Top 50 Best PC Games  (2004 – 2017)

Top 50 Best PC Games (2004 – 2017)

50. Opening our list of the Top 50 Best Modern
PC Games is Torchlight 2
This award-winning action-RPG is coming back
for more. The world feels bigger and badder
than ever. Be the chosen hero and save the
world. Choose from among its four diverse
classes and go on an adventure of a lifetime
with you or with your friends. Collect loot,
seek the rarest treasures and team up with
your friends in fun co-op challenges.
Additionally, engage in its relaxing fishing
mode, or order your pet to sell some of your
stuff on the market. It’s pretty much a
better version of its original and that’s
why it deserves to be on this list. It has
a PlayScore of 8.83
49. Dragon Age: Origins
BioWare isn’t a stranger to fantastic RPG’s.
This first entry of their critically acclaimed
Dragon Age franchise is the series’ pioneering
take on the medieval fantasy genre. Forge
your own destiny and defeat the Archdemon
in an adventure so epic, you’d get drawn
into its world.
Hire your band of memorable characters and
set out in a grand journey. Its real-time
RPG challenges players to think carefully
before taking the enemy head on. Aside from
its deep story, the amount of detail and replay
value makes the game worth buying. And it’s
just the beginning of a great series. It has
a PlayScore of 8.84
48. The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings
Before there was Yennefer, there was just
Triss and Geralt. This second entry to CD
Projekt RED’s award-winning series takes
your mind to a difficult moral compass.
Return as Geralt in a journey towards a kingdom
in the midst of a world-changing war. Gameplay
was integrated to a seamless hack and slash
combat compared to the first’s wonky animation
It’s the first of the series to offer branching
choices that affect the game’s ending. Players
can also import their save data to Witcher
III and watch how their decisions affect the
future of the franchise. It was praised for
its deep narrative, fantastic characters and
mature content. This game has a PlayScore
of 8.84
Set the skies aflame in Devolver Digital’s
retro-style shoot ‘em up. Select from a
wide variety of over 125 customizable parts
for your Rauser. Take down battleships, jets,
fighter planes and submarines in high-flying
action. How you conquer the skies is all up
to you.
Its bold aerial combat spans in over 100 different
campaign missions. Uphold your aerial supremacy
and be the best Rauser Pilot in the world.
Did we mention it has a badass soundtrack
while you’re shooting your enemies from
the sky?
It has a PlayScore of 8.84
46. Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty
One of Blizzard’s crowning jewel and a well-loved
classic. This game shaped the future of Real
Time Strategy games. A sequel to 1998’s
Brood War, this sequel is split into three
parts namely Wings of Liberty, Heart of Swarm,
and Legacy of the Void. Even until now, the
game is running pretty well with an active
E-Sports community.
Choose from among their 3 powerful factions
and stand in the middle of a galactic war.
Experience the new story and improved features.
It was the fastest selling game upon their
release. It was widely praised for its engaging
gameplay, complex mechanics, and immersive
story. Now all we have to wait is a third
StarCraft game. It has a PlayScore of 8.85
45. Valkyria Chronicles
If war meets Anime, then SEGA’s tactical
shooter would definitely please fans of both
genre. Follow a group of heroes caught in
a spiral of two warring superpowers in Europa.
Get to know each of their stories and embark
on a grand adventure that could save their
world from certain doom.
The game’s best feature is its tactical
role playing elements. They call it Blitz.
Control a set of characters and move them
around the battlefield in turn-based fashion.
Your moves are limited and every move you
make counts.
It was highly praised due to its fantastic
story, strategic gameplay and a new beginning
for the Valkyria franchise. There’s so much
stuff to do in this game and it has a PlayScore
of 8.85
44. Mass Effect
Before there was Andromeda, there was Commander
Shepard and his friends. Travel to the galaxy
and fend off vicious extraterrestrial threats
in futuristic third-person shooting. This
was the first entry of the critically acclaimed
Mass Effect series. It’s science fiction
slash RPG combined.
Packed with a deep story and meaningful choices,
choose from a wide variety of party members
and travel towards the stars to stop an incoming
Reaper invasion. Upon its release, it gained
a massive fanbase due to its memorable characters
and calibrations. It has a PlayScore of 8.85
43. The Swapper
