U.S. Players and Full Tilt Payments: This Week in Gambling

U.S. Players and Full Tilt Payments: This Week in Gambling

Hello friends and thank you for joining me.
I took some time off last week for the Thanksgiving
holidays and all heck broke loose, so let’s
get right into the news with this week’s big
story. On our last program we interviewed
John Pappas the Executive Director of the
Poker Players Alliance about their talks with
the US Department of Justice about when American
players could expect refunds from there Full
Tilt Poker accounts. This week we’re happy
to report that the DOJ has set a date… sort
of… January of next year, when they are
going to bring on a claims adjuster to get
the process of refunding players money started.
This doesn’t mean you’re going to get all
your money, nor does it put a specific timetable
on when refunds will be issued, but hey…
at least the wheels have started to move.
In other news, the Las Vegas Sun is reporting
what I’ve been saying on this program for
the past several months: That any hope on
Federal online poker legislation passing this
year is all but gone. But there are people
out there who are starting to say that the
Fed’s inability to act may actually be a good
thing. Since last year’s announcement by the
DOJ that the Federal Wire Act only applies
to sports betting, seven states have introduced
legislation to regulate online gambling within
their borders. And with the economy still
in the crapper, that number is certain to
rise in 2013.
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to avoid.

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