True Confessions with Ryan Reynolds, Camila Cabello

True Confessions with Ryan Reynolds, Camila Cabello

-Here’s how this works.
In front of us are two envelopes
containing confessions.
One is true.
The other is a lie.
Once you read the confession,
the other two players
get to interrogate you.
Then they have to come to
a unanimous decision —
is it the truth
or is it a lie?
-Bring it on!
Ryan, you’ll go first.
-I go first.
Oh, I’m so excited, you guys.
-Which one?
-I’m going with —
I’m going with number 1.
-I suppose. Yeah, sure.
-I think that’s a good idea.
-This might be part of
the ruse already.
-“My mom once washed her hands
with a urinal cake.”
-What’s a urinal cake?
-Good question.
-I’m glad you asked me that.
-It’s at the bottom of a urinal
when you go into the men’s room.
-I don’t visit those very often.
-It looks like
a little white puck.
-It might be confused with soap.
-Wait. But where was your mom
when this happened?
-She was at a funeral.
True story.
-How long ago was this?
-This was about two months ago.
-Wait. Wait. So, your mom —
Your mom did what
with a urinal cake?
-It was an outdoor funeral.
There was, like, a little sort
of porta-potty-type thing
that had both the —
you know, the toilet,
and then it also had, like,
this little space-aged
kind of urinal thing that could
very easily be confused
as a sink with a little
puck in it.
Alright, it was me, not my mom!
No. No, no.
It was my mom.
And she accidentally used
the urinal cake,
thinking it was soap,
washing her hands.
-The urinal cake was up
by the sink?
-No, it was right in
this sort of
space-aged little urinal thing.
-In what city was this
porta-potty in?
-This was in — just outside of
Vancouver, British Columbia,
-Alright then.
Anything happens in Canada.
-Yeah. Alright.
-She washed her hands with it
and then left going like,
“Ooh, it smells funny.
This urinal cake is very –“
-Did she flush, like, thinking
that was the faucet
and just —
with the urine water?
-That I do not know, Jimmy.
-Alright, I’m going to say
I don’t know.
I don’t know.
-I’m gonna say —
-If it did happen,
it’s really funny,
but I don’t think
it really happened.
-I’m going to say
that it’s a lie,
because there’s — I don’t know.
There’s just some hesitation in
the facial expressions.
-I’m going to say it’s a lie,
because I think if you went
to a funeral outdoors, I’ve
never seen a porta-potty
by the cemetery.
-Gotta go, you gotta go.
-By the cemetery?
Well, I mean, someone did go,
I guess, right?
-True or lie?
-This is true.
-Oh, my God! What?!
-Your mom did that?
-Oh, my God!
-In her defense,
a lot of people don’t know
that that’s a urinal cake.
-I didn’t know what
a urinal cake was.
I actually would have made
the same mistake.
-Also, like, what kind of A-hole
calls it a cake?
-Like, right?
-It sounds so pleasant.
-Alright. Here we go.
It’s my turn. Here we go.
Which envelope should I open?
1 or 2?
-I say 2.
-Let’s mix it up.
-Yeah, 2.
-Why not?
-Here we go.
-“There is a bronze statue of me
at the bottom of the lake
next to Neil Young’s farmhouse.”
-What? That is so specific.
When was the statue made?
-The statue was made in
the early 2000s.
I’ll tell you exactly what —
It was an award or something
that was actually given to me by
Regis and Kelly Ripa.
-Back when Regis was on.
-Okay. Not Kathie Lee.
This is the Kelly era.
-No, this is “Relly.”
-Wow. Okay.
-This is Regis and Kelly.
-What’s the — Sorry.
-They gave me an award,
like, some Jimmy Fallon award.
I did their show.
-And then they promptly
threw it in a lake.
-No. What happened was,
I was flying to Neil’s,
’cause I was doing his
Bridge School benefit,
which is a great charity.
-And I was going with Lorne.
And we were going right —
I went right after I did
“Regis and Kelly,”
so I had my —
Everything was packed.
I had an actual statue of me
that they gave me, on the plane.
So when I landed,
I had this statue of me.
And it was just —
I thought it would be funny
to show it to people.
-And how did it end up
in a lake?
-Because everyone was
making fun of me
that I had a statue of myself.
-So you threw it in a lake,
like the Heart of the Ocean
in “Titanic.”
You just let it go.
-Yes. Yeah, yeah.
“My Heart Will Go On.”
-Yeah, yeah.
-I had a few…beverages, and
everyone was passing it around,
accepting the award
and all this bit.
-So, wait.
What was the size of the statue?
-And it was bronze.
-It was bronzed.
It was, like,
aluminum foil on plastic.
-It’s next to a statue of
Neil Young at
Neil Young’s farmhouse?
-No, I was at Neil Young’s
and I threw it in the lake.
-Is Neil Young aware of this?
-Yeah, he was there.
-He’s there?
-I’m going to say — This
