Trump Says He’d Take Foreign Dirt on a 2020 Opponent: A Closer Look

Trump Says He’d Take Foreign Dirt on a 2020 Opponent: A Closer Look

-The President said in an
interview if he had the chance
to collude with
a foreign government in 2020,
he would do it.
For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]
You’d be forgiven for thinking
Donald Trump doesn’t actually
do that much work as president,
but you’d be wrong.
He’s got a very important job,
as we learned today
from an interview on ABC.
Trump is in charge
of picking new paint colors
for Air Force One.
[ Laughter ]
And he is very proud of that.
-George, take a look at this.
-Then, at the White House,
a surprise from the President —
the first look
at an updated aircraft,
a new look for Air Force One
that he designed himself.
-There’s your new Air Force One.
And I’m doing that for other
presidents, not for me.
-It’s scheduled
to arrive in 2024,
the exterior getting a makeover,
with a new red, white, and blue
paint scheme,
a departure from the iconic
blue and white.
-We had different choices here.
These are all
slightly different.
-All right. I think
I know what happened here.
Trump’s staff
just gave him a menu
with a bunch of airplanes on it
to keep him busy
while they run the government.
[ Laughter ]
You know, like how you give
a child at a restaurant
a placemat with a maze on it.
[ Laughter ]
You know, if you zoom in
on that image Trump is holding,
at the top, it says,
“Spot the difference.”
[ Laughter and applause ]
This right here —
This right here is the only part
of the job Trump loves —
feeling important, basking
in the trapping of the office.
In that same interview,
for example,
he and George Stephanopoulos
took a ride
in the presidential limo,
where Trump denied reports
that his own internal polls
show him trailing in key states.
-I asked the President
about those reports
that he’s trailing Biden
in the polls.
-Well, I don’t believe
those polls.
There’s no way
he beats me in Texas.
-But even your own polls
show you’re behind right now,
don’t they?
-No, my polls show
that I’m winning everywhere.
I don’t know.
-We’ve all seen these reports
that in 15 out of 17 states,
you spend $2 million on a poll,
and you’re behind
in 15 of 17 states.
-Nobody showed you those polls
because those polls don’t exist,
Those polls don’t exist.
-Oh, great. He’s back
to his [bleep] Jedi routine.
[ Laughter ]
Also, why are they
so close together?
[ Laughter and applause ]
Is this the presidential limo
or an Uber Pool?
“We’re picking up
two more people.
Can you guys kind of squinch
together back there?”
[ Laughter ]
Later in the Oval Office,
Trump was asked why he insists
on lying so brazenly
and so obsessively
about his poll numbers,
and he offered
an interesting self-assessment.
-Why does it bother you so much?
-Because it’s untrue.
I like the truth.
You know, I’m actually
a very honest guy.
[ Laughter ]
And even that statement
wasn’t honest.
When you say, “I’m actually
a very honest guy,
that’s the classic tell that
you’re not an honest guy.
Nobody who’s honest
says they’re honest.
The only people who claim
to be honest are car dealers,
personal injury lawyers.
You never hear someone say,
“Our charity builds houses
for the homeless
the honest way.”
[ Laughter ]
Trump just says this stuff
and thinks we’ll buy it
despite the fact
that we now have over 400 pages
of definitive proof that he
is not, in fact, an honest guy
in the form of Special Counsel
Robert Mueller’s final report.
And yet he just continues on
because he has no shame.
We’re so used
to Trump’s corruption now
that we could ask him
what he did today,
and he’d go,
“Oh, I had breakfast,
played a round of gold,
I shot a guy,
and then I saw the new
“Secret Life of Pets,”
and we’d say,
“Oh, is that any good?”
[ Laughter ]
And that’s what he did
last night
during the same interview on ABC
when he just
straight up admitted
that if he had the opportunity
to collude with a foreign
government again in 2020,
he would definitely do it.
-Your campaign this time around,
if foreigners — if Russia,
if China, if someone else,
offers you information
on an opponent,
should they accept it
or should they call the FBI?
-I think maybe you do both.
I think you might
want to listen.
I don’t think there’s
anything wrong with listening.
If somebody called
from a country — Norway —
“We have information
on your opponent.”
“Oh.” I think
I’d want to hear it.
-You want that kind of
interference in our elections?
