PC gaming and the myths behind them what gives console gamers nightmares
and what doesn’t that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today but we’re skipping
over the long list and countdown three
of the most common reasons gamers avoid
PC gaming altogether
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as we go over three of the most common
reasons why gamers skip over PC gaming
in favor of consoles so without further
delay let’s get right to it
“It’s too expensive”
it is and well it isn’t
like most markets available to consumers you have two
options new or used much like buying a
car you’re going to choose what’s best
for your wallet aka the budget the plus
side to PC gaming is you’re on an
uncapped platform with growth options
through upgrades so in that case you
build on a platform with the money you
have at the ready I mean you could spend
console-esque monies on a system or shop
around for price to performance parts
and build a system that route saving you
hundreds of dollars along the way but
needless to say you’ll be left with the
system that will deliver rock-solid
1080p gaming and provide plenty of
upgradeability in the future you’re not
investing in this system you’re
investing in your personal experience
“Building a PC is really hard”
It is but again aren’t all things we at try first?
There is a plethora or plethora of
guides and how to’s that could be found
online and forums and even right here on
YouTube Google alone and it’s powerful
search algo is your friend
I mean PC
building is arguably easier now than it
has ever been
websites with builder tools like
and even good old Amazon makes researching
your parts fast and convenient once
you have your parts picked out
do a little homework and marketing research on them
when they arrived in the mail
you’ll be good to go as you plan ahead
and watch many how to build a PC videos
on the web or you visited your local
library if you happen to run into a
problem chances are you’re not the first
and definitely won’t be the last
and that segues to the third and final
myth at
“Maintenance is time-consuming”
All machines need fine-tuning to keep
them running at their max potential
we take the time to learn how our machines work and run so that they retain their reliability
maintaining your environment is just as
important as maintaining your PC
reducing dust buildup and system clutter
will ensure your PC breathes and performs flawlessly
if you love something take good care of it and it will take good care of YOU
“I can’t play on the keyboard and mouse”
this one I added as a bonus because it’s something I struggled with myself
But depending on the game
you can invest in a wireless dongle from
Microsoft plug it into any USB port and
you’ll be good to go
and there you have it lab rats that’ll
be all for this one I know I left out
several other myths so feel free to
sound off in the comments below if you
made it this far again thanks for
watching and stopping by I hope you
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more content other than that be easy

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  1. Hey all..trying a different format with this one..!! So many Easter eggs all the way up to the end..thanks for watching , be easy

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