Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230

Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Power Wheels Race! KTM 450 VS CRF 450 VS CRF 230”

  1. After seeing this, my daughter is upset. She now thinks Santa short changed her when comparing her princess jeep with this one.

  2. Buenas gente! Les vengo a presentar este proyecto y a invitarlos a pasar por el canal.

  3. They stopped making 3-wheelers because of whiners, as a result, we have devolved to barbie jeeps and homeade 3-wheelers lol.

  4. porsche speed? So I did some calculations and it looks to be a on paper top speed of this kart assuming he has a 14 tooth front sprocket and 30 rear from what I can tell. 83.1 – 89 mph based on the numbers with tire size and gearing of the ktm 450exc motor, Not knowing what year the motor is or the exact tooth sprockets.

  5. только позитивные эмоции . молодцы ребята…у нас в рашке сложно подобное сотворить …завидую вам)))))

  6. Have you guys thought of selling the jeep? I absolutely love these builds. You guys are awesome keep up the sweet vids and builds!

  7. This is pure American ridiculousness…and I wholeheartedly understand and approve of it. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. The lady that was racing and won a trophy, what was she racing in? It would be cool to build something like this what wheels is the jeep using? This is great guys, good stuff!!

  9. 3nd Place! And what a cool site! Nice dirt track, windy kart course, the works!

    Wouldv'e gotten 1st if it wasn't for that coolant flag, oh well.. The fun is the focus, and looks like you guys had a blast!

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