Top 7 Best Card Games For A Couple’s Game Night

Top 7 Best Card Games For A Couple’s Game Night

Hello, my name’s Emily and today I’m going
to be telling you the best card games you
must have for a couple’s game night!
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Okay with that being said let’s jump right
into the list!
Naturally, the first game on the list is Cards
Against Humanity!
This cult favorite card game has one goal
in mind: to elicit the most ridiculous answers
to random questions possible!
Each round, one player reads a scenario or
a question from a card and everyone else must
provide the *best* response out of their hand
of cards.
From clever to downright disgusting, each
round is totally different.
Number 2, MIdnight Outburst
You may remember playing “Outburst”, the
kid friendly version of Midnight Outburst
as a child.
The premises are similar – groups must try
to name as many top ten answers on a card
as possible in a short amount of time.
However, the subject matter in midnight outburst
is definitely a little more racy.
From topics like “Slang for marijuana”
to “Things some people swallow and some
don’t”, you’re guaranteed a lot of laughs
as you and teammates try to guess as many
correct answers as possible.
Number three, Pick your poison
If you’re looking for a game that will make
you and your guests laugh over just how uncomfortable
you are, Pick Your Poison is for you!
This hilarious adult version of “would you
rather” will present players with some pretty
awful albeit hilarious choices that will ultimately
have you all getting to know one another on
a very different level.
Number 4, The Discovery game for a married
Although not ideal for a couple’s date night,
if you’re looking for a game that just you
and your spouse can enjoy together, this is
definitely it!
This game gets the conversation going on a
wide range of topics that help bring you and
your spouse closer.
In concept, it sounds boring or cheesy but
trust me when I say it’s a lot of fun and
can even add some spice without being overtly
sexual in nature.
Number 5 Never have I ever
This classic drinking game is a ton of fun
and really sets the mood at any couples game
This game is really easy to play and allows
you and your guests to really get to know
funny things about one another.
It’s really funny to learn scandalous things
about people that they would likely not otherwise
tell you!
Plus with a little alcohol, everything is
5 times funnier.
Number 6, Joking hazard
This game is great fun for everyone, whether
your a player or a judge for that round!
The premise is simple, flip a card up off
the deck, have the judge add a 2nd card to
get the mini comic strip started, and then
all remaining players secretly submit their
own card to finish the strip.
The judge then picks the best card of the
bunch to complete the comic!
This game is like cards against humanity but
with pictures and gives the judging player
a little bit more involvement as well!
Number 7, Better Me – Game of Growth:
If you’re looking for something a little
more wholesome, this game is definitely for
Instead of being vulgar and racy, this game
encourages players to open up and promotes
positive thinking.
This game will help you better understand
the values and morals of those you’re playing
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Again, my name is Emily, thanks so much for
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  1. My friend owns cards against humanity and is bored with it after many, many times of playing. Every game mentioned after that sounds great, I'll let you know when I try them. 😁

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