Trump keeps referring to himself in the third person

Trump keeps referring to himself in the third person

-There’s never been a president
like President Trump. Stay on point, Donald,
stay on point. No side tracks, Donald. Nice and easy.
Nice. Probably nobody was has been
more out there than Donald Trump. Nobody’s ever taken more
incoming than Donald Trump. Nobody knows politicians
better than Donald Trump. Nobody respects women
more than Donald Trump. Nobody would be tougher
on ISIS than Donald Trump. Nobody has greater respect for
intelligence than Donald Trump. Who knows more about
the the word “apprentice”
than Donald Trump? Who knows Pennsylvania better
than Donald Trump? Nobody’s — in the history
of this country has ever known so much about
infrastructure is Donald Trump. You wouldn’t even be hearing
about the word immigration if it wasn’t
for Donald Trump. Trump was able to get them
to give something, I don’t know what the hell
it was, but it doesn’t matter. If Putin likes Donald Trump,
guess what, folks? That’s called an asset
not a liability. There is nobody that feels
stringer about the intelligence community
and the CIA than Donald Trump. Eighteen angry Democrats
that hate President Trump. They hate him with a passion. Nobody’s been tougher on Russia
than Donald Trump. Nobody has done more for
Israel than Donald Trump. Nobody more pro 2nd Amendment
than Donald Trump. Nobody has treated the farmers
better than Donald Trump. They’ll have a 15-minute
segment, Trump, Trump. Trump this, Trump that,
Trump that. Names that you interview
and say, “Oh, Trump,
Trump, Trump.” Ah, could be Trump. Yeah, yeah. Trump, Trump.
Oh, yeah, Trump. China has total respect
for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump’s
very very large brain. They go Trump, Trump, Trump,

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  1. What to do if there's a nuclear bomb attack against the U.S.A., some people might not like those gang criminals, I don't have my nuclear bomb shelter ready yet. The U.S. might not be a nuclear bomb ready country.

  2. Outside the US echo chamber this is exactly what the watching world sees and hears.. thankfully the asylum under the lunatic is crumbling..

  3. There's much too much of Trump.
    In his mindset, everything he does now is about getting re elected. He doesn't care for the woes he has brought upon the nation nor his foreign affairs policies.

  4. Remember he used to call in to radio shows and promote himself under other names……total genius. ! Next…he'll blame himself and call it fake news. Donald DUH

  5. Trump tells four liberal congresswomen to ‘go back’ to their countries. President Trump’s rhetoric of national ethnic cleansing has ushered white supremacy into the mainstream. Therefore, we must look at Trump’s rhetoric of “filth,” painting immigrants as both unclean and “criminal. President Trump claims black people love his comments about Baltimore, I doubt it. Trump pitches black voters: 'What the hell do you have to lose?' they have a lot to lose, because for the lenght of time he has already been in office, he has done nothing for blacks. An Oral History of Trump’s Bigotry

    His racism and intolerance have always been in evidence; only slowly did he begin to understand how to use them to his advantage. Instances of bigotry involving Donald Trump span more than four decades. The Atlantic interviewed a range of people with knowledge of several of those episodes. Their recollections have been edited for concision and clarity. Trump wanted no blacks in his apartments, but he is bending over backwards to get black votes, by trying to con and brainwash them, talking about what do they have to lose. In this comment he proved what he feels about blacks. ELYSE GOLDWEBER: I went to a place called Operation Open City. What they had done was send “testers”—meaning one white couple and one couple of color—to Trump Village, a very large, lower-middle-class housing project in Brooklyn. And of course the white people were treated great, and for the people of color there were no apartments. We subpoenaed all their documents. That’s how we found that a person’s application, if you were a person of color, had a big C on it. He actually had them put a letter see on the black application, so the black person, could rent one of his apartments. Any black that puts trust there is crazy. You mean nothing to him except your vote. BARBARA RES: As far as discrimination, he wouldn’t discriminate against somebody who had $3 million to pay for a three-bedroom apartment. Eventually he had some very unsavory characters there. But if you read John O’Donnell’s book [Trumped! The Inside Story of the Real Donald Trump—His Cunning Rise and Spectacular Fall, written with James Rutherford and published in 1991], Trump talked about how he didn’t want black people handling his money; he wanted the guys with the yarmulkes. He was very much the kind of person who would take people of a religion, like Jews; or a race, like blacks; or a nationality, like Italians, and ascribe to them certain qualities. Blacks were lazy, and Jews were good with money, and Italians were good with their hands—and Germans were clean. Calls blacks lazy . These young men were found to be innocent after the real criminal confessed and they found the real evidence. But Trump still wanted these 4 black men and 1 hispanic to get the death penalty. And that's not being racist. Anybody should be able to see, that only vote matter to him, not this country or it's citizens. Look at the promises he made those farmers , now lookmwhats happening to them. American Farmers: Denounce Donald Trump & His Lies! “Donald Trump’s trade wars have caused tremendous suffering among American farmers.Donald Trump has offered them nothing but empty promises and lies. So far nothing has improved for anyone, and it's pretty sad that a president would visit a city where 22 people died, and showed no remorse for them, by using the baby of two deceased people for a publicity stun, by having his wife hold him. There was no compassion for any of these mexicans or blacks who lost there lives in Texas and Dayton Ohio. He made it all about him, talking about how many had came to his rallies. Wow that was horrible, to disrespect these people like this. People better wake up and see the writing on thw wall, things will not get better only worse. Because no real help is being given now, so what would make you think things will improve in 2020 ?

