Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool | Firmino’s emphatic strike seals win | Highlights

Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool | Firmino’s emphatic strike seals win | Highlights

Firmino, it’s a lovely touch! Brilliant block, Firmino again,
and Oxlade-Chamberlain! Still doesn’t go in, and Liverpool will
wonder how they haven’t scored. And it’s Henderson – oh, they’re queuing up. Van Dijk denied by a fine Gazzaniga save. That’s Henderson. And it breaks for Roberto Firmino! Liverpool’s roadman scores
away from home again. And Salah will run onto it, it’s still Salah! Dele Alli has made a big run at goal,
Virgil van Dijk with the challenge. Once, twice, it comes to Eriksen,
and now Aurier! And that’s a good save. Comes towards Salah,
flag stays down, Firmino! Liverpool could have been out of sight now. Alexander-Arnold, they’re queuing up
in the middle, it’s towards Mane! Good save. Good challenge by Lo Celso,
and it’s Son! That’s a big chance.
Ohh, big, big chance. Son, for Aurier, four wait in the middle. It’s a lovely ball – oh! I was about to say it’s a fantastic goal –
but it isn’t. Origi. That’s a lovely little skip. Still Divock Origi! That would have been some goal.

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  1. Firmin⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

  2. thanks to such good highlight which is the real football hightlight I dont have to bear those 10mins highlight with loads of junks uploaded by those anonymous users. good

  3. How to breach Liverpool defense?
    1. Pass Firmino and Mane upfront.
    2. Make a way through Fabinho and Henderson.
    3. Then do the impossible by Getting past VVD. (Important note: Most people fail at this step)
    4. Congrats If you somehow do the miracle. Now you've got the best goalie Alisson in goal to beat. Good luck!
    5. If you do the unthinkable, and you want to celebrate keep in mind VAR has an eye on you.
    6. If you fail, don't be disheartened. Repeat steps 1 to 5 till 90 minutes.
    Have a Good day! ☺️

  4. No one knows jose mourinho secretly want liverpool to win, he helped earlier when Gerard slipped by playing team B chelsea squad, also this time he helped liverpool to win by changing many squad

  5. Liverpool losing…
    Salty fans: "oooh loserpool" and start calling them "plastic" fans
    Liverpool start winning trophies and on their prime
    Salty fans: start bringing the Gerrard slip, the Hillsborough disaster and call them bunch of murderers, plus saying that most of the liverpool fans are bunch of foreigners, not fans of England as if that's an insult…
    EU fans nowadays…

  6. "I was about to say it's a fantastic goal, but it isn't." Well, regarding Spurs, just replace the word "goal" with "team" 😀

  7. After 29 years,
    We're going to win the league, lads!

    Our 1st Premier League title,
    Our 19th English League title is coming…

    Cmon Liverpool
    You'll Never Walk Alone

  8. Firmino você acha que você vai mancha a história do FLAMENGO vai sonhando jogamos de igual para igual é se prepara ano que vem nós vai ter Neymar ganharam o ano todo é quase perde pro FLAMENGO 😂😂😂😂

  9. Saya punya teman tadi dia…ngefans banget liper pol hingga fbnya nya pun ada…aku kangen temanku itu…yang suka marah

  10. please start off with Origi, Mane sit on the bench please,Origi has excellent long ball control, Firminho should be replaced with Manimino,please please,please 1-0 isnt like Liverpool

  11. Thank you MISTER FIRMINO for VICE WORLD CHAMPION dos molambos.

  12. Can't get enough of this milestone for Liverpool: "oh they are queuing up… Firminoooooooo!!!!!… Origiiii… That would have been some goal" as Origi does a FIFA2020 on Spurs defensive line.

  13. As a Chelsea fan I'm happy Liverpool won and Tottenham lost sending them more down below from the top 4 race . Lmfao .

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