Top 5 WTF Moments | PokerStars

Top 5 WTF Moments | PokerStars

Sometimes you watch
a poker hand and you don’t know what to think. You’re not convinced
it was good. You’re not sure if it was bad. How did that, like– Ultimately, you find
yourself asking– What the [BEEP]. From the PokerStars’ vaults,
here are our top 5 WTF moments. Is this real life? At number five, we have
this curious collision between Theo Jorgensen
and Richard Toth in Copenhagen in 2007. Theo is deciding if he goes
all-in, will he get called. He thinks he will. Not be ElkY. Not by ElkY. Theo, I think I have to
trust in my instincts. And it says you’ve
got nothing on this. He’s making the call. And he’s going to see
his instincts were wrong. Theo Jorgensen has the aces. He has queen-nine. His instincts were very wrong. He’s a 4 to 1
underdog behind Theo. Listen to the crowd applaud. The Danes want to see
the homeboy win this pot. Theo– Wrong instincts this month,
but it happens to me. Yep, sometimes you just can’t
guess what your opponent’s got. And this is one of
those occasions. 10, 4, 7. That’s just about all
Theo at this point. Theo in great position
to double up here. Oh my goodness. That is the best card that
Toth could have hoped for. The fourth card is
the jack of hearts. Now, suddenly, it’s
only a 2 to 1 race. He’s got a straight
draw and a flush draw. Looking for a heart. Or an eight or a king. It’s a 10 of hearts. And there’s the 10 of hearts. And that means on the
river, Theo Jorgensen has been defeated. Richard Toth has made a
flush, and has actually knocked Theo Jorgensen
out of the tournament. This is absolutely amazing. And in fact, Theo had said
pair the board, and it did. But he didn’t think
about pairing and making a heart simultaneously. What an awful, awful
river card for him. A bad read, but at least
it worked out for him. The same cannot be said for the
heavy breathing amateur Gilles Bernies, who went heads up
against Dzmitry Urbanovich at the 2016 Dublin Main Event. Sorry. Well, Joe, it’s time for you to
step inside Urbanovich’s brain. We’re going to sweat with
Dzmitry on this hand. Looking forward to it. This kid can do anything, except
have a legal drink in America. Well, he’s raised with
eight-five of spades. Gilles is counting out a raise. He makes it 575,000. Urbanovich is not folding. He’s polish. He’s no fish, and
he’s in posish. He could make it
work for suited. That’s a call. So 1.17 million in
the pot already. The flop is king, jack,
eight, with two spades. Bottom pair and a flush
draw for a Urbanovich. I mean, you really can’t ask
for a better flop than that. I think he almost smiled even. Bernies continues. 625,000. How much? 625. I would probably just call
here in case Bernies is just messing around. If you do anything more than
that, you can get away from it. Well, that’s a
raise 1.475 million. Now, is this a raise with
the intention of folding if Bernies shoves? I doubt it. I think if he does
have it, we’re going to see it go in here. And if that happens,
we are probably behind. What do you think, Sven? All-in. There’s the shove. All-in. And a call. Not much. But– Well, yeah, I’ll
say it’s better. We are not behind. Listen. Bernies has four-deuce. Well, I was wrong, but this
time it’s in a good way. You know, I don’t
get it either guys. You better tell your
boy to Gilles out. The turn is a seven. That means Bernies
is drawing dead. Nice hand. Thank you. Urbanovich doubles up and
reclaims the chip lead. I think Bernies’ lack of
experience is starting to show. That’s my [INAUDIBLE]. Go on, four-deuce. Love the attitude there. You’re going to be
rich either way. At least everybody knows
now that I’m fish, you know? Don’t worry, dude. Dzmitry’s a 20-year-old
millionaire. He thinks everybody’s a fish. Well, that blew up in his face. And talking of blow
ups, at number three we have Vanessa Selbst showing
no fear against Prahlad Friedman on The Big Game. Some of the greatest
poker minds. I know. I like watching this stuff
and not being in the hand. Spirit and Vanessa battles. Antonio may be driving the
action a bit with his mouth. Vanessa knows her
own reputation, so she knows Prahlad
could be three-betting her light, thinking she’s
raising light, which she is. And if that’s the
case, she could get into some real trouble here. Four-bet to 13,200
with a jack high. So typically, a
Vanessa Selbst four-bet is going to start to get
some credibility, which means if Prahlad thinks
she’s got some kind of hand, he’ll easily put in a fifth bet. Another thing to
consider, if Prahlad wants to continue to have
Vanessa think he’s bluffing, he’s more likely to raise
