Ukraine’s Lost Basketball Team

[Music] [Music] in late 2013 political protests Rock Ukraine’s capital after President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a trade deal with the EU in favor of an offer from Russia unmarked soldiers and pro-russian separatist in the east seized upon the continuing turmoil in the city of Donetsk soon became the focal point of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine with forces from both sides clashing most Donets korres identified West for safer territory [Music] the scene at a night of championship games in Kiev is both energized and subdued a handful of fans are scattered throughout the stands trying to make up for their lack of numbers with lab chants the first of four teams to play that night takes the court decked out in camouflage uniforms a reminder of the specter hanging over tonight’s contests and the police inside are throwing out smoke grenades and stunts [Music] players coaches and administrators from BC Donets scattered across Ukraine once one of the league’s most affluent and successful teams with consistent championship contenders and Pakistan’s BC genetics arena now sits in disrepair the blue Canyon consol Kassius Ohno they should not steal those abilities answer stupid who cut me which is this Yoruba chicken ass ensure that potentially Sookie my daughter told I must administer no but on subsea no no no wait I am initialize Percy strange tonight Valeri picanha patrols the sidelines for an adapted team formerly he served as founder and coach for BCD net HS tollis peccata kamusta table has no element of kuba he could actually see to show you need is to issue blocker got a lock on additional thirst oh I knew a boy didn’t yet steroline the rancher Babbitt could I shall I give news Nana Selenia vision cubanos Nash’s course to my own schedule Edo was – Nolan Apollo here any modification wait all the young mothers concern my amateur coz my letters to lab direction is Baku was capable of opening yet dr. Kowal you move it oleksander Lupo he is regarded as one of the top prospects in Ukraine with online mixtapes hailing him as Iron Man he starred for Donetsk until he was forced to leave the region and pursue opportunities elsewhere tsk but indeed Oprah story initially show Hoosier the service pure sobriety viciously the Eskimo pension which have been overdosed on not receive reviewed the sequel any posters Cassity Natasha Natasha Boozer on dome eadamson Oy he could ribbon attached was drag you a chart resolve of the opinion [Music] what if karthik emoji absolutely Miss Virginia is kill you typical prostitutes because then it was invulnerable the neocons officer straight the rocket my timidity atomo Nigel a to come on the poster which you simply admire chain Hooters Togo container boot yes no idea parent August oh yeah stamina is ischemic a coastal managers knowledge it’s called Rose you are photography elements of the work which relates a the problem is nobody’s know she just totally knew that she got a key personally I wouldn’t pay back Tokyo at Apollo this bitching about Sameer Bhalla really the terrible explosion explosion it with a change of chassis and you see cookie [Music]

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