Top 15 Upcoming Games of November 2019 (PC PS4 XB1 Switch) | whatoplay

Top 15 Upcoming Games of November 2019 (PC PS4 XB1 Switch) | whatoplay

1. Blacksad: Under the Skin The narrative adventure genre might be a dying
breed these days with the closure of Telltale Games, many like Pendulo Studios are ready
to take on the mantle. Blacksad: Under is based on a Spanish comic
book of the same name and both center around a cat detective, Blacksad, as he navigates
the cutthroat world of 1950s New York. Like many games, it’s choice-based so the
decision you make will affect your relationships with other characters as well as the direction
of the story. Unlike most games, though, Blacksad forgoes
the usual point and click which means you’re gonna get your hands dirty in the detective
work. Delayed from its September 26th release, it’s
coming out on the PC and consoles this November 5th. 2. Just Dance 2020
Ubisoft’s dance rhythm game continues on another year and its brought many of today’s most
popular artists along with it. Just Dance 2020 is expanding its roster to
a global level. If you love Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and
Billie Eilish, they’re all there as usual. But, they’re also featuring KPOP sensation
along with them. Like 2NE1, and the up and coming girl group
Black Pink with Kill This Love. There really isn’t much innovation going on
here, but if Just Dance is your thing, you’ll get to experience it on the consoles–including
the Wii–this November 5th. 3. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
After being absent from last year’s Olympics, SEGA and Nintendo are back at it again with
another installment of their iconic sports party game. And, it’s high time too because the Olympics
are handing them the homecourt advantage. Play around with Sonic, Mario and their respective
circles as you show off your skills in more than twenty different events. Aside from the usual bunch, this Tokyo 2020
edition will also feature four new events. Get a kick out of Karate, ride the waves in
surfing, play it cool in skateboarding, and make it to the top in Sport Climbing. Packed with new and old ways to get the heart
pumping, it’s coming out exclusively on the Switch on Nov 5th. 4. Death Stranding
Yup. It’s finally happening. A game that’s being touted as Kojima’s next
big masterpiece is coming next month and hopefully, we’ll get all the answers to all our burning
questions. Or not. From what we know so far, you’ll get to play
the role of Sam Porter Bridges as he fights against the breakdown of society caused by
some mysterious force. Aside from being decidedly cloaked in mystery,
Death Stranding is also populated by a cast of well-known personalities like Mads Mikkelson,
Guillermo del Toro, Lea Seydoux, and Norman Reedus in center stage. Prepare to be awed and maybe confused once
it releases exclusively on the PlayStation this Nov 8th. 5. Need for Speed Heat
The hitherto unnamed Need for Speed game gets its official title and that means it can officially
become more heated. Heat is coming out in celebration of the franchise’s
25th Anniversary so we can expect to have a lot more of their signature street racing. As a new title, Need for Speed Heat is also
determined to be fresh. Welcome to Palm City, and get ready to outrun
cops with a bunch of new customizations and compete in a set of all-new events. It’s an open-world extravaganza in which you
dilly dally by day and get to race seriously by night. There’s reputations, heat levels, and so much
more and it’s coming out PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 8th. 6. New Super Lucky’s Tale
Microsoft’s Lucky fox is stepping out of his comfort zone. It was first released on the Oculus Rift and
later on the Xbox One X, and next month on the Nintendo Switch. Reduced slightly by a dimension, NEW Super
Lucky’s tale will be a complete reimagining of the game in more ways than one. Not only do you get to play it differently,
but you also get to experience it anew thanks to an array of new cutscenes to watch. It wasn’t exactly well-received in the Microsoft
consoles, so this jump to the Switch will hopefully earn them more hearts by way of
their new controller-friendly format. It’s coming out on Nov 8th, 2019. 7. Rune II
Human Head Studios’ RPG went through a few name iterations until they finally settled
with the simple straightforward Rune II. One thing’s for sure though, a new title is
finally coming out. And, yes, it’s an Epic Games Store exclusive. If that’s annoying to some, their co-founder
Chris Rhinehart has been quick on providing updates to soothe the fanbase. Their pre-alpha footage may have been a little
underwhelming, their new trailers have been looking better. We’re assuming with more time in the oven,
it’ll be up and ready to serve a dose of Ragnarok when it comes out on the PCs this November
12th. 8. Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist
Bandai Namco is rolling out hit after hit these days and hopefully this will be the
next. In Re Call To Exist, the streets of Tokyo
are on the verge of collapse as the war rages on between the ghouls and Investigators. It’s a survival action game you scour the
streets of Tokyo for answers and put an end to the war. This installment will present new Ghouls,