again than he is to just call. It is five-bet to 35,000. It’s 30, 35. Pew-pew-pew. All right. Well, this looks like a
pretty easy fold for Vanessa. But she hasn’t
dumped her cards yet. Joe, what in the world could
she be thinking about here? Well, she might be a little
steamy from that last hand still, and is probably
leveling herself with thoughts that Prahlad is just
messing with her. Now it looks like she wants to
see how many chips Prahlad has left. If she levels
herself into thinking Prahlad is messing with her,
this is going to be a disaster. She should be folding
any second now. Pot. She puts in six
bets with jack high. Oh, boy. 106,200. $106,200 is now the bet. This is an absolute punt. Let’s count the hang time. All right. I’m all-in. [BEEP] Prahlad is all-in. It isn’t a stay. I call. Vanessa calls. Aces for Prahlad. No, no, no. He’s got aces. Yeah, I know. I know. I’ll bet you he’s got aces. How many do you run it? He has aces. It’s like 100%. How many do you want? Of course. She has ace-king or kings. Nope. I have nothing. Twice? Whatever you want. Let’s do three times. Sure. She has live cards. Oh, boy. How much do you have? Uh, I’ve got– He’s got you covered, I think. –160, 170, something like that. So they’re going to
run it three times. Almost booked the win. Couldn’t do it. How many times did you guys
say you were running it? Three. Three times. Nice hand. I’m going to leave if I don’t. I think I speak for
Vanessa when I say ugh. Even worse, some of Vanessa’s
outs have been folded, so she’s a bigger
dog than she thinks. First the three runs coming up. Winner will get a
third of the pot. King, four, five. That’s not good. She’ll need runner, runner. Six of diamonds. Six of diamonds. Don’t waste it. Six of diamonds would be–
would that be the best card? Six of diamonds would give
her straight and flush draws. God. To the turn, nine of hearts. All right. Put a deuce of clubs. Oh, ace of clubs is good. I think Prahlad knows the
time for speeches is over. River, 10 of hearts, and
Prahlad has locked up a third of the pot,
worth over $113,000. I’m such a [BEEP]. Why do I do this to
myself every time? Not every time. I usually don’t do
this to myself anymore. What are you laughing at? I’m not laughing. I’m just– you know– Pretty sure he was laughing. Here comes the
second of three runs. Eight, king, five, two diamonds,
flush draw for Vanessa. There’s already a
diamond over there. There it is. That’s the spirit. Show the other diamond
how hard it is. The six of diamonds would
definitely be more useful here than it was in the last one. Vanessa only needs
one more diamond. The turn, five of hearts. Wow, Prahlad is strong. How did he dodge it there? Missing the flush draw
would be devastating. She’s not likely to
flop this good again. To the river. No diamond, three of clubs. Or a brick. Brick ball. Super brick. Bricktactic. So Prahlad is 2/3 of the
way to scooping the biggest pot ever won on The Big Game. What an absolute
gift from Vanessa. No jacks and sevens. Run number three. Four, six, king,
three more bricks. This is getting hard to watch. Not even a sweat. Vanessa’s down to two
pair, trips, or a straight. All of them runner, runner. Or else Prahlad’s going
to need a wheelbarrow to bring all his money home. To the turn, deuce of spades. Nice hand. And Prahlad’s going to win
a pot worth over $340,000. Wow. Prahlad did it. That’s sick. All right. I’m out of here. Nice playing with you, Vanessa. Nice playing with you. Good playing with you, Vanessa. Ugh. How’d I not win one of them? Vanessa is going
to hit the rail, and with that, Prahlad
Friedman has the biggest scoop in the history of The Big Game. Enjoy. Good playing with you Vanessa. Why’d I do this? You understand what I
did, why I did this? Honestly, I don’t
know why you did that. I mean– Of course, the reason Vanessa
has been so successful at poker is because she isn’t
afraid to get her chips in. But what would she have done
at the final table of the 2014 Canada Cup? Oh, kings for Notkin
under the gun. Cowboys. Hang on a second. There we go. So Notkin raises. Miller moves all-in. What’s Miller’s hand? King-queen. Jacques with a decision
in the small blind. He’s got ace-10. Hi ya! And he reshoves. Oh, boy. What is happening? What does Rivers have? How is he even
thinking about this? He’s got two eights. OMG. Notkin’s got more
chips than anyone else. Notkin’s got them all covered,
and he’s got the best hand. This would be
absolutely [INAUDIBLE]. You’re waiting for one
player to go broke. You might see three
players go broke here. This would be the weirdest
end of a tournament ever. It would somehow
