Trump Lost His Mind With This Stupid Question

Trump Lost His Mind With This Stupid Question


100 thoughts on “Trump Lost His Mind With This Stupid Question”

  1. So Trump is stupid and the losers in this comment section are all Mensa members? Typical ignorant smug buttfucking liberals. Still living with their parents but y'all WOKE as fuck!!!

  2. Didn't they just go into Hawaii several years ago, depose the Queen and take over rule of the islands? Or is my history wrong?

  3. The scary thing is how many of his mentally impaired supporters would also take this purchase seriously. Watch a rally response to such an absurdity. They probably are thinking of all Greenland’s natural resources as supplying more fuel for their Winnebagos as well as their other climate compromising indulgences. Problem is maybe they will all drown first due to the rapid melting of Greenland’s glaciers before they have a chance to use any of this island’s oil & possibly Uranium.

  4. Would somebody please explain it to Trump? Decent people feel something called patriotism. This means that they are not willing to sell their countries when they need a few bucks nor are they willing to sell their countries out.

  5. Two things. All 50,000 are probably white and think of all the space he could put Latinos in, excuse me, bad hombres in. A double win in Trump's eyes.

  6. Just a ploy to grab the news cycle. Best thing to do is just ignore him. Unfortunately he is a train wreck we can’t seem to look away from…

  7. Looking ahead Greenland will thaw. The ice will be gone and all that virgin land can be given out to oil and other mining interests probably for pennies on the dollar. That's what big campaign contribution can get you these days.

  8. I request that please stop running footage of him lumbering around in front of the camera. Hes fat, ugly, his mouth is always shaped like an anus attempting to expel a turd and his tiny hands doing that pushing away intelligent thoughts and questions hurled at him is repulsive. Im so beyond sick of him, everything about him is nauseating and revolting. Dont make us see or hear it anymore. Thank you.

  9. Not that I would want to wish such a terrible thing on the people of Greenland, but is there a possibility he will might move there?

  10. Of course, you can buy a territory like Greenland as long as it is for sale. President Harry Truman offered Denmark $100 million for Greenland in 1946, and President Andrew Johnson considered buying both Greenland and Iceland in 1867. In 1917, the US bought the Danish West Indies for $25 million and renamed them the US Virgin Islands. So this idiot, john Iadarola, has no fucking idea what he is ranting about.

  11. Kinda like buying a home? Past owners move out and new owners move in… Except if you buy the land you buy everything that comes with it.

  12. Hahaha! He obviously thought the Danes smiling and being polite when he visited Denmark meant he could get one passed them. I don't think the Danes would hand over Greenland like they did the Virgin Islands (which still feel connected to Denmark btw). There's a strong connection to Greenland in Denmark and vice versa which happens when you are an autonomous sovereign state in the Kingdom of Denmark. Queen Margrethe II would not be amused.

  13. Ya know what has a trillion tons of exploitable resources? The moon, we should go buy it and mine all that moon gold.

  14. Just said stupid things for created another fake news for coverup people question about Epstein body if he died.
    How people believe that when all co-workers of Epstein criminals ring are free and some of them like that evil Maxwell posing for photographers in restaurant.

  15. Buy one premium country, get a shithole country of your choice for 50% off. That’s right! Fifty percent off! While supplies last…

  16. This man Trumpy is still a teenager! His IQ is very low! por guy! He must be miserable inside! What a living!

  17. Unfortunately, I do not think DT is mad. Excentric and irresponsible yes, but not mad. It would be beneficial for the US to buy Greenland. The Danish Government tries to bend it into invest in Greenland, but that can be the same thing for the people that live in Greenland. If I lived there and DT showed interest I would be really scared. DT does not care about the environment and long term solutions and does not care about (poor) people. He and his billionaire friends could ruin the whole area. He is not the only one who dreams of colonies and would want to bring the old times back, we have this kind of people in the UK (England) as well, they voted for Brexit and will hurt our and their economy for a while, which will bring instability and could cause a war (for example the backstop in Ireland). So I am not laughing. I hope DT shuts up and does not say more scary things.

  18. Why not start by making Puerto Rico a real state, I am sure they would like to be able to vote for the national election

  19. We bought the Louisiana Territory, and Alaska. The U.S. Virgin Islands also (from Denmark, I think) I don't know what the deal was with Puerto Rico and Hawaii, did we buy those? I recently heard that Harry S. Truman had looked into the prospect of buying Greenland.
    But I think this whole thing is just another Trump distraction. The people there don't talk American.

  20. Montana wants to join Canada, and this asshole thinks Greenland wants to be part of the USA..
    What a massive douche!!

  21. Let's put this in perspective China is about ready to buy us! We need to get the orangutan out of the White House!

  22. I think I understand where he got the idea. He always thought Puerto Rico was a foreign country full of brown people. (A S—HOLE country as Trump describes them.) Suddenly, people are telling him that it is part of the United States. He figures, "I guess we own that country now. Let's do it again. Can we get another one? One with white people in it this time? Someone get me an atlas." After a brief search, he decided on Greenland. To us, this is moronic. To Trump, this makes perfect sense.

  23. Remember Seward's folly. Alaska was bought from Russia. Best purchase ever. If you read between the lines you don't have to be as retarded as the host. You wouldn't be buying all of Greenland. You'd buy a reserve of land somewhere. "Look into it". Means exactly that. What are the logistics. At least he's not just sitting around doing talk shows like Obama did and sayi g anything more is above his pay scale

  24. Trump takes actions, does things accomplishes things. The rest of em just BS, are smooth talkers, look sophisticated and do absolutely nothing except act like royalty and look forward to retirement and living like royalty. Trump does, he takes action. He acts like he's got a pair.

