Top 10 Scariest Video Games Of The Decade

WARNING: daring to play the games listed here
may result in screams of terror and cause nightmares. Hello again my fellow gamers, my name is Amanda
McKnight and I am back for a limited time only to be your host for this list. Just kidding, I’ll be back every now and then,
popping up like a good jump scare. Which makes sense as I am known for being
the most terrifying. Boo! 2020 is just around the corner and in honour
of that, we’ll be looking at the scariest games from the past decade, the good ol’ 2010s
as we count down the top 10 scariest video games of the decade. Still sounds weird to say the 2010’s. It’s not as satisfying as the 90’s or the
80’s. The 2010s. One day in the distant future, they’ll probably
just be known as the 10s or, like, the 2-10’s and I’ll either be longe dead, or be a version
of my consciousness uploaded into an android who still hosts youtube videos. Stay tuned to find out which. And to find out which games made the cut. And if you like horror games, be sure to give
this video a lil like. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Blair Witch Developed by team Bloober this psychological
survival horror game takes you back to the 90s. You are forced to visit the same woods as
the teenagers in the fateful Blair Witch Project film as you search for a missing boy. You play as a former police officer, Ellis
Lynch. Armed with a cellphone, a flashlight that
works some of the time, and reliable a walkie talkie, you set out with your trusty animal
companion and tracker dog, Bullet. You can even pet him! I know that’s not what this list is about
but also this dogs in games are the best. And the bond you share with your dog both
lulls you into a false sense of security and helps to urge you forward as you explore the
creepy forest and later a creepy abandoned house. The game also incorporates a cam-corder, evoking
the original film it is inspired off of, which you later use as a tool to explore in the
world further. Blair Witch was released in August of 2019
and is playable on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 9
Layers of Fear In Layers of Fear you are a painter who has
returned home after a court hearing to start work on your magnum opus, a painter’s masterpiece
work. The game is a psychological horror where your
character’s psyche is your own worst enemy. You wander through your home experiencing
hallucinations and uncovering more and more about your character’s twisted past and broken
mental state. The game also implores a few jump scares to
freak you out. Lots of walking down dark corridors in this
game. Gameplay centers around exploration and puzzle
solving. Layers of Fear has been spooking out players
since it’s release in 2016. It was also developed by the Bloober Team
and is playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and XBox One. 8
Dead Space 2 Dead Space 2 was published by EA Games. The sequel to the first Dead Space, the game
is played in third person and was released in 2011. It is playable on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Once again you are taking on the Necromorphs. Dead Space is interesting as it is a game
that could be best described as a slasher, in fact you are encouraged to slice of the
limbs of the necromorphs that attack you as head-shots are often not as useful. And you know the game you are playing is going
to be gorey, like in Dead Space 2, when you are rewarded for curb stomping monsters heads. The game itself feels leaves you feeling tense
and panic ridden as you often fight in dimly lit narrow corridors and tight spaces. 7
Soma SOMA was released in 2015 by Frictional Games
and is playable on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In it you are Simon Jarret the survivor of
a car accident who is looking for help after suffering severe brain damage. David Munshi (Munchy), a medical grad student,
offers to help you by observing the trauma with an experimental brain scan procedure. You pass out during the procedure and appear
to wake up in the future after humanity has been pretty much destroyed after a large comet
struck the earth. You are on Pathos 2, underwater in a research
facility and work to uncover what has happened both in this place and to yourself. The game is heavily narrative focused, filled
with puzzles and sneaking. This game evokes the genre of psychological
horror even more as each shadowy figure is meant to symbolize some kind of emotional
trauma. And if you’re wondering what soma means by
the way, it’s basically word meaning the soul, spirit and memories of one’s body. 6
Alan Wake Alan Wake was first released in 2010 and is
playable on Xbox and PC. It’s a game that evokes a Twin Peaks or a
Twilight Zone vibe. You play as Alan Wake, a writer who ends up
getting trapped in his story. The game constantly makes the player question
what is real and what is illusion as they explore the frighteningly surreal and eerie
environment of the town, Bright Falls, in Washington state. Something that has always gotten me is how
when running away from enemies you can still hear their footsteps chasing you. The jump scares and memorable characters make
this psychological thriller meets action-packed video games one of the creepiest creeps to
creep about in. 5
Amnesia: The Dark Descent This first person survival horror game with
