TSL Plays: Carnival Games

TSL Plays: Carnival Games

– Right right right right!
– Left left left left!
– Left left up up up! Push Brenda away!
– Turn right turn right turn right!
Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays
and today we will be competing in a series of
carnival games relating to recycle right!
And the 3 steps to recycle right are
Check! Clean! And Recycle!
So, here are the teams!
We are, Flannel Friends!
We are!
Denim Divas!
Game 1! Sort The Trash!
A collage of images will be shown on a board.
Players will have to check the board and stick
green ticks on recyclable items within a time limit!
One player from each team will guide their partner.
2 points will be awarded when the green tick is stuck onto a recyclable item!
1 point will be deducted when the green tick is
stuck onto a non-recyclable item.
– Chris, turn! Go all the way straight straight straight, okay!
– Straight straight straight straight!
– Right there on your left hand! Your left hand, left hand!
– Straight straight straight! Higher higher!
– Below below! Left abit, Chris, left! Ah, yes!
– Yes! Paste paste paste!
There there there there!
Okay come turn! Left left left!
– Nevermind Chris! Come back come back! Nevermind!
– Down down down down!
– Go down! Okay go all the way down!
– Stick stick stick!
All the way down touch below below!
– Turn turn turn!
– Ya ya there there okay!
– Where is it now?
– Good good, next! Okay!
– Ya ya! Your left hand!
– No! Beside the first!
– Your left hand!
– Go straight go straight! Left left!
– There’s no sticker! There’s no sticker!
– Ya ya ya ya!
Oh there’s no sticker?! What in the world!
Nah nah nah go go!
– To the same place! Up up up Chris!
– Right side! Right side! Right side!
– Left left left, okay stop!
– Right right right! Higher!
– Higher! Okay, stick stick stick!
– Ya ya correct! Okay!
Oh my god! What is what is…
this… Okay, no no Chris!
– Right right right right!
– No, turn left, all the way left! Left!
– Right right! Down Down! Stick stick stick!
– All the way left! Left, down! No, stick first!
– Okay, go go go!
– Where where where?
– Go same place! Left left left left!
– Right right right right!
– Here here here here?!
– Turn right turn right!
– Here here?
Yes yes stop stop! Down! Down a bit! Yes!
– Ahhh, where am I?!!
– Okay, good!
– Right right right!
– Up up up!
– Right right right! Up up up!
– Okay Chris up! (inaudible). Down down!
– Down! Yes! Up a bit up a bit!
– Wait, where!?
Down! Down! Down!
– Go all the way left!
– Where where where?!
– Higher higher!
– Left left left!
Err, sorry sorry sorry sorry!
– Down! Squat down!
– Nevermind!
– What is that?!
– Left! Left Chris!
– Yes! Okay good!
– Ahh!
– Right right! Slightly lower.
– Great great great great!
Left left!
– Sorry!
– Up up up!
– Slightly lower!
– Up up up!
– Okay left left left! Okay, there there there! Best!
– Okay, stay stay!
Okay, perfect! Good job!
PD: 9 seconds!
– Ah, nvm! Leave it alone leave it alone!
– Oh dear!
– PD: Time time time!
– It’s okay, we win!
Okay, I like totally made a mistake about the phone
because from afar it looks like a shampoo container…
You need glasses.
Fauzi was as expected very calm.
Very composed. I was just like okay Fauzi
– and then of course when we…
– No hor! Your team right
– tried to say push Brenda!
– Ya!!!
I’m sorry that Brenda is a bit too slow
for my liking!
Actually what was difficult right
is for me to see what Chris is seeing because
– when he stand right, he block a lot.
– Eh!!!
– Left left left!
– Right right!
– Here?
– Yes!
PD: Denim Divas!
You all managed to put
– Wahhhhh!
– That’s really quite a lot!
– That’s not too bad!
– Yay!
– PD: But out of all of that
– Oh, oh haven’t…
Oh my god. Orh orh…
I see! Out of that, 8 are wrong!
PD: 6!
– Oh… Are incorrect?
– 6.
– PD: Are correct!
– Oh yay!
Good job!
– PD: Flannel Friends!
– Yay!
PD: You all got 6!
– Orh…
– Okay…
PD: Out of that
you all got
5 correct!
– Oh…
– Oh same!
PD: So right now, your score is 9.
– 9. Ya minus 1.
– Oh no!
– We won the 1st round!
– You see!
I would like a recount!
Can I check? Can I check?
– Stop it ah!
– That wine bottle
it looks sealed!
Game 2! Memorise!
Items are placed in a covered grid
Teams will be given 10 seconds to memorise the positions of the items.
From a distance, players will use a pole
to lift the covers of clean, recyclable items.
Using 1 hand each!
2 points will be awarded when a clean
recyclable item is hooked open!
1 point will be deducted when a
contaminated recyclable item
is hooked open.
– What!!!
– Woahhhh!
– Oh my god! This is like the fishing game!
– Oh my god…
PD: You all can reach for the rod behind you!
– Go for it Chris!
– Yes! Rod!
PD: And, start now!
– Going for the top one!
– We are going for the…
The top left?
Be calm man, this game!
– We are very calm.
– Oh my god!
– That one!
– Oh my god!
– They are stealing ours!
– Eh guys, stop it!
– No no no! Not on purpose not on purpose!
– Oh my god!
– Eh! Why are you blocking us!
– No! We are not!
We are trying to take the extreme, the the the…
– No! I understand, I understand…
– No! We are not fighting!
But you are still blocking us!
Let’s all be a bit more…
Okay, don’t be so angry! Calm down!
– We are very calm.
– I cannot because their pole is blocking!!!
Eh! This is our side! Go your side! Go your side!
Brenda, calm down!
Yes Brenda…
(Brenda evil laughter)
– You know why?
– Eh Chris! Let’s just go their side!
So so competitive! I don’t know why!
Our hook!
Is very disobedient!
This is dexterity!
Go from the back.