  25. Don't get me wrong – Trump is an idiot.
    But don't mock him about this too much. Actually, there were two times (after WWII) that the US tried to aquire Greenland. This would be the third – although the world is completely different now in terms of aquiring sovereign lands. It would be a huge strategic win if we did have it though. However, it's a flight of fancy at this point. Trump is crazy, but don't go too overboard on the actual sense of getting Greenland, just stick to Trump's desire for it because someone put that bug in his ear.

  26. Djackass Drumpf says he's great at building, I don't think he knows the difference between a brick from a cinderblock! I'm quite sure he couldn't manage the building of a birdhouse with directions! What I do know is that in every one of his previous marriages he built a wall between him and his ex wives!

  27. I think he wants a bigger island than Eptsteine. Let Trump buy it with his own money. Maybe he wants to put several resorts in Greenland. I sure hope Greenland won't let him in.

  28. Well is he wasn’t that smart and he didn’t have all this ideas by himself , why he is the one with money and build a big real state business and wrote a book and on the top despite all people garbage , he is today the president of USA , not matter all those who mocking him and keep talking shit , and hate him so much and envy him too , not matter all the people jokes and laugh he is the one sit on the big chair and sleeping in the white house , man after this there is nothing else to archive in life , he went on the top , while we are down the bridge including all those who lee criticizing him and claim to be smarter lol lol 😂

  29. Trump is as stupid as I thought he was. Born and raised on Long Island we know all about Trump’s dalliances and tabloid fodder- he was a joke then and he’s a joke now!

  30. Donald Trump has "succeeded" in business by screwing almost everyone he has come in contact with. He signs a contract with a sub and when it comes time to pay the bill he finds everything wrong with the job, refuses to pay, the sub most of the time can't afford to sue so they settle. Donald Trumps word means nothing. He runs his businesses into the ground and files bankruptcy leaving creditors and in some cases stockholders and employees high and dry. IF he has to pay any bills, it's pennies on the dollar and he walks away with millions. I got tired of hearing subs whine actually, it's not like, after a few years, that they didn't know. It's like a lot of things, they thought it would not be them. Well they found out soon enough.

    He imported labor for his clubs, and also hired illegals. Oh yes, nobody knew of course. Donald Trump will lie when the truth will do and it's all out there, it's no mystery. I so hope his tax returns are exposed. I remember Kellyanne Conjob , on CNN when she was running campaign for Ted Cruz talking about The Donald's returns. "We would certainly like to see those returns" and then The Donald buried Ted and Kellyann jumped ship in a nano second and then here she is when asked about The Donald's return, "he's not going to show those returns."

    He's gutting all our environmental protections. The plastic in OUR oceans comes form someplace else. Seriously? Yes, I know, some believe all he says. Now he wants Greenland to crap up.

  31. If Greenland ever became disenchanted with Denmark, their most likely association would be with the Canadian system of socialism, not American individualistic capitalism. No one survives in the arctic as an individualist.

  32. Are you a total idiot all the time? Imagine there are one or two things your pea-sized brain hadn't thought about…

  33. Can Trump come and buy Kenya?.I have Identified for him prime land. with quality underground water and Gold nuggets, from just 4000 feet deep.😃😃

  34. But I"m Donald Trump! I am really rich! I can buy anything! Why doesn't Denmark want to sell Greenland? Hell, I'd love for him to buy a desert island and move there!

  35. the price tag is 15 Trillion USD, for the crimean peninsula Putin is owning 1 Trillion USD to the Ukraine.

  36. Trump might be thinking about a Texas style take over of Greenland. First the independence declaration, next some forces will push Greenland towards becoming a new US State.

  37. Trump likes Norway…may be it is Time to negotiate with the norwegians before 2020 because by then the world would be healing from the curse named Trump.

  38. Trump and some of the Republicans have tried to exploit our national parks for their mineral rights and new mining claims are being sought after in the western states we need Greenland to restore our vacationlands and now wealthy Tourists can plan their next vacation to Greenland. It's not as far as Europe I don't think but I'm a dumbed down American who doesn't have time for such things. It has a lot of good stuff to look at. good.

  39. Just another distraction to take our eyes off of the real problems of this country. Like how are we, the American people, going to have confidence when we vote in 2020. Will honesty return to our elections by then???

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  41. Greenland is a territory of Denmark – not a country in its own right.

    I think Trump is excited by the idea that Greenland's ice sheet will melt and leave virgin real estate (the timescale for this to happen is, however, at least several centuries). Maybe the news about the Icelandic glacier confused him (Icelandic glacier and Greenland ice sheet – how different can they be?)

    Greenland is closer to Europe and Russia and a larger military presence there would extend US influence.

    In this scenario any resources or commercial opportunities would be a bonus.

    Trump might be inspired here by stories of Seward's jewellery box. Which was not so long ago (if we are thinking on centennial scales).

    Like many flights of insane fantasy it's not utterly illogical – the basic axioms are just not based in reality.

    It's not 1850 – Denmark won't sell – the ice sheet is melting quite rapidly but it's big and largely land-based (and thus more stable) so it will most probably not vanish for some time yet (unlike West Antarctica which could potentially go very quickly)

  42. Even if it was possible doesn't the US have enough debt????
    And this is all a smoke screen people. Get back to the real problems = racism, border, economy, Israel, Mueller Report, Russia etc, etc, etc.

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