Top 5 Most Controversial Poker Hands | PokerStars

Top 5 Most Controversial Poker Hands | PokerStars

[MUSIC PLAYING] There are clear rules in poker. And then, there are
the unwritten rules– the points of etiquette. And when is breached,
a discussion may ensue, which
could become heated. Don’t do it again, I don’t an
apology, don’t do it again. Which could result
in controversy! Everybody except me is
really upset at him. And when there are
controversies, we have a Top 5. From the expanded
PokerStars library, here are five times players
have crossed the invisible line. I’m going to call. At 5, we find the usually
mellow monk, Andy Black, giving a player a piece of
his mind in Baden back in ’06. Mattias Eriksson. It’s been folded round to him. And he’s going to limp in. Wow, what– he can’t
possibly limp with that hand. I’m afraid he just has. And Andy Black’s all in again. This time I have a good hand. And he doesn’t. Peter’s right, but he
shouldn’t be saying that. Strictly speaking, Andy’s hand
is better than Eriksson’s. Well he can’t possibly call. No, he’s doing this
for Andy’s benefit, to just let him stew do a little
bit while he thinks about it. But no, he’s going to fold. Better dwelling. Better TV time. And his cards go in the muck. Don’t make comments
during the hand. Andy’s kicked off. It’s really bad. And he’s right, of course. You know? Yeah, you’re right. I was just joking. No no, but it’s not a joke. Yeah? You’re right. It’s not a joke. Oh, he’s not acting. That’s the second time
he’s done that, right? He’s extremely
unhappy about this. You made a comment which
could influence the pot, yeah? You can’t do that. Oh, he doesn’t have a good hand. You should better than that. You right then, I apologize. Just don’t do it again. I don’t want an apology,
don’t do it again. This coming from the guy who
moved all in out of turn. Well, you know,
sometimes you just get caught in the
heat of the moment. It is annoying. It’s OK. Just don’t do it again. I know you’re, you
know, I know forgot, but please don’t forget again. He’s apologized, Andy, move on. –affect the destination of
this tournament, you know? Oh, I felt that he needed– All right, let’s just
deal the cards, fellas. Next hand. So which was worse? The crime or the punishment? Andy makes a fair point. Poker etiquette is
there for a reason. Certain things can
influence the flow of the hand, even an honest
mistake like number 4– from the Million
Dollar Cash Game. Think the 1,200, we’re going
to see Mike at least call this. And we haven’t seen him
raise those kind of hands– and he calls. He stays true to
form and just calls. You– you’re a guy– He probably finds, there’s just
too many of the other players like to raise. Remember what I told
you I was going to do? You remember? So we got pocket
6’s, pocket 5’s. You’re the only one
that has me beat too. That’s a raise already form Tom. I think if Phil
calls this, he could bring in the rest of the table. Well, he has. There’s enough marginal
hands out there that– Actually, I was going to raise
12,000, so you save money. Pretty sure Matusow and
Benyamine are going to call. They both have pocket pairs. And if Phil Ivey
calls, that could bring in every single person. Phil Ivey the first player in
the Million Dollar Cash Game history with over $1
million in front of him. And he wants more. He calls that bet. –you’re such a bad beat for me. I was going to raise 12,000,
he was going to re-raise me and I was just going to
get 200,000 this hand. And you had– 9,600 more. Or whatever it is. Patrik decides to go. Mike’s been relatively tight,
but he’s got the kind of hand– he knows if he catches,
it could get the lot. So he’s called. That’s exactly why he’s called. If he can hit his magical 6. Benyamine raises. Don’t ever call me a coward. I was folding this hand too. How much do you have, Mike? I had 250 starting the hand. Now we’re playing the game. I mean it was getting
a little slow. Wow! What a flop for 10-jack! [INAUDIBLE] at all. I mean, what am I doing? I’ve got the maniac
kid on my right– 33,800– –and I didn’t re-raise
him before the flop. –is the bet. I deserve– I guess
I deserve to lose. Looks like– I
can’t imagine he’s going to get a caller here. There isn’t actually that much
for any of the other players. Phil Ivey’s got a pair
and a straight draw, so maybe he’ll get
a call from him. It is bottom pair, though. I am so– this is really
bad, I am so calling. That was pretty bad, yeah. I don’t see– where’s
it– who’s– look it! Can anybody see his
cards over here? That’s all right, Mike, we’ll– [INTERPOSING VOICES] –would you able to see
his cards right here? It’s OK, they knew he
was holding anyway. Mike, we know you needed
a deuce, 3, or 4 anyway. No, I mean, you talk
