Hey guys, it’s Ro today, I’m hanging out with Mat
Howdy-ho, you guys know Matt Pat
I’ll be putting his links down below
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He was such a good sport to come hang out with me today because I got this game
And I really wanted to play it and you know a lot about Five Nights at Freddy’s
Mat: I know too much about Five Nights at Freddy’s
Ro: And I don’t know the most
I’ve baked like recipes based on the game like that chica cupcake
It was so good
With Markiplier which, I was kind of jealous of honestly
Oh, I’m sorry
It’s OK, no it’s fine
So I found this game at this store
I had no idea that this was a real thing
Nor did I
All I know is that we take?
Pizza from him based on the pictures that I’ve seen on this box
It sounds like don’t wake daddy if you have ever played that
That’s what it sounds like because it says steal his pizza if you dare, but beware of the jumpscare
Wouldn’t be a Freddy’s game without jump scares
I hate jumpscares oh, I am a sucker for them
They get me every time in every movie, I’ve ever seen
Well, then this is gonna be a
Delightful video to make then
So let’s do a jumpscare
Also you you do know that this is this is Freddy not to be confused with Withered Freddy, Phantom Freddy, Golden Freddy, Golden Fredbear
Yeah, that’s about it
Okay, uh yeah.
Yeah, you know you clearly know all of that stuff right Steph
Of course I know that Matt
Huh, he’s a lot smaller than I expected him to be
He’s bigger on the box
Look at how tiny he is
Okay, this isn’t that scary
Ro: I think I’ll be ok
Mat: He’s a little baby bear
Carefully push Freddy’s heads down and back so that he’s in a sitting position
Oh there. Oh, and he goes to sleep look. He’s asleep, Ro
His eyes shut!
Is this on?
How to play, ensure the power switch is in the off position
Mat: It is currently in the off position.
Ro: It’s off
Ok, place the pizza tokens into Freddy’s pizza tray
Gotta load up his little pizza tray
The spinner is used to determine how many and which color pizza tokens each player must steal from Freddy on their turn
Whenever a player disturbs and wakes Freddy, he will jump up and scream at the player
and that player loses
The player who awakes him is eliminated
I wonder how loud this jumpscare’s gonna be, I’m a little concerned
I’m terrified
They’re making a big deal about the scream. We’re gonna wake up this undead animatronic
(Creepy Toreador March)
This is like a creepy carnival
This is so funny
Oh I’m scared already
Ok here we go
Alright take a spin
Show me one, one red
one red…
Ok wonder how sensitive he is
I felt something move, it was really uncomfortable
Ro: Get it get it
Mat: got it nailed it
Success alright. Here we go
These are, these are uncomfortable to use tongs
One yellow
One yellow, here we go coming in
Right the tongs are just useless
Hey, there I go, there I go
Good one and music just keeps playing to, it just keeps going
It creates a really creepy ambiance over here
I got one red again
one red one red
One red, here we go
And I think this is like-
Got it
You put it in front of… it’s in front of him
Can you put it back in there? Is he gonna-?
Is he gonna freak out?!
Maybe we should just leave it.
Ok, there you go, done
Okay, okay. Here we go, here we go
Big pizza big pizzas
Bad pizza
Give me lots and oh…
one red
one red
red’s a popular choice
I do not like this
It’s like Jenga
Oh, good one
Okay, okay
You’ve good pizza picker upper skills
He didn’t know that I was there
He had no clue
No clue
Come on…
One yellow
Do you think it’s just based on weight, or do you think he can hear us?
Oh he’s listening, he hears everything
I don’t know…
One yellow did it
Gonna be really quiet
So he won’t know what I’m doing
Don’t worry. You’re purple guy, so he won’t jump out and kill ya
It’s deep lore stuff. You don’t want to know, oh uh-oh
I have to get that piece out
I just said imma be quite, so he doesn’t know what I’m doing
I know and now he’s listening to you
Then he went silent
Why did he go silent?
I don’t know, maybes boosting his speaker’s cuz he wants to hear what I’m doing
maybe maybe he’s getting ready to just like reach out and grab you
don’t, don’t, just don’t…
Good well done
I took too many pieces
Did he fall asleep
I accidentally took a blue piece
I’m just gonna put it back
After two minutes of inactivity Freddy will automatically switch off to save power
To restart flick the power switch on/off again
Totally normal. Can I just take the pizza when he’s off?
“This round took more than two minutes? What are you doing guys?”
It has a bunch of batteries in there it should be fine
One red, you got it, you got it
Come on
Go Mat
Ooh, Mat Oh close one oh, oh, oh
You have a really precise mastery of these tongs Ro, I’m just really impressed with your ability to handle your animatronic bear arms
Thank you!
Maybe it’s all like the plucking. I pluck my eyebrows a lot
So maybe it helps me ooh, two blue. I gotta get two slices here we go
One two
Mat: Wow it’s as easy as that
Ro: okay?
I’m really good at this game
We’re not gonna get to see a jumpscare are we?
Two yellows
okay, you got this we need two yellows
All the yellows are buried
Got one one yellow
One more one more
Okay, come on
It’s scary, ok here we go here we go, oh, oh
Three blue
Ro: I’m so scared, I’m so scared
Mat: This is it, get ready, your gonna
Have your hand bitten by big Freddie over here
No I got this, I got this
WOOOO! Three pieces of pizza, there ya are Mat
Man I think I’m getting so good at this game cause like, I’m- I’m a gaming channel now
It’s true
Welcome to Rosanna pansino gaming channel extraordinaire
nerdy nummies
I can’t think of a fun…
Me neither
I was always like trying to think of things that would go really good with Ro and I came up with
Ro P G’s
That’s pretty good
Because it’s like RPGs
Ro playing games. That’s what I came up with wait long time ago that…
Instead of role, ro playing game
But I didn’t know if I re-
(Terrifying close ups, with slowed down screams)
Oh, my god
Oh, my gosh
That scared the poo outta me, oh my gosh
That was amazing
Oh, horrible, oh, horrible
I really don’t do with jumpscares, and this is definitely a jumpscare game
We just like completely forgot
All right that does it we played the Five Nights at Freddy’s game. A big thank you to MatPat
Thank you for playing for this game with me
No problem my pleasure it’s the best jump scare in the series
Again – please go check out matt’s channels and subscribe show him some love he is amazing
and you always learn something new he has really cool content, and I always learn something new whenever I’m watching your videos
Shucks, Thank you
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Do, do do, do, do, do do, do
What do you think Freddy?
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I hope you guys enjoy the videos buh bye
Bye, bye


