Top 10 Weirdly Racist Video Games

Top 10 Weirdly Racist Video Games

Top 10 Weirdly Racist Video Games
10. Dead Rising 2
Dead Rising 2 is a simple game: you hit zombies
with things until they die, and you meet wacky
characters that you get to save. One of these
characters is LaShawndra, a woman of both
size and color who, after you meet her, begins
immediately complaining, in African-American
Vernacular English no less, about how her
husband has run off. Through a combination
of her sass and… um, more sass, she manages
to save her husband’s “skinny ass,”
and greets him with a punch in the face and
a fake, half-hearted apology.
If you’re keeping track, that’s exactly
how stupid white people who have never met
a black person think black people act.
9. The Legend of Zelda Series
The Legend of Zelda is a series of video games,
started 26 years ago and still going strong.
It tells the story of Link, a white dude,
who has to save princess Zelda, a white lady,
from the villainous, thieving Ganondorf, who
is…yeah, you see where this is going. Since
the very first Zelda game, the villain has
been Ganondorf — and we’re very sorry
to do this to you, Zelda fanboys, but Ganondorf
is a racist stereotype.
Keep in mind, this isn’t just about one
game having one dark-skinned villain- -he’s
supposed to be representative of an entire
culture. His people, called the “Gerudo,”
live in the desert, fight with scimitars and
glaives, and oh, they’re all thieves. When
you have an entire race depicted as criminals
and thieves — and you give that race qualities
based on stereotypes of a real world ethnicity
— then you’ve dropped the ball somewhere.
Somewhere racist. Which is the worst place
to drop a ball, because now it’s covered
in racism, and that stuff is notoriously hard
to wash off.
8. Ghostbusters
In the mid-80s, Activision released a Ghostbusters
game for the NES, Atari 2600, Sega Master
System and the Commodore 64. It featured…
… three…wait, what? That looks odd for
some reason. Let’s compare those Busters
to the movie.
Oh, that’s right. There’s four of them.
Technological limitations must have gotten
in the way. I wonder how they decided which
one to cut.
7. Resident Evil 5
When Resident Evil 5 was released in 2009,
it attracted some controversy for its gameplay,
which is made up entirely of a white guy in
Africa gunning down diseased black people
(the above clip contains the protagonist shouting
“the natives are hostile!”). We almost
didn’t throw this one up here, since it
got so much press when it first came out — but
then we realized that a lot of people really
didn’t understand the issue, so let’s
take this chance to explain it:
Most of RE5’s imagery and motifs are lifted
directly from a real-life tragedy occurring
in parts of Africa right now, called the AIDS
Epidemic. Most of the imagery in this game
(visibly sick Africans, crushing poverty)
have entered the cultural mindset because
of the growing international concern for this
epidemic. It’s fine to draw inspiration
for horror from reality (in fact, it’s best
to do so) but RE5’s posited solution to
this problem is killing everyone infected.
Then there’s the difference between this,
and previous Resident Evil games. People have
argued that, because most of the zombies were
white in Resident Evil 1-3, and hispanic in
Resident Evil 4, then it’s hypocritical
to say it’s only racist when the heroes
are killing black people. This argument doesn’t
hold up because the United States doesn’t
have a history of oppressing and enslaving
other white people and, as for the Hispanics
well…yeah, that was kind of weird, but Spain
doesn’t have the same problem Africa has
with being depicted as a war-torn wasteland
in American popular culture.
And no, this problem isn’t solved by the
inclusion of Sheva.
6. Diablo 3
In Blizzard’s latest click-fest, you choose
one of five classes to play as you fight the
hordes of Hell. And of those five classes,
