Transforming 500cc Camaro Build!

Transforming 500cc Camaro Build!

[Music] today is a very exciting day we’re starting the next Power Wheels bill tada yeah we’ve got a lot of ideas with this as to what it’s going to be but really the first step is just get it out and build it and see how much space we have to work with and what it looks like and obviously we got to race it around the track yeah let’s open it Jesus oh and it’s way bigger than the Jeep yes good it should be as big as the Mustang which first look is right there oh yeah the grilles are real grill it’s not just a sticker like the Jeep yeah and the lights are actually like lenses yeah let’s just dump this bad boy it’s like a kid at Christmas but even better because they’re putting 500 oh it’s already built like it is mostly Wow putting 500 CC’s of Awesome into this that’s gonna be awesome oh absolutely put lights behind the lenses whoo we should do blinkers and brake lights our search history is beyond bizarre that’s for sure yeah we’re looking up so vo turbos while simultaneously looking at a bunch of kids toys reading reviews perfect she’s a beautiful truly rowdy Camaro now [Music] so we got engine start we’ve got that’s gonna be a lot more exciting soon and then nice alright so are you ready let’s do it all in order and then and then poses a volume control that’s I think it’s an actual radio really what if we get any channels up here probably not my picture I don’t know it’s weird though it turns on and there’s an actual headphone jack that is the actual radio Wow here is our power plant Polaris 500 sports quad [Music] all right this is the cleanest the Camaro’s ever gonna be so let’s do a little tour going on around pretty flawless a lot of detail here it’s gonna be great and then here’s our power plant lots of torque electric start and a lot of power everything you could hope for huh yeah so we’re gonna drive the power wheels around the rally track kind of like we did with the Jeep hopefully not roll it see what we can get for a time which will probably be in the multiple minutes range and then we’ll take the quad around the rally track which we haven’t actually done a time flap with it before even though we’ve had it for a couple months and see what we get with that that thing’s actually gonna be quick on the tracks it drifts the corners really well yeah definitely it might be right now the best time is the 450 CRF yeah so I don’t know if I can beat that that was a pretty good lap yeah I think the jeeps the jeeps time around the track in its plastic form was four minutes and so let’s race these two around the rally track then we’re gonna pull the engine from the Polaris and see we’re ever gonna put the thing we’re here at the post the beginning of our track are you ready ready all right if you beat four minutes you beat the Jeep all right ready set go [Music] maybe we should have charged the battery [Music] that was terrifying I didn’t roll it seriously save you a little bit of energy for the Sprint you’re about to do all right here we go why do we even do this coming into corner to losing some energy this is our tightest steepest corner on the track this is a cliff on the other side of that corner three thirty you got to make it there in 30 seconds three thirty seven nine three 40 41 42 44 yeah three 47 yeah I think it took us a while with the Jeep to think about picking it up and running with it Ethan’s got some practice laps in on the Polaris and the time to beat is 34 seconds even that was on the CRF 450 so same track different beast ready set go corner one at seven seconds made good time going down that hill [Music] [Music] corner 3 out of 20 I think it’s going to be a record breaker it all comes down to this corner here good suppose 30 31 32 yeah 30 2.73 way faster yeah that’s the fastest thing to ever go around our track right there yeah and if I was a better driver had more traction and better safety gear I could definitely improve the corner just terrifying yeah also I jumped way down that hill yeah I saw that he just gave her the goods that is gonna be such a fast engine for a Power Wheels toy oh yeah plus it comes with all the stuff we need it’s got a radiator with a fan on it electric start that is a remote oil reservoir which is kind of cool we can mount that wherever we want for weight distribution [Music] all right it’s time to pull the engine out of this quad and start coming up with ideas for the Camaro but I’ve never had a sports quad before and I really like this thing so we’re gonna go for one last rip and we’re gonna go in tandem with the modest E so this is our Polaris 800 snowmobile engine swapped Odyssey with new and improved long travel suspension if you haven’t seen that series I love the playlist in the description but we’re gonna go out for a putt we’re gonna rip it apart start cutting up the body [Music] [Applause] I’ll follow you I got goggles [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so this Camaro is gonna transform it’s gonna be a Streeter and an off-roader yeah that’s the plan so we found these awesome itty-bitty little dirt tires they go on a six inch wheel so it’s the same size as a regular go-cart wheel so we can get just go kart hubs and all of that and have the same hubs for both sets of wheels plus these things are just super tiny they’re so cool they’re so here’s a here’s a wheel off of Barbie car which we’re gonna go with about the same size tire and wheel setup for the Camaro and you can see they’re bigger but not a whole heck of a lot bigger and we’ll put them on a slightly wider rim so they’ll be they’ll be you know they look a little wider like that or something as far as this is concerned it’ll be a lot like the Barbie car and then the dirt which wow that fits so well so really fills that filled out the wheel well so the idea is we’ll have adjustable suspension hopefully air suspension so we can actually just air it up just raise the whole thing up and then put the dirt tires on and that’ll be it’s a transformer anus it’s gonna be so cool I love these tires they’re all these tires are awesome I’m gonna be the smallest knobby tire you can get yeah there are 140 576 so interesting were there a metric size most like atv tires er not metric these are 145 70 on a six-inch rim and we’ll have a bill thread site with all the parts we use in this build – just like we do – Cinderella so the link to that will be in the description and time to tear up the quad quads halfway through being stripped down and it just looks awesome right now yeah also it has a fuel pump which is super handy because it’s already set up for this engine and carburetor and everything so we can put the gas tank wherever the heck we want it’s so cool yeah well that is quite a bit bigger than the Sierra 450 huh oh it’s huge it’s an enormous engine this is only 50 cc’s more they just didn’t try as hard to make it compact that’s gonna look awesome stuff yeah and we should definitely like you like paint it so like like a like yellow valve cover and like black head or the other way around yeah do black and yellow themed engine oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] alright ready for the final piece twice Wow but plus-side a lot of weight over the front wheels so yeah it’ll actually turn and we can give her all the beans without doing flipping over backwards yeah good drifts oh yeah she’s gonna be a drift machine [Music] but we got it hold sizing it up it’s big it’s a very big engine it’s gonna be awesome yeah well it’s actually kind of a benefit in some ways it’s gonna put a lot of weight over the front axle so it’ll actually drift really well and it won’t try to wheelie too hard and really the bottom end of it isn’t that huge it’s really just this head that’s ginormous which is fine that’ll be all sticking out the hood here it’ll just make it look more obscene but it’s got a lot of benefits to it it’s got electric start it has a remote oil reservoir which means we can put that somewhere else for weight and space it has these external oil lines and so in the future when we want it to make whooshing noises we can tap into that for turbo oil line it’s a really solid engine oh and the gearing on it because it’s an atv not a motocross bike it has a really pretty wide ratio transmission it’s only five speeds but they’re pretty far apart and it’s relatively low geared which we can change that all of you know we can do it up or gear it down whichever we want but it’s nice to have the wider ratios to start with this year bumblebee oh yeah Camaro time to get chopping up some plastic [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow yeah

