Top 25 PC Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018

Top 25 PC Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018

Laura Shigara’s labor of love is a storybook
for all ages.
Clad in familiar pixel visuals, Rakuen follows
the story of a hospitalized boy, navigating
through unerringly mature themes in his colorful
A bittersweet tale that’s worth a bit of heartache,
it has a PlayScore of 8.77
Doki Doki Literature Club!
If you’re coming into this with the expectation
of some lovely waifu time, think again.
This free to play title from Team Salvato
is not your ordinary visual novel.
Waifu-filled as this this game’s literature
club is, you probably shouldn’t expect to
spend too much time with them.
Acclaimed for its viciously traumatizing themes,
it has a PlayScore of 8.77
A platform adventure 10 years in the making.
Meticulously poring over every single pixel,
DPad Studios’ attention to detail brough Owlboy
the attention it deserved.
It’s a breathtaking masterclass in pixel visuals,
bringing awe with each frame of Ghibli like
Fly around in Owlboy’s floating islands, with
a PlayScore of 8.79
Night in the Woods
An eye opening experience awaits us in Infinite
Falls’ narrative adventure told through the
eyes of anthropomorphic animals.
Despite their choice of characters, Mae’s
night in the woods is every bit a human story.
Uncover the secrets behind the recent phenomena
and pick up a few life lessons along the way.
It has a PlayScore of 8.8
Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
The spirit of Commandos lives on in this hardcore
tactical stealth game set in the height of
Japan’s Edo period.
Lurk in the shadows and practice the way of
the ninja as you navigate through hundreds
of expertly designed levels.
Solve the puzzles of each stage as five different
characters, with varying skills and personalities.
Plan ahead, and master the art of execution.
It has a PlayScore of 8.8
Forza Horizon 3
Only the third title in their recent racing
series, Horizon has no shortage of promise.
Combining two highly marketable genres into
one, Forza Horizon has become a pure open
world haven for racing enthusiasts across
the globe.
Cruise through the vast Australian landscapes
and discover a world that’s twice bigger than
the last.
It has a PlayScore of 8.8
Rise of the Tomb Raider
She may have left the Dragon’s Triangle, but
it’s nothing close to smooth sailing for the
sterling spelunker.
Back with a new adventure, Lara takes the
action to the dry Siberian tundra in a race
against time.
Praised its gorgeous graphics, rich character
design, and tense action sequences, it has
a PlayScore of 8.81
Into the Breach
From the creators of Faster Than Light, Subset
Games gets another success on their hands
with this tactical RPG.
Take the side of humanity and defend the colonies
against a gigantic offense.
Suit up in their powerful mechs, and fight
your way to victory in their turn-based battles
and procedurally generated challenges.
It has a PlayScore of 8.83
Platinum Games’ hack and slash masterpiece
finally makes it to the PC and it’s delivering
in more ways than one.
Back with amped up graphics and 4k resolutions,
the seductive witch has opened into yet another
worldwide success.
Slip into her iconic heels and whip your hair
against the city’s poor angels.
An award-winning title made even better, it
has a PlayScore of 8.84
SteamWorld Dig 2
Just one of many eShop releases for the Switch,
the 2D action adventure digs out of their
earthen world and into the console lineup.
Play as the steam-powered robot, Dorothy,
as he takes the helm of the underground escapade.
It’s got the same steampunk feel to their
world, but it’s back with more delightful
metroidvania fun.
A solid second installment, it has a PlayScore
of 8.85
Dark Souls III
The final curtain in what is now known as
FromSoftware’s genre-defining hit.
This third installment of the Dark Souls series
is a culmination of the series’ best features.
Enter their Hidetaka Miyakami’s nightmarish
universe, and wallow in the sweet, sadistic
glory of their stamina-testing combat.
A fitting end to a renowned action RPG series,
it has a PlayScore of 8.85
A Hat in Time
An absolutely adorable 3D platformer that
gladly steps in for the Super Mario Odyssey
void in the hearts of PC gamers.
Crafted in much the familiar Nintendo games
of old, A Hat In Time tells the story of a
charming little who stitches up wondrous powers
with the power of hats!
Help her conquer the trials of a vast fantastic
planet, with a PlayScore of 8.87
Opus Magnum
An independent game studio known for their
remarkable engineering puzzlers, Zachtronics
pulls out all the stops to bring us the programming
simulation we never thought we needed.
Scoring an impressive 10/10 on Steam, it’s
their most accessible title yet.
Master the art of transmutation as you design,
build, and carry alchemical solutions to answer
their myriad quests.
Topped with a rich storyline filled with volatile
dangers, it has a PlayScore of 8.9
Annapurna Interactive squeezes out another