about your hand, I mean– I didn’t say anything
about my hand, I mean, I just thought
he was folding. You don’t know who’s in the pot? Well, you have 17
chips on red card. You don’t know who’s in the
pot at the beginning of a pot? You come over here
and if you can see it, I’ll give you 10,000– I bet that if I was over
there, I would know that– You can see his cards– –that I was in the pot. 10,000 says you can’t see
your cards sitting right here. You got a bet. 10,000 says I know
everybody who is in the pot from the beginning. I apologize, but there’s no
way you could see your cards. Well Mike’s passed out of turn. You want to bet 10,000? That I always know
who’s in the pot? I know who’s in the pot
but I thought you folded. For the rest of the session. I can’t see your cards. Your cards are all
hidden by the red chips. OK. Now where was I? A lot of money at stake. Tempers starting to rise. Pot is 90,000. And It’s 33,000 to call. Of course, it really should
be Tom Dwan that Mike Matusow should be apologizing to. What we go, 33? 3,800. It’s– he’s giving Phil
Ivey free information. He knows that Mike
Matusow’s not going to raise or play behind him. Phil Ivey going to give it up. Fold? I think he was the only
potential customer here unless David wants to be
creative, he doesn’t. Fold. Tom takes that one down. He’s a bit unfortunate no one
else caught any of that flop. Oh, what is going on here? 7-8-9 might have been
a better flop for him. The 8-10 might have
felt a bit stronger, and the pocket 6’s
might have even played. There were at least three
etiquette infractions in that hand. But the real controversy? Those graphics! Am I right? And number 3 is
from Prague in 2015 and asks the question–
what is a call not a call? Ah, Gleb’s raise of a
super small river bet got a fold before. Pretty good reason to
think it might work again. As the bluff from
Tremzin, 2.3 million. It doesn’t look like
it’s going to work. Ensan re-raises. Good call. You call? Yep. You win. I’ve just 5. 5. Yeah. It was a good call. I think there’s
some confusion here. I think Gleb thought
Ensan was calling. Ut oh. Oh I win. Yeah. Yes. I win. [INAUDIBLE] of 6. I said good call. He raised to– Call. You call. No no, I said good call. I call– I raise! Hey, man, I called. I called. I called. I called. I called. I say I called. Uh, floor? Um. Did you hear a call? He bet 400. Of course I’m not calling. We say– He’s saying raise. He’s saying raise. No, you said raise– He didn’t say raise. Raise, my friend. You said call. I said good call,
not that I’m calling. How can I call with 8-4? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Well this is awkward. Let’s go back to the tape
and hear what Gleb said. Good call. Good call. You win. He thought Ensan was calling
and he praised him on his call. Yeah. It was good call. So I’m going to turn
these cards over– [INTERPOSING VOICES] OK, gentlemen. It’s OK. I don’t want more. It’s OK. It’s OK. Of course I’m not calling– No no no, I don’t want. It’s OK, man. Yet another amazing
display of sportsmanship. Just be careful. Yeah, yeah. It’s OK Sorry for that. It’s my mistake, but– But next time
please don’t bluff. [LAUGHS] It’s not good. But you bluff also. I have 5! [LAUGHTER] It was [INAUDIBLE] flop. You have nothing. [LAUGHTER] Good call is probably
the last complement Gleb Tremzin has ever given. That’s what you
get for being nice. Number 2 has some
super high roller hijinks and a questionable
play from Daniel Negreanu. Welcome to the table, everybody. Ace-king for Daniel Negreanu. Oh, apparently someone
other than Steve Silverman is allowed to pick up a hand. Negreanu raises. And raises back! Oops! 29, buddy! 45 for you, not 29. 45? It’s so nice. I mean, it’s pretty nice! I thought it was 29 first, too. Oh [BLEEP]. That is an 11x
raise from Daniel. And an apparent misclick. Weird. How much you playing? 350, so about 4. Oh man, this could get real
ugly for Steve Silverman if he reads Daniel’s
sheepishness for weakness. He’s got king-jack suited. He’s got everyone at
the table covered. Maybe he won’t go
too crazy, though, because it’s clear
Daniel did want to raise in the
first place, he just didn’t want to raise that much. This spot is
weirder than walking into a room where people have
just been talking about you. All in. Silverman shoves! Whoops. And Negreanu calls. All in. Wooow. Did you get me? No, I have ace-king, but– He got you. OK. This is the biggest
pot of the tournament. That really was a misclick. The mystic may
have been genuine, but him feeling bad about
it definitely isn’t. Well it’s mainly
spades on the flop. 9-6-4. So far, so good for Negreanu. Only three cards capable
