Trying Burger King’s NEW Impossible Whopper!!

Trying Burger King’s NEW Impossible Whopper!!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty
Food review
Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching. This is running an empty food review
I am your host the report of the week and welcome to in this newest video
This is a big release right here, you know, sometimes I like to play things up. I like to exaggerate
I like to joke around and say oh this is the biggest release of the year
But without a doubt this actually is quite a large release
The Burger King has finally gone ahead and they have released the impossible whopper
Nationwide and this is something that has been hyped up not just for days not just for weeks
But for months as a matter of fact, they’re interviewing newborn babies right now
They were saying they were indeed having visions of the impossible offer while still in the womb
So this is big. Okay. I just need to say that for the pure seriousness of this
This is massive
What is the impossible whopper pray tell?
Here’s what it is
You know one of the big I don’t even know if it’s the point where it’s even like a trend
anymore this might even just be an
evolutionary change in
Fast food as we know it who who’s to say honestly, but either way it’s being talked about it’s big
It’s popping up everywhere. You have a huge. I will call it a trend for the sake of for lack of a better word
You have lots of plant-based
burgers and sandwiches that are kind of popping up, you know the beyond
Meat, you know franchise a chain there you have all sorts of impossible derivative derivatives and so on
Burger King said look, I know we’re a burger place, you know
We serve usually the flame grilled beef patties or the chicken sandwich is right. We’re very meat and based
We are though going to cater toward those who would prefer not to eat that
Be that for health reasons for moral concerns you name it and thus the impossible whopper was born
It’s like a whopper sandwich
Comes with your tomatoes onions mayo ketchup pickles
Sesame seed bun. Here’s the thing though doesn’t have a beef patty
Instead it comes with a plant-based patty. Hence the
Impossible whopper title, how can it be a whopper if it’s not really a whopper?
That’s what they’re trying to say you can get this for five dollars and 59 cents marketed is vegetarian
Though many claim for it to be vegan. The one thing to keep in mind though
If you’re very you know
If you’re very like hard line about this
I do bear in mind that it oftentimes is cooked on the same grill as
Some of the the you know burgers and chicken is cooked on okay
You can buy request say look I want it cooked on a different grill and they’ll you know oblige and they’ll respect that request
So that’s what it comes down to
But otherwise it’s kind of like the real
Vegetarian alternative there give it a shot lots and lots of people are talking about it twice of this $5
59 cents and it was released today and it’ll be out until September first
So I’m gonna be figuring out what this tastes like what it’s all about
And we’re gonna go from there
All right
You can see
it comes in its own special wrapping, you know, the green green for the
Plants, you know impossible whopper it says right there
There I am holding it just flame grilled to perfection
Now look I gotta tell you all a story I was I was a little dismayed
Admittedly when it came down to obtaining the sandwich. I always like to say that fast food is two part deal
Okay, you go ahead and you eat the food right the quality what it tastes like
customer service is
is a factor to it right like you don’t like going to a fast food place and
dealing with horrible, you know terrible service or anything to that extent and
Man, I gotta tell you it was almost impossible to get the impossible
Whopper from Burger King. I have to just say it outright. Okay
Went over there
Tried to order it and the person first and foremost at the the drive-thru was so incredibly rude this it’s not on the menu
So, you know we try and say what could you check? All right, then go ahead
You know, they’re just they’re so angry like they were furious and I hear them
They’re there in the back making it the yelling profanities. They’re throwing stuff. It’s like they were in this literal rage
I I couldn’t believe it and
Then you know I hand the bag you’re seeing they just go, you know, that’s that’s their reaction
So the customer service?
at this Burger King that I got this impossible Whopper from
Was atrocious probably the worst I’ve ever seen if I would have rank that place as a level of customer service
It would actually get a zero out of ten. It was the worst I’ve ever seen for any fast food place
not only the disrespect, but of course the lack of professionalism and
Dignity as well
And that having been mentioned
You can have bad service and you can have a bad product or you can have bad
Service and a good product to and you’re kind of like you’re running the gauntlet figure this one out. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do
You’re gonna see
the first thing
And I need to do is I need to carefully inspect this burger and let me just tell you outright
I know this doesn’t sound good
But considering the circumstances if I find any spit on this, I’m not gonna eat it. I’m gonna refuse this review is over
so we’re just gonna
Inspect it and we’ll see what we have