actually sounds true to me.
It doesn’t sound too crazy.
-I’m gonna go with —
Camila’s right.
-Okay, okay, okay.
-True. Okay, let’s do it.
-It never happened.
I made it up.
-Oh! I was there!
-I made it up. I know.
-I’ve never been
to Neil Young’s house.
That is the best acting of —
You’ve seen my movies.
You’ve seen my movies, right?
I mean, this is the best acting
I’ve ever done.
-Yeah, what are you doing?
I’m terrified of you.
-Camila, I love you.
It’s your turn to go.
-I think number 1, right?
-I think number 1 for sure.
-Number 1. Alright. Okay.
Let’s see.
-Let’s see. Alrighty.
-I once lost — this is your
friend — Taylor Swift’s cat.
-You once lost her cat?
-You lost her cat?
-I lost her cat.
-This is a big deal.
-Would you like to hear
the story?
-So, we were on
tour together last year.
I was opening for her
on her Reputation Stadium Tour.
-And she basically —
She asked me to babysit her cat.
Her cat kind of had, like,
a weird little
stomach-infection thing.
She was gonna go do
a meet and greet.
We were hanging out
in the dressing room.
I’m taking care of her cat.
Somebody from my team asked
me to do something.
I leave the door open.
The cat, Meredith, sneaks out,
is nowhere to be found.
-Hours pass,
and nobody can find the cat.
-Where are you? What city?
-It was also
in Vancouver, actually.
-This is already reeking like
a whole lot of bull.
-No, no, no.
It was in Vancouver.
-Oh, really?
-Ask me more questions.
-Yeah, yeah. Meredith.
I love that you threw in
the name Meredith.
-Everybody knows that cats are
banned in Vancouver.
-That’s not true.
-Wait. So, wait.
So, the cat’s sick.
That’s when she asked you
to babysit the cat?
-Well, it’s not like she was
like, “Please babysit the cat.”
I was already hanging out with
her in the dressing room.
-And what was the cat like?
The cat’s sick.
Is it moving around
or is it laying there?
-And she was like,
“Take my cat with this
unpredictable stomach issue
and enjoy it for a while.”
No. Really?
-No, I mean, the cat was —
You know,
answering your question about
the cat’s activity,
it was just laying there.
That’s why I did not expect for
the cat to leave the door.
-So, you’re saying that someone
removed the cat from the —
-No. I’m saying I left
the door open.
I didn’t think the cat
was going to go anywhere.
-Camila, don’t give me this.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, now, who found the cat?
Who found the cat?
-One of her security guards.
It was literally —
-Which one?
I know all of her
security guards.
-Yeah. Was it Dan?
-No, was it Steve?
-Was it Gil?
-I don’t know his name!
She has 13!
-A lot of holes in this story.
-Okay. And then the cat
was found in, like, one of
the seats of the golf cart.
I don’t know the security
guard’s name, okay?
I’m sorry. There’s a lot.
-Is this true?
I think this is true.
-Yeah, yeah.
-I feel like it’s true.
-Yeah, I think we broke her,
’cause she was —
-I know.
-I think what happened was —
we were being fooled
the whole time.
We were being played.
-She’s also one question away
flipping the table.
-Yeah, that’s true.
-You better say it’s true.
-I’m gonna say true.
-True. Yes.
-This is false!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-How did you do that?
-No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait.
Did you actually
think it was true —
-Yeah. 100%.
-Because I feel like I’m a
terrible —
I came into this game
knowing I’m a bad liar.
-It was the golf-cart thing.
-You have a black belt in lying.
-That was pretty great.
-Yes! We’re liars!
We’re good liars!
-Wait, don’t do that.
You guys are the greatest.
-Our thanks to Ryan Reynolds,
Camila Cabello.
That was good.

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    Autotune does makes a lot of difference i guess

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  4. I knew it, he just has to participate in every game to get the attention he wants… with 2 guest stars, thought he would be just a moderator… but yea…jimmy your thirst for attention is getting cringey

  5. Camila seems to have a lot of energy for someone who dropped out of high school, no wonder she's wrong every time, her behavior is so cringey

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    even my dog was barking BULL BULL BULL whole time, when she was talking.

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  9. They honestly thought Camila was telling the truth, like srsly? it sounded fake since she was dodging the questions and then she told the boys to ask more questions so duh it will be a lie. and it is.

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