TRIP REPORT : DELHI TO GOA Air Asia – I5773 , GOA IN MONSOONS (with english subtitles)

TRIP REPORT : DELHI TO GOA Air Asia – I5773 , GOA IN MONSOONS (with english subtitles)

hello friends this is dr deepak from doctors travelogy and foodology
everything is fixed , leaving for goa tonight
come fast , come fast
here is my uber
thanx mate

have reached airport
and iam late
so have to move fast
my uber arrived late

thank god there is absolutely no line at air asia counter
every other airlines counters are crowdy

good for me
” come kaka”

now thats called sheer luck
when i came the counter was empty but now it has become crowdy

sometimes my luck is with me
now iam free from luggage
checked in my baggage
now ready for a stroll of terminal 3
ready for goa , fully exited
ohh it was a strict checking today
had to take of shoes , socks, belt and alot of things…

but its good security should be tight
now will give u a sneak peak of duty free shops

lets gooo

iam going goa in monsoons
its offseason but believe me it will be fun
there would be respite from hot weather of delhi
i checked out the weather there , its rainy
yesterday news channels also showed that its very rainy in goa
its gonna be fun , cant believe what air asia just goofed up
till now my gate was 46 , even on my boarding pass it was 46
and now
without announcement they have changed it
i was waiting at gate no 46 , thank god i asked CISF personnels

they told at last moment gate has been changed
now it will go from 54

its cheaper airlines so these things can be expected

now going to 54 gate no.

this is new gate and its almost empty
my flights landing time at goa is 10:30 pm
and in goa there is no public bus service at night from airport

only prepaid taxis are threre which are expensive

1400 inr per taxi
lets see how will i be able to reach panjim

my planning is will talk to fellow passenger in flight n will share taxi with them

i havent booked any accomodation for tonight yet
may be i have to stay at airport only

being a solo travel i dont consider these hurdles
they hardly effect me

first time flying with air asia

and faced problem

its raining outside

welcome to goa
reached goa
its 10:45pm
landing was once aborted due to bad weather

i talked to one fellow passenger he is also travelling alone

we will share taxi till panjim and i will stay there only
have booked a hostel in 400 inr from

taxi was in 1000 inr and now i will have to pay only 500 inr

it was a bettter option than staying at airport

if anyone come solo to goa in night
there is no public transport at night
so my recommendation is talk to fellow passenger and share taxi

cab to panjim

amazing weather
in delhi it was very hot

now searching my hostel
at 12 midnight

big problem
i booked hostel on
after landing at 10:30 pm
i have confirmed booking , but they are saying we dont have bed
now iam asking them to arrange something so that i can spend the night

good morning guys
first day in goa and iam here in old quater hostel in panjim

in night hostel attendant goofed up with my booking but atlast he arranged a bed

have slept tight whole night

now ready for breakfast

at bombay coffee restaurant
its very pleasant here and really happy to be away from hot weather of delhi

my hostel is just near river mandovi
and after just crossing a lane there are casinos

now i will have breakfast special goan breakfast which is complimentary

have just hired a scooty
now will go to north goa and baga beach

in 800 inr for 3 days i have got the scooty

on the way to north goa
weather is amazing
come goa in monsoons its just awesomeeee

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