Top 5 Biggest Gambling Scandals in CS:GO History

Top 5 Biggest Gambling Scandals in CS:GO History

Over the past few years csgo has been
riddled with scandals scams and fraud
some of them being worth millions of
my name is Braden and welcome to valve
guides NCS goes gambling used to be the
biggest draws of the game but after
recent events it’s kind of changed
forever even outside of the csgo
community things were impacted as a
result of the events of these scams some
of these have even reached national news
coverage these have ranged from scandals
that have been fraudulent scams and just
flat-out illegal it is important to
preface with this due to the subject
matter of this video just like nearly
everything gambling or owning a gambling
site or sponsoring a gambling site we’re
playing on a gambling site is not
inherently a corrupt or bad thing but at
the end of the day owners of gambling
platforms are aiming to make a profit
and you need to know that and if you
don’t know that hopefully now you do
never gamble money that you are not
totally safe
losing gambling is subject to addiction
do not let that happen to you also don’t
over generalize what I’m saying because
like I said before gambling is not
inherently corrupt there are legitimate
csgo gambling sites out there and it can
be honest fund a place of that every now
and then but money is a powerful thing
that brings out some of the worst and
humanity we are specifically going to be
going over past scandals in csgo that
have resulted in the loss and gain of
millions of dollars starting with
scandals many of you know and getting to
more recent developments that you may be
unaware of hopefully this helps you gain
an overall understanding of what to look
out for if you’re going to use a
gambling site so without any more let’s
get into the top five CS go gambling
scandals that change the community
forever at number five we have the
biggest one on the list but also the
most well-known the csgo lotto scandal
however I do feel like I owe you guys an
apology I am sorry to each and every one
of you who vote like that was not made
clear enough to you this took place back
in 2016 with two business partners those
being Trevor T Martin Martin and Thomas
syndicate Castle
the reason this site was so popular was
because of the major following that
these two youtubers and streamers had
however they both promoted the site as
if they had no affiliation with it
never disclosing that they were even
sponsored by the site or in fact
that they owned it this resulted in a
breach of the FTC guidelines the story
became so popular the even national news
stations were reporting it this also
caused a lot of other social media stars
to start disclosing their brand deals a
lot more furthermore they were gambling
with thousands of dollars and were
winning the majority of the time causing
many underage users to lose hundreds of
dollars on the site maybe dollars that
weren’t theirs to spend and at the end
of the day you could argue that
syndicate and tmartn were pocketing that
money you would have both throw all of
our skins into 30 max they were both
sued for the breach of FTC guidelines in
2016 number 4 phantom Lord very much
like the previous story phantom Lord
owned a site called
csgo shuffle he had a huge twitch
presence and he mainly streamed him
gambling on the site but once again he
never actually disclosed whether or not
he owned the site but it gets even worse
there were chat logs linked between him
and the developer of the site to
increase the chances of winning the pots
and again with his type of personality
the majority of his fans were miners he
practically stole from children after
this incident streaming csgo gambling
became against the rules of twitch and
really started to crack down on the
gambling sites to the point where we now
have a 7 day cooldown on items csgo
trading sites are also being affected by
this with BOTS also being banned by
valve many claim that this is what
started the recent decline in csgo x’
viewership just all around as gambling
was the backbone of the game at this
point and it was known for this outside
of the competitive scene now there’s a
lot of argument on whether or not this
was a good thing but you have a lot of
csgo gambling sites that were scamming
number 3 CS go wild the CS go wild
scandal was regarded as one of the
biggest frauds in the scene brought by
the one and only Vlad naav the owner of
skin hub they staged their probably fair
system he did this by having BOTS play
against users and winning getting all of
the profit from the coin flips this was
first brought to Twitter’s attention by
the user at its K in late 2017 when he
produced a twit longer
providing evidence and screenshots that
prove the accounts were actually BOTS
having BOTS play against real players
and then rigging it so that they win is
a breach of so many rules you’d think a
gambling site exposed for faking the
outcome of bets would just die off right
but apparently not however this would
not be the last that we hear of Vlad
knob and he also owned the next two
sites on this list bringing us to number
two the kickback the kickback was a site
dedicated to 1d wanting people for money
and at first it was a great site with
active players depositing skins and real
money to wager against other players
however the development of the site
started to diminish and eventually the
site shut down for a rebrand everyone
who had deposited skins or had money in
the site was never reimbursed flawed not
performed an exit scam and apparently
has not reimbursed the users to this day
this website still has not opened again
with just a single page saying kickback
builds products for the eSports industry
and has a tab for job openings which
implies they’ll be making a return
however the backlash that Vlad has been
getting recently I doubt that he’ll ever
bring the site back to life and if he
does probably won’t be a gambling site
at that which brings us onto the next
scandal once again another site owned by
the infamous Vlad Nam number one skin
hub this scandal is the most recent on
the scene
Vlad valve was found to be the owner of
the site and after the allegations were
made a fake owner of the site was
promoted as Kris who was featured in
some of youtuber anomalies videos
youtuber bean published a video with the
intent to expose Vlad knob and skin hub
calm the video went viral and was
subsequently taken down being made a
video basically stating that skin hub
was a scam and providing a lot of
background history and a lot of evidence
as a result he no longer has a YouTube
channel anomaly also soon announced his
termination of partnership with skin hub
however this was challenged by the same
Twitter user at Howell Gigi and a twit
longer he claims that anomaly lied
multiple times to cover up the whole
situation creating further suspicions
around the scandal to add even more Vlad
knob got into a Twitter war with monarch
of csgo Empire and there were a lot of
allegations made in the
little interaction including threats
against family members and more and
there are a lot of twit longers that
were posted and I can’t go over all of
this it’s very recent but I will provide
links to the threads in the description
below I encourage you to do your own
research and form your own backed
conclusions about this scandal as it is
recent and ongoing and relevant to our
community I don’t want to tell people
what to think about it but hopefully I
can provide as much evidence as I can in
the description below in order that you
can form your own conclusion and if I
miss something in the description please
comment let me know and don’t only look
at what I provide because I would hate
bias and I hate to know that I’m biased
so if you’re gonna get involved with any
csgo gambling do your due diligence
don’t make stupid decisions don’t bet
money you don’t have and make sure that
you know that the site’s legit before
you put any money into it thank you guys
so much for sticking around what do you
think about csgo gambling do you think
it should be banned entirely or brought
back or maybe adding more rules and
restrictions so that miners aren’t able
to gamble with their mother’s credit
card let us know in the comments section
my name is Braden stay amazing and I
will see you guys.