only one is black — the witch doctor. He
speaks in a heavy accent, moves around like
an animal, comes from the jungle and looks
like every stereotypical witch doctor ever.
The only thing he doesn’t do is shrink heads
but that’s likely because Blizzard didn’t
want to pay the Seville family any royalties.
This one is less “blatantly offensive”
and more just “lazy stereotyping.” If
you’re not in the gaming community, you
may not realize this but Diablo 3 is a really
freaking big game. Diablo 1 and 2 are legendary
installments in the dungeon-crawler genre,
and this latest installment sold 3.5 million
units in the first day. It’s a big, popular,
fun game.
The weirdest part is that this is a step back
from the preceding entries — Diablo 2 featured
a black Paladin character that didn’t play
off of any stereotypes of preconceptions.
Now, with Diablo 3, if you’re a black gamer
and you want an avatar who looks like you,
the Witch Doctor is your only option. Hope
you like piercings!
5. Spanish for Everyone
Some people would argue that, when teaching
Spanish, it’s important to teach the horrifically
negative stereotypes associated with the language.
Those people are idiots, and also apparently
responsible for Spanish For Everyone.
Ostensibly a game designed to teach children
Spanish, the gameplay is centered around a
white protagonist chasing after Miguel (his
hispanic friend) who stole his Nintendo DS.
Oh, and Miguel’s father is heavily implied
to be a druglord. But Spanish does happen!
4. Freaky Flyers
Cartoons live off of the human brain’s ability
to recognize patterns. Bugs Bunny looks nothing
like a human being, but viewers recognize
the pattern of what a smiling, wacky character
is supposed to look like, and their brain
automatically fills in the rest.
So what happens if you decide that instead
of “wacky character” archetypes, you’re
going to go with “racist” archetypes?
You get…Freaky Fliers. We’re not going
to go through a list of everything wrong with
this game because we have lots of other things
to get to this week, and honestly the gameplay
itself doesn’t matter. We’re just going
to leave you to watch the above video, about
a billionaire oil magnate from Arabia (zillionaire,
depending on the current price of oil), named,
naturally, Sheik Abdul.
3. Pokemon
Wow. Okay. Jynx, huh? Really…really?! Yeah
— that was a bad idea.
2. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!!
Racist Video Game lists are almost irresponsibly
incomplete without Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.
This classic NES game tells the story of a
plucky little white dude named Lil’ Mac,
who fights his way through an army of racist
stereotypes so he can unseat Mike Tyson, a
black guy with authority. People have written
entire articles about the racism in this one
game. Our favorites are Piston Honda, the
Japanese Samurai boxer, and Bob Charlie, because
that’s almost a joke, right?
1. Call of Juarez: The Cartel
While video game advocates would rather focus
on the intellectual and artistic potential
of video games, there’s really no denying
that the industry is far more familiar with
exploring the depths of stupidity — and
so we come to Call of Juarez.
CoJ: TC is a game about the Mexican Drug War,
and it is pretty much the worst thing to have
ever happened to the industry. The game caters
blatantly to racist stereotypes by building
gameplay mechanics that require you to cut-down
wave after wave of black and Latino characters,
to the point where they lack any semblance
of humanity. One level even features a special
“achievement” for killing black people,
in a level where your goal is to go into a
slum and incite gang warfare. The game even
decides that sex-slavery is a great topic
for it to tackle, as it depicts the tragedy
of a bunch of American women being sold to
rich Mexicans. Too bad that, in reality, it’s
the exact opposite.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Weirdly Racist Video Games”

