Top 10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Gamers

Top 10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Gamers

[Music] all right let’s get a few things sorted out welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things that non-gamers get wrong about real gamers go they don’t eat olie exactly for this list we’re looking at what we considered to be the biggest misconceptions surrounding video games and the gaming culture by misinformed or ignorant non-gamers to be clear we’re focusing on the misconceptions surrounding the hobby of gaming itself rather than video games in general first when it over my reasons why I think most gamers are safe and then I’m gonna branch off into tips number 10 gamers are all great with electronics and the sound car doesn’t even work in this one what for some reason gamers are typically viewed as being extremely electronics savvy individuals despite many not having the faintest idea how their console or PC works perhaps it comes from the electronics based form of the hobby itself but whatever the case gamers are frequently asked by elderly family members friends and relatives to take a look at their computer or see what’s going on with their internet come on even building a PC is far easier and less complex than many people think just because we can play a playstation doesn’t mean we know how it works though and unlike what the Super Mario Brothers movie implies we certainly cannot attack a police computer number 9 video games make you stupid how can you not make fun of that one of the biggest urban legends surrounding video games is that they promote stupidity particularly in children critics argue that gaming is a monotonous stationary hobby and that gaming can detract from more stereotypically intelligent pastimes like reading and the fact that all these eSports nerds are upset with me I’m hitting a very very sensitive spot while there are certainly health detriments to 15 hour gaming binges Kimmy’s perfectly fine in moderation in fact author gave Zekrom and theorizes that video games are actually making us smarter fluid intelligence a measurement in IQ tests has been on a steady rise since the early 90s and sacrament attribute disinclined to fairies components of playing video games including overcoming obstacles and creative thinking and a simple definition of gamification is it’s the process of using game think and game mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems number eight gamers are single they can potentially improve your chances and getting the ladies way too much time dick a quick glance around the internet will tell you how people view the stereotypical gamer single alone and in their parents basement perhaps it’s due to the hobbies more personal reclusive nature but many people see gamers as the stay indoors single type while there is little data to back this up it’s pretty safe to say that this is a really broad and wide generalization of gamers as a whole I’ve known you since we were kids but wow you married huh this is just kind of one of those misconceptions that you can solve with mere anecdotal evidence I’m sure you know plenty of gamers with girl and/or boyfriends let alone husbands and wives it should hopefully it brings you back to where I am number 7 gamers are immature playing video games online certainly doesn’t help this stereotype what with children’s grieving crying racist comments verbal abuse your mother jokes and all manner of other trolling goddamnit rethought even social media sites like Twitter aren’t safe from the bombardment of childish behavior like when game developers will get death threats for delaying their games unfortunately for gamers this very loud vocal minority gives the hobby and its followers a bad name minigames are filled with great and silent people many of whom are more than happy to help you have a conversation help you hone your craft or provide a sportsman like challenge you just have to find the right people and mute and ignore the dumb ones number 6 you can’t make her career out of video games she’s saying while many non gamers see gaming as a pointless and dead-end hobby the truth is that there’s a wide range of individuals that make a very comfortable living playing video games there are gaming journalists who play and review games for a living either through a website publication as a freelancer or with their own YouTube audience there are also twitch streamers and YouTube players such as PewDiePie who earned roughly 7.5 million in 2015 alone you like it you like Smurfs juice there are entire companies devoted to making entertaining content based around video games and many athletes are now making millions of dollars through gaming tournaments and that is not even mentioning the hundreds of thousands of developers programmers and artists that work tirelessly to bring these games to life number five video games aren’t a respectable artistic medium ask a question that’s been circulating the past few years our video games art while views regarding this dance are slowly shifting with the increasing popularity of video games there is still a lingering view amongst two non-gamers that video games are not art however this goes against the very nature and subjectivity of art itself what some may see is pointless her time wasting others see as artistic beauty [Music] even speaking in a conventional sense many video games are becoming increasingly artistic indie games like journey and braid have been praised for their artistic merits and even mainstream games like Bioshock have plenty of artistic value like in any entertainment medium there is art to be found with him number 4 gaming makes you a socially awkward nerd I’m using real guns love that Gears of War of course another one of my favorites as previously mentioned gaming still has a personal stigma attached to it in that many non gamers see players as nerdy reclusive and awkward people with no friends however this simply isn’t true as with most hobbies there is a wide range and diversity amongst its followers sure some may be socially awkward but that is in no way representative of the Hobby as a whole many famous people who are generally not considered nerdy like Vin Diesel Snoop Dogg and the late Robin Williams have advocated their love of gaming also for the increased popularity of casual gaming such as the Wii and mobile releases it’s very evident the gaming is for everyone not just the socially awkward number three all gamers are male is that what they’re doing what in the four think without the expansions that they’re just going with strong winnings that’s it oh thanks video gaming is seen as an extremely male-dominated hobby and profession minigame journalists are male and many popular video games like Call of Duty are marketed more towards males than females however via a study conducted by the Pew Research Center it was discovered that gaming is a pastime almost virtually split right down the middle in terms of gender they found that 50% of men and 48% of women participated in the playing of video games on a console PC or mobile device girls hongkong by logic however it should be said that while it’s ignorant to proclaim that video games are played solely by men it was found that males identify themselves as gamers far more than women which we concede possibly lends some credence to the myth number two video games make you violet it’s a different personality type oh right right right right it’s oldest videos it’s a good thing in Japan they don’t play any video game one of the most widely discussed and controversial topics surrounding video games is their link between violent content and violent behavior people like the now disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson have advocated against violent video games and games have previously been blamed for various mass shootings in the United States you get in this digital world this fantasy world that I think you take a look at the folks at Columbine Aurora etc the Pew Research Center found that as many as 40% of Americans still believe in this myth despite years of credible research debunking it including a study conducted by Oxford University while it’s understandable that an older generation would believe and buy into a correlation as they grew up without this form of entertainment the years of study suggests that the myth is simply not true I mean my my two boys punch and kick each other all the time they’ve never played video games so you know there you have it number one gaming is for children perhaps the biggest misconception still circling around the general population is that gaming is meant for kids as adults are supposed to take on more mature hobbies but just as gamers have matured some of the games research performed by the Entertainment Software Association revealed that the average gamer is 48 years old what is perhaps the most revealing is the fact that more gamers are over the age of 36 than between the ages of 18 and 35 it’s clear that video games are not only transcending gender but age as well as more adults are playing video games than ever before as they grew up with the media while it may appear to non-gamers that teenagers dominate the market it’s clear that the gaming medium is full of adults do you agree with our list what negative stereotypes do you find yourself saddled with the best way to understand the evolution of the craft is by comparing it to another craft that many people argued for years was an art movies for more open-minded Tom 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to and if the power of gamification allows us to unleash their collective ability we’ll all win thank you [Applause] [Music]