– Because Adria keep pushing me!
– Adria!
That’s the strategy of the game dude…
If you can’t win you cannot let the other people win.
I’m getting sandwiched between both of you!!!
Oh yes! Yes! Stop it!
– Stop the time! We are done!
– Got 15seconds more.
– You all take…
– You all take the further one.
Can you all stop it.
– Why we take the further one! Then we blocking!
– Okay okay we move there, we move to the right!
– Oh my god…
– Trying to put a…
Oh! We got that!!!
– We got that!
– Chris! That one that one that one!
PD: Left 1minute.
– I’m not even controlling the end.
– Eh wait wait wait!
Ahh! Ahh!
– Don’t push ah guys!
– Ouch! Ouch!
– Ahh! No!!!
– See, Adria!
Okay, you sit down! You sit down!
You are damn intense!
Adria you very intense!
PD: Okay! So Fauzi, your team score is 3!
PD: Adria your team scored 4.
– Oh.
– Huh…
– PD: And all correct!
– Yay!
He gave us hope eh.
– Ya sia.
– And then he just took it away from us!
Game 3! Bin it!
Each team will take turns to throw
ping pong balls that represent recyclable items
into the blue cups.
Both teams will start with 5 ping pong balls.
The leading team will have an advantage of
2 extra balls!
The team with the most points wins!
– Ladies first! Ladies first!
– Indeed!
Take a deep breath!
Okay, don’t talk to me.
Other forces.
– Woah!
– Wow!
– Good job eh Brenda!
– Your turn!
– Fantastic job!
– No! Great effort!
– Okay, let’s go!
– Fantastic job!
I don’t think I’m going to do any better. Let’s be honest here.
Positive thinking!
– Fauzi Fauzi…
– Tickle tickle!
Ahh! Almost almost!
You need me hold your hair back a not?
You hold! You hold!
– Orh…
– Oh! Almost!
Almost! Almost!
We depend on you Chris!
– Don’t say that! Very stressful!
– Okay, don’t!
– Take a deep breath.
– White cup!
– Remember ah patience.
– Chris, are you sure you are very peaceful now?
– Wah! That was very good timing Fauzi!
– Ah! Why you shout!
– You see lah! Delicate! Cannot even reach the table man.
– That was really very delicate.
– It’s okay content guys content!
– Amazing! Your turn your turn.
– Okay. So Adria…
– Close your eyes.
Oh my god!
– Wah! How many balls you have left?
– 1.
Okay I help you hold!
Can Brenda! You can do it! I support you here eh.
– Oh!!!
– Yes!!!
Damn! Sis!
– You can also.
– You got to get the last one in Fauzi.
Okay! Let’s all set expectations low!
– How about we throw together?
– Okay!
Just very lightly!
– Just lightly! Don’t use too much strength okay!
– Just lightly ah?
Actually I anyhow one.
1 2 3.
PD: The winners are… Denim Divas!
– Yay!
– Yes! Woah!
Oh my god! Yes!
Nevermind Chris! Later I buy for you!
PD: So how was the first game?
Actually looking at the answers right, I’m very glad that Fauzi was choosing for us.
– Because I would not have gotten quite a few of them.
– Right.
Like the hangers, I would be like can a not ah?
– Ya.
– I’m not very sure about the milk cartons because
like I think when you need to recycle right, you have to
– cut open the carton and flatten it!
– Ya.
I think even for like the wine bottle
we were assuming that
– it was like empty…
– Ya…
I feel like a lot of people
umm when it comes to recycling things they just
assume that they can throw anything that is recyclable
into the bins without actually like
without paying attention to what’s in it
or like the residues on the product.
Actually right, I am very curious
like why you all never pick
the shoes, the clothes and like the soft toy?
Because sometimes I do have quite a lot of clothes that I cannot wear anymore
and stuff like that right. But I usually like
either you donate it or like
– you know like give to someone else who can use it.
– Ya.
People always like to throw
umm like bottles full of liquid into the bins right.
then I’m like oh my god!
Everything in that recycling bin is
completely recyclable but
– but someone! Someone!
– Yes!
Go and throw a bottle of Coke inside with
Coke inside then it will essentially like render everything else
Apparently there is this 3 steps thing
– that I only heard of today.
– Mmm…
Check! Clean! And Recycle!
I never knew that there was this 3
because we always hear about the 3Rs.
– Ya.
– Same.
For me right, I realise my mum follows these 3 steps
– very closely…
– Oh right!
– You know at home all the milk cartons that we drink
– Mm. Mm.
finish already. She will wash.
She will dry it and then after that she will cut it up.
– Flatten. Throw into…
– Really?
– Ya then she will throw into a bag.
– Wow, that’s interesting.
Then at the end of every week, she will throw into the recycle (bin).
– Fantastic!
– Woah, really very green!
Everybody should be Brenda’s mum!
Thank you very much National Environment Agency for making this video possible!
Now, it takes 3 simple steps to recycle right!
Which are!
Now, it takes 3 simple steps to recycle right!
Which are!
Check! Clean! And Recycle!
If you want to find out more information
click on the link in the description box below!
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  1. Sort the trash reminds me of Pin A Tail .On A Donkey
    Wait. I thought the three steps for recycling is Reuse Reduce Recycle?

  2. i wish americans would put more effort in recycling… but sadly we dont 🙁 if we recycle we dont even rinse or clean out the particular product

    thats one thing ima change n do from now on!

  3. 6:40 why give the advantage of 2 extra balls to the leading team? Isn't it better to give to the trailing team as a chance to catch up?

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