Transformers – (Armada) 2004 Game – Full Movie/ All Cutscenes (PCSX2 Remastered 1080p HD)

Transformers – (Armada) 2004 Game – Full Movie/ All Cutscenes (PCSX2 Remastered 1080p HD)

Planet Cybertron
I’ve would of waited an eternity for this.
It’s over Prime!
The Mini Cons?
Decepticons! Trace that energy wave to it’s origins!
Autobots! We must stop Megatron.
Roll out!
One million years ago…
A lost race of Transformers:
The Mini Cons
Transformers Armada
Commander. The Decepticons have followed the Mini Con signal to Earth.
Our mission directive is to locate the Mini Cons before they do.
Megatron has a head start and his new Decepti-clone army massively outnumber us.
This a full scale invasion. Navigate your way to the top of that cliff and survey the area.
Do you copy?
We’re picking up enemy activity. It’s one of Megatron’s new Decepti-Clone soldiers.
Prepare to engage. This would be a good opportunity to adjust your circuits for combat on Earth.
Do you read me?
I’m on it.
Commander. The Decepti-Clones have located a Mini Con and are preparing to load it on to that drop ship.
I recommend you engage the enemy and recover that Mini Con.
You have rescued a Mini Con. Good work sir.
Every Mini Con you rescue allows you to access extra functions and use different weapons.
Keep your optics open while you are out in the field, Mini Cons could be anywhere.
You can equip new Mini Cons as you rescue them.
If you want to modify your Mini Con load out, return to Autobots Head Quarters via warp gate.
Analysis of enemy movements confirms that Cyclonus is marching a powerful Decepti-Clones task force at the ruins on that mountain.
Follow the tracks but be careful. There are wide ravines ahead.
Commander. There is a strong residual Mini Con signature emanating from this mountain.
I believe it is the source of the original signal that reached Cybertron.
That explains the presence of Cyclonus.
Please acknowledge.
This planet is Decepticon property now Autobot!
Heavy Unit, attack!
The Mini Con signal originated from this position.
Search the area.
Yes sir!
Over here!
They are calling to other Mini Cons on Earth.
We will track it from the headquarters.
Roll out!
Ready for duty!
Longarm will accompany you as your partner in the field.
You can power link with Longarm, giving you enhanced combat capabilities for a limited period.
Be careful, he will absorb your energon when he is combined with you.
We’ve detected a concentration of Mini Con signals some distance from here.
We’ll get a better picture of the situation as you move forward.
This aircraft was shot down by the enemy.
Sensors indicate a nearby research center
The humans must have discovered Mini Cons stasis panels and were transporting them when the aircraft was hit.
Your next objective is that research center.
Prepare for extermination!
That’s one down. Now what?
We go back. And stop Cyclonus.
We know that Cyclonus is in the area but we can’t get an exact lock on him.
He may be using the large temple ahead of you as a field headquarter.
Proceed with caution.
Is that clear?
Hundred percent!
We picked up a residual energon trace on Cyclonus.
He is inside the temple. Intercept him before he escapes.
Do you copy?
Way ahead of you.
Where are they going? The party just started!
Yeah baby!
The Deceptions are using that warship to deploy their forces within operational drop ship range of the Mini Con sites.
If we can knock it out, it will be a serious blow to their evasion strategy.
Your objective is to aboard the vessel and disable it.
Is that understood?
Hundred percent.
This Mini Con provides you with the ability to glide over long distances.
This will be ideal for exploring areas which are otherwise inaccessible.
Looks like the Decepticons aren’t the only ones who can fly now.
Glide to the warship from here. Access the hanger bay via the hydraulic elevators while catered on the flight deck.
Once you are below deck, proceed through the warship to the bridge.
When the bridge is secure begin the sabotage procedure.
We established a connection to the warship’s navigation systems and analyze the data. It’s final destination is Alaska.
That must be where Megatron has his base.
Continue to the bridge and disable this vessel.
Take cover! It’s Tidal Wave!
You’ve got to destroy him! His body is heavily armored but his head is vulnerable.
His height will make it difficult to attack.
Try to maneuver into optimal weapon range.
Tactical analysis complete!
Our sensors detect a strong energon signal at the summit of that mountain.
We believe it is the Decepticon base. Megatron has used the ruff terrain to his advantage.
Head for that lake. We’ll update you further when you have advanced.
Transform and roll out!
Way point reached!
The enemies are using these canyons as transport corridors to link their defense perimeter to the base.
Follow the canyons but watch for switchbacks and ravines.
You should have a visual on the enemy base right now.
Keep moving towards the summit. It has got to be there.
Proceed with caution. A fall from this height could void your warranty.
There’s no escape!
Till all are one!
Commander. The structural integrity of the ship is at critical.
Location and condition of Starscream are unknown.
I recommend you begin a systematic search of the ship.
Find Starscream and neutralize him.
Commander report! Do you copy?
Repeat, do you copy?
All systems operational.
Roger that. The nose of the ship seems to be berried in the ice.
The bridge has been completely destroyed. You are lucky to be alive.
I’ve scanned for an exit. A cargo hatch has blown off further up the hole.
You will have to climb your way back up through the ship to locate it.
The blast doors and elevators are operational, you’ll need to use them in your ascent.
Scan carefully and look for a safe path up.
I’m running a region scan now to locate Starscream.
Did you get that?
I’ll rip out your optics!
This is the end Starscream! I want Megatron!
Get in line.
Where is he?!
Find him yourself!
Hack his warp transponder!
Yes sir.
Yes. Come to me Autobots.
Commander. Megatrom has complete control of the island. This is his base.
I am detecting vast numbers of Decepti-clones and defense installations.
This is the final offensive. Good luck sir.
Did you get that?
Will do!
Commander. This volcano is still active.
Be ready for anything. I recommend you check your loadout before you engage.
Come Autobot. Let’s finish it.
Prime. You don’t even know when you’ve won!
Our ancient enemy Unicron has once again appeared in orbit around Cybertron.
Our whole world is at the brink of annihilation
Countless lives will be lost.
His defenses are far beyond our current fire power but if we can assemble the power of enough Mini Cons we may be able to defeat him.
We must find more Mini Cons. Keep searching. We haven’t got a moment to lose.
Excellent! That Mini Con has raised our power levels to the point to where we can raise a strike against Unicron.
He is preparing to attack Cybertron now.
We can take the battle to him when you are ready.
Way ahead of you.
For Cybertron!
Unicron must be stopped. No matter the cost!
Commander. The Mini Cons have combined to enhance your combat capabilities to ultimate levels.
Prepare for immediate launch.
Counter attack Unicron when the time is right. Look for the most direct access to his power core. That is the critical target.
Move quickly! If Cybertron is destroyed all is lost!
You cannot destroy my destiny!
For victory!
For Cybertron!
Till all are one.

