Trump Casino Executive: His Negotiation Ability ‘A Fallacy’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Trump Casino Executive: His Negotiation Ability ‘A Fallacy’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Casino Executive: His Negotiation Ability ‘A Fallacy’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC”

  1. A fence is not Trump's wall. They are just extending by 55 miles fencing that we have had for years. President Trump promised a concrete wall that could not be climbed over, cut down. The fence does not meet that criteria. He caved and lost.

  2. Ari, why do you and colleague anchors often interrupt your guests?? I think its rude and you should let them finish and then take lead the discussion in whatever direction you want. But in general I am a big fan. As most people with a "brain" can work out, Trump is a conman.

  3. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE SOUTHERN BORDER STATES DECLARE AN EMERGENCY ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER. We will arm ourself and defend the Southern US Border from Invasion by Illegal Foreign Nationals. As Patriots we are Obligated to Defend our Southern States. Congress is inept at looking after our Security and has FAILED its Constitutional Obligations. The Patriots will FIGHT, there is NO LAW that says we can’t. We will proceed with trial of Democrats Treason Policy after this Emergency is over. You're either For America or Against America. You cant sit on the Fence.

  4. He flat out refuses to work with dems on any issue. It's his way, or no way. And, that don't fly with a check and balance congress.

  5. Either Impeach this CRIMINAL or Invoke the 25th Amendment and get RID of this LUNATIC who's destroying our country! ENOUGH!!

  6. He’s been tooting his own horn since day one because nobody else ever has. Including, leaking and making up stories as John Barron, his alter ego, for the media! Has anyone ever said what a great man he is aside from himself? He’s a cut throat, two bit con man. He needs to slither back under the stone he slithered out from.

  7. Now that we have a Congress inclined to actually do their job (you know, that whole 3 branches of government thing Trump still doesn't get), it's time for them to open an impeachment investigation given his danger to the country and his repeated abrogation of the Constitution.

  8. He can.t even take a peek at Melania's Vee Protector Wall, let alone touch it…That's why he's fed up with immigrants, especially one Mrs Trump…

  9. The wall will be built . Dems had the opportunity again to benefit people already here but they left daca recipients high and dry again.

  10. Trump will never know how to negotiate. He blathers, whines for his way. His evil puppet-masters encourage him, whisper in his ear or yell online, in public. Then, when needed, they rewhisper or yell again. If no masters spoke to him, he'd freeze or be more accomodating.

  11. Isaiah warned us what to expect from the leaders of the world, "Your rulers are rebels and companions of thieves. They all accept money for doing wrong and  love bribes, and they are paid to cheat people. They don’t seek justice for the fatherless or listen and defend the widows’ needs." Isa. 1:23

  12. Trump is too vain and too stupid and impulsive to be a decent negotiator. if he is not in a position to bully, he has nothing, and will cave in to a stronger leader. Almost all of them are stronger than him. We have all seen that, over and over again.
    Trump's narcissism makes him an easy mark when dealing with foreign leaders. he can only get their praise by giving them what they want. he desperately needs to be liked and praised by dictators, those he sees as strong men. He is completely submissive to strong man leaders. he wants to be like them but he does not have the courage, the strength, or the intelligence necessary to be one of those. A fact for which we should be grateful.

  13. Trump walked away from his casinos claiming a billion dollar loss … money he may have pocketed … Trump’s staff always flew in company fleet helicopters but for some reason, one day when the men in charge of the money for his casinos met with him to confront him about discrepancies in the coffers, he chartered a helicopter for the men to meet with him at Trump Tower … after the meeting he sent the 3 men and the two pilots of the chartered helicopter to an impromptu concert in Trump Tower and the helicopter sat unattended … about 20 minutes after they left the transmission, tail rotor and main rotor blades fell off in mid-flight and killed everyone onboard … Trump later claimed bankruptcy with a billion dollar loss and walked away … the day those left behind chose to close the Taj was the anniversary of that helicopter crash … I think they believed as I do, that a few screws were loosened on that helicopter 👉🏼

    Trump the mob boss 👉🏼

  14. Nice Freudian slip by the president at 39 seconds into this video, "We are making great progress on building existing wall with existing money" …I want to laugh, but I'm clenching my teeth too tightly to permit it. I just cannot understand how his supporters can overlook all of his blatantly obvious character flaws which are fundamental to his entire persona and intrinsincly linked to his full tilt style of sensationalism. He plays their fears like a dysfunctional instrument, but they STILL dance along to his tune! Right over the cliff!? It's really scary and truly terrible what's happening in our country at this time.