-It’s not an interference.
They have information.
I think I’d take it.
-There it is.
He just said it.
The guy who has spent two years
scream tweeting “No collusion”
is now saying, “If anyone’s
down the collude, I’m your guy.”
[ Laughter ]
This guy has no shame.
If Trump had been President
during Watergate,
he would’ve left a business card
at the break-in.
[ Laughter ]
We have all this evidence
that Russia reached out to Trump
to collude, and now we have
Trump himself on the record
saying, “If Russia reached out
to me to collude,
I would do it.”
Normally, to get someone to say
they’d commit a crime like that,
you have to haul them down
to the precinct
and play good cop/bad cop.
Trump’s episode of “Law & Order”
would be about six minutes long.
Brisco and Green would walk
into his office,
and he’d go, “What’s up, guys?
You find that hooker I killed?”
[ Laughter ]
Seriously, why —
[ Applause ]
Why are we not just treating
this as a confession?
Just because he’s phrasing it
as hypothetical
doesn’t make it
any less damning.
If your co-worker at Burger King
turned to you and said,
“You know, I’m not saying
I ever done it,
but if someone dared me
to coat my balls in batter
and dip them in the deep-fryer,
I’d definitely consider it.”
[ Laughter ]
You’d call your boss and say,
“I think that we need
to replace the deep-fryer.”
[ Laughter ]
After that interview aired,
there was an uproar from,
you know, sane people
who think the President
shouldn’t go on TV
and tell people
he’s down to commit a crime.
Democrats renewed their calls
for impeachment,
so Trump hopped on Twitter
to defend himself
with a dumb argument
that was topped in its dumbness
only by a truly
mind-bending typo.
-He says, “I meet and talk to
foreign governments every day.
I just met with
the Queen of England, U.K.,
the Prince of Whales,”
which he spells wrong.
[ Laughter ]
He spelled it
like the marine mammal,
not like the country of Wales.
[ Laughter ]
He literally just met the guy.
Trump must have been
so disappointed.
“You’re not a whale.”
[ Laughter ]
“Where’s your blow hole?”
[ Laughter and applause ]
And then,
with that out of the way,
he continued with
his very stupid argument.
-“The P.M. of
the United Kingdom,
the P.M. of Ireland,
the president of France,
and the president of Poland.
We talked about everything.
Should I immediately
call the FBI
about these calls and meetings?
How ridiculous.
I would never be trusted again.”
-No one’s arguing you should
call the FBI after meeting
with the foreign leaders
as part of your actual job,
unless one of those leaders
does or offer something illegal.
And even then,
it depends what it is.
If you meet with Putin,
he says,
“We hacked
your opponent’s e-mails
and stole private information,”
then, yes,
you should call the FBI.
If you meet with the
Queen of England and she says,
“Want to take
a rip off this bong?”
I’d say play it cool.
Don’t dime on her, man!
[ Laughter ]
Don’t dime on the Queen.
[ Laughter ]
But the most important thing
to remember here is,
this is not
a random hypothetical.
Trump is actively inviting
Russia or China
or any other foreign government,
for that matter,
to actively intervene in
the 2020 election on his behalf,
and we know this because,
in 2016,
Russia’s military intelligence
agency, known as the GRU,
basically took directions
from Trump.
Remember when Trump said this?
-Russia, if you’re listening,
I hope you’re able to find
the 30,000 e-mails
that are missing.
I think you will probably be
rewarded mightily by our press.
-Well, according
to the Mueller report,
“Within approximately
five hours of Trump’s statement,
GRU officers targeted,
for the first time,
Clinton’s personal office.”
So it turns out
they were listening.
In fact, at this point,
I think the Russians
are the only ones who haven’t
tuned out Donald Trump.
The rest of us just ignore it,
and when we walk by a TV
and see Trump
on the White House lawn
next to the helicopter,
shouting at reporters,
red-faced, doing that
weird thing where he draws a box
with his hands for no reason,
waving around a random
piece of paper he pulled
out of his coat pocket
like he just got some positive
test results back.
“Good news — the doctors say
it hasn’t spread to my brain.
They say it comes
from my brain.”
So we know that the Russians
have already reacted
to an invitation from Trump
to interfere in the election.
That’s what makes Trump’s latest
comments so crazy.
