Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG games like DIABLO in 2020 | PART 1 of 2

Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG games like DIABLO in 2020 | PART 1 of 2

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name ColdBeerHD and this is the first part out of two of hack and slash isometric games
that will hit our machines in a year 2020. And now do not skip my advertising, you may
like what you hear. This video is sponsored by, amazing
marketplace of video games for any platform. Also excellent TrustPilot score is the proof
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check that out. Magic: Legends Here in this MMORPG you will be immersed in
the acclaimed Magic multiverse as a powerful, spell-wielding Planeswalker. Here you can choose from 5 different hero
classes, and they are quite original, like Mind Mage or Geomancer. Other three classes are still hidden. I hope Vodka Bender will be among the rest
of them. Here you’ll need to cross various planes to
save the Multiverse as you control the chaos in real time combat. This is not a fancy sentence, here you’ll
have to choose the spells in your library very carefully because they’ll be drawn at
random as you fight. And despite the fact that this is an MMO title,
you can still play it alone, or, if you have friends, you can team up with up to two other
players. Game will be free, but as the common wisdom
say about free stuff: free is only cheese in the traps and only for every second mouse. Wolcen Game is in Early Access since 2016. So, those people who bought the game back
then are waiting for full release 4 years now. This is a player who bought Wolcen in 2016. See how happy and young he is? And this is the same player now. Feel old yet? But today we kinda have a date. It’s February 13. And we will get Full. Game. Release. Can you believe that? I know, I know, Unbelievable. I can’t, I just can’t, I will believe
it only when I’ll get my filthy fingers on it. Oh boy. Look at this game, it looks gorgeous and after
all those years we can finally play the full version where we can slay the shit out of
the evil armies without any restrictions whatsoever. Darksburg This is a cooperative survival action game
where you must team up to survive against the hordes of Infected that have decided to
settle down in the little town of Darksburg. Well, to be fair, if your town is named like
that I wouldn’t expect that something bright happens in the future. Haha. Anyway, here you will assume the role of one
of the heroic Survivors or join the ranks of the devious Revenants, each with their
own unique skills and personalities, and master their abilities in an struggle against overwhelming
odds. Also here you will find a PvP mode where you
can spend a lot of time gearing up, spending hours and hours of your time and then pathetically
lose to someone 2 times younger than you are. Tribes of Midgard This is a cooperative survival game in which
players must resist the oncoming invasion of Giants during Ragnarök. Latter meaning the end of the world in Viking
language. Here you’ll need to explore the wilderness
to craft new weapons and be prepared to defend the sacred center of your village from the
grim shadows. All the while, a Giant of Jotunheim stalks
closer to your village, seeking to destroy Midgard and fulfill the prophecy, so he could
proudly say to you “welcome to the end of the world”. So basically this is a norse mythology game
where you can gather a group up to 10 people and try to survive in this procedurally generated
world. Last Epoch Game takes us to the fantastic land of Eterra,
which is devoured by a dark force called the Void. Its frightened inhabitants hid in an underground
city. Fortunately, not everything is still lost
– the main character, who is one of the survivors, goes in search of the artifact, which will
allow him to travel in time. Game looks really great, I like the graphics
style, colors and some really original-looking enemies. Game is in early access, so I tried to find
negative reviews and… omg lmao wow, the people are complaining about the game being
not finished. Really, they bought an early access game and
then wrote negative comment that the game isn’t finished. Dude, what have you expected? Remember when I was talking about the people
living near the volcano? It would be the same mentality to complain
about volcano eruption if you chose by yourself to live nearby. So people choose to spend their moneys on
the unfinished game and then they complain about it being unfinished. That is the end of the first part, there will
be plenty more games in the second part, do not miss it. And now, I just want to remind you to check
on my sponsor, you’ll be really surprised by the prices they offer. And also subscribing is strongly recommended,
have a nice day, bye. Less talking, more drinking.

13 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG games like DIABLO in 2020 | PART 1 of 2”

  1. 1) You Tube Title: Top 10 upcoming Action RPG's like Diablo.

    2) Diablo is a hack'n'slash

    3) Vocal Description "TOP 10 HACK'N'SLASH"!

    4) You Tube title not changed5) Clickbait.

  2. if you really want to live life on the edge then move home close to a volcano and then spend all your money on kickstarter early access games

  3. Ahhh, gaming life was much more fun when there were demos. Instead, early access is a blight on gaming. It basically gives the developer/publisher almost no commitment to finish the product as cash flows in with no clear agenda to support such flow.

  4. wolcen looks fucking amazing lol, i never got rpg games to be honest and i think diablo its shit in general (im more of a mmorpg player pvper) just too old mechanic wise, and core idea are too dam old too, but wolcen… thats a completly diferent story, judging from that gameplay, mechanics looks awesome (at least in combat) sadly the game will be diablo like wich its trash for me but well, at least they nailed the combat system.
    tribes of midgard looks amazing too.

    rest looks like generic copys of diablo smh..

  5. Early access is like 2 Euro vodka bottle or plastic bottle vodka… for sure you gonna get a headache. =)

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