A science-fiction slash platformer puzzle
game from Facepalm Games. Step inside a derelict
ship filled with a mysterious past. Uncover
the deep secrets hidden beneath this abandoned
machine and use a powerful gadget capable
of cloning yourself into others.
Get drawn into its deep and immersive tale
about loss, and fear. It’s not a horror
game, but the atmosphere does look like one.
As a lowly scavenger, find out the truth behind
the disappearance of the members. One swap
at a time. It has a PlayScore of 8.86
42. The Talos Principle
Question the very nature of your existence
in Devolver Digital’s award-winning puzzle
game. Awaken from a very long slumber in a
world filled with technological ruins and
advanced machinery. Solve a number of over
120 puzzles, filled with rich form and function.
Embrace the beauty of its stunning world,
puzzle difficulty and complex philosophical
It was a hallmark of narrative excellence.
Critics and gamers loved the intricacies of
its puzzle variety and non-linear story. Just
make sure you don’t ask a lot of questions
after playing the game. It has a PlayScore
of 8.86
41. Plants vs. Zombies
PopCap is known for its silly ideas that actually
work. We don’t know what happened inside
their board meeting that they realized plants
fighting zombies are a good idea. Thus, the
birth of Plants vs Zombies. Follow Krazy Dave
and his adorable set of superpowered Floras
to battle Dr. Zomboss’ horde of undead.
Critics and gamers were amazed by its creative
goodness and humor. This tower-defense game
revolutionized PopCap forever. Opening new
doors to its series. It included a hit sequel,
Garden Warfare and other merchandise. It has
a PlayScore of 8.88
PlayDead’s next entry to their monochromatic
and atmospheric side-scrolling games takes
you to an Orwellian-inspired world. Follow
a boy escaping from the clutches of a sinister
government and run away from deadly hounds,
experimental mermaids and mind-controlled
security guards.
Get drawn into its haunting dystopia and use
various mechanisms to solve their complex
puzzles. It might take some time to figure
things out, but once you know it, it feels
like you’re discovering something great.
It was very well received due to its resonating
theme, clever puzzles, and mind-boggling ending.
It has a PlayScore of 8.88
39. Transistor
From the team that brought us Bastion, SuperGiant’s
latest indie RPG takes you to a world sprawling
with bright neon lights and sinister delights.
Join Red as he ventures into this colorful
city to take vengeance on the person responsible
for taking her voice.
This action-RPG deals with real time combat.
Stop the flow of time and use Red’s sentient
sword to take down enemies with precision
and vibrance. It’s so beautiful, light is
sparkled all around the futuristic city.
Visuals aside, it was lauded for its slick
gameplay design and great soundtrack. It has
a PlayScore of 8.89
38. Divinity: Original Sin
Larian Studios could prove worthy in your
quest to find that perfect blend of adventure
and good combat.
Divinity Original Sin is unlike most RPG’s,
though it may share similar features to Baldur’s
Gate, Diablo, and other top-down games with
the same elements; it’s not afraid to show
off its good points. In this game, it lets
the players find who they are instead of following
a generic story that’s hamfisted into most
The game’s combat also feels so open and
filled with possibilities. The game’s primary
feature lies in its use of the environment
via magical abilities. It was very well reviewed
due to these features, and it has a PlayScore
of 8.89
37. Sid Meier’s Civilization V
A name any self-respecting strategy enthusiast
will surely recognize. Despite being released
six years ago, and all through the release
of Civilization VI, it remains one of the
most beloved gems in the turn-based 4X genre.
While it was good in 2010, it’s continual
patches and features allowed it to stand tall
over the rest.
Beginning with a few settlers from 4000BC,
sink a few thousand hours of your life ushering
your nations into new generations after new
generations. Create your own army, pillage
other neighbors, collect resources, and watch
your settlements become the historic empires
of the new world. Simple as their graphics
may be, they still take the spot for the best-looking
strategies out there. It has a PlayScore of
36. Downwell
A Devolver Digital game. This classic-style
platformer takes you on a dark descent into
a mysterious well. Equipped with powerful
Gun Boots, use your trusty weapons to vaporize
enemies and collect treasures along the way…
all in descending vertical fashion.
Its procedurally generated world promises
a new adventure in every fall. It provides
