ULTIMATE MIDSIZER — 2019 Nissan Altima SR vs. 2019 Honda Accord Sport: Comparison

ULTIMATE MIDSIZER — 2019 Nissan Altima SR vs. 2019 Honda Accord Sport: Comparison

While rivals like Ford and GM are quickly calling it quits on sedans foreign rivals like Nissan and Honda are doubling down there making sedans better than ever in a bid to offset the sales decline by increasing their market share, so Today, we have two of the latest and greatest examples of this strategy the all-new 2019 Nissan Altima and the also recently redesigned 2019 Honda Accord Now Accord has already edged out Camry in a previous comparison So let’s go ahead and see if it can hold off another Japanese heavyweight For this comparison, we wanted both models to be equipped in the highest value trims Which are ultimately what most people opt for in this respect They follow a remarkably similar trim and option formula by giving you equipment from the fully loaded trims as well as upgraded sport equipment But only at the second trim up the ladder For the Altima that trim is the SR which starts out at only twenty five thousand one hundred dollars Nissan doesn’t offer many options to add to that However, we do have one very important option, which is the new intelligent all-wheel drive system With that factored in as well as the destination charge the total price comes in at twenty seven thousand three hundred and forty five dollars Moving on to the Accord sport is the equivalent trim level and it starts out a little richer than the Nissan at Twenty six thousand one hundred eighty dollars in this case all-wheel drive is not available But you do have to pay extra for an automatic transmission After eight ninety five for destination its price rings in at just a touch over twenty seven thousand That puts our price difference at a mere two hundred and seventy bucks Which is already an early indication of just how strongly these two compete against each other So with that out of the way, let’s go ahead and get into the meat and potatoes We’ll start out under the hoods where the to have both similarities and differences The main difference is that the Honda’s engine is a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder while the Nissan sticks with a more traditional 2.5 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder. The end result is still very similar power output numbers of 192 horsepower in the Accord versus 188 in the Altima and 192 pound-feet of torque versus 180 pound feet in the Altima For the transmissions things become more similar since they both have cvts However, like I already mentioned the Altima is one of the only products in the class to offer an available all-wheel drive system Which Nissan includes at the same price point as the Accord. Now as far as how they drive both impress me with a greater than expected agility comfort and handling Starting out with power delivery. They both get up to speed reasonably. Well, though, they definitely won’t knock your socks off I did notice that the Accord smaller engine makes less noise getting up to speed but I also preferred the tuning of Nissan CVT Since it simulates gear changes even at partial throttle and it has a kick to make it feel real versus just varying the same Since both are the sporty are models in the lineup they come with an upgraded suspension tuning Neither are harsh in any way but instead really tighten things down in a satisfying way The Accords chassis is the better of the two and will combine with the laser fast steering is the more fun option to drive Overall, if you own either of the boring previous generation models, you’ll be really impressed by how much more enthusiastic these two have become Lastly let’s talk about fuel economy without all-wheel drive The ultimate eyes the Accord but as it stands with all-wheel drive, it comes in at one mount forgotten less 30 versus thirty one Anyways, now that we’ve covered that let’s move on to the exterior Like the driving dynamics if you’re not familiar with the latest crop of mid-size sedans, you’ll be surprised by just how stylish they’ve got starting out with the Altima Nissan went for a bold new look by taking their signature vMotion grille and Expanding it to be much larger than ever before on the SR trim The chrome is darkened and you have a black mesh in the middle The Accord actually has a lot of similarities since it also has a large mouth and darkened chrome accents on the sport truck The grille cleanly flows into the standard LED low beam headlights, which looks straight from Acura However on the Altima it includes both LED low and high beams with a design that looks even better The Accord fights back though with LED fog lights that the Nissan doesn’t have at all Around back there’s not much to objectively separate the two though. Subjectively the Ultima design is more cohesive Overall both offer their styling pros and cons so I won’t award any design points For me the most standout feature of the exterior have got to be these wheels They both have really large 19-inch wheels that either look similar to or are exactly the same as what comes on the fully loaded models and Then for the mirrors neither have heating but the Altima does give you blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, which the Accord does not That said, however, the Accord has the better overall safety equipment since it includes the entire Honda sensing suite standard That means it has emergency pre-collision braking Lane Keeping Assist Automatic high-beam headlights and adaptive cruise control while on the other hand this Altima only comes standard with front auto braking and Then to finish things off on the outside. We have the fuel ranges The Accord has a 14.8 gallon tank while the Altima has 16 gallons which doesn’t mean that the Nissan wins here because its fuel economy is very similar the actual numbers are 459 miles in the Accord and 480 in the Altima As you can see these two are neck-and-neck thus far So now let’s go ahead and check out the cabins to see if there’s more to separate them in there Now before we even get inside we already have a pretty significant difference Every single version of the Altima now comes standard with smart entry and remote start The Accord doesn’t get those until the II extra But once you get inside the actual interiors there is more similarity in the designs than you think Both have black cloth and leather receiving with a faux carbon fiber trim The seats themselves are power on both, but the Honda has four-way lumbar that the Nissan is missing Now getting into the interiors both have great materials even if the Altimas are a little bit better Both use soft on your plastics across the top parts, but ultimately has leather over the gauges and color contrast stitching Down at the bottom Altima also gives you a leather wrap knee pad that the Accord is missing press the buttons on both to start When you do eight inch displays mounted to the dash fire rack And Then coming over to the gauges while the designs look very different. They both have premium digital displays with a lot of functions Moving to the steering wheels, they both feel upscale on the hand with leather and high-quality buttons There are also paddle shifters on the back side As far as the interior of storage again, the two cars are pretty much the same They have large center consoles with the second been up front with several USB ports and a 12-volt outlet Overall, there’s really not enough of a difference to award a point here Coming back to the shifter. Both are really nicely wrapped design and Going into reverse they do have snare backup cameras with active trajectory Moving on from that you have the climate controls Here there is a big difference since the Accord sport comes there with dual zone automatic climate Whereas the Altima is a single zone manual set Now let’s take a sample of their audience Although it’s definitely hard to tell with these samples the Altima has the much stronger audio system That leads us to talk about the infotainment systems I’ll preface it by saying that both of these systems are class-leading in terms of both their functionality and features They run the latest versions of their respective software which include both apple carplay and android auto in Addition they do also have shortcut buttons to help ease moving through the system Really there’s not much to separate them here either. So no points will be given Finally neither the Altima nor the Accord have munis in these lower trims, but they are available as you get to the higher-end models But overall these interiors are designed to impress they both feel a class above with nice materials I in tech and tons of space Now let’s go ahead and check out the rear areas Despite how close these two have been in the front the back is where you start to notice of differences The Accord is significantly more spacious than the ultimate at a massive forty point four inches of legroom compared to thirty five point four inches in the ultimate Headroom though is about the same thing, but Once inside you’ll find a decent amount of amenities in these value trim levels with the Altima offering two USB ports and both offering center armrest with integrated cupholders Moving around to the trauma you’ll find the same story the Accord comes in bigger than the Altima at sixteen point seven cubic feet versus 15 point for The rear seats do fold 60/40 split on each model Well guys there you have it the newcomer on the block comes away with the W for this comparison But that’s definitely not I’m not gonna be a course Both are amazing mid-sized errs, and you really can’t go wrong with either Italy. So be sure to check them out in person Also, be sure to light can subscribe and comment below if you’ve enjoyed Help us reach 50,000 subscribers and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies

