Trump Ignores Wall Street’s Losses and Global Fears of Recession

Trump Ignores Wall Street’s Losses and Global Fears of Recession

-Let’s get to the news.
Despite major Wall Street
losses yesterday
and global fears of a recession,
President Trump
tweeted today, quote,
“Consumers are in the best shape
Plenty of cash.
Business optimism
is at an all-time high.”
And then the mayor
from “Jaws” tweeted,
“Beach is open.
No sharks in sight.”
[ Laughter ]
Former Colorado governor
John Hickenlooper
announced today he is dropping
out of the presidential race
and released a three-minute
video thanking his supporters
by name.
[ Laughter ]
Jeff, I really
got to thank you, Jeff.
You were there for us
at each one of those polls.
Former President Barack Obama
has shared
his summer reading list.
Coming in at number one —
How to Tell Your Friend
You’re Not Endorsing Him.
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
According to reports, allies of
former Vice President Joe Biden
have suggested changing his
schedule so he has fewer events
in an effort to minimize
the number of gaffs
he’s making in speeches,
whereas in the White House,
they’re pretty much screwed
after 5:00 a.m.
[ Laughter ]
Presidential hopeful
Congressman Tim Ryan
held a fundraiser
in New York this week
that included a yoga class
and a breathing session.
Oh, that’s good because if he’s
looking to be President,
he should not hold his breath.
[ Laughter ]
According to medical examiners
in New York,
sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein
had a broken bone in his neck
that is more common with
homicidal strangulation
than suicide.
Then they added, “Also,
this is probably nothing,
but he was shot five times
in the head?”
[ Laughter ]
“Is it nothing?
Should I put it in the report?
No? Okay.”
The National Gallery in London
has unveiled newly-discovered
sketches by Leonard da Vinci
that were tucked under
one of his paintings,
and it turns out, he invented
that cool “S” thing.
[ Laughter ]
Today was “I Love Cowboys
and Cowgirls” Day.
This news was first reported
by a farmer telling his parents
he’s bi.
[ Laughter ]
Customs officials in Los Angeles
announced yesterday
they seized over 5,000
counterfeit luxury products,
including almost 700 pairs
of fake Nike shoes,
which is bad news for people who
thought they got a great deal
on a new pair of Air Gordons.
[ Laughter ]
And finally, a Thai woman was
sent to the hospital yesterday
after claiming she slipped
and fell on a cucumber,
causing it to end up
inside of her.
[ Laughter ]
Said her husband…
Said her husband,
“She’s had a rough week.
Just the other day, she slipped
and fell on the mail man.”
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Cheering and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Trump Ignores Wall Street’s Losses and Global Fears of Recession”

  1. So much cash that Barneys is closing it's stores and Bed, Bath &Beyond is bankrupt. Also 2019 says buh bye and welcome to bankruptcy to Gymboree, Things Remembered, Payless Shoes. And JCP is about there. Gap, closed 230 stores, Victoria's Secret closed over 50, Tesla will only sell online, 390 Family Dollar Stores, Caicos over 60 stores, SO MUCH WINNING? NO! BANKRUPTCY AND FAILURE JUST LIKE TRUMP.
    Also looks like GE is the next Euron with massive fraud. Vote the Republicans out.

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  3. trump is a narcissistic psychopath racist liar who lies and inspires white supremacy terrorism. He’s stupid. He knows nothing.

  4. It is, of course, idle to point out books Trump has not read, since it appears possible that he has never read any, at least as an adult. Nevertheless, someone might want to read John Galbraith's "The Great Crash: 1929" to him. That way, at least he would know what NOT to say, such as "Conditions are fundamentally sound".

  5. Actually, when you think about it, are we really surprised a Cheeto chip that bankrupted multiple of his own businesses also bankrupted the country when made president?
    Are we really that surprised?!

  6. He is playing the market and adding millions to his fortune, when the market is going up right away he tweets ahh negotiations with China are not going well and the market spirals to hell ahh chin Ching all the way to the bank ha ha ha nice guy only cares about himself.

  7. The US economy has a fair way to fall yet but,there are some worrying signs out there eg.short term bonds returning better yields than long term ones.

  8. There's one thing conspiracy theorists should keep in mind about the Epstein death: It's more common in homicides, but isn't impossible in suicides. So it can happen in suicides as well.

  9. There's one thing conspiracy theorists should keep in mind about the Epstein death: It's more common in homicides, but isn't impossible in suicides. So it can happen in suicides as well.

  10. If you want a good tidbit on the mega hats, please take time to view video #335 Lena Rodriquez. It popped up today on YouTube.
    The first few minutes she gives good info on current affairs in America and Austria. I promise you, you will burst into laughter. 🤗😅😂🤣🙋

  11. I'm not a "shoe guy" by any means, but is it weird that I really want a pair of Air Gordons? If not just to take my mind off the simultaneous shitstorm/dumpster-fire that our country is right now?

  12. Global fears of recession Bullshit.

  13. Love the cucumber and mailman story…. that's a story right, not a joke….
    I'm a mail man, I love when that happens to me…

  14. What do people think the is supposed to say. If he says " it's fucked" everyone would be saying" it's all Trumps fault for not trying to put faith in the market".

  15. Not a single person on this entire post has been personally effected by anything trump has done. You’re all a bunch of TDS whack jobs. I’m not saying he’s the best thing to happen to the United States but he’s not that bad. Way better then Obama that’s for sure. It’s gonna be a long,very long next few years for you guys. Can’t even come up with a single democrat nominee that stands a chance against him. Not a one.

  16. What kind of dictator spewing nonsense is trump tweeting now? He sounds like an idiot. Sooner or later, he’ll figure out that the American people are not as stupid as he thinks they are.