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  1. You guys need to do a challenger after this so you can have the main three American muscle cars. Btw, I love what you do, keep doing it.

  2. Just please finish the projects you already got going on the whole kids toy cars thing is getting boring to watch what's happening with the triumph and odyssey??

  3. i think you guys would really like the outlaw 525 irs. the ktm engine is a bear and the irs suspension rides super awesome!

  4. How much do you want for all the Plastics off of the predator I have the same exact four wheeler and it needs Plastics

  5. Should be awesome it would be neat if you figure out a way to make it look like a blower sticking out I personally think that would make it look that much cooler

  6. I have a Polaris predator 500 and if you guys have any left over parts I will be interested to buy if you want to sell them.

  7. Note: powerwheels dont have brake pedals or even any kind of braking system…just on or off.. but it would be cool to see a brake pedal addition video. Then we can actually see those led brake lights.

  8. La verdad no sé si leerán esto pero ustedes son unos genios aunque no entienda su idioma y no le entiendo muy bien a sus vídeos me entretienen demaciado todos sus inventos me anfacinado un saludo desde México a qui en México se dice son unos chingones 💪✌

  9. You guys really should try out a set of fresh tires on that predator before you tear it apart, you really have not seen maybe even half or less of what it can do because all of its power/tqe is just being lost to lack of traction… Even a cheap used set maybe?

  10. I'm excited to see this thing from the start! Senderella is my favorite of your builds, hopefully this one is just as cool.

  11. that's crazy because I thought that no one would do this on YouTube and here we go that Camaro reminds me of a few mustang karts that use to be at this golf kart place in Texas it was like 5 mini 2000-2005 gt mustangs mini carts they were stretched out like a golf kart but they had real tires like drag slicks with a floor shift those things were literally sitting outside for years with grass growing over them I called the owner and he said they were like 4grand a piece

  12. So check it out, i just traded for a 2005 yamaha R1 in decent condition!!! How crazy would it be to do a build with the R1 motor. I'm in sandpoint .

  13. Get a mini V8 like a 100cc V8 and try and put it in something! I see those engine all the time but only on model stands lol

  14. @12:28 I wanted to let you guys know that that is a vacuum actuated fuel valve, not a pump. Polaris really likes to use them and they’re doodoo.

  15. Subs: 490k
    View: 460k

    Imo that's a successful YouTube channel
    Keep up the xlnt work GHP, excited about this build 💯👌😁😁

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