Ultimate Brutus Challenge Round 1 | Tulsa,OK

Ultimate Brutus Challenge Round 1 | Tulsa,OK

Alright, good evening everybody out there
we are live at the Route 66 Diner in the Hard
Rock Hotel & Casino!
It is round one of the Brutus Burger challenge!
Alright, I am Joe and I am with the manager
of the Highway 66 Diner, Tony, how you doing
Im doing great with my bucket of fluff.
He has got a complete bucket of fluff, and
the reason why he has a bucket of fluff – you
might ask – tonight the challenge number one
is know as the Fluff’n’Butter challenge.
This is starting with 6oz of this right here,
this is imported fluff.
Ok, where else in oklahoma can you go for
imported fluff.
This is the only restaurant in Oklahoma that
carries this fluff from the north east.
That is why you gotta get down here and eat
this food.
6oz of fluff, 5oz of peanut butter on this,
1 whole banana, and they call it Challa?
Ok so here is how its going to work, you got
10 mins and 10 mins only.
You have to eat as many of these as you can.
This is going to be done picnic style, no
chipmunking, you cannot stuff your cheeks.
Once time has expired you have 2 mins to chew
and consume what is in your mouth.
We will be checking…
There is no reversal of fortune allowed, I
will tell you later what that means.
You can probably figure it out, no reversal
of fortune.
Thats instant disqualification.
It gets ugly, it gets very ugly….
Each contestant will have water or whatever
beverage of their choice.
We going to be refilling their menu item as
they consume them.
Tony, am I leaving anything out?
No you covered all the bases, how about we
introduce the contestants?
Who is ready to meet the contestants?
Charles McKinney, where is Charles McKinney?
Now your a Dad, right?
Your the dad to…uhhh…
Robert McKinney!
Last years champion, lets bring him over right
I think this will be the first year that we
have a father and son.
We have a father and son going head to head.
You are not going to cut any slack to your
kid, are ya?
Contestants are you ready?
Alright, fans are you ready?
Are you ready on the clock?
We are going to start this 3…
Chow down!
Still looking good… 6mins 45secs to go…
Who do you love… who do you love?
Post those pictures send that video.
I want Brutus Burger to trend tonight on twitter,
so make sure you post these photos, videos.
That a lot of fluff, would that make the person
making the sandwich a fluffer?
Im just…
Im not judging, Im just saying….
4mins are
on the clock, we got 4mins to go…
3mins 30sec on the clock
60 secs are on the clock, 60 secs!
They need your support..
Number one, as always, Robert McKinney!
First place is Robert McKinney!
Robert McKinney was our highest amout of plates
His son, Charles came in second…

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  1. I like how you just stood there at the end like a freaking boss! You totally obliterated the competition! Nice going!

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