Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Debunks the Biggest Video Game Myths

-Ninja, you are one of the most
popular streamers on the planet.
But you just made a big switch,
’cause you were over at Twitch
for a while.
Now you’re at Mixer.
-Why the switch,
and do you like it?
What’s happening?
-I absolutely love it, man.
And for people that don’t know,
Microsoft is a,
you know, owns Xbox,
one of the biggest gaming
companies in the world.
-They own Mixer,
so I’ve already had a lot
of incredible opportunities
switching over to Mixer,
when it comes to actually,
you know, getting early access
to video games
and being able to stream games
for other people.
And it’s, you know, it’s really
good as an influencer.
So, recently, “Gears of War 5”
came out.
-Incredible game.
-And I was able to get that game
a little early
and stream the campaign.
-You got a little, “Ooh!”
-“Ooh!” That’s all you need
is a, “Ooh!”
-“Woof!” Yeah, there’s a dog
in our audience, yeah.
-That’s what it’s all about.
It’s all about that, “Ooh!”
-That’s all you need. Yeah.
-That’s all I need.
-That’s all you need.
-I don’t need much.
-Oh, what — So you get all
the games before they come out?
-Not necessarily all the games.
Just a couple, and I, you know,
there’s a lot of other big
things that are in the works
with other, you know, big,
massive gaming companies
that I know.
-Do you debut them on Mixer,
or you just —
-Yeah, I can.
Yeah, that’s one of the things,
is I want to try to obviously
get a little bit more involved
in maybe another release
and possibly teasing things,
and, you know, pushing out
a lot of that early access
like trailers and, you know —
-Do you play other games
besides, like, shooter games?
-Oh, absolutely.
-You do?
-Have you ever played
“What Remains of Edith Finch”?
-I’m gonna give you —
I’m gonna raise that.
Not raise it.
I’m going to match that.
I want you to play a game
called “Until Dawn,”
because I know that “Until Dawn”
is an incredible game.
-This is coming from Ninja.
I love it.
“Until Dawn.”
-Trust me.
-“Until Dawn,” incredible game.
And it’s just, like, I feel
like, I need to play that game.
-It’s a P.O.V., like, you’re
a girl, and you go into a house.
-You’re a girl. You’re a guy.
I mean, you’re everywhere.
-You know, you’re, like,
every single decision
that you make in the game
is what’s going to affect
what happens to someone else.
-It was, like — It was like
reading a book, but it was game.
-I need to play that game.
What’s the game called?
-“What Remains of Edith Finch.”
You’re a yellow thing,
and you eat dots.
And then ghosts chase after you.
-Dude, that’s great.
[ Laughter ]
-It sounds good, right?
No, no, it’s a real game.
I swear to God.
And you’ll love it.
It’s one of my favorite things.
-It’s gonna change your life.
-Speaking of changing your life,
“Get Good: The Ultimate Guide
to Gaming,” by Ninja.
Dude, thank you
for writing this book.
-Yeah, man.
-How would you describe it?
It’s not really, like,
a chapter book,
where you read start to finish.
-Right, right, right.
Honestly, you know,
it’s for people like you who
can, you know, if you read it,
you might be able to beat me
at a game on the show
every once and a while.
-Please, that’s never
going to happen.
-No, realistically, though —
-Yeah, thank you.
[ Laughter ]
I try, though, I try.
Why do I even try?
-It’s okay, man.
Realistically, though, I’ve been
streaming for nine years.
I’ve been gaming for —
I’m, what, 28 now? Jesus.
I’ve been gaming for 18, 20
years of my entire —
-Since you were a baby. Stop.
-Oh, my God. But my goal was —
There are so many people every
day, they ask me questions.
“How can I stream?
How do I this?
How do I start this?”
-How do I set up a computer?
-And literally,
it’s all in the book.
-So this will be —
This will be —
This is like
when you’re starting,
this will be your
kind of encyclopedia.
-You go here, and you go —
-There’s everything you need to
learn about gaming, streaming.
It’s going to be in this book.
-There’s also —
You debunk a lot of myths
that people have
about video games in general.
-Like, one myth in there
is, like, “Do video games
cause violence?”
-Ooh. It’s a big question.
-I know.
-We’re all talking about it.
Just like there are movies that
have, you know, rated PG-13,
rated R, same thing
with video games.
You know, your kids
shouldn’t be playing
Rated M for Mature games.
So as parents, it’s up to you
guys to make sure
that you’re watching and making
sure your kids aren’t playing
those violent games
at a young age.
How about the other myth
that “Video games
make your kids antisocial”?
-Oh, man. Listen, I would
honestly make the argument
that if you’re
playing video games,
you are probably more social
than most people who aren’t
playing video games.
I mean, I’m literally
talking to —
You know, I mean, not only
am I talking to my friends
and my family and people who
are around me when I’m at home,
but I’m also communicating
with people all across the world
and talking with my best friends
who live in New York.
One lives in Nebraska.
One lives in Kansas.
I’m talking to people all
the time. You know what I mean?
-Do you meet up with these
Yeah, at conventions
and gaming conventions
and tournaments
and things like that.
-You married
one of these people?
-Oh, I mean, absolutely.
-I mean, I technically did.
-Yeah, my beautiful wife,
-She’s awesome.
But you guys were —
Did you meet online, or you just
played together online?
-No, no, no. So, we met —
We didn’t know one another.
But we met through video games.
I went to a tournament.
It was called —
It was in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
It was one of the worst
snowstorms in history.
-Perfect for video games.
-Oh, yeah.
Perfect for video games.
So, we get there.
I met her,
added her on Facebook,
and we stayed in touch
for, you know, four years.
And then finally
we were both single.
And now we’re married. Happily.
-Happily married. Absolutely.
She’s the best.
That’s her backstage.
[ Applause ]
Happily married.
You have this. You’re on Mixer.
You have a book.
-And then, crazier news,
you just signed a deal
with Adidas.
-Like —
-Right here. Time in.
-I mean, what’s going on?
-I can honestly say, I think,
I recently did a shoot with —
I don’t think I can say it yet,
but I did a shoot about Adidas
with somebody.
And we talked about — You know,
they asked that question
like, “Your 13-year-old self,
did you imagine
ever signing anything
with Adidas whatsoever?”
And it’s like, “No,
I was playing soccer
using their stuff.
But I was not by any means like,
‘One day, one day, I’m going
to have my own clothes and –‘”
It’s like, no.
It’s mind-boggling.
-What’s next?
What do you want to do next?
I mean, is there —
Do you have goals?
What — You’re crushing
-Thank you, man.
I would say, what’s next?
I can’t say anything
-But for people
who are watching,
just keep an eye out
on all the screens,
both big and small.
-Really? Movies and TV?
Are you — Wow. No, no, no.
Wasn’t that impressive
that I guessed what that was?
-That was incredible.
That was amazing.
-Thank you.
Are you going to host —
Are you going to host
a talk show?
-I would absolutely love to.
But unfortunately,
I feel like there’s a lot
of top talent out there.
So I’m going to wait.
I’m going to wide it out.
I’m going to wait it out.
I’m going to wait
till all the guys dip out.
-That was a nice compliment.
I love you. Thank you.
Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

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