  6. Just because he pretends to be president doesn't mean he doesn't have a mental disorder. Think how dangerous that could be for us all

  7. No just like the Central Park Five; we have an Impostor; a White Racist Triple K Wannabee President through a fluke who became an illegitimate President. A Club 54 Viet Nam Draft Dodger who was never for the People or for the People and his Greedy Family. The Klown should be IMPEACHED LIKE YESTERDAY!!!!!

  8. Nobody has done more anything than Donald Trump.
    My favorite was "I'm the least racist person you know…"
    Which is odd, since I'm convinced my mom is less racist than he is.
    She ISN'T racists and he IS. Using basic math I come up with an unequal sign somewhere…

  9. yeah I'll be Martin Baron there's only one person that knows that name I'll be Martin Baron how about that let me look at your text and talk to you or you talk to me how crazy I am right Martin Baron okay I'll be Martin Baron

  10. Nobody is as incredible a person as donald trump, according to donald trump. The rest of us know the exact opposite is true.

  11. There is something unbalanced, off, and beyond the realm of NORMAL for anyone to constantly refer to themselves in this way. Besides being evil, this may be a case of multiple personality disorder.

  12. Eerie Eerie exposition of Trump referring to himself as a character, writ large, in his own mind, while acting out that character in real life, in his own mind. Thank you WP.


  14. I want that in the United States held a trial about the word "homophobia."

    This word was coined in US universities associated with the US Democratic Party and Obama. For the manipulation of society and the elimination of political competitors.

    Homophobia against any person is a libel from which many US citizens suffered.

    For the court: a phobia word is a diagnosis of mental disorder, for this reason it is illogical for people with mental disorders to be punished with fines or prison.

    With the help of political pressure and their influence, the democratic party achieved that in Brazil and Switzerland people are imprisoned for "homophobia", while we understand that any phobia is a disease. If phobia is a disease, how can prison help? Fight against dissent? !!

    All involved in the creation of a lie about "Homophobia" should be held criminally responsible as fraudsters. Americans suffered from the corrupt Obama, who served the Bilderberg club.

    And so respectable court, I will continue. Ladies and gentlemen jurors, you are all a bit shocked of course by the fact that the former US president, a member of the Bilderberg club, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama who started the war in Syria and lost to the dictator Asad turned out to be a corrupt deceitful politician.

    Yes, it is, money rules the world, and Barack Obama turned out to be no exception.

    How to prove ?

    Let's ask defendant Barack Obama why he forgot about American homeless people, orphans, single mothers? Why do homosexuals matter?

    Because among homosexuals there are no unhappy people for a long time, among them there are millionaires and billionaires who pay money to corrupt politicians.

    Agree to the jurors, this is some sort of truth. Lobbying, lobbying, lobbying everything is well paid, party contributions, sponsors …

    What really is homosexuality? Everyone can answer this question for himself! Because there is a freedom of opinion, freedom of speech and democracy that allow you to do this. And here and now I am defending your rights to freedom of opinion, from cynical attackers.

    What is homophobia? This is a label that is hanged on a person, so that no one else will be noo friendly with them, that is, an attempt to provide an impression on a citizen through offensive labels on the scale of a state machine.

    How many of you can say that the Apostle Paul is "homophobic"?

    The apostle Paul tells us from the pages of the Bible that homosexuality is very bad.

    Do you believe the Apostle Paul ?

    Do you lay your hand on the Bible in court? The Apostle Paul speaks from the page of that very Bible to you. Read what is written there, it is written for you.