  1. Thanks to MatPat for playing the Five Nights at Freddy's jump scare game with me! What was your favorite part? 😊💕

  2. i love your vids! i wish i was there and i could have spent a couple days with you guys! you are my favorite youtuber!

  3. Rosanna says creepy carnival
    Me : creepy carnival ? Escape the night season 3 ? Weird carnival ? Matpat and Rossana feature in season 3 ? Coincidence ?

  4. I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched this at the lowest volume that I could hear. I hate jumpscares. But now that I know wyen it is, I can watch it normally.

    But that's just a theory. :03

  5. Funny story:

    Once I was at school and we were having free time and the teacher said that we were going to play a game the game was that she was going to choose one number and who ever this number is food she's going to ask her a question so she chose lots of numbers so I said she's not going to choose my number because she took a long time to choose so I was playing and I wanted to throw something in the bin so I went to the bin and on the way to the bin she chose my number I was so shocked you should've seen my face that was so funny I don't know why I was so shocked but yeah that's it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Actually there's Freddy, Golden Freddy, Withered Freddy, Toy Freddy, Phantom Freddy, Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Fredbare, Jack-O-Freddy, Funtime Freddy, and Shadow Freddy.

  7. 7:15 im sorry im gonna get hated for this but i…….

    dramatic sigh

    this makes me ship both of them

    AND I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING "they are in relationships with others" i know but i cant help it-

  8. If my cousin, Jamison would get this board game for his 12th birthday, he will be totally surprised. Jamison is a fan of Mario and Five Nights at Freddy's.

  9. This game remind me of a game i used timplay called don’t wake bello. It had a dog instead of freddy and you had to steal specific colored bones. If you pushed too hard on the basket where he kept them he would scare you. I also you had to steal the bones with a really akward cat paw that made it almost impossible to grab bones. Keep in mind i played this when i was about 6 years old.

    10 minutes later: this is just a reskin of that game

  10. I hate things like this! I’m susceptible to jump scares too. Not as bad at you, but I don’t like fright fest at amusement parks or haunted houses/mazes.

  11. 3:49 Did anyone else notice Chica just chilling in the background outside? 😂😂
    (to the right of MatPat's head)

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