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  1. loved this game when I first got the demo in 2004

    I didn't realise how many nods there was to the 1980's movie either!

  2. I love this game It was badass when I first got it ☺️🤣🤘. Transformers is awesome. I also love the tv show.

  3. @RandomBlackGamer, what are your settings on pcsx2? I can't get mine to run as beautifully as I'd like.

    computer specs
    nvidia gtx 960M
    16 gb ram
    Intel core i7 6700HQ

  4. I have to admit, Transformers Armada 2004 video game has some really nice graphics. And the PCSX2 emulator makes it look gorgeous.

  5. في الأنيمي . . . إرسال الرسالة من سقوط المينيكوون على الأرض حصل بشكل مختلف عن ما هو في هذه اللعبة

  6. This is so strange, the newer versions of PCSX2 dont seem to emulate this game as good as it does in this video, it looks so smooth. whenever i turn the screen just gets so extremely blurry and i get motionsick. how? wich version was this?

  7. Hey random black gamer you do know I have this game too but it sometimes misses up you know where I can find another one?

  8. NICE VIDEO!!!! I used to have this game for my ps2. I would love to get it again. I can't believe I was 5 when this came out lol XD

  9. 1:02:34 love the music where Prime interrogated Starscream. So cinematic.

    One of the best games of all time. Can't believe it's been 14 years.

  10. @RandomBlackGamer, hey man, thank you for uploading this. I have just installed the PCSX2 emulator and the Transformers game with it. Although I am unsure on how to set up my controls. Is there a way for you to show me how you set up yours? (I am using a keyboard and mouse)

  11. I wanted to use the Star Saber Sword and Requiem Blaster In Optimus’ Jet Magna Convoy Mode. Jetfire and Overload combined with him

  12. Man o man i remember playing this game and i just played it last week with cheat codes on ps2 and this the game i recommend playing for starters on what the hell is going on in Armada series even though this is 3 years old i was struggling with deep Amazon Along time ago lol but i defeated with cheats on Deep Amazon last week my game is still working like a charm i hope u guys at least leave a like?? But anyways i hope u comment on this or read this and i really need sony to make remastered this game for ps4 but keep the old characters but make the maps bigger and better

  13. 1:11:40 few years when me and my friend played this game we got here and 5 min later we lost our data of the game for some reason and we thought that here the game ends and then delets itself lel xd

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