  1. Being fair to blizzard, Diablo 1 had a black sorceress. He was not a stereotype. He was just a black guy in wizard robes.

    How does one create a witch doctor class and make it recognizable as a witch doctor without it being stereotypical looking in some way?

  2. Jynx is based of a Japanese mythical character, who is black.  The portrayal of Jynx to the character is actual very accurate in terms of appearance.

  3. You've obviously never been to America. Walk around the inner-city neighborhoods of any major US city and tell me that LaShawndra is just a stereotype that "stupid white people who've never seen a black person" believe. I actually grew up around people who talk and act like that, and it's not even a negative stereotype, it's just the embodiment of an ACTUAL culture that EXISTS. It just also happens to be prevalent among people of African descent, so white apologists like yourself feel like they have to go around pointing fingers and shaking their heads disapprovingly any time there's any depiction in the media. Nobody gives a shit when there's a cartoon about Jethro and the boys having a battle of the banjos over who gets to marry their sister.

    Treating ethnic groups like they're defenseless children and trying to lump everyone of the same color into these ethnic groups while at the same time berating everyone around you for treating 'people of color' differently just makes you look like an asshole. It's also undermining and disrespectful to unique and diverse cultures like "African-American" that you imply that simply the depiction of it is racist. I put "African-American" in quotes because it's not what I, or any actual member of the culture would call it if they had a choice. It's just a stupid label that was railroaded onto an identity by people like you so they wouldn't feel uncomfortable talking about it in their little, politically correct bubble world.

    Shame on you and the people in charge for the creation of this ignorant video and all the other people who've tried to sensationalize racism for views and profit.

    Also, as a side note: "His skin is brown and he's depicted as a different culture/he's the bad guy" is not cause enough to claim something is racist. That is in fact, racist in of itself.

  4. Skyrim:
    Nord: "What do you want lizard?", "Mind yourself elf", "Keep your hands to yourself cat", "Skyrim is for the Nords!"
    I'm a filthy bigot though. I run around the "Grey" quarter at night terrorizing any dark elves I come across. I also immolate any shufflers I see in Fallout 3. Best they be put down sooner than later. Those lepers should be thanking me for ending their pointless existence.

  5. I've been watching some of this channel's videos and i admit they was interesting but this one made me rethink about my decision of keep watching them…

  6. 1. Ganondorf is a bit of a stretch…
    2. RE5 isn't racist… it takes place in Africa. Is Doom xenophobic because it takes place in space or hell? I mean fuck, you kill tons of Japanese people in video games, because the games take place in Japan. Trying way to hard…
    3. Jynx is a known Japanese lore reference to a type of ice witch. It's only Americans that aren't cultured in Japanese mythology that see it that way. Not trying hard enough.

    Here is a video by the game theorist explaining why Jynx isn't racist:

  7. – Ganon is not human, his coloring is as "racist" as any other animal who happens to have skin/fur of a particular color. "Black" is a color, not a race, and Ganon was green the last time I checked.
    – Resident Evil 5 is set in Africa, where the majority of the population is… Surprise, surprise… African. If you went to Africa to kill white zombies, THAT would be weird. Should we call the previous entries in the series racist towards white people? Oh, wait, double standards…
    – Jinx, from Pokemon, is based on the Japanese spirit/youkai Yama-Uba. Put down your pitchforks, folks…

  8. This goes to show you. You can only pit one race against each other. If you put any race against another race then low and behold, it's 100% racist. And Jinx is not racist at all. people only took it as so. If you do some research on the Japanese style then you'll understand.(It's called Ganguro)

  9. Resident evil 5 racist ???? lol its would be raciste if everybody was white …. the game not appening in europe or the usa …..

  10. Stupid.  Nothing in this is racist. They are all just game played by people of all different skin color and backgrounds.

    The PC police really need to just go away.

  11. I just downloaded and installed ArcheAge, A MMORPG free to play. Besides the UI issues the character creation was SHIT! Seriously wtf. You get a choice of 4 races. only 1 race has the potential to get skin dark enough to be considered black and that the Nurian race. Though also the ethnic hairstyles black people have are not on this race at all. You can only get the "Fade" or Short haircut. The Elf race can not be dark at all which is alright to me since they are always shown as Fantasy Beings (not white). (Though Other games let you make any race any color, even elves.) This game ArcheAge has specific colors for specific races. Now that doesn't make the game racist, it actually makes it more accurate. Nurian race default character starts off as a Blonde Haired Blue eyed person, with skin choices of White,Almost Black, and Black as Hell (Literally about as black as night). Elves are a wild card though best represented in Skyrim. Hariharran is a race of what looks like the Asian race. What makes me say that is of course; the Eyes, Hairstyles, skin colors, and size. I'll dive in deeper. Hariharran races Eyes resemble that of Orientals like japanese and so forth. These eyes are pretty much locked to an extent with little customization. The hairstyles are the same as Nurian race, while also lacking hairstyles of their own. The skin color goes as dark as an average Hispanic person, Mocha but not black. Now here comes the racist parts. You see, each of these 3 races are made to specifically look like these races in reality. Customization is pretty good but its also very limited. There are NO ethnic or curly hairstyles for these 3 races so if you want that, find another game. This last race is called Ferre and this race is completely racist. This race is a Cat race or Furry race as they have humanoid bodies and faces with cat fur. Now these cats are the only race in the game to get ethnic hairstyles, such as; the Afro,about 10 different styles of Dreadlocks with the occasional Mohawk. Now making these hairstyles only for a Beast race is complete and utter bullshit. Mind you I informed you guys that these races ALL prove to look accurate to people in real life. If you don't believe just watch a video of character customization. As a black man with dreadlocks, I tend to play games that I can make a character look like me. Though in this game its impossible as other people may get the look they want. I have to play as a fucking Jungle Cat just for a hairstyle. This game is fucking racist.