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  2. Love my Altima although it’s a 2017. I love the looks of both and the Camry. For me Altima is a lot faster than my old car and I need the 4 cylinder for best fuel efficiency due to my constant driving. I do believe Nissan fixed the transmission issues and I have no issues with it. CVT is with ALL new vehicles now so can’t complain.

  3. Of course to each his own ,, I recently shopped around for a new sedan ,, we owned a late model top of the line Nissan Murano so we had plenty of equity to deal with. We checked out the 2019 Honda Accord, very nice vehicle indeed price, $ 40,998.00 ( Cad ). We wanted a vehicle equipped with AWD and to be honest we couldn't leave the Honda dealership quick enough ,,, sales manager was in the wrong job, should have been a comedian !!
    At our local Nissan dealership they had in the showroom a top of the line Altima Platinum and it was loaded. It was stunning, in Sunset Drift finish, a Winter tire and wheel package ( Firestone tires with very nice alloys ) the regular tires were 19" Hankook GT Low Profile on nice alloys. The safety technology was second to none, the interior was finished in very good quality, we were sold. Including the Winter tire / wheel package and all the extras we paid $ 38,100.00 and because our trade in vehicle was in new condition we received a very generous trade in allowance.
    An absolutely no brainer ,, this beautiful Nissan Altima was $ 2898.00 cheaper than the Accord the trade in allowance at the Nissan dealership was $ 3900.00 higher than what the clown offered us at Honda. We only paid tax on the price difference so there was a sizeable saving there also ,,, it's a delightful vehicle to drive.

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