But first, let me just hold the burger with a faux burger. I guess is what you’d call it up for you. I
mean, yeah, I
Mean that might be good enough right there
Move this to the side to knock it over. All right, here’s what it looks like. It’s a little bit of a cross-section
Right there. Let’s just inspect this I got to make sure I’m really
Concerned I’m I am you should have seen it furious. I’ve never seen anyone that angry over a burger or burger esque
You know, I even it looks similar to a whopper. I’ll tell you that. No, I don’t see any spit there
It does have the Mayo to catch up the lettuce all that stuff on the top bun
you do have your
Right there. We have the tomatoes. We got the pickles right there. Yeah, it’s like a whopper
Very similar to a walker with the pickles the lure lots and lots of pickles
Okay. Got your
onion strings right there and then
we have the
Patty that’s not really
Patty, you know, you know what I mean? It’s like and this is the coolest thing about it right? You can see right there
Supposed to
Mimic the beef patty but it isn’t it’s not really that patty which is fascinating fascinating when you look at it
all right, I
mean go
Reassemble it I think it’ll look as good. I think it’s safe
safe to eat
All right with that I apologize further delay. I’m excited to try this out
So I’m just gonna go for it the impossible Whopper from Burger King. It’s going in
No, I gotta say look
I’m just a few bytes in and the one thing that I really want to try out here is the patty right?
We know what all the other stuff tastes like. We know what the pickles tastes like
We know what all the other stuff tastes like, right?
It’s a special patty. That’s really the star of this dish and
I was amazed when I first saw it like how much it actually
legitimately resembled the burger patty to the point where I was thinking wait a minute they if they just messin me around and they just
Give me a whopper after all this
But no it tastes different
but it’s good and
That’s what gets me. I’ve got more to you after another couple bite
I’m just going to try this directly
Yeah, I’m pleasantly surprised to be honest, I think it’s actually pretty good for what it is like
What really it’s just still it’s a little mind-boggling the fact that they’re able to take this Patty
That’s us, you know of organic plant-based material
They make it literally look like it’s a beef patty. You know, I was literally I was thinking to myself. Wait a minute
Yeah, you sure that this isn’t beef I try it
Doesn’t taste like it. I’ll tell you this you are not going to get the two mixed up. Okay, the flame grilled whopper
Much different taste, okay
I mean the best this like has a flavor all of its own
And I know that sometimes very difficult when it comes down to explanation the best way it can put it
It seems to me like it’s a little drier
than the beef patties
Because there’s lots of condiments on it
Okay, you get the you know
You do get the tomatoes which are very juicy
You get the ketchup and the mayo and all that that gives it that moisture that you need
There’s no problems there, but the patty itself is a little drier than what I would normally
You would normally see with their beef patties taste wise own
It’s a very neutral flavor
the best way I’d put it I
would say
Got like this
Rich organic flavor to it
You know, that’s the best way to describe it again
It’s a very neutral. It’s again. It’s it’s got this a little bit of a chewiness – it’s got a texture to it also
It’s just it’s rich again. It’s got like this organic kind of earthy type of flavor to it, but not in a bad way
It’s like I’m saying that you’re eating dirt or anything like that
Okay, and it makes sense. It’s like kind of like a veggie burger in that sense
But of course, I think it’s done more professionally and it’s just it gives for a really unique interesting flavor
But I think from what it is from what they’re trying to go for right?
From what the point of this item was? I
Think they did a darn good job with it. I gotta tell you the truth despite the bad customer experience
the bad customer service and the
Nightmares that I’m sure will follow having tried to obtain this I think they did a good job at it. It tastes good
I’ll definitely eat this up. I’ll definitely order it again to be honest. I think for something where they’re trying to be more health-conscious
They did a good job at it and I got to give Burger King credit
Sometimes I make these releases and they fall flat on their face this one tastes good
It’s really inventive and I think for all the work that they put in it did pay off as an item
I wish the customer service was better and very disappointed in that but for a product at least going through that
Will not even go there any more at least it made it worth it price for this again was 5 dollars and 59 cents
I would say that it’s worth it. It’s inventive. It tastes pretty good
so out of 10
I would give it an 8 point two out of 10
because definitely there’s a lot of uncertainty going in but I think is very inventive and
I think they just did a good job at it overall. That’s all that I have for you
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week. Make sure you check out my newest podcast
this show is on Bigfoot and cryptids and all that stuff
It’s gonna be really fun ones to make sure you check it out. That’s all that I have
Take care, and I hope you enjoyed the review