  17. Biden is sundowning, Trump is years past clear hours.

    There's one 31 cases of the hyoid breaking when not strangulation

  18. This shameless man takes weekly trips to his properties, worth $3.5 million, on our dime! ⛳💵
    What true American thinks Trump gives a damn?

  19. On showing in the UK they cut the final joke about the Thai cucumber woman. And probably not because it was a truly terrible joke!

  20. If your starving to death Trump will hand you an empty plate and say "no your not hungry your full look you ate all your food."

  21. For one week straight American need to go on social media and post Obama videos of him giving speeches, with children , with Michelle. Flood it ! He will lose his mind! He is so clueless. He jumped on Obama’s economy recovery and screwed that up. It’s now all him. America is turning out to be another one of his bankruptcies.

  22. Maybe its because wages in our country suck! Politicians sold us out with Free Trade (NAFTA) then every company in the U.S. ran to China or Mexico. Some decided to stay and continue to threatened small towns with the idea of leaving. Like the Jeep plant threatens Toledo. Which means more tax breaks. Next we created the philosophy of "pull yourself by your boot straps and make something " if we all were busy making our own thing no one would eat. Because who the hell would farm or work for someone else to make the products we enjoy? After that the government turns a blind eye to illegals flooding the human capital market, turning wages even further down and making benefits dry up. Or maybe it's the fact that our environment is dying. Lake Erie and Maumee River filled with gross green algae, then all the great lakes infested with Asian carp. We cant drink our own water or eat the fish in our own waters. Another possible candidate is since Nixion we've been off the gold standard which means the dollars in your pockets have the same value as how many Charizards exist. Yeah…I hope Pokemon stays popular like my dollars. The problem is over 50 years of terrible government and people being to complacent with the decay. No one could imagine Detriot dying.. is your town next? All I can hope for, and all I can hope for you, the reader of this comment is you educate yourself to the best of your ability. Our nation, our republic stands on the backs, of the people as long as we understand how to keep it.

  23. You people are shallow thinking ID1OTS. 🤔😂😂😂 Bwhahahahaha!!! MOR0NS!! Trump wins by loosing as often as he wins by winning.
    Understand, that I'm a Trump supporter who is ALSO praying for a recession. It would be all the mandate our total awesome president would need to systematically and permanently expunge this nation of all ELEVEN MILLION illegals, send all the foreign work visas home, and quadruple the tariffs. Any leftist congressional leader who tries to block these activities will find themselves having to explain it to a pitchforks and torches type, absolutely livid mob. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let there be a recession. You guys really are dopes. I hope there's a recession as it will absolutely hand us all three branches of government and then we can make permanent fixes to this country.

  24. It's fine, Trump and his supporters don't know how to process facts and numbers. They think one thing and one thing only.

  25. I like it when Don the Commie is "trump-splaining" something and he realizes he doesn't know enough about the subject, and goes into his woody-allen hand gestures. Finishing by telling us that it was Clinton's fault (or Obama) and stating that only he can fix it. Trouble is: he is not a comedian -but a poor excuse for a president*.

  26. When it comes to child abusers like Epstein and one sees that he has multiple stab sounds in his back the logical conclusion is it is the worst case of suicide that anybody has ever seen.

  27. The market is way up since this video was made, just like we all knew it would be. You idiots can keep wishing for a recession, but it isn’t going to happen. When we focus on nationalism over globalism, we make more money and we don’t ship the wealth overseas. If Biden wins the White House, then there will surely be a recession, because he’s in the bag for China.

  28. Non-partisan post: Now that a new election cycle is upon us, a plethora of political groups are seeking donations, including obscure, even nefarious, organizations. When every dollar counts, it's crucial your gifts directly benefit your party. To that end, consider donating directly to your party's official National Committee. Also, remember to contact your county Elections Office to register to vote and to arrange to vote by mail or in person.

  29. Here goes Dumbnold Chump again trying to take credit for Obama's work. Because just having focus on a wall, talking to a dictator in Korea, blaming everything on anybody except himself, sex scandals, no mentioning of policies whatsoever, being a racist and being completely clueless of running a country is not going to equal a great economy.

  30. Ok that bone is broken 35% of the time in strangulations, and 25% of the time in hangings. It's still very likely to break in suicides.

  31. I'm an equity derivatives trader. We are fucked. That is all. The global economy is dead and cannot be saved. Kudos to those who have been stacking preparing.

  32. 8 years of Bernie and warren.
    Then 8 more as warren and Bernie….
    Marathon legislation!
    Maybe most of the Republicans will move to any other country.

  33. He will try to implode our economy . I have been saying this since he was running in 2016. No one believed me. I don't doubt he will "try it", but it will bounce back right away by the next day.

  34. What is the point of a recession I mean doesn't it simply show the system we are currently using is broken.. It's not like oh yes 1 country is in recession other benefiting no everyone tanks.. Ppl are no longer creating or producing anything.. clearly our system needs an update..

  35. Trump's proposal to settle U.S. and global markets – buy Greenland! Never mind that it isn't actually for sale…

  36. Hey America, how does it feel having a bully who suffers from syphilitic dementia in charge of your finances?

    "Real Americans stand on their own two feet" – "socialism is a disease"

    Gives billions in taxpayer dollars to farmers suffering from his trade war………. And openly admits to never paying taxes.

    Charlatan, trust fund baby, draft dodger, silver spooner, multiple bankruptcies, wants to f*** his youngest daughter.

    Self declared "stable genius" – makes up words regularly and claims he has "the best words".

    This is who represents America on the foreign stage?

    The Republican Party will never recover from this, they're done.

    America will never recover from this, they're done.

    Russia has finally won, and it's all thanks to Trump voters.

    Don't forget to wear your MAGA hat in the Gulag.

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