a fresh challenge for challenge-seeking veterans.
For a cheap price, you could get enjoy hours
and hours of addicting content by just controlling
a man falling down and down. It has a PlayScore
of 8.91
35. The Stanley Parable
It may or may not be a parable, it may also
be not about Stanley, but more importantly,
it’s not always a game. It doesn’t take
itself seriously, and sometimes, it does.
Anyway, it’s a first person exploration
game that’s driven by a narrator, and you.
It’s your prerogative to follow the rules,
or defy them. What you do in this story is
all up to you.
As ridiculous as it is, it’s the game’s
strongest point. It lets players do unexpected
things, in the most unexpected ways. You just
can’t escape the game’s creative dialogue.
Whether you like it or not, this game might
play you. It has a PlayScore of 8.91
34. South Park: The Stick Of Truth
Trey Parker and Matt Stone won’t be running
out of ideas anytime soon. With South Park’s
newest game coming out this year, it’s only
a matter of time before we talk about the
first real South Park videogame.
Stick of Truth was a success. Nobody expected
a videogame to tie in directly to the popular
cartoon from Comedy Central. Follow the boys
from South Park, Colorado as they embark on
a fantasy-filled adventure involving the magical
Stick of Truth. Be the new kid and forge your
own path.
It was very well received due to the amount
of detail the South Park universe was known
for. Even the animations, characters and lore
fit directly to the game. It has a PlayScore
of 8.92
33. Mini Metro
Dinosaur Polo Club’s minimalist puzzle game
lets you develop a bustling transit system
across the game’s multiple cities. Start
from scratch and get to know each of the simple
polygonal shapes scattered around the area.
The game gets increasingly difficult in every
city, and every minute of the day. How would
you make an efficient transit system? That’s
all up to you.
Revered for its minimalist visuals and chill
music, Mini Metro is a recommended game for
players who just want to casually build lines.
Did we mention that the game makes you hate
circles? Anyway, this game has a PlayScore
of 8.95
32. Mushihimesama
At first glance, this game isn’t what you’d
expect on the list of the PC’s greatest games.
But what you probably don’t know is that this
game is probably one of the core learning
courses for the veteran and the amateur shoot
’em up enthusiasts. It takes its origins in
the PlayStation 2 era of 2005, and was ported
to two other platforms before it ultimately
arrived on the PC a decade after.
Dive into their desert landscapes and lush
forests, battle against their gigantic Koju
bugs, and try your hand against their colorful,
hypnotic patterns. With three of their original
game modes in full-HD form, it’s bullet hell
experience you’ll keep coming back to. It
has a PlayScore of 8.96.
31. What Remains Of Edith Finch
From the team that gave us The Unfinished
Swan, take a step into the life of Edith Finch
as she uncovers the deep mystery between her
family’s death. Not necessarily a horror
game, this first person exploration game lets
you solve beautiful puzzles and bask in a
beautiful but haunting Washington Estate.
Mind-blowing and amazing, these are the two
recurring adjectives found on most its reviews.
The game is packed with superb storytelling
and visuals so pleasing, it feels like you’re
inside its world. Help Edith Finch because
this game has a PlayScore of 8.96
30. Half-Life 2
Bet you wished that was a three on there,
huh? While those chances are slim, there’s
one thing that won’t change. Half-Life 2 is
a universally loved game. So much so that,
over a decade after it first released, fans
are still clamoring for continuation of their
beloved FPS–becoming one of the most successful
sequels in the history of sequels.
Step into the shoes of G-man, Gordon Freeman,
fighting for his survival in an apocalyptic,
alien infested Earth, and struggling to redeem
the world from a catastrophe he himself caused.
With realistic physics, graphics, and AI for
a game published in 2004, Half-Life 2 is a
marvel in videogame history. It has a PlayScore
of 8.96.
29. Day of the Tentacle Remastered
Other than their eye-popping work in every
Star Wars videogame, if there’s one other
thing LucasArts is known for, it’s their rib-tickling
sequel to Ron Gilbert’s Manic Mansion. Now
revamped for the modern eyes, this remaster
of the 1993 hit improves on the wacky hand-drawn
visuals of the original with an HD facelift,
and a few audio tweaks.
Partake in the mind-boggling misadventures
of Dr. Fred and his world-dominating Purple
tentacle. Engage in their time-bending antics
