Two winning tickets in massive $648m Mega Millions lottery jackpot

Two winning tickets in massive $648m Mega Millions lottery jackpot

Two lucky winners will share one of the biggest
lottery jackpots ever, after the US Mega Millions
prize topped 648 million dollars – the equivalent
of around 400 million pounds.
One winner, from Georgia, won after playing
numbers based on family birthdays. Ira Curry
chose to go for a lump sum, which – after
taxes – leaves her a massive 174 million dollars
better off.
She called her daughter and gave her daughter
the numbers. Her daughter immediately looked
it up online and between joyful tears and
laughter on the daughter’s part she relayed
to her mother that she had won the lottery.
She did pick the numbers. They were a combination
of family birthdays and her family’s lucky
number, number seven. So that’s how.. she
didn’t do a quick pick those were actually
numbers she has been playing based on family
The jackpot soared in the past few days thanks
to 21 consecutive rollovers and a last-minute
ticket-buying frenzy. The other winner, from
California, has yet to come forward to claim
their prize, but we do know the winning ticket
was bought in San Jose at this gift shop.
The owner, under state law, will also get
a one million dollar bonus for selling the
winning ticket.

13 thoughts on “Two winning tickets in massive $648m Mega Millions lottery jackpot”

  1. Guess the guy just closed his shop forever & went straight to the airport to buy a one way ticket to the Bahamas. xD

  2. Doesn't these games increase the poor-to-rich ratio? Tons of people spend their money to make a few rich. Maybe we can adjust some taxes to even things out so everybody wins hmmm deep thought xD

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