as well as an array of new battle mechanics. It’s gonna be the first Tokyo Ghoul to come
out to the West and it marks the coming together of the iconic characters from the original
game. It’s set to release Nov 14th, 2019. 9. Pokémon Sword and Shield
This next Pokemon game feels like it started on the wrong foot with the fanbase. First, there was the news about not getting
to complete the Pokedex and there were criticisms against their previews’ less than impressive
graphics. But, the developers of Sword and Shield have
slowly won us over bit by bit through the months. The good news are abounding. Not only does it seem that the cut Pokemon
are set to return eventually, but there’s also the Dynamax and Gigantamax mechanics
that level up battles. And with the cute faces of the starters lineup
–and Farfetch’s hot new evolution, SirFetch’d–we are powerless to resist. It comes out exclusively on the Switch on
November 15th. 10. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Coming after a series of multiplayer duds, The Fallen Order returns Star Wars to the
singleplayer format. In it, we’ll see a Jedi entry that introduces
a new character, Cal Kestis, who finds himself on the run from the Galactic Empire. Fallen Order is set shortly after the events
of Revenge of the Sith, which means we’ll a lot of the same, familiar universe we loved. Their latest trailer doesn’t just give us
a closer look into Cal’s mission, it also shows off all the cool lightsaber fights we’ll
get to experience. Sure, EA hasn’t exactly had the best reputation
and maybe Fallen Order can be their saving grace. It’s coming out Nov 15th on the PC, PS4, and
Xbox One. 11. Deemo Reborn Rayark’s popular rhythm game is taking on
a new form. Following the critical success of their first
title, Deemo, their mysterious eponymous character is reborn in virtual reality. With this kind of change, Deemo Reborn shapes
up to be a complete overhaul of the title. It’s not just tapping mechanics and 2D cutscenes
anymore. With the move to the PSVR comes a lush new
world. Not only does it have new gameplay elements,
the immersion is also leveled with the added voice acting in their cutscenes. It’s gonna be a whole new way of experiencing
Rayark’s compelling first title, and it’s coming out on the PlayStation this November
21st. 12. Doom Eternal A new kind of chaos is coming, it’s coming
to rain down on and heaven and hell. It all feels like we’re at the renaissance
of classic shooters, but if there’s one title we’re glad to see, it’s this. Doom has always been a franchise built around
splitting open demonic heads. Doom Eternal is set to upgrade the formula
by adding to their multitude of monster varieties with heaven’s hordes. Luckily for us, they’re just as ugly. Other than the story, there’s also much in
store for us in gameplay with the focus on mobility, and the multiplayer invasions mode
where other players get to play the demons themselves. PC and console owners, even those on the Switch,
better watch out on November 22nd. 13. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts We’re still in FPS territory. This time, we look into the crosshairs of
Sniper’s latest entry. Set in modern-day Siberia, expect to witness
a sea of white and prep for the long haul in waiting for that perfect kill opportunity. Its latest trailer is tinged with what we
hope is irony as it shows the violent killing side by side with verses from the Hebrew bible. Odd trailer aside, Ghost Warriors Contracts
hopes to amp up the sniping experience with more realism in their sniping, stealth, and
tactics. Given the franchise’s history though, let’s
just say the expectations aren’t high. Either way, it’s coming the PC, PS4, and Xbox
One on November 22nd. 14. Doom 64 Just as we’re talking about Doom’s long history. Well, that history is arriving on the Switch. Announced by Pete Hines from Bethesda Softworks,
Doom 64 is all about bringing one classic Nintendo title to the new generation. And, it comes in time to celebrate the franchise’s
25th anniversary. It’s not exactly packed with the usual bells
and whistles. It’s a vanilla version of their 30 action-packed
levels, which veterans will be happy to relive. That, plus the privilege of being able to
bring the iconic misadventures in hell wherever you go. It’s set to release this Nov 22nd. 15. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Already out on the PC and the Switch, the
6th installment of the Sid Meier’s legendary strategy series is coming to the PlayStation
4 and Xbox One too. It’s just gonna be a port of the original
title, but it also comes equipped with all the latest updates and refinements. When it comes out next month, it’s gonna be
one of the first Civilization titles on the two consoles since 2008’s Civilization Revolution
for the PS4 and Xbox One. So, when it comes this November 22nd, it’s
gonna be a party for the would-be strategists on the platforms.

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  1. Lately I feel like there are two writers for these videos and they just stick their script together as fluid as possible

  2. In this video, I can totally see the reason why some people will never buy a Nintendo console. Look at those exclusives+games missing on the Switch. I still love mine and play it more than anything else, but it's understandable.

