Top 5 WORST Video Game RIP-OFFS of All Time

Top 5 WORST Video Game RIP-OFFS of All Time

We’ve all been there you’re playing a game that you’ve never played before and something seems familiar But that can’t be right you just started playing Until you realize that you have played this game before because the new one is just a cheap knockoff Hey guys arcade cloud here and today We’re counting down our top 5 worst video game ripoffs of all time if you’re new to our channel go ahead and subscribe It’s free you know make sure to comment down below and let us know what we missed on this list and what some of your Most hated ripoffs are and hey if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up and share it with some friends That’s also free starting us off today at number five is Miss pacman what you thought miss pac-man was officially licensed well Technically it was but not by Namco at first Midway Pacman’s original North American publisher was pacing around the room waiting for name could have finished their sequel when a few young entrepreneurs were beginning to realize that Arcade owners didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on new arcade cabinets to keep people coming back to their arcades anyway These young modders started the company called general computer corporation nice Distinct name guys these young fellas saw a market for plug-in ships to existing arcade games that Converted the old games into slightly altered new ones for a fraction of the cost of a new arcade machine They started developing a mod for pac-man called crazy Auto Which basically just looks like pac-man finally evolved from cell stage in Spore and got some freaky new legs you Get put those back in gross. Anyway. GCC was so proud of their mod They tried to sell it to Midway And this is the important part Midway actually signed the deal behind Namco’s back releasing it with a few tweaks as Miss pac-man which became one of the most popular arcade games ending up being better than Super pac-man the sequel Namco had been developing that Midway. Just couldn’t wait for in the long run We think Midway made the right call, but here’s a twist when Midway tried making their own altered pac-man game, baby pac-man GCC tried to sue Midway for the idea of a pac-man family and what became of GCC Well, they make printers now yeah That’s how that went Imagine suing the company that should have been suing you For ripping off their product for ripping off your rip off by making a sequel to the product you ripped off What is this inception level ripoff circle? I suppose making printers is less confusing than meddling with beloved trademarked characters for a living but a complete 180 from video games They essentially created miss pac-man and now they’re making label makers Maybe they’ll make a big comeback someday, but I doubt it heading up to number four we have we ripoff consoles Yes, that’s plural for a very good reason after Nintendo released the money printing machine We know today as the Wii the console that got kids and grandparents alike off the couch and playing games together many companies that Manufacture cheap electronics started to take notice the thought process was simple I’m sure hey if they can make a best selling white box with some sticks you swing around that looked like tiny TV remotes we Can – and boy did they ever? Look at all these wee clones the V are you kidding me the zone the reactor the week we When does it end oh and don’t forget? Everyone’s favorite the V – can you imagine if this happened to the Gamecube we’d see companies scrambling to make game consoles in traditional shapes Imagine the game pyramid or the games sphere okay to be fair that last one already exists in Drake and Josh Dan Schneider you’ve got some real foresight into bad ripoffs of the future Maybe open up a fortune telling business soon and tell us when we’re gonna start seeing switch ripoffs Huh call us while we’re on the subject of the Wii our number three spot goes to Doula doobie star or as we like to call it super deullyeo galaxy. Oh it can’t be that similar right okay? Take a look at the hub world mm-hmm now. The stage select okay the health bar Yep, and that planet gravity mechanic comes into play Hmm yeah, you get the point to be honest. This is one of the most shameless ripoffs of the game We’ve ever seen of a great game – it hurts of course mimicry is the highest form of flattery? But this game doesn’t have the most flattering aspects first of all it’s pretty linear Very open world and don’t even get me started on the character designs They look like they were modeled on a very very low budget and take a look at this kamek ripoff woah Actually better not, but that’s the stuff of nightmares right there geez moving on to number 2 on our list drum roll, please pong Yep, the game hailed as the first video game actually isn’t even close to that pong was actually a cheap knockoff of table tennis a game developed over six long years by a single programmer and designer Ralph Baer who has been exploring the possibility of games being displayed on a monitor or television since 1951 he was a true pioneer releasing table tennis in 1972 unfortunately Atari with their giant team of programmers and designers at their disposal Released pong the very same year as an improvement over our good man. Ralph’s hard work It must have been one of the biggest slaps in the face to him seeing a giant company Make the game that took him six years in a few months and better to and have it go on to sell Infinitely better than table tennis ever would if it wasn’t for Ralph Baer however Atari might not have ever made pong Which truly marked the beginning of a booming industry of video games? Atari would also be later credited for almost single-handedly destroying the North American video game market with the great video game crash of 1983 just 11 years after stealing pong they get their Instant Karma well Maybe less instant than you’d think kind of like if instant coffee took over a decade to brew So Magnavox the company responsible for publishing table tennis Actually sued Atari over pong and won the lawsuit They didn’t ask Atari for anything other than a one-time licensing fee though Atari paid the fee And then they made more Bank off of Magna boxes product than anybody was expecting missed Opportunity for Magna Fox truly to earn a percentage of all profits. They wouldn’t have crashed and burned so badly well to be fair They’re still around making TVs and other electronics, but do you own any Magnavox products? I don’t think so before we get to number 1 we want to quickly rapid fire through two honorable mentions these are ripoffs that are just as bad as the ones on this list but don’t have quite the Backstory as some of the other numbers on List the first honorable mention is final combat which is a Team Fortress two ripoff just look at this trailer This is meet the heavy. This isn’t even funny. This is just a plain old ripoff we envy their lack of shame and number two on our honorable mentions is the notorious legend of Titan an overwatch ripoff This is not overwatch gameplay believe it or not no This is actually gameplay from legend of Titan which let’s be clear is the real overwatch clone leave paladin’s alone We’re serious and finally number one on our list today is going to be Angry Birds, yep who knew the iconically angry faces of mobile gaming were one of the industry’s biggest ripoffs I don’t know a lot about you But I remember my days of online flash games like it was yesterday night roam addicting games New grounds and cool math when the teacher wasn’t looking those were the days and obviously the team over at Rovio thought, so too Because they’re massive smash hit mobile game Angry Birds is actually just a huge ripoff of a free flash game called crush the castle Obviously the similarities are very apparent on the surface you launch projectiles Or big cartoon birds at buildings that aren’t the most structurally sound in order to get to the enemies inside walls But if you actually play crush the castle you’ll see just how shameless these birds are bear with us a little bit here We’re getting somewhere. What are the different birds you can throw in Angry Birds? Well a standard bird a big bird a small bird that splits into three birds when you tap or click a bomb bird anyway What are the projectiles and crush the castle Oh a rock a big rock a small rock that splits into three smaller rocks a bomb surely Angry Birds was a Revolutionary enough idea to sell well over three billion games make a second fortune in merchandise and toys alone and to get a feature-length officially licensed movie We don’t think so these things even surpass minions in their maths Popularity a feat nobody thought would be possible from a simple reskin of a flash game For its massive success despite its ripoff status it gets the top spot on our list no question about it There you have it folks are listed the top 5 worst video game ripoffs of all time Do you agree do we missed something? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more great videos from arcade cloud every other day Take care and game on Don’t forget to subscribe to Arcade Cloud!

