Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games

Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Games

cowabunga turtle power Oh welcome to and today I’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles videogames for this list will be shale shredding it up with one who leads the one who does machines one who’s cool but rude and of course the party dude will only be looking at games that have already been released at the time of writing even if the trailer to a certain new Ninja Turtles game looks pretty radical but that said it’s time to unleash our turtle power number ten Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Manhattan missions most of the TMNT video games we grew up with were based on the classic cartoon series Manhattan missions was different released exclusively for the PC this game was based on both the Mirage comics and the first movie you know one where the turtles swear and rap almost dies no he’s alive barely yeah this game ditched a lot of the goofy fun in favor of a darker tone Brom characters resembling their movie counterparts to everything taking place at night the plot is still the same formula you’d expect though save April fight the bad guys stop shredder but it’s all told in a way that looks like you’re flipping through a comic book number 9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES 1989 no we still haven’t beaten this one and no we don’t know anyone that has the very first Ninja Turtles game is one of the most difficult titles in the NES library your goal is to get the life transformer gun from shredder because it could potentially restore splinter to his human form along the way you have to save April deactivate bombs and uh I don’t know that’s about as far as we got well despite our controller throwing rage over this game we can’t help our warm nostalgic feelings for it after all you always remember your first right number 8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 back from the sewers the second Turtles game released on the Gameboy followed the beat’em up formula that the franchise was establishing for itself but with a couple of twists there were stage hazards to avoid like boulders and most importantly skateboarding one of the turtles is favorite pastimes besides eating pizza much like the NES game and it’s danboy predecessor running out of Health led to your turtle being captured but at the end of each stage you had a chance to rescue him there were also more villains this time around such as the super shredder who was definitely more difficult than his movie counterpart how much did that suck you number seven Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tournament fighters SNES version while three versions of this game were made you can skip the NES and Genesis versions cuz the SNES version is where it’s at so imagine Ryu finding four turtles covered in green ooze instead of the Splinter we’re sure he would have taught them the ways of the Hadouken so they could enter a tournament to take on and bison or in this case we mean shredder yes there is actually a 2d fighting game that looks like a hybrid of Street Fighter 2 and turtle power as they enter a tournament of all things to take on shredder and other fighters or go on a story quest to rescue April and splinter because the game needed a bit more of a plot beyond round one fight number six Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fall of the Foot Clan this was the very first handheld Ninja Turtles game sort of there were a few electronic handhelds before it complete with their monotonous beeps and lack of a coherent goal all of the Foot Clan was the first handheld contains some semblance of a story and a variety of levels which you could complete in any order you watch it overall the game was simple but entertaining with the predictable goal of rescuing April and familiar foes like foot soldiers shredder and Krang it was a good first step in the handheld direction and perfect for bandana wearing fans with Game Boys number 5 TMNT GBA version 2007 before Michael Bay but after the 90s feudal Japan adventure our heroes in a half-shell had a CGI big screen adventure in 2007 this of course led to a video game tie-in and we all know how well video games based on movies do and I was just trying to break it to you easy ubisoft’s first foray into the sewers was actually ok with cooperative gameplay and acrobatic segments similar to Prince of Persia however the Game Boy advanced version went back to the brawler roots of the Konami TMNT games and the 2d style is a perfect way to update the graphics and remind us how bossanova Turtles games could be number 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the hyperstone heist and the 90s when we were at war with our friends over which console was better the SNES or the Sega Genesis this meant that we’d boast about the games we played Mario vs sonic SNES Aladdin versus the Genesis 1 or turtles in time versus the hyperstone heist hyperstone heist as you can probably guess was the genesis answer to a ninja turtles game as soon as the opening starts it’s easy to compare it to its SNA US counterpart from it’s similar story to its gameplay but it did manage to stand out with longer levels and different enemies including Tatsu from the first two live-action movies number three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles three the Manhattan Project hey dudes who wants to go out and catch some waves that’s exactly what our heroes had planned at the start of our third pick clearly they’re not meant to ever leave the city because they don’t get to stay in sunny Key West for long before shredder hatches one of his nefarious schemes this time he’s turned Manhattan into a floating island oh and of course he’s captured April yada-yada-yada let’s go surfing if there’s one thing we remember about this game besides the bodacious amounts of action of course it’s how we still managed to have gnarly battles while surfing across the water cowabunga number two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the arcade game let’s be honest this game set the standard for what we expected from a TMNT video game not just for the arcades but for consoles as well up to four players could play the arcade version which meant you can complete the ultimate squad goals by having all the turtles fight together with your friends and a roll of quarters at your side or maybe two you could battle against classic villains like bebop and Rocksteady as you set out to Oh save everyone’s favorite yellow jumpsuit reporter and rat sensei what can we say it’s what the Ninja Turtles do before we finish off our totally tubular list let’s hold the anchovies for these honorable mentions yeah number one Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turtles in time while the first arcade game got the ball rolling for these side-scrolling beat-em-up formula for our heroes in a half-shell turtles in time perfected it for some reason it just clicked in all the right ways was it because we got to travel to different historical eras was it the tweaks in gameplay the improved graphics the piates of power well one thing’s for sure it perfectly captured the fun of the show and was using with energy and style turtles in time kept everything that worked with this predecessor and made improvements and enhancements right where they needed it simply put it’s still the most radical Turtles adventure we’ve ever been on do you agree with our list your ninja skills are itching their peak which Ninja Turtles game did you have a shell of a time with for more most excellent top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles four turtles in time and teenage mutant ninja turtles mutants in Manhattan my two favorite games my opinion.

  2. TMNT 3 the Manhattan project is one of the greatest games ever created!! Me and my brothers would play it then turn it into a second game as a fighting game like street fighter because I remember you could hit each other lol!! And I got TMNT the arcade game and TMNT turtles in time on my cell phone lol!!

