Top 10 Upcoming New Games in 2018 | PC PS4 Xbox One

Top 10 Upcoming New Games in 2018 | PC PS4 Xbox One

What’s good, It’s Fevir. Taking a look at the games we’ll be seeing
this year in 2018 has got me a bit excited. Excited enough even to point out the games
I’m personally amped about… I’m not going to go so far as to split it
based on the system, console or genre they are release under.. these are just the blanket,
10 games I’m most looking forward to this year.. not necessarily the 10 games I think will
be best.. some are just interesting, some are franchises I love.. and just some stuff
I can’t wait to see how they turn out.. enough rambling.. let’s start this… At number 10 – Is Extinction. Which at first glance will and should give
you an Attack on Titan vibe.. in a colorful, stylized.. but not asian stylized – world
setting. Upon seeing some of the clips of combat..
it looks like there is the essence of roaming around a city fighting or defending a city
against giant.. Titans.. or Ogres.. or what have you.. with
an interesting looking combat system. I remember playing this dumb AoT browser game
for way too many hours.. this is my shameful anime inspired game fantasy.. come to life..
and good or bad.. this one has been on my radar pretty hard for a while even with little
information about it having been released. Number 9 – Is Re:Legend. I am a sucker for Harvest Moon style farming
simulators.. I don’t like the hardcore farming stuff..
but this fluffy stuff.. especially if they add a bit more grit and RPG or combat to it..
like.. say Stardew Valley or Rune Factory – just enough to compliment the rest of the
game without overpowering it.. you know, I want watering my turnips and milking my cows
to really drive the gameplay .. I don’t know why but I get obsessed with these games and
pretty much every year there is 1 game like this that takes me over for an entire month
.. and Re:Legend looks like it will be that in 2018 – With a Monster Raising twist – this
RPG is based around all that farming fluf .. WITH MULTIPLAYER – and will be on the Switch. It has a projected June 2018th release…
but I have a backup in case this crowdfunded game gets delayed … Ooblets. Another Harvest Moon but with.. X type game. With this they say Animal Crossing .. and
it tells – this one oozes charm and has a core team of 2 who the more you follow the
more you want to support. I think both games will do well. Number 8 – The Wolf Among Us, Season 2. I held out stubbornly.. for a long time against
these – basically.. interactive graphic novel style games – that now exist throughout many
different IPs.. as they weren’t real games. I still don’t think they are .. but they are
great ways to intake a story.. great ways to entertain yourself.. and being more restricted
in one way.. gives them more freedom in others.. and very
few games can make you care about the choices or the outcomes of things that you do in these
style games.. the way they do. At this point – if you held out stubbornly,
as I did, the two titles I would tell you to try would be The Wolf Among Us .. and The
Telltale Walking Dead – which both have sequels this year – both worth your attention and
both really being worth getting excited about this year. Number 7 – Metro Exodus. A franchise I love.. the two prior Metro games
are generally well recieved.. still think they are underrated – The Metro games blend
some rather good shooting and combat – together with this.. survival horror, suspense.. atmosphere..
and really some cool map design. I don’t really like FPS games normally.. but
I love Metro. I think the incredible focus on the setting
and atmosphere really do it for me.. and the trailer we saw at E3 just brought back all
these memories from the last game from almost 5 years ago – and I can’t wait to see what
they do with the game – after having played a bunch of other single player focused FPS
games last year – that impressed me. Number 6 – Tunic. You may remember in a past video.. after having
done some conventions – there were 3 indie style games I was looking forward to – Darksiders,
Hob.. and Tunic. So far 2 have come out.. 2 were great.. and I’m looking at Tunic to
round that out for 3/3. This is a game that seems heavily inspired
by the adventure and mystery of the old 2D Zelda games – and some definite inspiration
taken in the gameplay and other areas is apparent just by looking at it. I got some hands on time with the game, I’ve
seen it at conventions – Lovingly repeated by Dicey .. Tunic is about a tiny fox in a
big world – and that sense of mystery is really what the game tries to nail – I can’t wait
to see if they do. Number 5 – Ni No Kuni 2 – Revenant Kingdom. This is a Level-5 developed JRPG .. and I
know I tend to dock points for anime aesthetics and I know SpaceGecko already thinks I’m a
closet weeb already .. but I think rational minds can agree that Studio Ghibli is separate
– it’s like their version of Disney – and the first Ni No Kuni had actually partnered
up with Studio Ghibli and delivered one of the most charming and unique JRPGs I had ever
played .. that oozes this whimsy and innocence that was so refreshing. Other games have you hunting dragons that
plan on burning the world.. in the first Ni No Kuni.. A major quest was cheering up the king, who
happened to be a cat, with bottled up enthusiam that your pendant can hold that you borrowed
from an over eager guard.. the whole game feels like you’re in a G rated fairy tale..
in the best way. Ni No Kuni 2 – has some big.. unique shoes
to fill .. but a JRPG that doesn’t feel like a reskin of every other one before it is always
welcome to me. Number 4 – Red Dead Redemption 2. I love westerns. Western themed things however, are hard to
do well without them coming off cheesy or feeling like a novelty. Red Dead Remption 1 walked the line and nailed
it. But.. that was back when I wasn’t all open
world gameplayed out so I am really curious to see how Red Dead Redemption 2 hits me. Rockstar tends to deliver.. so I’m not worried
the game will be bad.. I just hope it lives up to the hype in my
head.. that no game really ever can. Rockstar.. pull a West World and make Westerns
cool again. Number 3 – Ori and the Will of the Wisps. If you haven’t played the first Ori.. I don’t think we can be friends. If you didn’t love the first Ori… I know we can’t be friends. Ori nails presentation.. sound and music,
visuals and animations – and even just the trailer for this second Ori – gives me chills. The gameplay was top notch, simple with freedom..
with levels that allowed for complex movement.. this combinbation is rare but it lets noob
enjoy themselves and they become platforms for speedrunning and feel good to use. Even if Ori and the Will of the Wisps is half
as good as the first – it will be a phenominal game and I want to see if and what they add
onto the game. Number 2 – The Last of Us – Part 2. You may notice from the lack of it in this
list – as there are some other high profile games coming out with a particular theme that
I have not added here .. I’m not super fond of zombie games. The Last of Us – is more than just a zombie
game it is an impressive display of storytelling using the tools that being a game allows – using
it’s theme wonderfully to create moments, tension and drive the story without being
the story.. which is why I tend to not always love zombies themes in games because they
tend to overpower the rest of the game – I need more of this game, now. Number 1 – Monster Hunter World. I’ve said it before.. the Monster Hunter genre
is probably my favorite – this, obviously, is it’s flagship. It’s also a breakout moment for the franchise
coming back to the main consoles and PC in an accessible way and has the graphics and
hype behind it to expand it’s audience and reach.. and 2 demo weekends just weren’t enough..
and the Switch Axe stab slash mount move.. oh dear. This game I already know will consume me. I envision 1000 hours that I don’t have, devoted
to this game and ignoring my responsibilities.. and even sweeter by the fact it comes out
this month. Mmmm, 2018 is looking great. At the end here .. I want to point out that
I purposely left off games that are in that weird window of in early access or an open
beta with an undisclosed release date – or soft releasing into an open beta.. release
dates are becoming very fluid. Anyways.. that’s my list. If you have any interesting things you’re
looking forward to – let me know. A lot of great RPGs coming out this year that
there wasn’t room here to talk about.. but until next time, this is Fevir. Peace.