feel appropriate. I’m pretty sure that
Rivers is folding. It’s not a simple case
of just Miller shoving. It’s the fact that Jacques has
shoved over the top of him, and Notkin is
sitting there knowing that he’s going to snap when
the action comes back to him. Oh, boy. How do you even
stay in your chair? And you better, because
they might kill your hand. He’s in! He’s all-in. Holy– A four-way all-in. –schnikes. And Notkin calls, putting the
other three players at risk. I have never seen
a four-way all-in at a final table where the guy
with the other three players has got them covered. This is crazy town. If kings hold here, we go from
four players to a champion. And Robert Notkin,
the online qualifier who got his seat for just
$30 has won the Canada Cup. Notkin could be knocking all
three players out in one hand. I guess I could say I’m all-in. What a ridiculous hand. So just to clarify, Notkin
ahead with kings, Miller all-in with king-queen, Jacques
all-in with ace-10, Rivers all-in with eights,
five cards to come. I had to go all-in. He’s got half the
equity four ways. Good luck to the dealer
trying to work out side pots. Did anyone fold an ace? Jack, seven, three. Kings holding. Kings way holding. Notkin now a 75% favorite
to eliminate the other three players and win the Canada Cup. Way bigger favorite now. 88% favorite. The river card. And the man once
said, it’s a brick. And Robert Notkin has
won the Canada Cup! Notkin knocks out everyone. What a way to win
the tournament. Can you hear me knocking? His friends and family came
all the way from Toronto to see this tournament, and
what a hand for them to witness. As Rod King says,
the strangest hand ever streamed online
a four-way all-in, which sees Robert Notkin
claim the title, the trophy, and $366,000. And we’re keeping it
Canadian for the number one hand in our countdown as
Team Canada find themselves on the receiving end
of the biggest WTF moment of all time at the
2010 World Cup of Poker. Oh, dear. Suharto has got kings
in the small blind. It’s a beautifully timed
move from Luca Pagano here. I’m all-in. Suharto shoves. Team Canada are all-in. Action folded back
around to Luca, who made a move with nothing
and will fold his six-deuce. And Cornils will
surely instacall. He will not instacall. I mean, he’s got to consider
the possibility that, you know, what if he calls so
quickly that it dislodges one of the TV lights,
and it falls on the table and mucks the hand? Well, the Germans have
decided to call a timeout, a poor old Suharto probably
thinks, I must be way in front. We’ll probably still make the
wrong decision against Canada, though. Very difficult to make
a wrong decision here. We’re feeling good. Our guy’s the man. We’re Feeling good. You shouldn’t be. We have this German
very, very confused now. They need five of them to
beat just one guy from Canada. [SPEAKING GERMAN] They’re going to be
very angry in a minute. [SPEAKING GERMAN] You’ve got to assume that this
kid is just a bit inexperienced and is nervous about going
all-in with five cards to come. [SPEAKING GERMAN] I mean, famously, there
was a sportsman once in a TV show who folded
aces before the flop because he thought it
was just a pair of ones. I call. Oh, funny that. We have kings for Canada. Suharto is not
going to be happy. Wow. No way. This is a really,
really weird hand. I have no idea why you
even called a timeout. Such a slow roll. A slow roll. The ace of hearts. Sorry, guy. You’ve got to flip
around the aces. That’s embarrassing. Oh, that’s really embarrassing. Was it your call? I didn’t know I’m not going to lie. Oh, dear. It’s all kicked off. Jan Heitmann trying to extend
the international olive branch of peace. The flop is three, eight, nine. As it stands, Germany are
the team at risk here, but are massively in front. Eliminates [INAUDIBLE]. It’s kind of hard not to
[INAUDIBLE] for a king, isn’t it? I can’t believe that the
Canadian captain is still smiling. King on the river. King on the river. River card. Give us one time. One time. Is there such a
thing as poker karma? No, there isn’t. The aces hold up, and
the Germans double up through the Canadians. That’s really embarrassing. Were you the call? I didn’t know. He doesn’t snap, and he looks
at me, and he goes like this. Of course, I’m going
to take a timeout. I’m sorry for that. You told me [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, it’s turned into a United
Nations Security Council meeting. To be fair, the Germans
later apologized with beer. You can catch more top
fives and adopt them into your poker-watching
repertoire at

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