    Do you believe Barack Obama is getting money from the sponsors of their homosexual party ? What is to check, I ask the court to ask the defendant Barack Obama.

    How many homosexuals sponsor the US Democratic Party? What kind of sums in lobbying homosexuality ?

    And so we found that homophobia is a lie, a cynical lie. Let's see what Liberalism is.

    Communism Fascism Liberalism, I put in one row is not by chance.

    Liberalism promotes abortions among girls, liberalism defends the rights of a drug addict to drug use, liberalism deals with LGBT propaganda among young people. It is clear that liberalism is a crime against humanity.

    Defendant Barack Obama refused to answer all the questions posed.

    I am addressing these questions to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, please invite them to the court to give testimony on the "homophobia" and all the senators of the US Democratic Party.

    I also want to ask them if they are considering a proposal for punitive medicine in the USA for all patients for "homophobia"? After all, any phobia is a clinical case.

    From the speech on the Internet

    Emperor Sergius (predicted by Iona of Odessa)

  15. The size of one's brain does mean they have more intelligence. He's trying to make us believe he has several personalities living in his enormously large brain.

  16. "I take the Fifth Amendment on the grounds it may incriminate me". "Which one of you?" "I'm not sure. Maybe it's Donald Trump".

  17. Thank G__ there has never been another like DT…I agree God wanted him to occupy The WH…The world needed to wake-up about people like him and push back about this kind of insanity, vulgar rude behavior, racism and bigotry.

  18. Trump lives in a fake reality and is the best con man. Trump has fooled all his supporters just made them into mindless fools.

  19. Donald BONESPUR Trump – making America a joke around the world.
    America is so entertaining. A reality show comedy.

  20. As failed as this government is now if any of you Sheeple still support and agree with ANY of it you’re failed also

  21. There is a great need for Trump to understand that President Trump must go, nevertheless there are problems for Trump to understand that, because he is one of the last great admirers of President Trump. Interesting is to be seen, how long Trump support President Trump.

  22. The name Trump will mostly be remembered for one thing. Cheap knockoff attempts at bonafide excellence…which almost always resulted in electroplate, deceit and mediocrity.

  23. Yet another sign of an extreme narcissist – history will not remember this "president" fondly, he will be a cautionary tale for future generations about hate and divisiveness.

  24. He's just preparing for who he's going to blame when no one else is available. I can just hear him saying, "Nobody screws up like Donald Trump. Yup it's all his fault not mine."

  25. Julius Caesar reincarnated? self-aggrandizement is what they both have in common but Caesar wrote a book in 3rd person and Trump can't even read, much less write.

  26. Damn! What was all the past presidents doing in the oval office. Nobody has done anything except Donald Trump! 😂😂😂😂 I cant even say that with a straight face! 🤣😂🤣

  27. Who the hell does he think he is, Bob Dole? At least Dole is explainable, what is Bone Spurs' excuse? If he's so special, why isn't he Dead?

  28. I've known other assholes who referred to themselves in the third person. It's best to just ignore them, unfortunately….

  29. IQ45-to-English free dictionary:

    "People are saying…" = "I made this up just now…"

    "Many people are saying…" = "I made this up yesterday…"

    "Obama/Hillary did this…" = "I did this…"

    "Nobody knows that…" = "I just found out 5 minutes ago that…"

    "Everyone knows that…" = "I'm totally lying about…"

    "I did this…" = "I didn't do this…"

    "I didn't do this…" = "I did this…"

    "I didn't say that…" = "I said this multiple times on live television…"

    "I never knew Putin…" = "I have had a long-term relationship with Putin for years…"

    "They are trying to…" = "I fantasized about…"

    "I am declaring…" = "I am circumventing US Law with…"

    "The press is the enemy of the People…" = "I love Stalin."

    "The fake news…" = "The media reporting what I actually say and do on camera…"

    "That's fake news…" = "That's completely true and I love Stalin."

    "I made this…" = "I am taking credit for this…"

    "This never happened…" = "I made this happen on live TV…"

    "Nobody knows more than me about…" = "I have absolutely no clue about…"

    "I am the least…" = "I am the most…"
    "I am the most…" = I am the least…"
    "I have always…" = "I started doing today…"

    "He's a real nice guy…" = "He gave me a compliment to boost my ego…"

    "The election is rigged…" = "It's only fair if I win…"

    "I have the biggest…" = "I have the smallest…"

    "My brain…" = "My ego…"

    "Nobody has ever heard of…" = "I never heard of…"

    Did I miss anything?

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