  3. everyone knows that "turtles in time" was the best one of them all. smooth graphics, good fighting mechanics and perfect depiction of the series.

  4. I respect ya list mines 1 m. Project then tmnt in time / reshell.. 3 would be tournament fighters I was a snes guy but hyperstone is the shit

  5. I'm just saying number one should have gone to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 mutant nightmare or TMNT the video game or the TMNT movie

  6. The simple TMNT game plot: Shredder and Krang hatch plan to take over the world, kidnap April O'Neil, hire all of the Rogues to stop the TMNT. The TMNT defeat all the Rogues, Krang, and Shredder, stop the world-takeover plan, rescue April O'Neil, and eat a pizza in celebration. Repeat for next game. 30 years later and I'm still loving these boys and this simple plot never seems to get old!

  7. Turtles in Time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 tournament Fighters arcade version of course and the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nintendo I was an 80s and 90s kid

  8. TMNT for GB is there but no TMNT 2003 & battle nexus, looks like you guys need to wake up , there is another world of gaming outside nintendo

  9. For me, the original Turtles arcade game is still the best. I love Turtles in Time also, but there's something about the original arcade game that can't be topped. Maybe it's just nostalgia? But I freakin' LOVE that game with a passion! =)

  10. TMNT 2003 was the best one and will always be the best, it’s levels were different with multiple boss fights and different villains, this list is all due to nostalgia.

  11. No has bs it was hard nes I did I remember beating that game freaking hard but did it! Had to fight the tecnodrome at the end n hit the eye….

  12. For the very first game on NES, I could never beat the underwater level without taking damage from that annoying zapping seaweed.

  13. For both The Arcade Game and Turtles In Time, winning an extra life is just like winning 20 Grand in the Family Feud Fast Money round. You win it by scoring 200 points. For The Manhattan Project, you win an extra life by earning 50,000 points.

  14. Turtles in time on SNES is awesome but can seem too easy. The turtles seem a little over powered. The Nes version of the arcade game is way harder and a more enjoyable challenge. If I could only have one it would be the arcade game.

  15. How the hell can you not beat Ninja Turtles number 9 in this I beat it when I was a young kid took awhile yes but I beat it so now you know somebody

  16. TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan was one of th worst Turtle games every made. Theirs a special place in Hell for Developers who make 1 player Ninja Turtle Games or NON-Couch Co-Op Turtle games. These Devs I know are not Turtle fans or played Games when they were kids Cause they Damn well know better than to pull that shit!! All Turtles games should be 4 player Local and Non-Local Co-op period.

  17. Just finished TMNT 4:Turtles in Time on Super Nintendo Last week with one of my friends the game and the system still work perfectly. This top 3 is exactly how I would placed them well done Mojo you guys clearly know whats up on this one.

  18. Me and my brother completed TMNT the NES version only once it was difficult. I will always like Turtles tournament fighters it showed a different side to TMNT. The old games were the best for me.

  19. Ok the tmnt games is really like mario like april and princess peach are the same the shredder and bowser also the same lol

  20. I beat the NES version a million times. That's when I was 13. My dad got it for me for my bday. I only had that and Mario for a while. Obviously I beat Mario so TMNT was my only other game. So yeah I got good at it. Give me tbat game now and there's no way I beat shredder. Lot of trial and error but at 13 I had a lot of time on my hand.

  21. 10 – TMNT (NES)

    9 – TMNT II: Back from the Sewers (game boy)

    8 – TMNT: Tournament Fighters (SNES)

    7 – TMNT fall of the foot clan (game boy)

    6 – TMNT (GBA, 2007)

    5 – TMNT: Smash up (PS2)

    4 – TMNT: The arcade game

    3 – TMNT III: The Manhattan Project (NES)

    2 – TMNT III: Mutant Nightmare (PS2)

    1 – TMNT IV: Turtles in time (SNES/arcade)

  22. Hyperstone Heist will always be my favorite. I get why Turtles in Time wins though. My only experience with that was renting it for a few days from Blockbuster

  23. I love the detail of NY. It warms my heart to see the world trade center. It's featured in a few TMNT games and the movie. Well, the original movie. I'm a lifelong fan and never watched Michael Bay's version and I have no desire too lol. Walmart has been having TMNT cartoon seasons in the $3.50 DVD bin I'll stick to that haha and pizza of course!

  24. I chose to watch this video because I wanted to see if there are any cool-looking TMNT games that I've missed. I'm happy to say that I've played them all. #RealTurtleFan

  25. Almost a perfect list. Just make #2 the #1 and boom perfect list, The Arcade Game is by far the best not even a contest

  26. I agree with this list. 👍
    There’s no beating Turtles in Time!
    Definitely deserves the number 1 spot of the greatest TMNT game of all time! 🐢🐢🐢🐢

  27. I put this on Twitter
    But I'll say it here too
    They NEED to make a tmnt video game just like the batman Arkham games
    But you can play as any turtle any time each with their own specialties
    And then have online co-op capabilities where you all could be at any part of the map fighting or solving crimes or just doing whatever
    So many ideas…

  28. Come on what is wrong with you. Battle nexus and out of the shadows should be there and mutant nightmare should be part of the actual list.

  29. for once watch mojo had a solid list…that's pretty rare… Turtles in time the arcade game is by far the best one…

  30. No actually the best TMNT game in my personal opinion was the arcade game since you can get all 4 Ninja turtles to play at the same time. The 4 player option where you where able to fight together with your friends is what made it the best game in TMNT history.

  31. Wish The Arcade Version Was On Xbox Live or PlayStation Store Same With The Turtles In Time and Hyperstone Heist

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