    Also… the game that everyone loves, Pokemon, is going to be pretty bad for people without a serious addiction to Pokemon. Not a console seller like it should be.

  3. You know what Rune 2 is the first actual real Epic store exclusive because it’s not on any consoles, and can’t be played anywhere else.

  4. 1 day after this video came out and everything they said about doom and its anniversary is irrelevant since it's been delayed 4 months lol.

  5. *14 BEST SWITCH GAMES OF ALL-TIME* I own about 18 games at this point, here is my list:
    14. Batman: Telltale Games 6. Yoshi's Crafted World (NEW)
    12. GoVacation 5. Octopath Traveler
    11. Cars: Driven to Win 4. Super Mario Maker 2 (NEW)
    10. LA Noire 3. Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    9. Sonic Mania Plus 2. ZELDA: Breath of the Wild
    8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1. Super Mario Oddysey
    7. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    2 Honorable Mentions: Overcooked: Special Edition and Cave Story.

  6. After the release of Deemo, I wish Rayark will update their game Implosion to be supported in recent android os or put it on PS4 along with Cytus. I bought the game years ago but could no longer play it on my new phone.

  7. So i guess people jusy cant be f*cked to make good looking high graphic games anymore. Like i mean c'mon. You cant even take 3 quarters of these games seriously.

  8. November has 4 games worth buying, but only 3 made this list. You have Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Star Wars Jedi, Pokemon Sword/Shield. Missing is the best release in November Atelier Ryza, those are November's top games, the rest are just meh.

  9. I remember the first Rune back then was good, but this one looks like a fucking last gen garbage. Good month though.

  10. I am sick of Mario and similar bullshit games. Maybe its time to let go of these childish games.
    Only Death Stranding seems somewhat ok game, Rest of the list is rubish.

    BTW Need for Speed is a joke to the gaming industry. The people who play this game should be charged $1060 for this game.
    $60 for the game and $1000 for having such a bad taste.

  11. we are just waiting for freaking rdr 2 on pc…dont really care for any other game honestly…maybe the fallen order if its in access

  12. incorrect: Current Pokemon sword and Shield won't have all pokemon, all pokemon meant for the future game. by mashuda>>>>>>"that does not mean it will not appear in future games."

  13. That's crazy they got a blacksad video game cuz the live action movie of the comic book is about to come out it's in development

  14. Death Stranding is the only one I would buy. All others looks tasteless and reperative. I saw similar games in Sept and Aug. Why cnanot they make great games again??

  15. Difference between CD Project red and Bethesda… they put the whole freaking witcher 3 on switch and Bethesda puts the first ever DOOM game… the vanilla version… LOOL

  16. 1. Blacksad: "1950s Zootopia"
    2. Just Dance 2020: "High School Musical(Senior year)"
    3. Mario & Sonic Olympic: "Avengers Civil War Again 2020"
    4. Death Stranding: "The Matrix: Respawn"
    5. Need for Speed Heat: "Too Fast, too Furious, The Chase"
    6. New Super Lucky's tale: "Dora and the lost city of gold: Furry Edition"
    7. Rune II: "Thor: The Viking year"
    8. Tokyo Ghoul: "The Silence of the Lambs: Mutants"
    9: Pokemon Sword and Shield: "Harry Potter and the same shit again"
    10: Star Wars Jedi: "Star Wars 3.5 The Errand Boy"
    11. Deemo Reborn: "Alice in Wonderlands: The Lost Musical Notes"
    12. Doom Eternal: "They Live Pt 2 Again"
    13. Sniper: Ghost Warrior: "John Wick The Pre-Sequel"
    14. Doom 64: "They Live Pt 1.5 Pixel Edition"
    15. Sid Meier's Civilization: "Night at the Museum: Crash of the Nations"

  17. Hope NFS HEAT will get the NFS franchise back to its GLORY cuz i hated paypacks upgrading and customisation system sins when u need cards to get a turbo 😡😡😡😡

  18. Sooooooo…..MAYBE and because its from EA that is a BIG MAYBE, Fallen Jedi looks like the only one worth looking at for me anyway……no interest in all the other rubbish.

  19. 0:16 "The narrative adventure genre might be a dying breed these days…"
    Yeah, no. Telltale isn't the be-all and end-all of the genre and there are a lot of narrative adventure games especially in the aa/indie space.

  20. Death Stranding has amazing graphics and awesome cast….but I don’t really get what the hell is going on in there😅

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