  12. "Ganondorf is a racist stereotype." Of what? Green people? Besides wasn't he (literally) a pig at first. I see, bacon racism.

  13. It's apparent that OP sees racism in anything, and everything.  It's a shame, as their videos 'were' entertaining.  However, this one falls way short of their own standard.

  14. In the very first Zelda game the villain isn't Gannondorf, it is Gannon. Gannon is a giant blue pig, not a darker skinned man. Is Gannon racist against pigs?

  15. I'm sick of hearing the argument that Resident Evil 5 is racist. The enemies are mostly black people because it takes place in Africa, it makes sense. Yet no one has a problem that in Resident Evil 4 (which takes place in Spain) the enemies are mostly spanish people… Explain the difference, please. Why is one ok and the other is racist?

  16. I played a mmorpg called DDO with a guy who came back from a week suspension because of hate speech.

  17. 10: So having an aggressive black woman(which some woman of any color act like) is racist? Ok…

    9: So some how having a green guy with red hair and facial features (nose, brow etc) that are stereotypical of Europeans in japanese art is racist? Your losing me.

    8: Ok, I'll give you this one even though I could talk about difficulties with colors on the old consoles(which is why links hair was brown in the old games but was meant to be and later was blonde do to clash of pixel colors) but we will assume it's just racism.

    7: A game where one of the main characters in the series was a white guy… and a NON white woman who you happen to even show in the video is, are in africa shooting black zombies(blacks being native to Africa) is racist… even though all the main bad guys are white people who unleashed the virus there for making white people evil and those Africans the victims. Would you prefer if all the people in Africa were displayed as white in the game? You just about lost me here

    6: Oh yes, heaven forbid we have a medieval fantasy game were you can play as a black person who is of African culture who is attuned to the wilds and dresses in high fantasy zulu warrior like clothing. I mean, the shame if we were to display asian samurai or white soldiers in British garb. Oh the horror.

    5: I can't really say much here. You play as a white guy. Makes sense because most English speaker learning Spanish are white. And I didn't know stealing was an Hispanic stereotype, but ok. Let it be known that no one can ever show a person of hispanic desent stealing again. And I have no idea how they implied his father was a drug lord because I didn't play it and you didn't say how. But sure fine.

    4: No idea here. All the images I saw just did all kinds of facial exaggeration on every one to make them all odd looking…

    3: One word. Yamauba. And one video

    2: pluky little Asian. This game was made by the Japanese and the character physically looks more Asian then white.

    1: Finally something with merit.As far as killing non whites… you are in an area(Mexico) were most people are not white and isn't there a black woman in there as a main character? But there are drug cartels in Mexico so having them as enemies is not racist. And also, the achievement was taken out of context here. It was a mission in a place where all the enemies are black (like a gang group or something) and there is an achievement for killing 40 enemies (doesn't say black) in the mission segment. Racist or not, people can decide on their own with accurate information.

    Conclusion, this video was a flat out waste of everyone's time.