  15. Jimmy Carter was president when I was a teenager and my parents considered him a weak president. I think we are looking at a much weaker president now! Weak people are prone to cowardly acts. He'll try to start a war or outlaw abortion or just try to cause a Constitutional crisis. He's all about distraction and the bigger the object you're trying to hide is, the bigger of a distraction you need to hide it.

  16. He keeps repeating that line about "we're building a lot of wall with money we already have". Firstly, the bit of wall he is talking about is in reality little more than a 60-mile stretch of fencing, most of which already exists and is being repaired/reinforced, whatever. Secondly, if he thinks he already has money to build a wall, why does he need more? He's like a 12-year-old who is saving up his pocket money to buy a skateboard….

  17. I guess he forgot mexico was funding his border wall after he promised for months they would pay for it and it failed "bigly" !!

  18. "Money we already have"? So a 35 day shutdown (meltdown) for nothing when he already had the funds and "already building the wall". Trump does more backflips than an olympic gymnast.

  19. Jack o'Donnell: "they're settting the stage for him to blame EVERYBODY but himself" So what, that's Don the Con's normal mode of operation. The OPPORTUNITY is for both major parties to kick the toddler-in-chief out of office.

  20. Trump has No Idea about governing a huge complex Organization such as a Country, so he becomes a Sock Puppet for all hardline Conservative Commentators who walk away blameless for goading him into making self-damning unwise decisions. He's silly putty in the hands of anyone Smarter than him.

  21. Classic Crook and Con Man.
    I hope Spanky PeeBrain will establish a precedent of declaring a National Emergency for HIS wall. Then, the next Democratic President can declare a National Emergency and eliminate and obliterate the NRA, which stands for Newly Russian Agents.

  22. Republicans have won so many since Trump was elected its no problem for them to throw Democrats this one bone. Im really gonna feel sorry for them when they hear MUELLER HAS NOTHING. Lol Dont believe me? Head over to the NBC website and check it out yourself.

  23. Roy Cohn taught Trump (Roy was his mentor) three things. 1. When you're in the wrong NEVER apologize. And he doesn't ever. 2. When you've done something wrong (like want six teenage black boys killed who were innocent but still got six years of prison! They were innocent. Look up their story here on YT. It will make you furious. No evidence at all.) 3. If you're in the wrong and someone sues you for a million dollars, you sue them for ten million! And Trump's done it over and over. Look up the video's of the contractor's of his casino's and his accountant who told him to not buy the last one because it would compete with the other two. Trump fired the man. Many lawyers won't work for him. They don't know if they'd get paid for one thing and for another they don't want to be labeled in history as traitors like Trump's administration will be. Not one of them are qualified for the jobs they have. Betsy is the only one who admits she bought her job. And the only qualification she has is that she's a billionaire. We are not functioning because we have immoral and unethical people at the helm and one very spoiled brat who averages ten lies a day. He just wants a wall he can stamp his name on. He's worked for decades to get that hotel in Moscow and Putin turns him down every time. Why? Because Putin knows how horrible a businessman Trump is. And he doesn't want his puppet too close to him. He's wants Trump to be the traitor he is but Putin hates that Trump is a traitor. 🙁 And he doesn't care who knows it any more. He's stolen billions himself so he doesn't care if America implodes. He has Hitler dreams. 🙁 Songs

  24. Clue, is in the slip-ups, "Where we are building existing wall" Trumps has really trying to take credit for the fence that's was already built during Obama administration. Not that I condone the building of a fence in the first place. But it is funny watching Trumps trying again to take credit for something someone else did, and seeing it backfire in his face.

