UFC Fight Night 39:  Minotauro Nogueira vs. Roy Nelson Predictions

UFC Fight Night 39: Minotauro Nogueira vs. Roy Nelson Predictions

Welcome to MMA Dawgs!
My Name is Hector and this is my dawg, Dan. “Hi”
and we are in Las Vegas, the home of the UFC
and the mecca of MMA.
In our opinion and we’ve talked about this before….
Who do you got dawg?
Yeah we both agree on this: They go out
there and finish a fight early in the
first round, but don’t get caught
Don’t get caught speeding on this fight
against a guy who just got bit by a dog with rabies or something.
For me it’s a “do not bet.” And betting advice…
DO NOT BET! But it’s going to be one of those things guys I
really really feel it. It’s unanimous, MMA
Dawgs have spoken! Five star and that’s
going to be a knockout,
just something the highlight the night.
mmadawgs.com …. M M A D A W G S .com
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I know we are. If you’re ready to
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The UFC is setting us all up nice and juicy
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If someone gets put to sleep
it will be unbelievable! After we cash in
on our betting picks
we want the next card to be virtually
Hehe alright but all jokes aside, we’re here
for two reasons…
Number one: the both of us love MMA and
greatly appreciate that it continues to
be the world’s fastest growing sport
Number two (and most importantly): to make
your cash pile
grow continuously card after card.
Both fighters have had some great wins
throughout their careers
that has them matched up for this fight.
It’s important to make the right pick
and not get emotional about who your
favorite fighter is between the two of
So, just who is going to win this fight?
There are so many things leading up to a
fight before takes place
where anything can affect the
performance of each fighter and the
outcome of the fight.
That is exactly why our predictions aren’t
posted until after the fighters weigh-in.
Now I know your thinking.
This must have you asking yourself…
“Well then, why am I watching this
prediction video?” The answer
is simple: you want the right pick so you
can cash in on the winnings.
That is where we come in:
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*dawg, M M A dawgs say*
*you got money on them say*
*if you know who’s gunna win say M M A*

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