81 thoughts on “Top 5 Biggest Gambling Scandals in CS:GO History”

  1. Csgo is dead, everybody knows that… f2p games, no gambling, no betting, no 128tick servers, no operation

    Rip csgo2k19

  2. well a site know as drake moon stole two knives from me a long time ago. i first deposited a battle scarred case hardened bowie knife lost a lot of money with that and got a forest i think shadow daggers. but then something weird happened with the trade and they though i was trying to steal from them and cancelled the trade. so i went back to the site to retry the trade and the daggers were gone. and to this date i havent gottem them back. so i reported all of their bots but nothing happened.

  3. Thr is another site called datdrop, after depositing 300 dollars and losing it all, i noticed that thr were bots on the site and they were playing against humans

  4. I think csgo gambling should be allowed and regulated by valve meaning no scams and skins would hold their real value

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  6. Damn, I was hoping the IBuyPower thing was gonna be on this list. Since they betted on the team they were playing and threw the match.

  7. I made like 100€ out of gambling from affilite codes and daily free, never put a penny in it.. a shane they cancelled it

  8. My idea would be for valve to ban all external gambling For csgo and make their own gambling system(roulette, crash, 1v1 for skins, coin flip etc.) within the game. We would be happy cuz we know it's legit. Volvo would be happy cuz they get money.

  9. I think that everyone Who wants to put up a site needs to Kinda get "confirmed" or "registerd" by steam, like evrything. They need odds too and many Times i find gamling sites Who dosnt show percentage of the diffrent drops from their boxes or dont have any evidence for "10% knife" and stuff like that

  10. This is why I only use hell case and farmskins. Hellcase is called hellscam because of the low probability of getting a good price high priced skin but the site is s gambling site and allows players to test their luck with the cases, they can select certain cases that can have all coverts, or knives, or maybe even both with the howl and dragon lore in the case as well but extremely low chance of getting. Farmskins is the perfect site because when you can deposit skins they over pay and the cases are so much cheaper and you can make serious bank off of farmskins because most cases have skin that cost more than the case itself so if you don't like what you get you can sell the skin back to the site and hell it might be enough to open 2 or more even and you get even luckier and your inventory can grow fast and expensively just by one or two skins getting deposited.. got a knife you don't want that has been sitting in the market for a while? Take it to farmskins and open up so e cases with the money you get for depositing it. And by depositing it you get to widthdraw because the minimal deposit is $3 to widthdraw. Thats no scam that's a fucking deal and a half

  11. I feel at this point valve should release an official gambling site that’s we can know for sure is not a scam and they can regulate it. Also it puts money back in their greedy pockets.

  12. Vladif u are reading this pls dont scam me on i already deposited 2.00 dollars and just want to withdraw my cool skins pls dont do thsi to me aaaHhhHH

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