Top 10 Things You Can’t Miss When You Go To Las Vegas 2017

A Full Proof Plan for Your Vegas Visit
Heading to the dreamy city of Las Vegas?
What’s the plan?
Attending a wedding or a short visit, but
then you can’t definitely leave the city
without making the most of it.
Well, if you are wondering what that city
has in store for you, we’ve got you covered!
Here is a full proof plan that will make your
Vegas vacation nothing less than sheer bliss!
Number 10.
Place a bet at a casino
Visiting Vegas and not hitting a casino would
be plain unfair to the Sin city and you wouldn’t
want to do that!
So what’s your taste, poker or table games?
Las Vegas is prepared for all those varied
interests you are hiding so just go out and
Bellagio is your place if you are a poker
junkie, the world famous Golden Nugget is
a go go for the experts and maybe Palms where
the payouts are better and the list goes on!
Number 9.
See the entire world in Vegas
How about making a trip to Las Vegas and get
the feeling of a world tour?
Maybe we went a bit too far but you can still
have a feel of Paris and the majestic Eiffel
Tower right in Vegas, just check in to hotel
Paris Las Vegas.
Is Venice your first love?
Hotel The Venetian is the spot for you with
gondolas and St. Mark’s Square designed
especially for you!
So about getting a wholesome experience in
just one city?
Number 8.
Make a trip to the Hoover Dam
When you dive into the history of Vegas you
are sure to come across the Hoover Dam and
thus a visit to this iconic place is a must.
Take a guided tour, walk on the bridge or
see the entire beauty from a boat on Lake
Mead, the views will be mesmerising for sure.
Built on the Colorado River in 5 years with
the help of 21,000 men, you can surely stop
by to gaze at their hard work.
Take out time and soak yourself in the sheer
serenity of the place, it’s worth it!
Number 7.
Don’t miss the Great Canyon
A 4 hour drive from Vegas will lead you to
The Grand Canyon, situated in the state of
If you don’t live anywhere near Vegas then
you just have to make this drive because leaving
without a trip to this natural wonder is unpardonable!
The 277 miles stretch is special for all the
scenes you will be witnessing there, from
the Colorado River to the animal life and
to the colourful rocks, it’s a mystic place.
Number 6.
Adventure ride to the skies
Why don’t you get your adrenaline gushing
and make this trip all the more memorable?
So just jump on this zip liner, Bootleg Canyon
Flightlinez at boulder city to reach the top
of Red mountain.
It’ll be fun…uhmm just that it is a descent
that can reach a speed of 60 miles per hour.
Too much for you?
Then try Slotzilla that’ll shoot you under
the canopy either hanging or Superman style,
both are fun we guess!
How about a free fall from the giant Stratosphere?
Okay at least try the Big Shot, X- Scream
or Insanity: the ride from that tower.
Let the chill run down your spine!
Number 5.
Witness the dancing waters
A visit to the supersized all American Italian
villa, Bellagio is obviously on your list,
we are sure of that.
What bothers us is the doubt that you might
forget about the dancing fountains, a major
attraction of the villa!
It is just not to be missed, just no!
There are a total of 1,200 geysers all within
the 8 and a half acre of lake in front of
the resort.
Their eruptions are timed so perfectly on
music, after half hour in afternoon and at
15 minute interval in the evening till midnight
that they appear to be dancing.
A must watch spectacle that is free but simultaneously
Number 4.
Eat to your heart’s content
A city full of celebrity chef helmed restaurants
leaves no room for dieting, are we clear on
Vegas offers you some of the most exotic dishes,
something you can’t resist for long.
Well they are not only the most delectable
but also the most expensive, but that’s
another story!
Head to Morimoto’s new MGM spot to have
a taste of their speciality, smoked-to-order
yellowtail ‘pastrami’.
The city also provides you enough opportunity
to taste authentic sushi, you wouldn’t miss
that or would you?
Number 3.
Dance away the night
You wouldn’t expect us to tell you to stay
in your room after the sun sets, that’ll
obviously be unfair!
The city has a happening nightlife which represents
the true color of Vegas: bold and over the
You can dance till the sun rises or when your
feet give up; trust us you wouldn’t want
to leave otherwise.
Pop some drinks as music blares and you move
your legs to the tunes of DJ Calvin Harris
and Tiesto.
Do check out Marquee at Cosmo to have a peek
at the decked up dancers or move to Omnia
at Caesars Palace and mingle with the crowd
under a revolving chandelier!
Sounds dreamy!
Number 2.
Hit a strip club
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas so why
not get naughty?
The sin city has no shortage of strip clubs
but you wouldn’t want to end up in a sleazy
one so we guide you towards the Crazy Horse
You’ve got celebs, neon parties, food and
of course the girls…woooh!
They are so good that you wouldn’t realise
until you’ve spent your entire money on
lap dancers!
Ahh, and then there are the topless pools,
full of eye candies sunbathing the European
Number 1.
Dash into a circus or concert
If acrobatics and aerial acts are your thing
you totally need to check out a circus at
Vegas, the strongmen are an added advantage!
Book yourself at O at the Bellagio and witness
a true marvel performed at a stage that turns
into a pool at a blink of eye and fills up
with performers mesmerizing you with their
Hurry up, you gotta catch that star at the
concert also!
You can’t miss a chance to attend a concert
with Bruno Mars, Backstreet Boys, Elton John
or the like performing.
Attending a good production has to be on your
bucket list, without fail!
So, sightseeing or nightlife for your vacation
in Vegas?
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