in trademark point-and-click fashion, and
travel through time with this twenty year
old cult classic. It has a PlayScore of 8.97.
28. Minecraft
Before Microsoft bought it, it was once a
simple sandbox adventure developed by Mojang.
It’s a voxel-based survival adventure made
for the creativity of the human mind. Build
houses, survive, and craft the right tools
for fun and relaxation. Its multiple modes
encourage little kids and even adults to stimulate
their imagination and build whatever they
After Microsoft’s purchase, it gained a
huge following. It became one of the best
selling videogames of this generation and
it’s also a requirement to most children
schools. Want to know more about this game?
Ask your little brother or sister. It has
a PlayScore of 8.97
27. Crypt of the NecroDancer
A stylish game that puts a colorful spin on
the traditionally dark roguelike genre. Crypt
of the NecroDancer takes you into the charming
depths of caves, and coupled with nice rhythmic
twist. Dive into the world of the macabre
as you play as you take on the role of Cadence,
a daughter of a famed treasure hunter who
finds herself at the mercy of the evil NecroDancer.
With your heart in his, you literally move
to the beat, fighting monsters and collecting
treasures in rhythm with your very own mp3
library. Crafted in the pixel-fashion, it’s
a fun, heart-pumping dungeon crawler with
the makings of a classic. It has a PlayScore
of 8.98.
26. Batman Arkham Asylum
This was the first superhero game to receive
universal acclaim. Rocksteady’s first take
on the Batman mythos has exceeded everyone’s
expectations. Set in the notorious Arkham
Asylum, follow Batman as he quarantines a
serious threat made by the Joker.
This signifies the beginning of an epic trilogy
that molded the superhero genre into what
it is today. Its slick combat, boss fights
and characters are so perfect it feels like
Bob Kane’s legacy didn’t go to waste.
With voice actors like Mark Hamill and Kevin
Conroy? What more could you ask for? It has
a PlayScore of 8.98
25. Bioshock
Before there was a floating city, there was
an underwater utopia where every man can be
what they want. Irrational Games’ first
entry to the world of Bioshock is just getting
started. Follow Jack as he finds himself stranded
in the underwater city of Rapture.
This first person shooter harnesses fast-paced
combat with engaging puzzle elements. Use
specialized abilities called Plasmids to gain
an edge in survival. Levitate, incinerate,
shoot or freeze your enemies until you hear
the beautiful words of Andrew Ryan.
A man chooses, a slave obeys. It has a PlayScore
of 8.98
24. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The legendary game that preceded the largely
more popular fifth chapter, Skyrim. But before
there was Skyrim, we gushed over their vibrant
worlds, interactive environment, and captivating
story–even so far as calling it the pinnacle
of gaming. Unlike Skyrim’s dark and gritty
world, Oblivion takes on the brighter side
of medieval life with their green pastures
and lively towns that will help immerse yourself
in their grand tale.
While it’s the older, less advanced title,
there’s still a whole lot to love about Oblivion,
and a lot we miss in their recent installments.
Put aside your aesthetic whims for once, and
take a dip into this epic masterpiece. It
has a PlayScore of 8.99.
23. Shovel Knight
In the name of love, dig into a story of a
brave and courageous knight with his trusty
shovel. Save your beloved from an evil enchantress
trapped in a mysterious castle. Use your signature
weapon to take down enemies, solve puzzles
and get a grip of the game’s unique platforming
What started out as a simple Kickstarter Campaign
blew up to be one of the most successful indie
games of this generation. Yacht Club Games
even added two additional content for extra
fun! It has a PlayScore of 9.00
22. Pony Island
Here to change your perspectives on the majestic
nature of ponies is Daniel Mullins strange
indie puzzler. Step cautiously into this eerie,
metaficitonal game that seems to be aware
of its existence as a game. While that usually
leads to some funny, breaking the fourth wall-type
interactions, this game takes the road less
traveled–dealing a few bursts of psychological
horror with a side of ardent curiosity.
Jump over some hurdles, get to the finish
line, earn huge amounts of experience, and
find yourself in a spiral of despair. There’s
not much we can tell you, without spoiling
the beauty of the game, but most people agree
that it’s the most ingenious release last
2016. It has a PlayScore of 9.
21: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1: Faith
Telltale Games’ have come a long way to
