Top 10 Times The Epic Game Store Ripped Off Gamers

Top 10 Times The Epic Game Store Ripped Off Gamers

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Epic Game Store Ripped Off Gamers
#10 CEO Insults Gamers
According to Epic Games this large-scale attack
on them by PC Gamers is because well PC gamers
are entitled spoiled brats.
There words not mine.
Not only did they straight up insult gamers
because they dont care about them, they also
forced indie developers into a tough spot
and didn’t really defend them when gamers
The indie studio Glumberland which announced
that they would be doing an exclusive release
for their game Ooblets with Epic came under
intense scrutiny from gamers.
Many were sending threatening messages which
are completely unacceptable causing the company
to call their own consumers entitled and toxic.
Now all of those comments were uncalled for,
it should have been Epic that was the target,
but as expected the company stayed quiet on
the issue and just let the poor indie developers
take the brunt of it.
#9 Forced Changes to Steam
When Metro Exodus became an Epic Games Store
exclusive the steam community were angered
that their pre-orders from Valve would now
cost less on the Epic platform.
This big move by Epic forced Steam into a
corner and ultimately upset many fans of the
game and the platform.
In a statement Valve called the sudden departure
unfair to Steam Customers.
For some steam users that was all they needed
to hear to provoke a substantial outcry.
This led the steam community to review bomb
all of the previous series entries of Metro
and would continue to happen on any and all
social media sites the games existed on.
#8 No Adult Games
Not only did Tim Sweeney tell the site PC
Gamer that they wouldnt be accepting crappy
games, his words not mine, but they would
also be not accepting anything that falls
into the Rated-R or mature rated.
Tim did say they wouldnt not accept games
such as Grand Theft Auto, but that they weren’t
going to actively try to include adult games
or porn game as he referred to them.
So if you’re a fan of dating simulation games,
Epic doesn’t want you or your smutty taste
in entertainment.
Apparently Fornite cornered their market to
the E for everyone category and they’re sticking
too it.
God forbid they put up a game that’s a little
#7 Not User Friendly
The worst part of the Epic Games Store is
just how unfinished it really is.
It feels like a rushed art project thrown
together in the final hour.
Basic features such as forums for technical
support do not exist so gamers are having
to go back to Steam forums to get their answers.
Which is so ironic considering Epic is responsible
for stealing a majority of Steam games in
their big exclusivity deals.
Dont count on those forums coming anytime
soon either, Epic has clearly stated that
forums foster a toxic environment.
Whoa Epic is so woke.
By eliminating the use of forums you’re also
directly interrupting a flow of real-time
communication between the developers and their
Epic is apparently totally fine with taking
your money, but if you have a problem with
their games then you’re labelled as toxic.
#6 Heartless Punishment for Cheaters
We all recognize cheating is bad and should
rightfully be shamed, but the way that Epic
Games handles cheaters is beyond insane.
In one specific scenario Epic found themselves
in the center of a very heated debate after
they filed a lawsuit against a 14-year-old
This conversation of dealing with cheaters
escalated with the boys mother calling for
the lawsuit to be thrown out.
Epic claims that its reasoning for the lawsuit
was due to a tutorial video the boy made showing
viewers how to use this PC modification program
to cheat in Fortnite.
In a statement made by Epic they say that
the boy refused to take down the video thus
prompting them to file a lawsuit.
The real question is why wouldn’t they just
go after the company who created the cheating
software rather than the kid who used it.
#5 Less Features
Sure the Epic Games Store is a work in progress
something that they themselves have admitted
to, but were not doing this list to cut them
slack by any means.
The fact of the matter is the Epic store provides
less features than platforms like Steam.
For example things that Steam can do that
Epic cant are: Save game progress to the cloud,
store multiple profiles mapped to different
games, allow users to review games and participate
on forums, plus stream their games to other
Epic is improving their platform but theyre
not interested in doing anything to benefit
Theyre primary focus has and always will be
on what is best for developers and publishers.
As a result your wants and needs as a consumer
immediately get shafted.
#4 Security Concerns
Early on when the Epic store began users discovered
that the store was using a spyware intended
to track its users.
Epic explained that this software was being
used to keep track of page statistics to help
out their revenue sharing that pays game asset
and content creators.
More disconcering than that though was when
amateur dataminers found out that the Epic
Games Store client was making local copies
of steam files without even asking for permission
The CEO explained that this tracking file
was a remnant left over from their rush to
implement social features in the early days
of Fortnite.
Adding – its actually my fault for pushing
the launcher team to support it super quickly
and then identifying that we had to change
Since this issue came to the forefront were
going to fix it.
#3 Game Exclusives
Having game exclusives may be a smart move
business wise for this emerging platform but
for consumers its really splitting the gaming
It would be a different story if Epic had
just done this with newer games being added
to their store, but as we mentioned earlier
that just wasnt the case.
They just came in and offered a way better
deal for major developers causing many of
them to jump ship and agree to this crazy
exclusivity contract.
Sure its great for developers, but for fans
it makes things harder to get games that youre
excited for.
The transfer of so many big games has forced
people to create an epic account causing many
who are steam fans to boycott the service.
#2 Refund Flaws
Earlier in the year Epic had released their
new refund policy which for gamers is very
important to take note of.
While it may seem consumer-friendly, its proved
to be severely flawed.
Epic says that users can get their refund
within 14 days of purchase as long as they’ve
played less than two hours on that game.
Although a user named ET Dragon Punch tested
this refund out to discover that Epic never
gave him his full refund.
He had spent $67.91 but the Epic Games Store
only gave him back $64.86.
Its not that much of a difference, but it
still begs the question as to why they didn’t
just give him back the exact amount.
Y’know like the way every other store in the
world does.
This issue is most likely due to the fact
that Epic Games doesn’t support regional pricing
Meaning that if your currency is different
from the US dollars that they deal in you’re
going to get ripped off upon trying to return
your games.
#1 Error 404
Not too long ago the Epic Games Store announced
they were having a mega sale which meant both
percentage discounts on their games and another
$10 off every game $14.99 and higher.
It all was looking good until two major games
suddenly led to an Error 404 page meaning
the developers had removed them from the sale.
Kinda pulling the rug out from underneath
Epic and gamers.
The first to go was Vampire The Masquerade
Bloodlines 2 which initially showed to be
part of the sale and then like we said ended
up at an error page.
Epics comments on this was that if a developer
wants to not take part in a mega sale they
have every right.
Which begs the question why did Epic include
them in the sale if they clearly didn’t want
any part of it.
The only logical explanation here was that
Epic sprung this on them last minute.
The second big game pulled was space station
survival sim Oxygen Not Included.
Perhaps they too didn’t want their games being
sold for next to nothing for a little promo
that they didn’t need.
And that has been the Top 10 Times The Epic
Game Store Ripped Off Gamers.
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  1. I still feel ripped off with mass effect 3 and the lies that were promised that are choices from all 3 games were going to effect the ending but nope instead we got bullshit.

  2. When you lose an account bc you forgot your transfer code and have to start all over again, having lost 2 years of gameplay!

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