of saving Silverman. Finally got that one in! Pfft! Hey! You have clubs, right? Oh, OK, I thought it was spades. Man. Now he needs a queen or a jack? Correct. It’s running hot. Huh? It’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous
against this guy. He’s running to it, huh? The river is an ace. I got 438-5. Negreanu doubles up. He wins a massive pot. He’s chip leader once again
by a considerable margin. Misclick you say? You’re suspect, Negreanu. You’re suspect. The question is, did I do it on
purpose to trap the big blind? Or did I just do what’s
called a misclick? Raising to larger
size than normal and then talking about
how it’s a misclick and how you meant to make it
nine, if that’s not actually the case, I think that’s
a little bit shady. That really was a misclick. I have no problem with
that sort of move, it’s all part of the
psychology of the game. And you have to guess for
yourself whether or not I’m acting or not. It’s part of the game. We played a pot
for the chip lead. Very big pot that basically
just shouldn’t have happened. One of the things about
being a good poker player is you got to keep your
cards close to the vest. It’s hard to give
someone credit when you find out they have priors. Like our number 1
controversial play– it’s the now infamous angle
shoot from Madrid 2011. You might be wondering if he
can get away with a raise. The board’s pretty
dry, however, so he’d be repping a very strong hand. He makes just a call. The turn card is
another 5, Freitez continues to run golden. Freitez runs better
than Usain Bolt. Goes check, check, and a 6
on the river giving Freitez a full house. Freitez boats up. I think he missed some
value on the turn, but I doubt he’ll be
checking behind this time. It’s going be really
tough for Eugene to not think he
has the best hand. He’s going to put
out a value bet. 275,000. How much? A little Hollywooding, maybe. Re-raise. Raise coming. I’m sorry, I call. What? Whoa, whoa. Uh-oh. I call. He said raise. You announced raise. I no speak English. You announced raise. No speak English? No way he meant to just
call with the full house. That was not a mistake. Thomas Kremser’s has
been called to the table. I believe we’re looking
at an angle shoot here. Freitez knows the rule as
that his raise must stand. And I think he’s
trying to make it look like he didn’t want to
raise so he’ll get a call out of Eugene. I think that is exactly
the same situation that we had already in
this tournament when you did exactly the same
move when you had the nuts. I’m just sharing
information with you. OK? Wow. Freitez has got
previous for this. You understand? So I force you to
raise now and you have the option, what do you do? Twice, then you need
to put in another 275. I think this is well-handled
by Thomas Kremser. He’s forcing Freitez
to min-raise, but he’s told Eugene Yanayt
that this is a move that Freitez makes when he’s got a monster. So what– Because of what happened before. Oh, you force him to min-raise? Yeah. OK. It’s not my option
whether or not he raises, it’s my option what
to do now, right? That what you’re saying? Yeah. OK, understand. Armed with that information,
does Eugene Yanayt now fold top pair? I know we’re not supposed to
actively root for players, but I sure hope he mucks. Make Freitez look like a chump. He makes the call. Freitez shows the full house. That’s what– the
same situation again. No, I know. I heard about this before
the tournament started. It is so ugly, I can’t tell you. Ugly. Move was so dirty, I feel
like I need a shower. I heard about this
guy a week ago. I’m sorry? I heard about this
guy a week ago. It’s OK. I’ve never seen Thomas
Kremser look so disgusted. Speaking of disgusted, look at
the other players at the table. Look at Juan Maceiras. You know, back in the old days,
running an angle shoot could get you actually shot. Controversially, that’s
the end of our Top 5. It’s all right, MIke. We know a deuce– Will you be able to see
his cards right here? It’s OK. It’s OK. You should know
better that, yeah? Look out for more
on I did not see that being
resolved so happily.

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  3. # 1 is singlehandedly The Worst Call in history of the game. The guy does the most obvious angle shot ever….that’s not enough to let go of your shitty top pair. Your friends warned you that he will do the most obvious angle and it’s always NUTTED. But what do they know right? The god damn supervisor of the poker room comes over and tells you – Hey, this guy only does this same exact angle WITH THE NUTS!! And yet you still had to look him up because the math tells you, you just need to be right less than 22% of the time while the entire universe tells you that you’re going to be right exactly 0.0% of the time.

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