100 thoughts on “Top 5 WORST Video Game RIP-OFFS of All Time”

  1. And where's the "Weed"??
    (P.S.: I still got the European version of the Magnavox – the Philips G7000)

  2. Paladins atleast have original characters
    Btw lex would rek any anal watch character any day of the week

  3. When I was in 1st grade, my teacher introduced me to cool math and ever since I’m playing like Moro X3M, Bloons Tower Defense 3, and my all time favorite, Awsome Tanks 2.
    And before I knew what Angry Birds was, I played crush the castle on my dads phone. Until I played Angry Birds, but now I know the truth…….

  4. every blizzard game is some sort of rip off… warcratf is cheap murican retarded version of warhammer.. half of the overwatch characters are rip off etc etc

  5. if do game play of crush the castle and angry birds you notice that the launch method is waaaay simalarn't a slingshot is differant to a tebuchet

  6. you forgot to say no.1 rip off is the nintendo switch… android tablets have been out before them and also a company in America made controllers for the android tablets before the switch copied them.. lol

  7. Rip off I hate we both do so deso did there's a copy of a game I don't know why why would someone copy a game for some stupid reason to get some money or to be famous I don't know

  8. I remember playing fun brain in 4 and 5th gradeeee damn now I'm a junior in highschool.I remember playing this game called mighty guy and I still remember the code lol. It was rabbit8

  9. I didn't know angry birds is a ripoff. I kinda grew up with it. I really thought that is the original. But wow. A ripoff that turned big and no one thought its a ripoff. Or did they I don't know. But wow. angrybirds got a success. With out being sued. Or did they.

  10. Another Bound ripoff of Metroid Prime

    Sword Requiem ripoff of Fire Emblem

    Final Combat ripoff of Team Fortress 2

    The Legend of Titan ripoff of overwatch

    Classic Robo War ripoff of Mega Man

    Various App Store Mario Clones ripoffs of 2D Mario platformers

    DuLuDubi Star ripoff of Super Mario Galaxy

    Zanked Linked Swords ripoff of Legend of Zelda

    Legend of Zelda Twilight Sword ripoff of LOZ TP

    Pocket All Star Smash Bros ripoff of Super Smash Bros and Every Nintendo Game

    Lovely Warriors of Friendship ripoff of a lot franchises like My Little Pony, Pokemon, Wario Land 4 and Shovel Knight

    Sepia Go ripoff of Splatoon

    3D cartoon Land Safari ripoff of Super Mario 3D Land

    Every Minecraft Ripoff

    Various Pokemon App Store Games ripoff of the Pokémon Games

    Mole Kart ripoff of Mario Kart Wii

    BoxMaker and EveryMario Maker Clones ripoff of Super Mario Maker

    Every GTA Ripoff on App Store and Google play stores

    Crush the Castle angry birds

    MaXplosion, a rip-off of ‘Splosion Man

    Dream Heights, a rip-off of Tiny Tower

    Pong, a rip-off of Magnavox Odyssey’s Table Tennis

    The Great Giana Sisters, a rip-off of Super Mario Bros.

    Fighter’s History, a rip-off of Street Fighter II

    War Z, a rip-off of Day Z

    Shadow Guardian,Unearthed rip-offs of Uncharted : Drakes Fortune

    The Simpsons Skateboarding ripoff of Tony Hawk Pro Skater games

    Fur Fun ripoff of Yooka Laylee

    The Simpsons: Road Rage ripoff of Crazy Taxi

    Every Fornite Ripoff

    Are also really Terrible Ripoffs

  11. I hated number 3 because it is a Chinese Mario galaxy rip off and astro XTY must go to China fantawild theme park and play that game!

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