(audience cheers wildly) (Ian) SHUT UP!!! Top 10 Video Game Celebration Dances Too Many Energy Drinks Dance – (rapid gunfire)
– Oh! – ♪ (techno) ♪
– Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! (screams) Beating A Super Buff Guy Dance – (punching)
– YEAH! ♪ (intense music) ♪ Uh…uh… (feebly) Whoo hoo! Whoo…. ARGH! Playing With Parents Sleeping
Next To Your Room Dance Yeah! Yeah! Ye– (lamp shatters) (shrieking) What the hell was that noise?! ♪ (lullaby plays) ♪ Oh…sleeping like babies. Playing So Long That Your
Legs Fall Asleep Dance YEAH! YEAH! Oh! (groans) Tacos. Scoring on the First Date Dance. (couple grunt and gasp) – (woman wails)
– (man grunts) (woman wails louder) – YEAH!
– Oh! That’s it, asshole! Now you’re not getting any. Totally worth it. Winning A Game
Against A Kid Dance Why are you crying
like a little bitch, biiiiitch? Winning A Game
Against An Adult Dance Why you crying
like a little bitch, biiiiitch! (whining) Beating A Human Dance (straining) (zombies snarl, gunfire) Dammit! (zombie snarls) Zombies are dicks. (excitedly) Winning a Kid’s Game That
Should Be Easy But Is
Hard As F*ck In Real LIfe
And You Finally Beat It…D-Dance! Anthony wins all the monies. YEAH! Uh, uh huh. Uh! Yeah! Uh huh, uh huh… Um…uh…I mean this game is dumb. Right? Taking It Too Far Dance You’re goin’ down, just like always, bitch! – Not this time!
– (groans) What the f*ck?! I actually won. OH! In yo’ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! In yo’ face! In yo’ face!
In yo’ stupid little fa– (grunting) – (church bell tolls)
– (sobbing quietly) (Ian’s voice) In yo’ faaaaaace! – In yo’ face!
– No! – NOOOO!
– In yo’ faaaaaace! Please, seriously, shut the f*ck up. Hey guys, thanks so much for watching. If you haven’t seen us play Food Battle:
The Game on Gametime yet, check it out.
Get a good taste for it, and then go download the game yourself
and play to your heart’s content. – Very hard puzzle here.
– It’s a very hard puzzle. – How do you get that gate to go down?
– Oh, you did it first. (laughter) And if you want to see bloopers
from this video… Why do you always end up
making out with the pillow? – Why would you yell cut?
– (woman laughs) the video on the left. If you’re not already subscribed,
what’re you waiting for? Click it, bitch. [captioned by Subtitle YouTube]

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  1. That moment when you decide to watch some old videos you saw when you were younger and notice the date on the gravestone at 2:28 is today

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