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  2. That black guy saying he will give tips on how to not be single? If being single means I don't have to hear his nasally monotoned down syndrome like voice then so be it.

  3. America: Video games makes you violent
    Also America: *nukes entire village of goat herders because they knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a terrorist.*

  4. People saying playing video game is a waste of time, what they dont know is time is being used and yet you already did and enjoy most of it. I guess there the ones wasting there time

  5. number 9. im one of best english students in my class.

  6. pushing dirty buttons and getting fat does not make you a man/manly ,NOT even close ..what does ??? hard work, care you family responsibilities…..a real SportMens

    ………………'s so disgusting delusional..its like to say ''i cant fight real people(kikBoxers) so play games ……get out MomGameBoy

  7. Video games don't make you aggresive or dangerous cause when i play games where you are the bad guy i always say "sorry" after every kill.

  8. LOL let me take a picture of this flower ::snap:: Go to photoshop enhance color viola art! Spend Countless hours creating countless breathtaking images and then make them interactive….not art…….Yea ok why dont ya go take another photo of a concrete wall and tell me how artistic you are compared to games developers ::rolls eyes:: smh lol

  9. The little kid who was whining in the Black Ops clip needs to go take a nap and watch Barney and Friends. Games like Black Ops aren't made for babies to play.

  10. I just laugh at #8 me and my bf are gamers XD one reason weg et alinewe ll is we are both gamig geeks, idk why gamers get the stario type that were single xD, who else met their significant other through video games or gaming related topics?

  11. I play video games for 3 hours a day and I went to my buddies house and he wanted me to fix his computer I had no idea how and he said you play video games all day don't you know?

  12. If the person saids stuff like " I am going to come to your house and stab you till your dead and watch you bleed out in front of me " because they lost a game then what you have there is not a gamer but a Psychopath. I am not saying all gamers are like this, i play videogames since i was little and have not once thought about killing someone . The gamers that do this though are mentally unstable and shouldn't have videogames at all as it would be the same as giving a psychopath complete control over a gun store. You just don't do it.

  13. Non gamers, whether friends, family members or someone you work with, commonly and easily buy into gamer stereotypes and mainstream propaganda. Sometimes to me it feels like a lost cause to help them open their minds a little and be accepting while they're too out of touch, naive and stubborn. I can understand where they come from if its like a personal and individual reason for examples, but even then still they seem to be unable to do the same in return so fuck it. We'll just have to agree to disagree and move on.

  14. I mostly hate when the news keeps talking about video games that makes you a "bad person" INSTEAD OF TALKING ABOUT ALL OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL SMOKING AND DRINKING ALCOHOL!

  15. I believe their data was off about gamers being 50/50 male and female because I'd like to see that broken down by age brackets. I believe the numbers would be stacked more heavily towards men the older the age group. I could always be wrong as well….

  16. 10 I'm not good with electronics I have better experience with politics and history I've met a couple of gaming teachers

    9 again I'm better with politics and I've had teachers who are gamers ( love you coach H)

    8 I'm single because I don't need to waste my time on a person who can hurt me more

    7 I go to an Alabama h.s. they are very childish an idiot made a bomb threat

    6 yes you can but I only suggest it for those who are gods or are journalist or if you are good in computer and art

    5 please Alabamians see a gun as art

    4 I'm anti-social? That's because I'm closed from assholes

    3 false my cousins gf plays on her ps4 and PC I also got some of my female friends to play

    2 I haven't killed anyone have I?

    1 nope my teachers play games my cus is 21 he plays

  17. "Video games makes you violent" I think Bender put it best:

    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh wait, you're serious? Let me laugh even harder! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAAAAA!"