filled with monsters and puzzles was released in 2010 by Frictional Games. Though truly it was more psychological than
survival based really. This game is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One
and Nintendo Switch. Amnesia was a brilliant game when it was released
because it tricked you into doing the work for it, almost. The most terrifying thing in Amnesia isn’t
actually what you’re running from, it’s your imagination. This is a game where you run from monsters,
barricade doors, hide in a closet, and let your imagination go to work. The sound is also great, the main characters
breathing specifically terrified us. Because you can lose your sanity in the game,
you become more terrified. The brilliant thing is there is no in game
negative consequences. The game makes you think there is. But there isn’t. Your vision might change, you might fall down
but that’s it. What the game does is it gifts you with the
horror of paranoia, more akin to what it probably actually feel like to go insane in a horrifying
scenario. And you know a game is frightening when you
can specifically lean out your head in it to to peak around corners. 4
Alien Isolation Alien Isolation was released in 2014 and was
published by Sega. The game is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One
and Nintendo Switch. It’s a first person survival horror game where
you are Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter. The game takes place 15 years after the original
alien film. You are setting out to try and retrieve one
of the last recordings of your mother’s voice after finding it out it may still exist at
a remote space station. The only problem is once you are there you
must battle enemies in the form of fellow humans, androids and one near undefeatable
foe, an alien. As you cannot kill the alien on your own,
you are forced to play a never-ending tension-fuelled game of hide and seek with it. And no matter how times it catches and kills
you, it remains terrifying. As promised, the game often leaves you feeling
isolated in your journey despite running into others on the ship, many of whom you are forced
to watch die as fellow prey of the alien’s. 3
Silent Hill 2 This game became iconic and it’s tropes have
been borrowed, used and recycled in so many other games in honour of how terrifying it
is and first was when it was released in 2001. You play as the main character who has received
a letter from his wife. The only problem is his wife is supposed to
be dead. So of course, you set out to solve the mystery,
hopeful that you will find your wife who you suspect may still be alive. The game was published by Konami and designed
by the famous Team Silent. This graphics may be a little dated now, but
the game still stands as one of the greatest horror games from the last decade and one
of the most frightening at the time of its release. 2
Five Nights At Freddy’s You have just started at the late night security
guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You are tasked with making sure no one breaks
in and trying to survive the night. Survive the night as the animatronic puppets
come alive and attempt to kill you. What makes this scenario even more frightening
is the fact that you have really no way to defend yourself. The best you can do is run away and blockade
doors. The game is filled with tons of jump scares
and while the premise may feel a little silly, it is not a horror game to be underestimated. The original FNaF was released in 2014 and
the latest game in the franchise just came out this year for VR called FNaF: Help Wanted. The original is playable on PS4 and PC. 1
P.T. Probably one of the scariest games that you
will likely never get to play. This game was designed by Hideo Kojima in
collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and was set to be published by Konami studios. PT stands for playable teaser and all we ever
got to see of it, was 30 minute demo. And only those who downloaded the demo before
the project was cancelled even got to play it. In the game you are basically stuck walking
the same hallway. And it is this repetition combined with the
simple yet detailed game design that makes it so terrifying and brilliant. It’s basically like watching a horror film,
except from a first person perspective, where you are the “star,” aka the person who is
about to get freaked the heck out, who has no way of defending yourself against the hostile
ghosts that surround you. The playable teaser was released in 2014 but
when Konami and Kojima split was removed from Konami’s listing. It was available on PS4 originally but was
removed. Thank you so much for watching. I hope some of these games freaked you out. If you’ve played any of them and they did
or even if they didn’t, be sure to let us know in the comments below. I have never played P.T. but just watching
playthroughs of it, scares me to bits so, yes. Also let us know if even just playthroughs
of any of these titles have had that titular effect on you. And if there are some horror games who didn’t
make the cut but which you have found equally terrifying, be sure to share with me in the
comments. I want to add some more horror games to my
list so suggest away. And if you like what we do here, let us know
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