Top 10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games

Top 10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games

– [Narrator] Most video games
involve either getting killed, killing other people, or usually both. While killing other people usually feels pretty good in the game, getting killed by someone else really always feels pretty bad. Of course, there are other ways to die that feel a lot worse than others. Hey guys, ArcadeCloud here, and today we’re counting down our list of the top 10 worst ways
to die in video games. If you’re new to our channel, go ahead and subscribe and hit that bell. Give this video a thumbs-up
and share it with some friends. It’s free. Number 10, instant kills
that you don’t see coming. Getting killed with no
time to react to anything is probably the worst
feeling you’ve ever had in a video game. You could just be walking alone,
minding your own business, and then all of a sudden you get taken out by an instant kill that
you just don’t see coming. This can happen in both multiplayer games and in some pretty cheap scenarios in single-player games too. I think the worst game for this has to be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Sniping in that game is
actually out of control. I do tend to prefer PUBG
over Fortnite, personally, but I do point out that this is one of the game’s worst flaws, because of how big the map is and how many people are in a single game, there could be someone else out there tracking you with the sniper
rifle at any point in the game, and you would never even know it. You might be running across the field, driving your car down some road, or happily looting away, and then all of a sudden, bang, a guy from half the map away has taken off your head with a sniper. Don’t get me wrong, I know that that kind of
thing takes a lot of skill, but it doesn’t make getting
killed out of the blue feel any better. Number nine, your controller
runs out of batteries. If you play video games on a console, then it’s pretty likely that
you’ve experienced this one in the past. Ever since the PlayStation
3 and the Xbox 360, wireless controllers have taken over. I mean, I guess I can understand why, with a wireless controller you can sit literally anywhere in a room and play video games without
having to worry about an annoying wire getting
in the way of everything. But playing with a wireless controller has one specific drawback that a wired controller
never had to worry about. Unlike those old-school wired controllers, you’re relying on batteries. One of the worst ways to die is, in the middle of a firefight, your batteries suddenly die. While you might’ve been running
around destroying people for a second before, now your character will just be, you know, standing there waiting
for someone to shoot you, while in the real world you’re
desperately scrambling around for a charging cable or a new
set of batteries to plug in. This always happens at the worst of times, and when you’re finally
set up to go again, you’ve likely already been killed. Number eight, getting pushed off a cliff. There’s some pretty
disrespectful ways to get killed, but getting pushed off of a cliff has to be the worst one of all. It’s like the person that took you out didn’t even need to shoot you to kill you, all they needed to do was gently
push you off a giant cliff and then watch you fall to your death. I think one of the
worst offenders for this is Lucio from Overwatch. It’s like parts of his
kit were just designed to throw you off cliffs. He has this little pulse
weapon that, on a right-click, will knock you back, but
doesn’t do any damage, which seems harmless, right? Well, yeah, sure, unless you’re next to
a big chasm of death. Then there’s also the Impulse
Grenades from Fortnite. A lot of people use them as
a way to move around the map, but the most humiliating way to use them is to throw people off of their buildings or off of tall cliffs. Nothing is worse than having
a good loadout on Fortnite, only to die from being Impulse
Grenaded off of a cliff. Number seven, being first
blood on a battle royale game. The joy of winning a battle royale game comes from the knowledge that you basically had
to defeat 99 other people to get to that point. It doesn’t matter how many people you actually manage to take out yourself, you still had to outlive 99 other people to take the chicken dinner
or the victory royale, or whatever Paladins is doing, I guess. Being first blood in a battle royale game is basically the complete
opposite of that. Instead of beating 99 other people, you’re the worst out of them all, you got beat by 99 other people, and that feels worse than anything else. There’s always gotta be someone
that’s gotta be first blood, so the fact that it was you
is a little bit embarrassing. The only way you actually
lose that quickly in a battle royale game is if you get really unlucky, like if you drop down
into a populated area and just miss out on grabbing the weapon before your opponent. It’s seriously one of
the worst feelings ever, just watching your enemy
grab a gun, turn around, and then blow you away before
you’ve even gotten a chance to come out on top. Number six, concussion via
Care Package in Modern Warfare. Now, you might not know this, but back in the older
days of Call of Duty, you could get killed by your teammates even if you weren’t on hardcore mode. You had to be really unlucky to get killed by a teammate in this way, but whenever it happened it
would be the worst feeling ever. I’m of course talking about being crushed by a friendly Care Package. In earlier Call of Duty games, the Care Package was a deadly weapon, killing people in a single
hit if it landed on them, no matter what team they were on. It was super rare, but sometimes people just
accidentally walked underneath the area a Care Package was
dropping at the exact wrong time and then got squished by it. It didn’t take any skill,
just a lot of bad luck, and that’s why it felt so bad. Number five, a grenade you threw yourself. Getting killed by grenades is bad enough, it kinda fits into that
instant kill from nowhere thing I was talking about earlier, where there’s just a one-shot kill that appears and takes you out. What’s worse than getting
killed by a grenade? Getting killed by a grenade
that you threw yourself. This one is so bad just because
it’s completely avoidable as far as dying goes. I mean, you’re the one
that threw the grenade. This means that you should
know where it came from, where it’s going, and how long is left until it explodes. Sometimes people just seem to forget that they threw a grenade, and then run straight into it, other times people bounce
a grenade off the wall right back into their faces. Either way, it’s a pretty bad way to die. Number four, falling damage. Falling damage has gotta
be one of the worst things to die to ever. There’ve been so many times
in the game of Call of Duty where I’d just take a
little bit too much damage before doing a jump off a building or out of a window or something, and it’s led me to instantly die just because I hit the
ground a little too hard, or sometimes when I’m playing PUBG, I’ll get stuck up in a mountain with the circle pushing me
out of my position with, like, no way down. Then you have to somehow
jump down without dying, and you die anyway because
if you mess up a jump and the circle is already
eating away at your health, it’s not gonna be good. Jumping to your death is
basically in-game suicide, and when you do it by accident,
it feels pretty terrible. Number three, poison without antidote. If you don’t have an antidote, getting poisoned is a pretty bad time. I can remember pretty vividly having one of my Pokemon poisoned back in the third
generation of Pokemon games. For those of you who didn’t
play the series back then, if you got one of your Pokemon poisoned and then finished the fight, it stayed poisoned in its Poke
Ball as you walked around. This meant that even if
you had won the fight, your Pokemon had a
pretty high risk of dying if you didn’t get the
right Berries or medicine to get it healed back up. But this doesn’t just
apply to Pokemon either, it applies to pretty much any game that has a poison mechanic. Nothing feels worse than slowly dying and not being able to
do anything about it. You might as well just give up. At least most of the
other deaths on this list are quick and painless, but dying this way is slow and painful. Number two, failed QuickTime event. QuickTime events by
themselves are pretty bad, like just dumbing down the gameplay at really intense moments so you have to do barely anything
other than push a button. Doesn’t feel good, and sometimes it breaks the
flow of gameplay in the game. What feels even worse is when you somehow mess
that QuickTime event up and get killed for it, and then have to watch the cutscene again. QuickTime events are usually pretty easy, but if they take you by surprise, then it’s pretty easy to mess them up, and then miss the button entirely. If you do this, you usually get sent back to just before the
QuickTime event happens, and since they usually happen
with some kind of cutscene, that means you have to sit
through it all over again. QuickTime events are really
the most simple of things in a video game, so dying to them has just got to suck. And number one, lag. I know, it’s the most obvious
thing to complain about, getting killed because of lag, complaining about lag is a meme now, just because so many
people complain about it, even if the game isn’t actually lagging. But when a game actually does lag, well, then you know about it
and it feels pretty bad. You’ll have people rubber-banding
all over the screen, your bullets will feel
like they’re being eaten by your enemies, and you’ll just suddenly
die from enemy runs no matter what you do. Lag is probably the worst
thing that can happen to someone playing online games, and it can totally ruin
killstreaks or winstreaks. Like how many times have
you died one off of a nuke because of lag in Modern Warfare 2? Exactly. You know how bad that feels. And there you have it, our list of the top 10 worst
ways to die in video games. Do you agree? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more great videos from ArcadeCloud on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Take care, and game on.