prove they’re good at making choice-driven,
episodic games. Their take on Bill Willingham’s
fables puts you into the shoes of the Big
Bad Wolf. Set out in a big investigative journey
about a mysterious killer on the loose.
Meet mature Fairy Tale characters along the
way, and amass your judgment depending on
the choices provided. It’s a dark tale about
sex, drugs, and murder covered in a layer
of child-friendly stories. It’s but the
first of the 5 episodes Telltale offered and
it sparks huge controversy to its relevant
themes and atmosphere. It has a PlayScore
of 9.00
20. Left 4 Dead 2
Eight years after their release in 2009, you
can always still rely on Left 4 Dead 2 to
bring you the intense joy of cooperative zombie
killing. Despite the slightly outdated graphics,
lack of levels, and special unlocks, it’s
still remains as the forefront of multiplayer
shooters–for those exact reasons.
Without the need for grinding levels or learning
the mechanics of the game, absolutely anyone
can join in the fun. Get yourself a keyboard,
and smash some undead brains with their collection
of randomized maps and campaigns. Simple,
reliable, and highly replayable–the perfect
formula for videogame success! It has a PlayScore
of 9.
19. Stardew Valley
While Nintendo isn’t known for porting their
games to the PC, Chucklefish decides to make
a game similar to their popular Harvest Moon
series. Made by one guy, Stardew Valley takes
you to a serene and laid back town where people
are people. Inherit your grandpa’s farmstead
and grow it to become your personal utopia.
This game skyrocket to the Steam charts upon
release. It gained so much respect due to
its massive content at such a reasonable price.
With its success, it’s out on almost every
console including Switch.
We can’t wait for its upcoming Multiplayer
update. It has a PlayScore of 9.03
18. Nuclear Throne
Here’s a post-apocalyptic tale you haven’t
seen before. This time, the last hope for
humanity has long gone, leaving the world
with a population of tough mutant creatures,
ready to take each other out. Join in the
radioactive fray and step inside their 16bit
world, full of top-down shooting fun.
Pick from their diverse lineup of characters,
experiment with each of their skills and abilities,
and master the cracks and crevices of their
procedurally generated world. Its perfect
blend of action and roguelike keeps gameplay
fresh and exciting. Much like any roguelike
game, its tough as nails stages will reward
anyone who’s up to the challenge. Play it
alone, or with a friend! It has a PlayScore
of 9.04.
17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The latest, and hopefully not the last, title
in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Even before
its series of remasters and port to the Switch,
it has seen a milestone success among many
hardcore gamers. Boasting a dark, medieval
fantasy full of magic and dragons—who wouldn’t
willingly pour in hundreds of hours in their
gorgeous open world.
Choose your side among the warring factions
of Skyrim, and fulfill your role as the legendary
dragonborn. Or you could make a name for yourself
in their various guilds, and create your own
As old as it is, the game is continually made
fresh by its thriving mod communities. It
has a PlayScore of 9.04.
16. Batman: Arkham City
After the groundbreaking success of the Asylum,
Rocksteady’s sequel takes your favorite
caped crusader to an open-world adventure
in the heart of Gotham City. Follow Batman
once more in his crusade to stop criminals
from tearing the city apart.
With its enhanced gameplay and open world
experience, glide around the city using your
high-powered Batman gadgets and apprehend
the iconic characters from his Rogue’s Gallery.
This was the highest rated Arkham game in
the trilogy. It was praised for its huge improvement
over the previous game, especially the combat.
The story, characters and ending are also
memorable. It has a PlayScore of 9.04
15. Borderlands 2
The first borderlands was great from the get-go,
but this second title just improved on the
original in all the important ways. The open-world
fps welcomes you back into the brash, cel-shaded
world of Pandora, now packed with a whole
new story, and an upgraded class system.
But, if you’ve come for their rugged, yet
stunning visuals and random-generated loot,
you’ll stay for the series’ trademark brand
of humor. While they’ve taken a turn to a
more dark and gritty narrative, their well-written
enemies and side characters are always ready
to step in. With tougher enemies, just make
sure you have a friend over. It has a PlayScore
of 9.05.
14. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