  18. I wouldn't count RE5 and people that do are not really taking into account the context. Given where the game is set, it would be odd for the mass of the population to be any other race.

  19. I got about a 1,000 videos between youtube and liveleak that shows you that is exactly how some black people act.

  20. Resident Evil wasn't racist when you were killing diseased whites or Spaniards, but it's suddenly wrong when it's black people? Huh?

  21. Thinking too hard, most of these aren't racist, some may be stereotypical or satirical but not racist. Number ten for example. Especially if you've actually lived around black women, its a stereotype for a reason. Its not even an insulting one either.

  22. I love how you disable comments on certain videos. Is this because you can not handle negative comments? I find a lot of these lists to be wrong as they are merely speculation or opinion  but i digress

  23. Spanish for Everyone says on the box: "Over 6,000 words!"
    Did you hear that? 6,000 words! *SpongeBob voice* YEAH I KNOW!!! 😀

  24. Hey, have you noticed that all these videos depict White people doing something hateful, stupid, or outrage to other people? Isn't that just a tad ….hmmmmm?

  25. Thanks for this my charity shop got the spanish games in i took them off the shelves as soon as i checked them out

  26. why would jynx be racist? i think it's clearly just a pun on mr popo, from dragon ball, as machamp is for tien. thinking about it, there are a lot of simiariries between pokemon characters and dragon ball characters x:

  27. I'm a Zelda fan Girl and P.S. Ganon was originally a giant pig monster and then he was green and then black! And Pokemon made one mistake on jinx big deal!!!!! 😒

  28. Do your research, jynx is not racist, the pokemon's appearance and description is based on Yama-Uba from Japanese folklore

  29. On the topic or racist stereotype how about the stereotype that every a white man does anything it's secretly racist? You seem to have explored that topic quite a lot in this video…

  30. I have one question to the maker(s) of this video: Is this realy about racist video games, or is it just a bunch of video games overly political correct people jell have to be racist because they portray something that could be a black guy in a way these (mostly white people) should not portay an afro-american?

    (Auf deutsch (da ich kein Englischmuttersprachler bin und sich schon mehrfach Leute über mein Englisch aufgeregt haben): Ist das wirklich ein Video über rassistische Videospiele oder einfach nur eine Ansammlung von Spielen, bei denen über-politisch korrekte Leute schreien und sich pekiren, dass sie rassistisch sind, da in ihnen etwas dargestellt wird, was eine schwarze Person sein könnte, und dies in einer Weise geschieht, von der diese (zu meist weiße) Leute denken, dass man so keinen Afroamerikaner darstellen darf?(Viel Spass beim übersetzen))

  31. gerudos have red hair so maybe it's also racist against the Scottish?

    like anything the line between an interesting character and a stereotype is very fine indeed. we dont live in a robot world, their is variation in our appearances and our cultures. it's very hard to build colour in stories without referring back to contemporary and historical examples of people and culture. if I made a game with a Israeli woman character with a Jamaican accent, practising Shinto faith and had a boxing career I think the average gamer would think 'what's going on here?'

  32. 0:50 they ALL don't act that way,……. but…….. i have a feeling you've never been to the united states…

  33. 3:28 looks like someone didn't do their research before they made a fool of themselves. Jinx is based off a Japanese style of makeup.

  34. Lots of stupid suggestions here….Ganondorf is racially suppressed yet no one can expalin what race he is?

    And Jinx has been covered by many comments. Although her appeance was likely to be misunderstod in the US she isnt based off a "black face" stereotype back in Japan.

    If you wanna see REAL genuine racist games, try googling for "Ethnic cleansing". Yes…its that bad when even those people can use "Open source" technology….

  35. How come you disabled comments for the top-10 stupidest things people believe (definitely the funniest one so far XD), but for one based on race people CAN comment? If I ever made a video that discussed race, I think I would disable comments due to all the insanity and death threats that would be sure to come up…

  36. I do not find any racist you idiots>. wife and Gf agree, wtf??? some stereotypes are true. such BS. they were games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST games….

