Top 5 Luckiest Poker Tournament Hands of All Time

Top 5 Luckiest Poker Tournament Hands of All Time

Poker at its best, is a thrilling mix of probability
and skill, with players trying to outsmart
one another and chase the numbers to victory.
But much like how a broken clock can be right
twice a day, so too can a terrible play win
a game every now and again. In these next
5 clips, we take a look at the times a player
left their brain at the door and stumbled
into victory by complete luck.
Dibella Vs Jaka
In this Pokerstars tournament, players John
Dibella and Faraz Jaka have only just passed
the flop when Jaka goes all in for over $1
million in chips, with a pair of Qs in hand
and a 6,2 and 9 on the table. His competitor
Dibella has been hot on his tail the whole
hand, but at the last minute decides to fold,
revealing he had an 8 and 5 in hand the whole
time, only 1 card away from either a straight
or a flush of spades. Jaka went all in on
a terrible hand against a competitor who rightly
should’ve won. Intimidated by his opponents
confidence Dibella left Jaka to somehow walk
away with the win.
Jarvis Vs Mizrachi
When poker pros Jarvis and Mizrachi came head
to head during this Pokerstars tournament,
they may just as well have flipped a coin
to decide the winner. Before the flop Jarvis,
has already moved all in for just over 14
million in chips, holding a pair of pocket
9s. In a shocking display, Mizrachi calls
him and then everyone watches on as the flop
gives Mizrachi the edge, the turn hands it
back to Jarvis but the river seals the tense
round giving Mizrachi the win. This hand plays
out more like a tug of war than a game of
poker, and it was only through sheer luck
on Mizrachi’s part that he walked away as
the winner.
Hastings vs Blumenfield
In one of the most reckless plays ever witnessed
at a World Series Poker tournament, player
Blumenfield goes all in after the flop with
absolutely nothing in his hand. His opponent
Hastings already has a pair of 9s on the table.
Starting out with only a 25% chance of winning
after the flop and a worthless hand of 10
and Q, Blumenfield somehow manages to take
the game when he stumbles into a straight
by the end of the round.
Johannson vs Scott
In this incredible turn of events at the Paddy
Power Poker Open, it’s the community cards
which end up playing a better game than player
Johannson. Johannson’s game is dead in the
water from the flop as his competitor Kara
Scott comes out swinging with a straight against
his pair of Qs. However, in a shocking turn,
the dealer ends up dealing out a straight
in the community cards that perfectly rivals
Scott’s starting straight. Although both
players have gone all in, the community cards
give Johannson a straight to match Scott’s
and the two end up splitting the pot.
Harman vs Zeidman
In this incredible match up between players
Jennifer Harman and Corey Zeidman, the hand
starts off terribly for Zeidman who makes
a poor bluff from the start. Pausing before
his raises causes Harman to aggressively pursue
him, having figured out his bluff. As the
turn card is revealed, the game looks to be
over, as Harman secures a three of a kind
hand of Qs. However, Harman gets swept away
by the river, and gives Zeidman an improbable
win with a lucky straight flush that comes
out of nowhere. Harman congratulates Zeidman
for his bluffing, but the fact of the matter
is, it was Zeidman’s luck rather than his
lies which won the day.
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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Luckiest Poker Tournament Hands of All Time”

  1. So an overpair vs a gutshot and a 5-high flush draw is a bad hand? Who the fuck made this video, they are clueless.

  2. the first one is not a bad fold – chasing a flush/straight for the rest of your tournament life against someone who's got a pocket overpair? You can argue that either way, but victory wasn't guaranteed if he called there at all….

    and the 4th hand just happened to me this weekend. All in with King-9 hoping everyone would fold – everyone did except one guy with top pair and I caught a straight on the river to stay alive. So lucky.

  3. that first one there was no luck at all, and also he played the QQ perfectly, whoever made this video is retarded.

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