100 thoughts on “Trying Burger King’s NEW Impossible Whopper!!”

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  2. How come Mexicans don't eat any fast food burgers or any fast food in general? The only things they like to eat that is fast is El Pollo Loco. The Canary in the coal mine?

  3. Total lack of professionalism at the BK i was at today too. I tried an impossible whopper for the first time last week and thought it was great, juicy and hot, so I went back today, and besides the very poor service, the sandwich was cold, on the dry side, and the tomatoes were unripe and actually crunchy. AND they didn't give me my drink! Your reviews are great btw.

  4. We used to have these veggies burgers ,but when Burger King came up with the impossible Whopper we can't get them anymore bk basically bought them out, anyway I might be getting fired tomorrow I got pissed at a customer who was a former cook he comes into eat every once in awhile just to bitch about his food and I wasn't having it that day , I hate myself☹️ well wish me luck.

  5. Thats exactly what I said! There is a suttle difference but it's not a bad difference, it's really good and nothing had to die. I dont think i can go back to meat at bk again. I also didn't feel like shit after like I usually do when I eat fast food (once or twice a month)

  6. Public service announcement do not watch report of the week when high, trust me you will get lost in his verbal train that you won't realise how many hours has gone by

  7. Lol you had me laughing at trying to get the sandwich!!!! Our fast food places have gone down hill a lot! I got storys on my podcasts.

  8. So….how long was it sitting there before you began the video? I would imagine that will effect the flavor and freshness. I'm glad it still tasted great for you! Mine was the best Vegan burger I've ever had!

  9. I didn’t really need a full dissection of the thing. It literally taste like nothing. You taste the condiments that is all. Wow 14 minutes in 2 seconds you’re welcome

  10. And it’s fucking Burger King not a 5 star restaurant we know were eating shit food we don’t need a suit and tie with an in detail review for shitty food…. never watching this channel again lmfao

  11. I absolutely luv it right up till he said spit. But before that I've had lots and when I went to my close BK that I'd never been to before but go there often now a couple days ago through the drive threw they were out I was upset nothing else would do so I tracked down another one that they did have them. When I went back to the close one they ran out of buns so they put it on a potato bun yum. The next time I went they forgot the catsup and it was still good and I dont even like fast food but I luv this impossible burger.

  12. I found the burger to be too much bun and other ingredients and not engough meat. Next time will order two patties with the same burger. Not enough meat. Not enoug patty! BK are you listening? It's meager! Protein is your friend!

  13. What’s the big deal with this patty in third world countries the patties are mostly made from soy so what u can make milk meat and even rice looking food whit soy by the way it taste good and is healthy and way cheaper than actual meat

  14. What is the impossible burger made of? I highly doubt it is all plant based and not cow beef either. Do your research folks…and go!

  15. Yet is still pretty unhealthy…the sodium is ridiculous 1080 mg..

  16. TheReportOfTheWeek beyond burger is much better trust me you should try it, it is plant based but has a flavor that is better than impossible please like so be can see

  17. I just ate one. Don't bother eating it for the taste you won't like it , but if you want it just to eat a plant then whatever it's your $7

  18. Your stupid the dad has banned this poison it's go garbage . well this is one way to get rid of the retard vegans

  19. I have had a lot of veggie burgers at restaurants…….this one was the best I have ever tasted. It was moist, not dry like most veggie burgers. It did not fall apart……it was tasty………best ever.

  20. I had an impossible whopper not knowing it wasn't beef. I ate 1/2 of it. Didn't want the rest. Just thought I wasn't that hungry. Put other half in back seat for dog, she didn't eat it. Ended up tossing it. Just saw commercial– NOW IT MAKES SENCE.

  21. You are so wholesome and classy. I appreciate your professional and kind persona, even while you gently complain about food service lol. You remind me of Mr Rogers

  22. I kinda got why the employee was upset. It wasn't on the menu yet. They were probably still getting things set up.

  23. I’m sorry but if you don’t eat meat or don’t “Like meat” then why the fuck are you even going to eat something that looks and pretty much tastes like a real beef burger? 🍔 Stop fooling yourselves morons! Stick to eating your rabbit food and fuck off elsewhere.

  24. Burger King only has 1 grill. You can't request it cooked on a different grill. He'd have to spend 45 minutes cleaning the grill so u could eat some soy.

  25. Here is my report of the hour…the veggie burger sucked and I gave it a 4.0. Too dry. Needed tons of condiments to flush it down.

  26. Its beyond me how Burgerking is still in business. They have the worst employees and their food has consistently gotten worse year by year. I remember a time when the Whopper was nearly as good as any burger out there. Now the bread taste like paper and is about as dry. The meat is flavor less and so thin you can hardly taste it and theyre thrown together as fast as humanly possible.

  27. Good day to you sir,
    As a recent follower, may I begin by expressing my appreciation of your chanel. Your unique style, and satirical sly of speech makes your videos both entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

    As a vegetarian, I am grateful you have reviewed a plant friendly option in fast food. I myself enjoyed this burger immensely, though, like yourself, I received less than stellar service at my location as well. BurgerKing, if you're reading this, please work with your staff on their customer service protocols. But I digress..

    It would bring me great pleasure to hear your opinion on the Better than Meat burger. Like the impossible patty, it is a plant based simulated burger, though, in my opinion, it is superior in both taste and texture.

    Kindest Regards

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