It’s not hypothetical.
He knows they will try
to help him again,
and he’s signaling to them
that he’d welcome it.
In fact, in that same interview,
Trump actually mocked the idea
that he should call the FBI
if a foreign government
attempted to interfere
in an election on his behalf.
-Okay. Let’s put yourself
in a position.
You’re a congressman.
Somebody comes up and says,
“Hey, I have information
on your opponent.”
Do you call the FBI?
-If it’s coming from Russia,
you do.
-I’ve seen a lot of things
over my life.
I don’t think in my whole life
I’ve ever called the FBI.
-Oh, really?
Oh, really?
You haven’t?
Because I’m shocked to hear
that the famously corrupt
New York real-estate mogul
who owned Atlantic City casinos,
doesn’t pay his taxes,
has been sued
thousands of times,
and paid hush money to cover up
an affair with a porn star
doesn’t have
a great relationship
with law enforcement.
I just assume the only contact
Trump has ever had with the FBI
are anonymous faxes with letters
cut out from magazines.
[ Laughter ]
who are we kidding?
He would still
definitely sign it.
[ Laughter ]
But in many ways,
this moment was inevitable.
Trump and his aides have
been foreshadowing for months
that this was coming,
that they didn’t think
collusion was a crime,
and if they had the chance,
they would do it again.
Earlier this month,
Trump’s son-in-law,
Jared Kushner, said in
an interview that if he received
another e-mail from a foreign
government offering dirt
on a political opponent,
like he did in 2016,
he wasn’t sure
he would call the FBI.
-On June the 8th, 2016,
you were sent an e-mail
with an offer of help for the
Trump campaign
from the Russian government.
Why didn’t you pick up
the phoned and call the FBI?
It was an e-mail
that said Russia —
that said the Russian government
was trying to help.
Look, why didn’t you do that?
-The e-mail that I got on
my iPhone at the time
basically said,
“Show up at 4:00.”
I didn’t scroll down.
I never would have thought —
-It had “Russia”
in the subject line.
-Again, I would get about
250 e-mails a day,
and so I literally saw
“Show up at 4:00,”
I showed up at 4:00.
-Would you call the FBI
if it happened again?
-I don’t know.
It’s hard to do hypotheticals,
but the reality is
is that we were not
given anything
that was salacious.
-Okay. First of all,
the subject line of the e-mail
was literally
“Forward, Russia, Clinton,
private and confidential.”
I don’t care
how many e-mails you get a day.
That subject line sticks out.
It doesn’t matter
who it’s from.
If I see an e-mail that says
“Pottery Barn,
private and confidential,”
I’d be like,
“Ooh! What’s your secret,
Pottery Barn?”
[ Laughter ]
Trump aides
have basically been saying
a version of this for months.
Just last month,
his personal lawyer
and private vampire,
Rudy Giuliani, went on TV
and bragged about a bizarre plan
he had concocted
to go to Ukraine and dig up dirt
on the Russia investigation
and Joe Biden,
and he actually said
in an interview
that if he wanted to mettle
in the 2020 election, he could.
-President Trump’s
personal attorney Rudy Giuliani
planning to travel
to Ukraine soon.
“The New York Times” reports
he will ask that country’s
new president
to investigate the origin
of Special Counsel Mueller’s
Russian investigation.
Giuliani will also press Ukraine
to look into
Joe Biden’s son’s involvement
in a gas company owned by
a Ukrainian oligarch.
-The election of 2020
is a long time from now.
And if I wanted to meddle in
that election, which I don’t,
I could’ve held this for a year
and dropped it
right before the convention.
-Speaking of meddling,
I got to ask,
who’s meddling with your hair,
because this is what Rudy’s hair
normally looks like.
You really think the spray-on
hair is making you look younger?
You look like the guy
who gives you
your next assignment
in “Grand Theft Auto.”
[ Laughter ]
“You got to go to the police,
[ Laughter ]
Trump and the people around him
are actively inviting
the interference of a foreign
government in the 2020 campaign.
The only answer
to that is impeachment.
Democrats need to lay out
all the evidence
of Trump’s corruption
in a high-profile, public forum
for voters to see,
and when asked why,
they should quote Trump
and say…
-I like the truth.
-This has been
“A Closer Look.”
[ Cheers and applause ]

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