After the success of McMillen’s popular flash
game, its Steam release breathed new life
to this creepy roguelike adventure. With his
mom under the spell of a dubious divine intervention,
Isaac’s in danger of being slain as sacrifice.
It’s a game of biblical proportions, known
for its challenging rooms, harsh permadeaths,
and eerily adorable visuals.
Help Isaac escape his deadly fate by sneaking
out through his monster-infested basement.
Conquer hundreds of dungeons, and fend off
creatures with your cowardly tears. Be careful,
one wrong move will take you right back to
square one. Mommy’s waiting! It has a PlayScore
of 9.06.
13. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Filling the recent void of turn-based strategies,
Firaxis pays tribute to 1994’s cult classic
UFO: Enemy Unknown in this 2012 release. Set
during Earth’s near-future alien invasion,
you take the helm of an elite military organization
tasked with protecting the planet from their
martian invaders.
Master their grid-based arenas, and plan the
perfect raid to eliminate each of your enemies.
As the head of the organization, you’ll aso
have research and develop the next best technology
to rival their alien tech. Just like the original,
XCOM has been praised for their tactical depth,
story and solid gameplay. It has a PlayScore
of 9.09.
12. Company of Heroes
Released in 2006, Relic Entertainment’s Company
of Heroes was dubbed as the best military-themed
real-time strategies. And while many games
have come close, not even of this generation
comes close to the perfection that the game
achieved. Its focus on tactics-based gameplay
over the size and quantity of your army makes
it one of the most accurate war simulation
of this decade, and of recent times.
It’s a strategy game, where strategy actually
matters. Manage each of your vehicles, and
raise your soldier’s morale. Even with just
15 missions, it offers you an extraordinary
amount variety and content that will satisfy
you for hours, and years to come. It has a
PlayScore of 9.1.
11. Gunpoint
For international spies, stealth is their
greatest asset. Much more so in this indie
puzzle platformer from Suspicious Developments.
With its old-school detective suit, jazzy
soundtrack, and noir-like atmosphere, you
might be expecting a typical criminal investigation.
But, with his signature suaveness and pixel
charm, Richard Conway is no ordinary man.
A world-class spy, help him infiltrate buildings
with his high-tech gadgets that would make
James Bond jealous. Open up doors, turn off
lights, and hack some security cameras using
your valuable Crosslink device. With challenging
one-shot kills, find the best course of action,
and try not to get your hands dirty. It has
a PlayScore of 9.1.
10. TowerFall Ascension
If you’re not familiar, you might be wondering
how an unknown platformer got on PC’s 10 best
games. But, to the folks who played it, they’ll
know exactly why. This 8bit beauty takes on
the charm of Left4Dead 2’s co-op friendly
formula to bring us an immensely fun platformer
that’s perfect for some couch party fun!
Become the last archer standing in their merciless
dungeon arenas. Survive a barrage of fiery
arrows, and steal some for yourself. While
there’s hundreds of other games that offer
co-op fun, there’s just nothing like beating
your opponent with their own arrows. It has
received astounding success, with critics
praising its Smash Bros like balance. It has
a PlayScore of 9.12.
9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
You feel it too, don’t you? The pain. The
emptiness. Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear
Solid game concludes Big Boss’ story.
Follow Venom Snake as he exact his vengeance
to the people responsible for his downfall.
Immerse in the game’s massive open-world
design and seamless emergent gameplay. Sneak,
infiltrate, tranq, fulton, hide in boxes,
etc. Overt or covert? The game adapts to your
Although it was met with universal acclaim,
some players are calling it an incomplete
mess. Nevertheless, with Hideo’s touch of
cleverness, it gave us one of the best gameplay
in Metal Gear history.
It has a PlayScore of 9.13
8. Ori And The Blind Forest
Ori has proved itself to be one of the most
splendidly created gems of recent times. With
its effervescent world, graceful controls,
enchanting narrative, it takes us deep into
its unforgettable lore.
Take control of the guardian spirit, Ori and
his friend Sein, as they conquer the puzzles
of their vast, fantastical world using their
individual abilities. It’s hailed as one
of the greatest Metroidvanias in this generation.
Known for its tremendous difficulty, it’s
elegant design and heartwarming story is wholly
