Top 3 hidden place in free fire

you shit I Spit raps like a heart attack
that’s fatal rot impacts past painful spots in fact I blast a soul box and
past I backed up my actions that don’t ascribe reactions that attack with every
words inactive class that they share me said I got nothing to lose cuz I fought
and felt the bruise now I’m not the one confused call the shots and they
produced I ain’t boss I’m fine the rules pick a
new soul burns to running the bill supposed to be to a new abuse to be in
use everybody wants a piece that jock arrested piece that you’re dead to me so
please sell remember your discrete ready for defeat now I’m gonna make you bleed
out listen don’t repeat now and read out all the week then it up and make a
change to remember yesterday if you got something to say to meet your mama for
your clan cuz your life is just the same ain’t nobody gonna change everybody
stays the same so be different Oh judge
I keep on moving forward always getting closer Marsh until it’s over and just
like a soldier keep on moving forward is getting closer
Martians in the Sun oh god oh god please no no no nice she’s got some help with these rumors got me feeling I want that
body baby baby so mad your size you like to keep the party going where
these rumors got me feeling I want that body baby buddy baby so man oh god please no no no my hands steady I
feel ready for mother XIV I don’t get it how am I haven’t hit it already still
working I’m still learning

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