62 thoughts on “Top 10 Upcoming New Games in 2018 | PC PS4 Xbox One”

  1. I'm a pc player and looking forward to the Bless release, will also try A:IR and if Monster Hunter World comes to the pc I will give that a shot also.

  2. Wow you did some good research here , i love your channel you are so honest and you never clickbait us ( like other channels who call every game an mmorpg for clicks anyway xD ), every minute of your videos worth ur time, thanks to you and lazypeon we are keep going strong!!

  3. Fevir have you ever heard or seen the new gameplay for the Little devil inside? It has an art style that reminds me of Journey and its a survival game which im pretty hype for, also have you seen that game created by 1 dev that put some triple A games to shame, i think the name is Lost Soul Aside. Also Lost Ark might hit the west in 2020 lol

  4. Monster Hunter World is the game im waiting ma dude. Nino Kuni….yeah some closet weeb stuff but if its anything like Dark Cloud i might fall for it. But you know the only game im waiting for is Lost Ark…

  5. Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire is my most anticipated game by a substantial margin. I loved the first one and Deadfire looks to improve upon it in every way. I've been holding off on the backer beta because I kind of want to go in fresh. I'm sure I'll spend hours in character creation alone.

    If Monster Hunter World and (hopefully) Red Dead Redemption 2 make it to PC this year I'd love to play them.

    I had to look up what else was even coming out this year. A few things piqued my interest but there's not much else I'm particularly excited about. Age of Empires 4 and Soulcalibur 6 appeal to me for nostalgia purposes. Early access combined with long life cycles and expansions have dug into the impact of actual new releases.

  6. Heck YES! Metro Exodus is also my biggest upcoming game, with the exception of Mount and Blade Bannerlord. The series is totally underrated.

    Edit: Ur vids are also awesome, keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Great video, nice to have a list with a mix of triple A, indies and lesser known titles, rather than all triple A, personally looking forward to Dragon Quest XI 😀

  8. What is the terrible game that uses that scam of a system where you pay for "early access" to essentially beta test, you know, the one that is like MHW but would never compete head on? Didn't see that on the list…hmmm…

  9. I feel the same way about TellTale "games"…I enjoy watching a streamer or tuber just playing through all x chapters vs actually buying it. To me if I want an engaging story with gameplay I'll play an JRPG/RPG

  10. 7:30 Although I love ori (and the blind forest was it?), I think it was terribly balanced and that caused major headache for me. I had to just stop halfway (because my motor/platforming skills are potato) and just watch playthroughs. What a goddamn letdown.

  11. With Monster Hunter World being at the top of my list for most anticipated game of 2018, Dissidia NT and Soul Calibur VI follow behind very closely.

  12. thanks, i almost forgot that there can be good games out in 2018 although, when you look at gta5 i dont know if RDR2 will be as good as it could be…
    also METRO! FUCK YEAH 😀

  13. I want Ni No Kuni 2 so hard. Too bad it moved to march. Playing through the first again now. Also too bad MH world won't be out for me until another half a year later.

  14. microtransactions will kill read dead redemption 2 if present.. i am on the bubble and will wait for guinea testers.

  15. Nice video dude! Going to have to buy a god damn PS4… can't handle being the only person who hasn't played The Last Of Us anymore!

  16. As much as I'm looking forward to The Last of Us Part 2… there's no ways it's coming out this year. Days Gone is set for this year and I really doubt Sony would pull an EA and release two similar games back to back. If they did, Days Gone would get trampled by TLOU Pt 2

  17. Hey friend,
    At the beginning of the video you had a v. short clip of these little explorers fighting a "warbear" and a "jelly cube". I was wondering what the title on that was, it looks interesting, and I am intrigued. Let me know, if you can! 🙂 Thanks!

  18. I am super excited for Ni No Kuni 2. I could NOT finish that game because of how god awful the combat was. They seem t have fixed that in this one

  19. My wife absolutely LOVES the first Ori game. I will tell her there's a sequel tonight and she will probably lose her shit.

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