UCLA Mo Ostin Basketball Center Tour

Welcome UCLA Alumni to the Mo Ostin
Basketball Center.
My name is Tyus Edney. I’m an assistant
coach here. I graduated in 1995. You may
remember I had a shot against Missouri
that helped us stay in the tournament
and helped us win that year.
So it’s good to have you here and
welcome. We’re gonna show you how we do
things around here.
At the entrance we get to see all the
people that contributed to make this
building happen and we’re also grateful
for the big name is Mo. You can kind of
see the names of all the artists he
represented. I’m a big Prince fan so many
obviously Frank Sinatra who’s the man I mean.
This is the Ann Myers Drysdale Court who
was a great player here and a great Bruin
and she still comes around and supports
and you can see there their accolades as
a as a program. A lot of team pics with
their alumni. They’re here together,
they’re here for four years and they all
graduate and they do well. They’ve had
players getting drafted you can see they
have a WNBA wall so here’s the building.
It’s got a lot of natural light. They
wanted it to be like that even in the
gym and in the weight room. This is
where this is usually crowded because
the guys are always hungry so they they
have a fully stocked fridge and freezer
and it’s also becomes a meeting area
because it has food and conversation. This is what they
see every day and what we all see. I think Coach
Wooden that’s why here I think he made
this because he comes from a teaching
background so not just a coach you just
say what to do on the floor but also to
become a better person and what to do to
get through life basically as successfully as possible.
Recently we’ve had Zach come
back, Zach LaVine.
Kevin and Russ they’ll come back. Guys
you know in and out all the time well
Shabazz came just you know so this is
where this is where they change and
Bryce our younger alum Bryce already in
you know it’s it’s exciting to see when
those guys come back so we wanted them to be
be welcome and have their space when
they’re here.
Of course we walk by and we get to see
all these amazing stats from UCLA
basketball success.
Now we come around the corner to one of
my favorite areas, our new strength and
conditioning room, the Kevin Love
Athletic Performance Center. You know
like we have our basketball court in
here so they can do movements into
jumping and taking the med ball
and you’re trying to you know get it up
to the rim that rim goes up to 11 feet
the rim’s 10 but that goes up to 11. This
space here you can see there’s a lot of
open space with movement so guys can do
an action and get up to the rim and dunk.
They can even tie themselves to
you know the tension to create more
force for them to go up or do different
movements to slides and defensive things
stuff like that. So this is where our guys
spend most of their time in the locker
room like it’s their second home really
it looks pretty neat as neat as it can
be you know for young guys but it’s
pretty good they’re not in trouble right
now for this. You know they get
competitive and they get to play this
and compete and yell at each other that
we hear all the time. They just have
everything they have to just have
fun and entertain themselves and just
relax. And here’s the best part of the
Mo Ostin Center, the Westbrook Court.
This is where it all happens this is
where it all goes down. We’re in here a
lot obviously we got to get the guys
ready to play we have the guys they have
their pictures up because we want them
to feel like this is their building.
National championships, there’s a lot of
them because we cover the whole wall.
That’s called the gun right there
and they just it passes back to you so
you can guys can come in by themselves
and shoot we like to practice in here
then we can film it.
We can watch it with the guys you
know they are held accountable you know
for everything that we’re trying to
teach them
Mo Ostin said he wants it to have the
best music on campus so these are
concert speakers that you can hear all
the way down the street we say it’s the
only program in the country that can eat
their meals outside and so right off of
right off the court we have the ability
to come out here and have our team
meals. Every player that played here that
lettered here his name is on the wall.
You know that they built this place
really so that’s to show our
appreciation for them and what they’ve
done here on campus and with the program.
It’s a special place for both
programs I think we’re all benefiting
from this and we enjoy coming in here
and having a place like this to come and
work every day.

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