capable of easing all our doubts and frustrations.
It has a PlayScore of 9.14
7. Dishonored
Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ isn’t going
easy when it comes to the ultimate stealth-adventure
experience. Play as Corvo Attano, a man caught
in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Follow
his journey as he vindicates himself from
a crime he did not commit.
This first person action-adventure utilizes
the gift of stealth. Unleash your devastating
supernatural powers to exact vengeance on
these poor souls, or finish the game without
a single kill.
Its open-ended approach to the story lets
you make your own decisions with moral integrity.
And that’s what makes Dishonored such an
amazing game. It has a PlayScore of 9.15
6. Rayman Legends
Everyone’s favorite disembodied adventurer
comes back for another round of monstrous
hijinx. The fifth main title in their well-loved
series, it takes place after the events of
Rayman Origins in a time when the Bubble Dreamers
have grown and multiplied. The limbless protagonist
returns with all new levels, as well as Rayman
2’s greenbottle companion, Murfy.
Continue on with the co-op craze and bring
along up to three of your friends into its
frenzied foray. Legends also features a new
mode that literally lets you throw punches
at enemies while grooving to the beat of their
rhythm-based maps. It has a PlayScore of 9.16.
5. Mark of the Ninja
Another stealth-based indie platformer, Mark
of the Ninja takes you on the everyday adventures
of Japan’s elite mercenaries. Prove your worth
as ninja, and maneuver past the game’s colletion
of tricky traps and highly-alert guards.
Show off your innate agility and vulpine cleverness
to outwit foes in every stage. Pay attention
to the noise you make, and use the shadows
to your advantage. It’s a game that rewards
you for your intelligent choices, giving you
points for bloodless clears as well as your
stealthy massacres.
With their smart mechanics and impressive
visuals, Mark of the Ninja is easily one of
the most rewarding stealth experiences out
there. It has a PlayScore of 9.17.
4. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Step on an unforgettable adventure as players
control Geralt of Rivia and his quest to find
the child of Prophecy. Its massive open-world
is full of details and things to do. It’s
also a great screenshot simulator.
Mix potions, craft items, cast signs, bang
sorceresses and create runes in the game’s
deep and rewarding RPG system to eviscerate
monsters and kill humans. Be the judge, jury,
and executioner with your two signature swords.
A Guiness Book Record Holder for being the
only game with so many awards. This is CD
Projekt Red’s way of sending off one of
the best video games out there. It has a PlayScore
of 9.24
3. Mass Effect 2
BioWare’s sequel after the success of the
first game takes you to another adventure
in Commander Shepard’s story. Memes aside,
this second entry improves the franchise in
all fronts. Combat, abilities, and its semi-open
world elements are greatly improved.
After the events of the first game, follow
Shepard and his ragtag team of badass aliens
to stop a mysterious threat concerning the
Praised for its memorable characters and an
unforgettable story, this is one of Whatoplay’s
favorite game in the Citadel with a PlayScore
of 9.28
2. Bioshock Infinite
We talked about the notorious underwater city,
now Irrational Games’ new lighthouse floats
to the sky. Enter the city of Columbia and
step into the shoes of Booker DeWitt. A man
who just wants to get rid of his troubled
past by fulfilling a mysterious debt with
Elizabeth. In a weird turn of events, you’re
given the ability to burn, levitate, and tear
Soar into the air, shoot enemies, and feel
the adrenaline-pumping first person action
to Bioshock’s final installment. Watch how
it seamlessly weaves into the game’s main
storyline, and get your mind blown. It has
a PlayScore of 9.32
1. And the best PC Game of all time is none
other than Portal 2
As if there was any doubt. (Okay, maybe some.)
But, with its ongoing presence in Valve’s
other titles and vast collection industry
accolades, there’s really no questioning Portal
2’s place in videogame history. Hell, even
Valve CEO and part-time God, Gabe Newell,
chooses Portal 2 over the PC’s precious Half-life
series. Immerse in the life of Chell, roam
around the mind-bending Aperture Labs, and
inevitably fall in love.
Of course, with its intelligently designed
physics-based puzzles, memorable characters,
and brilliant humor, they create a trio of
unforgettable experiences. The cake might
be a lie, but the greatness of Portal 2 definitely
isn’t. Take a friend with you! It has a PlayScore
of 9.44.

