his money was too much for
him to bear. Well there you guys have it

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  1. okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. One of the main things I would do with lottery winnings is pay everything off. Like the house and car I currently have. I don’t need a mansion or an extremely expensive car. Plus I probably wouldn’t drive it out of fear of ruining it.

  3. If I or my mom ever won the lottery, we'd pay off the mortgage on this house, move to Nevada and invest the rest of it. Thankfully, mom and I don't need much to be happy. Why can't people be smart with their money?

  4. I'll pay all my debt off put money aside for my kids for college and live a small happy life no point of spending all that money on stupid stuff maybe I'll go on vacation with my family but I'll find the cheapest and less expensive way to do it I'll be just happy with a million dollars

  5. I like Landon, I really do but every time he says his name I think it's not a good name at all. Random thought but not gonna stop watching for sure.

  6. If a won the lottery,first of all i would start some sort of buissnes that earns alot,stay in my house until the buissnes becomes real good and then i would start living my life,buying a house and a car and keeping the rest of the money to live a happy life

  7. What I will do when I won the lottery:
    -Buy another lottery ticket (which means more money)
    -Save 75% of the money
    -Spend the rest of the money on speedcubes, twisty puzzles, etc.

  8. Just learn to control yourself… and save money for your future… or else you'll end up like those people who suicide because they lost all their money….. well millions of dollars wasted on the wrong types of people who don't deserve it.

  9. I'd probably buy a house a good size house three Costco big teddy bears that are the size of a person an Xbox a Wii U and a Nintendo switch

  10. My spending would be the typical: pay off my house and student loans and my siblings’ mortgages. Then the rest go into a trust with set payments

  11. I would spend my lottery money on going to Egypt i am so obsessed with Egypt It is my dream Place to visit whats your dream place to visit?

  12. I would buy a home and a car. When I say these two, I don't mean a expensive! A nice little house and a decent vehicle, then I'd put half my money in a cd that gained interest, and bank the other half. Go back to work and keep adding money to it, then save it to live conservatively off of it when I retire.

  13. I hate how kids at my school wish they had millions like people who have won the super bowl and other things have said that when they had millions that was their most depressing, lonely and suicidal times

  14. Honestly if I won a million of pounds I would give it to homeless people…
    I'm not lying
    And with my left out money I would go to Japan
    And then I would give my left out money to my parents:)

  15. First, I'd hire a financial planner. My lottery winnings would pay off my house, a car and other bills. A lot of money to my favorite charity – Save the Manatees. I'd have my dream home built (extra rooms for my hubby's gaming gear and for my vintage stuff) and purchase a loft in our favorite vacation place. After that, it stays wherever my financial guy tells me where to keep it.

  16. Honest to God, if I won the lottery, I'd make smart investments, put some of it in a savings for college tuition and try to help my dad as best I can.

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