TOP 10 video games while drinking alcohol!

TOP 10 video games while drinking alcohol!

Hello, and welcome from Eastern Europe, a
place where we drink vodka for breakfast. My name is ColdBeerHD and this is my list
of a games to play while being drunk. Some of the games will require a friend and
others will not. Most of the games you can play on your PC
and some will require a console. Mortal Kombat X Or actually any other Mortal Kombat game. Why Mortal Kombat and not some Street Fighter,
Tekken or Soulcalibur? Because of blood and gore. While you’re drunk, simple light show will
not keep you satisfied as much as fountains of human liquids. If you have a friend, just beat the shit out
of his fat disgusting body. Not in a real life of course, because in a
process you might hurt your knuckles and hurting yourself is always bad. So, if you have a friend, just install the
game and have fun, and if not – you still can beat AI or others via multiplayer function. Though it’s not that fun. So let’s move along. GTA 5 I’ve seen several videos where people are
recommend playing GTA V and getting drunk inside the game while being drunk in a real
life. Why? Don’t do that. One drunk you is more than enough. So, you can play multiplayer, which is always
fun or just roam around in single player game, steal some helicopters, try to do some crazy
tricks, fly under the bridge or something, I don’t know. Release your drunken craze in this wonderful
game. Hotline Miami A game where you shoot things while listening
to an amazing music. What could be better? Ok ok… you got me there. More vodka always better. Or beer. Or whiskey. Or tequila. Or that shmeckls your granddad used to brew
in his cellar before going to jail for that. So, Hotline Miami is a great game to play
while being drunk, just remember that it is hard, harder than you can imagine. That’s what she said. Braid When you’re drunk you make a lot of mistakes. In example you want to send your dick pic
to your ex girlfriend, but accidentally send it to your mother or sister. Or father. Or aunt. And that’s not the worst that could happen
while you’re drunk. Worst thing is when your aunt sends you something
similar back. So this game is perfect for those who make
a lot drunken mistakes. Here you can turn back time and start your
moves over and over again. Though you cannot ever unsee that picture
your aunt Olga sent you. Alien Isolation So, you might be a pussy and would never dare
to play games like that while sober. Well, you’re coward no more. Grab Alien Isolation and isolate yourself
with an terrifying Alien inside huge and scary space station named Sevastopol. This name alone encourages me to drink even
more vodka and be pussy no more. Monstrum Maybe Alien Isolation is a bit too story driven
for you. Maybe you just want to have fun. So instead of Isolation I recommend you Monstrum
– an indie game where you roam inside abandoned cargo ship in a middle of the ocean and you’re
not alone here, some terrible monster lurks nearby and you just have to escape this ship
unharmed. Usually monster gets you in a first 10 minutes,
but when you master the game mechanics, it could take about an hour of playtime to escape
the ship completely. If you don’t want to play it yourself, you
can find my let’s play video in my channel. It is highly entertaining, I promise you that. Just Dance When you’re drunk, you usually want to go
dancing, but because you have no friends you’re stuck at home watching my video. So grab a game of Just Dance and start dancing. You will get a lot of satisfaction and you
also will shake some fat out of your shapeless body. It’s a good thing to have some form, more
people would want to bang you this way. So why wait, start dancing now! And to be fair, I have to say, that I would
never do that, dancing is for vegans and abstinents, for everyone else is squating. Wii Sports You probably don’t have the machine, but
if you do, Wii sports tennis is the best game you can play drunk with your drunk friend. Just that. All I wanted to say. Rocket League I know that this game might be hard to play
while drunk, but booooyyy it’s fun. Grab your copy of Rocket League, turn on your
engine and smash those balls inside your friends hole. That’s what she said. You can play this game with a friend or if
you don’t have one, you can play a multiplayer alone… while crying. It will still be really fun. I do recommend this for you. It’s good for you. Any racing game If you have a friend, just grab any racing
game and start racing. A lot of people do recommend Mario Kart, but
if you don’t have a Nintendo console, just grab Project Cars, Dirt or any other. Make your racing fun by betting something. Like money. You can lose all your money to your friend. Then avoid his calls, never actually give
him any of your coin and find another friend. That’s how problems are solved in Eastern
Europe. So, my list is over. There are no doubt way more games you could
enjoy playing while drunk, games like Skyrim, Rock Band, Surgeon Simulator and others. Please tell me what do you prefere in the
comments below, I read every comment. And now, click that subscribe button for more
epic lists. Click. Click it. This was ColdBeerHD, have a great day, bye.

20 thoughts on “TOP 10 video games while drinking alcohol!”

  1. Jeigu kada truks idėjų ką pažaist su girtais draugais, tikrai 100 procentų siūlau Ultimate Chicken Horse. užtenka dar dviejų žmonių kad žaidimas taptų pilnas to "stupid fun" kurio dažniausiai ir ieškome girti.

  2. I remember one night (well, more or less) where I came home completely shitfaced after a great evening in our local pub with some mates from college and I had the sudden urge to buy and play Far Cry: Blood Dragon. I played through the whole thing that night and had a real blast shooting giant laser dinosaurs with a gatling gun while having a temporary 2 screen setup if you know what I mean. Still one of my most beloved gaming memories 😀

  3. one night a decide to drink vodka with lemon after the second glass it's starts to look weak like tea so a tried to get up and i felt the earth rotation and than i tought "it's too soon to sleep gonna play some stuff" and i chose to play Crash Bandicoot 3, don't remember much of how a played but in the next day i saw a had beat a lot of time records of many stages and win a lot of golden/platinum relics.

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