  25. The MAGA supporters shown up for what they are, dopes, liars and fools for listening to Donald Trump. He can not run a business. HE is a MOB boss., Make a office you can not refuse.

  26. Intertesting how someone can say that another person isn't good at negotiating yet the person who is bad mouthing the one who is President. He was selected out of 16 candidates and go against a female "deserved it" and then doesn't take a salary and proven his negotiating skills that others did not have. But again, he flew around the nation and went to the people in places Bill told his wife to go. TRUMP is a negotiator and you can't negotiate with someone who isn't going to or wants to. It takes 2 parties to call it a negotiation. The opposition from the beginning said they are not going to negotiate with Trump. Once he has a side to negotiate with then he negotiations can begin. He has a very wealthy company and he owns lots of places around the world and has to negotiate with all kinds and different cultures that are willing to negotiate. If they don't want to negotiate then no negotiating is even able. But of course criticism because this guy was trumped like the other 16 candidates that got booted.. but aside from this guy's view. He isn't President. Nuff said!!

  27. The only person Trump is negotiating with is Vladimir Putin in those secretive one on one meetings. Wire him up so we know what he’s giving away, then lock him up for treason!

  28. Trump was such a fool to talk about how "proud" he was to have itreferred to as the "Trump Shutdown". He really misjudged it when he thought he was going to look like a hero for putting people out of work.

  29. Hopefully President Elect Trump declare a justified emergency to build the wall. Red neck Democrats do nothing to make America better, but only make it worse and are red neck obstructionist. Idito democrats.

  30. Besides his base, the current folks loving trumpturd now are Venezuelans who are waiting for trump to "free" them from maduro's tyranny. Let's see how this "deal" goes. WE ALL know how trumpturd's past deals have ended up.

  31. Trump doesn't care about a wall. Never cared about a wall. Like he told Mexico's president, it's actually the least important thing. It's just a political pigskin. So, why does he want to declare an EMERGENCY to get funding? Contractors are planning on a billion being lost in the shuffle. I just wish there were still legal consequences for the rich.

  32. ppl gotta STOP calling it "a loss"! rather than calling it "caving" they aughta spin it in a way that makes him feel like HE'S the victor in all this. he said so himself "its all about getting the deal U want". . . let him think he's won. make him believe that THIS is what HE wants.. cuz seriously, its what we all need & honestly, aint it about time that America does sumthing for the Americans, for a change?

  33. Yeah but in the bill, it is strictly defined that no barrier can be built in California, Texas or New Mexico, not to mention then they explicitly mentioned certain cities could not have any barrier built do they died his hands! IT IS AWESOME. The money is for Border Security lmao! Winning!

  34. What a bullshitter. He just loves to bash his gums in front of a camera or a crowd. Pathetic man, pathetic human being.

  35. tRump has failed over and over to negotiate with Dems. Since tRump only fails and can never win. He is trying to circumvent the system (i.e. cheat) by declaring a national emergency. This fake emergency is just another fact that exposes tRump weakness and inability to make deals.

  36. Hannity is nothing but another "Alex Jones" without all the yelling and the gravelly voice. He appeals to all the crazies and the uneducatable by preaching to them like their pastor would do…

  37. Tony Schwartz, the real author of ART OF THE DEAL, warned Americans he embellished stories about Trump to massage his ego..
    He has talked about that embellishment several times since.
    The Don is a phoney. Great bully and manipulator but not much else.

  38. his life has been having others do the real work and he took the credit. The Art of the Deal is case in point, as well as so many of the Trump named buildings. Others designed and built them, then leased the 'right' to put TRUMP on the face of them. He wants to do the same with this 'wall', as he has tried to do with the economic turnaround and all the things he listed at the beginning of his announcement.

  39. Traitor Trump's "negotiation ability" isn't a fallacy — it's flatly, obviously a lie, like the thousands of other documented lies Trump has told during his illegal occupation of the White House.

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