Trademark Poker Table Top

No better way to look pro than to have a
gaming tabletop finding the space and
the extra cash for a poker table not top
priority in a lot of homes mine included
but I found a folding table topper that
adds to our gameplay in a big way I got
this piece from Amazon for around 45
bucks with free prime shipping I’m sure
there are a higher quality table toppers
out there but this price point and the
convenience of Amazon works great for me
the felt isn’t bad and two vacuums up
okay I have a handheld back with a
special dog hair attachment that I use
for clean up the dog hair lifts up well
I do have a problem with cardboard dust
though you know the stuff left behind
when you punch out game pieces from a
brand new game some of it seems embedded
in the tabletop from now the cup and
chip holders are really convenient it’s
nice to turn each player into their own
banker to manage game resources I like
to put bank resources for games like
terraforming Mars on one side then when
I acquire them I pulled them from one
cupholder area and move them to another
that holds the resources I own I also
play a lot of Puerto Rico I’m able to
consolidate all settlers reduction
barrels and victory chips for a
two-player game all in one corner cup
holder area the cup holders pop out
easily for cleaning but they don’t
always stay in firmly which can be
annoying at times but dice games felt
table toppers are the game changer they
cut down on noise and roll away dice are
majorly minimized
even without bumpers plus that’s a cool
feeling to roll dice on felt okay so
back to specifics for this model it
folds up well but it’s heavy the travel
bag that it came and ripped from its own
weight on the first day I threw it out
immediately I leave the table folded at
the end of the table to clear space for
dinner or can slide behind my game shelf
to tuck it out of the way otherwise it’s
heavy so transporting around might not
be the most convenient and this one is
big it’s at my 8 seat banquet style
table oh yeah we’ve spilled water on it
no other beverages yet and the water
blotted up easily
no watermarks left behind when you look
closely it’s like there’s some fading on
the felt really it’s a slight invitation
from folding on itself I open and close
it often so that’s probably always gonna
be there for me doesn’t bother me but it
might be a biggie for others the
hardware seems durable so that’s a plus
when I first saw the table I thought
maybe it should have looked more
polished for the price but now that I’ve
used it a ton I’m really happy with it
it’s held up really well with the daily
use the feel you get playing games on a
tabletop or is awesome it eliminates a
lot of that fat fingering with cards
game pieces boards stay put
seriously a whole new level of gameplay
so worth it for 45 bucks

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