100 thoughts on “Top 50 Best PC Games (2004 – 2017)”

  1. Nahhhhhh. this list is BULLSHIT i prefer games with creativity and awesome graphics.. like: (pathologic,survive the nights,bastion,undertale,the forest,HALF LIFE 1-2) and stuff like that , they are creative, and beautifull in they mode, and even, like sandbox games too. any of this in list??? NO thats BULLCRAP

    edit: if someone wondering then why i watched this, i tought something new and creative will be in it , but nothing usefull FOR ME, but if you prefer this shit, then its ok

  2. thanks for this. i dont care about a perfect list, i came here to seek out hidden gems i havent heard of before, and i wasnt dissapointed 🙂

  3. You guys have to understand that they rank games based on a combined player score and critic score… if you want to see your favorite game ranked higher, go look at metacritic

  4. This is my list for le games
    And dont go whining over a game its my opinion

    50:The Stanley Parable
    47:SCP:Secret Labratory
    45:Counter Strike 1.6
    43:Overwatch(i WaNnA bE tRaCeR)
    42:Black Mesa
    41:GTA 5
    40:Team Fortress 2
    39:Mirror's Edge
    38:Portal 1,2
    37:VRChat (dank meme)
    36:Garry's Mod (IM NOT 12)

    33:Resident Evil 6
    32:Codename Gordon (hidden game)
    31:Dota 2
    30:Team Fortress:Classic
    28:Hunt Down The Freeman (jk no)
    26:Sven Coop
    24:Nuclear Throne
    23:Metro 2033
    22:Borderlands 2
    21:The Binding Of Issac
    19:Rainbow Six Seige or something
    18:Far Cry 4
    17:Watch Dogs
    15:Fallout 4
    14:Life Is Strange 2
    13:World Of Warships
    (O boi top 10 time)
    10:Cities Skyline
    10.5:Wilson Chronicles-Beta
    9:Assasin Creed
    6:Resident Evil 7
    5:Resident Evil 2
    3:Club Penguin
    1:Half Life 1,2 EP1,EP2,OpFor,BluShif,Decay

  5. Bullshit, Das ist mit Sicherheit die schlechtes Zusammenstellung die ich je gesehen hab. Starcraft II nicht mal unter den Top 20. du hast ja mal sowas von keine Ahnung

  6. Where? The Cat Lady. Pathologic .Vampire Bloodlines is much better or MASS SHIT BORING EFFECT , Planescape Torment – is number one amator

  7. what is the pony island man are you insane your list is like a when i put it something of closet after left toilet.

  8. So many fucking wasted spots on yet another garbage list. You couldn't have included Warcraft 3. One of the best games to ever grace the pc world. Even though it came out in 2002 it has aged like fine wine. And of course the fucking dead horse meme that is putting Portal 2 on #1. A game that did fuck all except capitalize on the success of Portal 1, barely adding anything worthwhile.

  9. Some of these games don't deserve to be in the list : Bioshock I bought the game and couldn't wait to play until after installing it was hit with one after another technical issue. Bullshit I say ! I wasted time and money.

  10. a top 50 list with no

    Cities: Skylines
    Far Cry 3
    any GTA game
    Life is Strange
    Tomb Raider (2013)

    is just a joke…

  11. haahahaha hohohohooho hihihhihiihiiiiiii really a sad list ! are you telling me that portal is better than the witcher and skyrim and dark souls 3 and all the other epic games and what about diablo 3 !!! ? this is so sad bro !! these poeple are fans of shooting and puzzle games and you too of course loOL

  12. Heeeelp…
    I want a game's about a kidnapped boy by a van and his parents are searching for him and fighting monsters
    Might-help details: the wife is on the shoulders of the mane and she beheads any enemy get too close
    The man hold guns in two hands

  13. ffs, can I find one list to give me ideas on what to buy that isn’t fucking 90 percent weeb games. IDC if kazahumari teriyaki 22 has a play score of 9 and a half pls put more non indie Japanese games in these lists.

  14. Mate, whatever ur dealer selling you, i want some cos you are one spaced trippy little man to come up with that top 50

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