Top 10 Strangest Moments in Sports (ft. Gritty) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Strangest Moments
in Sports Sports are amazing. But sometimes, the strangest
things can happen that nobody would ever see coming.
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#1 Hitting birds. Randy Johnson, the Big Unit, terrified the world of baseball for over two
decades with his blistering pitch speed. He could throw so hard and so fast that he can
pluck birds out of the air … quite literally. During a spring training game against San
Francisco, Randy threw a fastball and an unlucky dove flew in its path, killing it instantly
in an explosion of feathers. And before any PETA nut jobs start disliking the video … calm
down, it was an accident, this isn’t classed as animal abuse, no need to start a protest
outside Randy Johnson’s house now. #2 Shrinking the strike zone. Whilst we’re
on the subject of baseball, some teams will do anything to try and win. Including hiring
midget players so that the opposing team can’t strike them out. Meet Eddie Gaedel, all 3
foot 7 inches of him. In his only plate appearance for the St Louis Browns in 1951 – he was
instructed to not swing at any pitch. The opposing pitcher couldn’t hit a strike zone
so small and walked him on four consecutive pitches. To add further insult to injury,
he wore the number 1/8 to highlight his diminutive size. It doesn’t end well for Eddie though,
as he was followed home and beaten to death. Lacking in height AND beaten to death … wow,
what a crap deal. #3 The Band is on the field. In American Football’s
most infamous incident, a 1982 game between California and Stanford, the California Golden
Bears stunned the crowd with a last second, lateral filled, almost impossible play to
win the game. And for some reason, the marching band had decided amongst themselves that the
game was already over and promptly marched onto the field … whilst the game was still
going on! They got in the way of everyone, including the California players who had to
run around them and the Stanford players knocking over people carrying trombones to try and
tackle the ball carrier. I have no idea how this play was allowed to stand, but it did.
# 4 Being stabbed in the back. Monica Seles, was the top female tennis player in the world
– beating the likes of Steffi Graf on numerous occasions. One of Steffi’s fans, took exception
to that. In quarterfinal match in Hamburg Germany, Gunter Parche ran up to Monica during
the break and proceeding to stab her with a boning knife between her shoulder blades.
Obviously the dude was arrested and she was taken to hospital. And even though it only
took a few weeks to heal, Monica never played competitively for another two years by which
point her best performances were clearly behind her. And what happened to her assailant? Virtually
nothing. Gunter was deemed to be ‘psychologically abnormal’ and escaped prison in favour of
psychological treatment. Monica vowed never to play in Germany again. Understandably.
#5 Fan Man. During a heavyweight fight between Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield, the fight
was interrupted by someone who decided to parachute into the ring attached to a giant
fan. James Miller claimed that he landed accidentally due to mechanical problems. But Evander Holyfield’s
entourage didn’t care, as they proceeded to beat the crap out of him, and plenty of
fans, presumably all boxers themselves, did the same. If you’re going to interrupt an
event, don’t do it at a boxing match where people know how to fight. Years later, James
ended up killing himself. Boy there’s a lot of deaths in this video so far.
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#6 Struck by lightning … mid game. Speaking of deaths, how unlucky would it be if you
got struck by lightning whilst playing your favourite sport? That’s exactly what happened
in a football match in 1998, where a bolt of lightning struck the field and several
players went down. Some suffered from burns, others from shellshock. Nevertheless the match
was abandoned and mass panic ensued trying to get the injured players off the pitch,
before Zeus decides to throw another bolt from the heavens. Even though the video footage
isn’t clear, you can actually see some of the earth being dug up by the lighting right
here. #7 Chicken invasion. During a game between
Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic, fans protesting Blackburn’s owners (who are an
Indian poultry company) decided to release a chicken onto the field to show their disdain.
This chicken stopped the match and was finally caught by the opposing goalkeeper. I have
two questions: 1) how on earth do you sneak a live chicken into a football stadium and
2) do they actually make chicken sized Blackburn Rovers uniforms? In any case, the chicken
was awarded ‘man of the match’ because Blackburn and Wigan’s players are awful.
#8 Bat man. What happens when a bat comes and invades your basketball game? That’s
easy, just call Manu Ginobli. During a Spurs game, a rogue bat was swatted out of the air
and captured with Manu’s bare hands. This earned him applause from the fans, a new nickname,
the batman theme song being played everywhere he went … and the anger of Peta nut jobs
worldwide. Seriously guys, you should really calm the hell down. Ironically, some bats
carried rabies, and Manu had to have several rabies jabs following the incident.
#9 The end is nigh. The last thing you’d expect to see at any motor race is someone
running down the track. Try telling that to Neil Horan – who ran on to the track at
the 2003 British Grand Prix to tell everyone that the world was ending, whilst wearing
slogans from the bible. And he was only saved by a race official who’d chased him down
and pushed him off the track. Obviously he was arrested, imprisoned and presumably kicked
in the balls when no-one was looking. Rather unsurprisingly, Neil used to be an Irish priest
but was excommunicated due to his crazy behaviour. Crazy behaviour … you don’t say?!
10) Beaten with your own shoe. Ice Hockey is the most violent of team sports, so it
pays not to anger the players. But after a game between the Boston Bruins & New York
Rangers ended on an ugly note, a fan managed to reach over the glass, hit one of the opposing
players and steal his stick. Maybe that fan should have paid attention to my first point
because the Bruins then proceeded to climb into the stands to hunt him down. Other fans
tried to sucker punch the Bruins, the Bruins retaliated. Including Mike Milbury here, who
famously stripped the shoe of a fan and proceeded to beat him with it. This remains the greatest
single highlight in Bruins history. Those Stanley Cup victories are a distant 2nd.
Honourable Mentions go to Nancy Kerrigan, who had her leg broken by a rival’s husband,
Monica Seles style. Evander Holyfield having his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson during a
fight. The malice in the palace, an ugly basketball brawl that makes the Mike Milbury thing look
tame. And Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers mascot
who’s the strangest, scariest and possibly coolest mascot in all of sports. When he’s
not terrorising you in your dreams, he’s displaying typical Philadelphia style behaviour,
shooting his own members of staff with a t-shirt gun and getting into fist fights with little
children. Best mascot ever. If you like this video, please be sure to
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