outstanding puzzle game, this time sprinkled
with the hypnotic aesthetics of Jason Robert’s
Easy on the eyes but no so much for the mind,
Gorogoa will challenge you to use your imagination.
Arrange their illustrated patterns into their
correct orders and let your creative juices
It has a PlayScore of 8.91
West of Loathing
Don’t be fooled by this game’s sly looks.
It might look like just some college animation
project, but West of Loathing packs one hell
of a comedic punch.
A role playing game set in the Wild Stick
Figure West, meet their diverse cast of characters
and traverse their monochromatic open world
with their varying abilities.
A slapstick open world adventure, it has a
PlayScore of 8.91
Enter the realm of Poseidon as Unknown Worlds
Entertainment introduces us to the secrets
of an undiscovered abyss.
An open world survival game set in exterrestrial
seas, exploration forms the heart of this
underwater adventure.
Unravel the mysteries of their strange oceans
and survive the dangers that may come along
the way.
It has a PlayScore of 8.93
Pony Island
Daniel Mullins strange indie puzzler.
Step cautiously into this eerie, metaficitonal
game that is very aware of its existence as
a game.
While that usually leads to some funny, breaking
the fourth wall-type interactions, this game
takes the road less traveled–dealing a few
bursts of psychological horror with a side
of ardent curiosity.Jump over some hurdles,
get to the finish line, earn huge amounts
of experience, and find yourself in a spiral
of confusion… and despair.
It has a PlayScore of 8.94
PlayDead shows their mastery of minimalist
Dystopia in this artful puzzle platformer.
Showing just a tad bit more color than their
LIMBO title, INSIDE lets you dive into yet
another dark tale.
It’s a thrilling, atmospheric experience that’s
rife with smart puzzles, tense moments, and
emotional narratives.
Surpassing their own standards of excellence,
it has a PlayScore of 8.95
Hollow Knight
One of the pioneering titles of the gallant
Metroidvania comeback, Hollow Knight is another
indie game that surpassed expectations.
A journey headed by their skullcapped adventurer,
lift the curse of a ruined land as you enter
its kingdom of insects.
Despite its gloomy environments, it’s still
a colorfully challenging adventure wrapped
in exquisitely designed levels and responsive
It has a PlayScore of 8.98
StudioMDHR’s maiden title is an extraordinary
work of art.
Turning heads since before its release, Cuphead
took inspiration from the strange cartoons
of the 1930s and turned them into posterboys
for platforming punishment.
Get to know their magically whimsical world
as you go through each of bossfights and run-and-gun
A masterpiece bore from pure passion, it has
a PlayScore of 9.04
What Remains of Edith Finch
Not a horror game but Giant Sparrow’s narrative
adventure has no shortage of goosebump inducing
Tasked to investigate the mysteriously cursed
lineage of the Finches, the journey takes
you to their haunted manor off the coast of
Washington State.
Play as the youngest of the ill-fated ancestry,
and uncover their traumatizing histories.
Praised for gameplay, story, and presentation,
it receives a PlayScore of 9.05
Day of the Tentacle Remastered
You might call this a cop-out since this is
a remastered version of 90s classic, but there’s
definitely something to be said about the
timelessness of LucasArts’ time-bending misadventures.
Experience the world through the eyes of their
oddball characters, and maneuver through the
uproarious events with their point and click
A cult classic, it receives a PlayScore of
After letting you enjoy the sweet spoils of
multiplayer victory in TowerFall Ascension,
Matt Thorson’s latest adventure platformer
definitely has no qualms with taking you down
a notch.
Hiding a punishing platformer beneath its
pixel visuals, take on Madeline’s journey
up Celeste Mountain, riddled with brutals
traps and unexpected difficulty spikes.
With a charming story to boot, it receives
a PlayScore of 9.13
Stardew Valley
Harvest Moon was a staple in our childhood
consoles, and thanks to Sickhead Games, we
finally get that dose of quaint country living
on the PC.
An award winning indie title, Stardew Valley
doesn’t just nail it with the nostalgic pixel
visuals, it also encapsulates everything we
loved about the classics while putting their
own modern spin.
Take care of your farm, find the love of your
life, and meet the neighbors.
A compelling farmlife simulation, it has a
PlayScore of 9.18
And the best PC Game is Divinity: Original
Sin II
Breathing new life to the tabletop RPG adventures,
Larian Studios brings the emergent gameplay
of D&D campaigns to digital reality.
Building up on a foundation of interactive
environments and various customizations, Divinity’s
isometric open world weaves an endlessly immersive
tale of magic and wonder.
Made even better with the addition of more
coop features and a Game Master Mode, it’s
easily one of videogames’ recent masterpieces
and it has a PlayScore
of 9.33