61 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Ways To Die In Video Games”

  1. in MW2 I would purposefully die after getting my 2 care package perks and then repeat until I had a bunch and then spammed them all over the map flooding the air space, the comms and of course having a bunch of boxes everywhere to crush everyone or have them run for to be baited. It was never a very good way to play, I'd get a crush kill per game where this went well (so once every 5 games or so) but it was fun to see people's frustrated reactions.

  2. Once I died in a mix of the poison and the throwing the grenade thing that you talked about in Minecraft I tried to throw a poison potion at a spider when I was at low health I accidentally hit myself

  3. I'm a terrible person, I finally beat one of my brothers wow characters after 90 boosting in pandaria. He had a bit weak mage and I think I ended up beating it 5 times. After that I mocked him a little, finally I won an 1v1. He complained, demanded rematch, and told me he would beat me with his warlock. At first I wasn't interested, but after he followed me around I said ok, to grt it over. I played shaman and we battled on top the building between the horde and alliance base in pandaria. At first he instantly removed 2/3 of my characters hp, then he started summoning something, and I did the stupidest, laziest move I have ever done in wow. I pressed W, walked up to his characters face, and knocked him of with thunderstorm (think thst's the spells name), the warlock fell all the way, died and got the armor damaged for 100 gold.

  4. How abaut dying from spawncamping and also from some unfair, awful and unbalanced mechanic like ultimates in Overwatch or soldier on Team Fortress 2.

  5. I once played a heist on gta on ps3 (before it was out on pc) i was flying and then my controller was empty and everyone else that was playinf got mad

  6. Meh… such a casual list talking about ultra casual flavour of the month games like fortnite and pugb.

  7. WHAT?!?!? you forgot the worst way to get killed in a game: KNIFE!!! to knife someone require skill, stealth or luck; and it's the ultimate way of killing, mainly in FPS games!

  8. There is always someone who goes, "Woah! 100 other people??? I can't play that!" When in reality you only kill like, 3 of them. And let everyone kill themselves.

  9. Ive gotten thrown out of the circle with a impulse grenade in Fortnite. Also switching games can mess you up because the controls might be different and you might throw a grenade when you meant to crouch.

  10. Dying from people who blatantly hack/mod and have no intention on playing fair this ruining a game/match for everyone who wants to play fair.

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