Tour TheHard Rock’s guitar hotel’s construction site

Tour TheHard Rock’s guitar hotel’s construction site

the rock the Seminole Hard Rock hotels giant guitar-shaped hotel is coming along nicely as you can see and today the Hard Rock brass announce the date for the big grand opening and local 10 News reporter Todd Tongan went inside for a first-hand look at the progress the hard rock guitar hotel can be seen for miles around here in South Florida it is sure to be an iconic landmark here you want to see inside I know don’t fret we’re gonna take you on a tour there’s literally nothing like it in the United States after years of construction the 1.5 billion dollar expansion at Seminole Hard Rock is near completion Thursday October 24th the iconic 35 story glass hotel will get its guitar solo well the vision is finally coming together obviously the guitar can be seen from all over South Florida and there’s going to be two four thousand square foot penthouse suites at the top each with a pool this is also an 8 G TV set and there’s lasers on the top of it that can go 20,000 feet into the sky so while it’s this amazing building during the day where do you see the show on it at night time it also boasts a 13 and 1/2 acre 3 million gallon lagoon pool that surrounds it those are Bora Bora cabanas villas that are actually going to be submerged in the water you’ll be able to swim anywhere on the property Construction continues but when finished the Hard Rock will be adding a little over 2,000 jobs to keep the hotels drumming meanwhile the tribe has spended revenue sharing casino payments of three hundred and fifty million dollars a year to the state of Florida due to a years-long dispute over multiplayer games we’re happy to revisit the topic in the summer or the fall which he has publicly stated he would like to do I think when the governor’s ready the tribe is more than happy to sit down greeting you in the lobby is an art installation called the oculus so when you come in there’s gonna be a show that’s all controlled by computers water comes down there’s images in it there’s live walls with video it is one-of-a-kind this is like when we talk about Dubai I’m sure it’s going to be in movies too and so they now have five months to complete the project by the way the Hard Rock Live theater that state of the art music Theatre opens the next day the 25th the first musical guests maroon5 want to make your reservations you can start on July 24th in Hollywood Tata and local 10 News

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