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  1. Pretty good list, a few I would replace personally. I'd definately have put Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Pillars of Eternity or even Zombie Night Terror on there. Really enjoy your channel, kudos!

  2. Subnautica is good but it gets boring playing alone after a while. It would be amazing if it had multiplayer

  3. Most games here are indie???????? Doom, Resident evil 7 and many other games do NOT count. Wastage of time.

  4. The footage shown at Number 16, is from SteamWorld Dig 1, not the 2nd installment. And the words you've said are also about the 1st game, but the release date is for the 2nd game. I'm confused as hell since I'm not sure for which of the both games you're talking about. 🙂

  5. a bunch of these look like mobile games. I like PC games like Forza, Call of Duty, Witcher 3, Skyrim, Doom, Far Cry 5, Assassins Creed Origins, etc. It's also cool that more Japanese games are coming to PC like Yakuza, Tales of Vesperia, Dragon Quest, etc.

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    Just saying that i think you can go further if you go your own way and do it yourself.

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  9. This is a Shit list full of Shit Games. It's sad that I have a Beastly PC but barely anything to play. Wish I didn't sell my PS4 in 2015, so many amazing Exclusive games are getting released.

  10. I am feeling some lost a bit… in spite I agree that graphics are not the only that matters in a good , balanced game , I have found here some games that simply are just nostalgia for the 90´s by recurring to that board or 2D games with crappy resolution . That kind of games can be seen as memories from that coin swallow consoles, but in no case are good referent for these days in which we have all the resources to get a good story and good graphics in a common average game . Or maybe the developers and creative teams are experiencing a laziness massive sick?

  11. This video makes me wonder, how many 5 year kids and broke wallets people were doing the reviews to get these scores? Seriously from 2016 to 2018 15 out of 10 were boring indie titles. How much are you getting paid to list those games on the video? :v

  12. Come on ? its obvious whoever put this together had a h***on for indie games , hardly a good representation of PC gaming for anyone wanting to get on PC from console or even new gamers , loads of decent games for PC from 2016 onwards , just this list is made by someone who has a thing for indie games that's all , indie games have their place but not in my SSD or cuda cores , the next vid in my list over there on the right is "the best AAA games of 2012-2017 , suppose most of those will be indie crap too ?? lol

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