  37. I guess you guys were just asking for a bunch of thumbs down for this video, because, while obviously sarcastic, not everyone is going to gel with this humor.

  38. So, you are aware that there are religions that were, and in many cases, still are, practiced by black people in Africa, Australia, and wherever else you can find native populations of sufficiently dark skin color to be called black? You're also aware that some of these religions involved person that played a role that fit somewhere between what a medieval person might call a witch (spiritual person believed to command strange powers) and a doctor (learned individual who heals the wounded and sick? That this is, in fact, the origin of the term witch doctor?

    So why is the existence of such a being in a medieval fantasy that takes place largely in a dark ages Celtic or Germanic Europe type environment (one which would be overwhelmingly white due to the absurd difficulties of traveling from Africa to northern Europe when you don't have decent sailing vessels (or trains, airplanes, whatever) available, offensive? Would it not be more racist to suggest that black people at the time had no culture of their own and behaved excactly like God Fearing Catholics?

    Also, keep in mind that in a setting like Diablo, it's entirely possible for there to actually be spirits with which this guy communes.

  39. Not even going to scroll further down. We'll just see a bunch of racists trying to justify their racism with the anti-political correctness rhetoric. Any intelligent person will tell you that if you aren't being politically correct, then there is a significant chance that you aren't correct at all, both factually and morally.

  40. I think Link is a handsome Mixed-Race Half Japanese – Half German Elf……..So hopefully the evil Seki Hotai from Japan and Neo-Fascists from Germany don't scream……….

  41. This youtuber is great but this time, he failed miserably. I just hope for him that he has what it takes to see it.

  42. no sorry the legend of Zelda is not racist, Nintendo is a company that focus his market on familiy-entertainment, mostly for all ages, saying the Legend of Zelda games are racist is just dumb. Ganon-dorf original habitat was the dessert, there he lived with his all female den of thieves. -And when you live in the dessert you get a nice tan, so it could also been that Ganon-dorf was a white guy with a nice tan.

  43. Ghostbusters for the C=64 et al. explains at the beginning of the game that you are a franchisee starting your own Ghostbusters outfit, not the characters in the movie (granted, it's still set in New York, with the same villains.) Having exactly three Ghostbusters at your disposal is part of the game mechanic; two people are needed to catch a ghost and when a mission fails, at least one guy is incapacitated. When only one able body is left, the team can't answer any more calls and he has to drive everyone back to HQ to recover.

  44. I like these videos they post up, but this bald dude has it in for USA, in every video that has to do with USA he likes to throw shade….

  45. Wow Simon I expect more from you. This is so pathetic. You could put the games made by white supremacists, or custards last stand rape game.

  46. Wtf is up with this video, no gameplay, and some of them didn't even have examples as to why they're racist. On top of that you say "we'll just assume you'll search for this on youtube" that's just lazy.

  47. TopTenz, oh lets make a lots of acrimony over silly games, and while you are at it, lets ban those Bugs Bunny cartoons, Song of the South, Star Wars: Phantom Menace

  48. "… and we are very sorry to do this to you, Zelda-fanboys, but Ganondorf is a racist stereotype" goes on to next entry
    How? Really? You can't just make a statement like without even explaining why, and just immediately leave it like that. One might make the (bad) argument that it should be obvious, but based on the other comments, it's not. How is a green skinned character a racist stereotype?

  49. You're probably the type of guy to accuse my fridge of stereotyping black people because it has some leftover chicken inside…

    Seriously, the cringe is too much in this video – and there is a strong stench of cultural Marxism with every "stupid white westerner" comment you make!

  50. Mkay, this left out actual, genuine attempts to BE racist in video games, like the game that had you as a white man who rapes a native american woman while dodging arrows– oh and the woman is tied to a post. Completely missed THAT one, highly expected to see that on this list.

    Furthermore, you completely missed the target by adding "non-racial" problems in here and clearly don't play video games at all or you'd have actually done your homework.

    This video is little more than a slapdash click bait without any substance….at all. There were many games I personally had in mind, and none of them made this list….

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