  18. #1 is stupid i play videp games with my 40 domething dad and 20 something brother and thats how we all get along with eachother we love playing video games with eachother

  19. Video games doesn't make you stupid and here is my experience about it: iam 31 and i was playing vedio game since childhood days starting with The good old Atari to Nes to sega genesis as i grow up until the PS drops i got them from 1 to 4 (and Counting). I never failed an exam or being bad in school and now iam Graduated from University with a GPA 2.8 Bachelor degree. My point is video games doesn't make you smart or dumb, it just make you happy as a hobby. A very healthy one

  20. Any mental health workers out there that think gaming is wrong as someone with mental illness, you can go to hell with your retarded beliefs. Gaming is for everyone. You think we should stop while we're ahead, but judging by how I was treated about bringing up the topic in residential care, I'm gonna say no to the belief that gaming makes people immature. Infact, why would video games make us stupid when it sure would not and being a gamer actually makes us smarter than even a 20 something year old friggin vlogger. Fuck Logan Paul for talking like the average overbearing parent and calling gaming ridiculous. You may think that gamers are always one day a school shooter, but not every gamer, boy or girl, is that kind of video game player who shoots up schools. Parents, this message is for the sake of no reason to punish your child for asking you about video games: DON'T FALSELY ACCUSE GAMING OF PROMOTING VIOLENCE! AND DON'T GROUND OR SPANK YOUR KIDS FOR PLAYING VIDEO GAMES AS A HOBBY! GAMING IS A HOBBY, LIKE. IT. OR. NOT. GET IT TWISTED, AND YOUR KIDS ARE GONNA HATE YOU!

  21. Video games don't cause violence.
    People cause excuses and need something to blame other than themselves/their children.
    Take responsibility? Humility? To be humble? Never.

  22. My older brother learned how to read by playing Legend of Zelda. I'm talking the FIRST Legend of Zelda. On the NES. He then taught me how to read so I could enjoy it along with him. He now teaches advanced courses in mathematics and sciences at an esteemed K-12 school and has a gorgeous, brilliant wife. And they live together in their own home, which is probably worth close to a million dollars. Try telling him gamers are dumb and single. Though, he still doesn't know how to fix electronics.

  23. Okay, Columbine and Aurora were absolutely not related to video games at all. While the Columbine shooters were known to play video games, what led them to violence was anger at society in general. And I don't even know what pissed the Aurora shooter off so bad. But it sure as hell wasn't related to video games. If video games caused violence, then I would have slaughtered my entire hometown by now.

  24. me:mom dad died
    mom:so stop playing video games its wi…
    me:mom i saw you streaming in twitch an anime dating game
    mom:oh fuck

  25. 5:13 if someone made that as a panting then they would say that is art but if it is a game it is not art i dont get it why would they say that about one thing and someone makes the same thing and then say it is not art

  26. Gaming don't cause stupidity or anything else but It enhances our vocabulary , reflexes, social and communication skills, decision making as well as puzzle solving skills and many more
    But that doesn't mean we can play the whole day …..everything must be in balance 😊

  27. Well, little kids shouldn't be playing games like "Call of Duty" or "Grand Theft Auto" anyway. There's a rating system on games for a reason, parents, and games like the two I just mentioned are NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR EITHER YOU OR A BABYSITTER! Also, we're sick of your obnoxious little brats screaming into our headphones every stinkin' time a game doesn't go their way.

  28. Oh, and the argument of video games are not an artistic medium? One of the people who said this was film critic Roger Ebert. You know where he is now? Hopefully enjoying another round of Rasinets in HELL!

  29. And all gamers are male? I beg to differ. I have encountered many female gamers through online play, and they are DAMN GOOD at it. Guys, don't just limit them to only the healers/support/only female characters. If they can show they can branch out from these roles, then by God, LET THEM DO SO!

  30. Video games make you violent and even trigger-happy in real life? Man oh man, how I beg to differ. I've been a gamer since the 80s, and you know what? NOT ONCE have I entertained the notion of taking that violence in video games to the real world. Why? Because I know the freakin' difference between the real world and virtual reality. In fact, I play violent video games to be my stress outlet (as well as a guilty pleasure…what? In video games, I love seeing things getting blown up and laughing my ass off about it…I just don't do this in real life).

  31. Lots of people say Video games are a waste of time my sister said I was addicted to video games because I played them alot

  32. Here is my list:
    1) All gamers are older siblings: NO. Not all gamers are older siblings. Not all of them have little brothers

    2) All gamers have PC: NO. Not all gamers have PC. Of any, console peasants are real gamers too, you know

    3) Gamers are nerds: NO! Not every game makes us nerdy. But they do help eye coordination.

  33. I've played violent video games since I could hold a controller and I've been in one fight and it was self defense 😂😂

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