Ultramobility News | Pleasure-Way Tofino | New Details

Ultramobility News | Pleasure-Way Tofino | New Details

Hi everyone!
Neil Balthaser here and welcome to Ultramobility
News where I cover all the good and bad happening
in the RV industry.
This week Pleasure-way’s introduced a brand
new model, the Tofino at the California RV
Show in Pomona and we finally know what this
new model is and how much it costs.
It’s confirmed that the Tofino is built on
the Ram Promaster 1500 chassis and clocks
in at just a bit over 17 feet in length making
this one of the shortest commercially available
camper vans on the market in North America
Unlike other Pleasure-way motorhomes the Tofino
is not built on the extended height chassis
which means that you’re not going to stand
up in it, even with the top up unless you’re
standing directly below the opening to the
Because this little guy uses the same 280HP
3.6L V6 Pentastar engine as its bigger siblings
but is hauling around a lot less weight because
its built on the smallest Promaster chassis
and doesn’t have any heavy components like
a rooftop air conditioner or an under-mounted
generator the occupant and cargo carrying
capacity of this van is enormous: 2000lbs!
And you’re going to use all the cargo carrying
capacity to fill up an incredible 70 cu. ft.
of rear cargo storage so you’ll have plenty
of space to store your bikes, golf clubs or
camping gear on the inside of the van.
You’re also going to get a 15 gallon fresh
water tank and an 8 gallon grey water tank
and no black tank because there is no toilet
in the Tofino.
But both the fresh and grey water tanks as
well as all the water lines are on the inside
– there are no water lines or tanks exposed
to the outside which means that this camper
van is 4 season capable.
But it remains to be seen exactly how 4 season
capable this van is.
There are still unanswered questions like
exactly how well is the van insulated and
has pleasure-way put a proper battery management
system in that knows when the battery temperature
is above freezing so that it can charge it.
Those questions and more will have to be answered
in my full review.
But as it stands right now there are a couple
things that really stand out about this van.
The first is that it comes with 2 100ah lithium
batteries, a 2000w inverter, multiplex wiring,
a color touch screen control panel, a remote
to control lighting, a compressor refrigerator
AND an induction cooktop all as standard.
The compressor refrigerator and induction
cooktop are sudden departures for Pleasure-way
since all their other vans use propane for
both the refrigerator and stove.
I asked Dean Rumpel, CEO of Pleasure-way why
the change for the Tofino and this is what
he said: “With LP stoves there are specific
regulations on flammability and clearances
that you do not need with an induction stove.
It was simpler to use and with all the battery
power not a power issue.
Based on where we had to locate the fridge,
a three way fridge requires exterior venting
that falls into the code range based on how
far an open flame has to be away from a fuel
fill location.
No choice but to use an AC/DC fridge.”
So there you have it.
The shorter height and length of the Tofino
has given what many of you have been asking
for from Pleasure-way.
Now the introductory price for the Tofino
is just under $70k at $69,550 but you’ll be
paying for extras like side and rear
screen doors, up to 200w of solar, a roof
rack and painted exterior moldings.
But incredibly the Tofino comes with Pleasure-ways
5 year warranty which I believe is the best
warranty I have seen at this price point.
So you can have some peace of mind that Pleasure-way
has built this van to similar quality levels
as its other motorhomes.
The biggest challenges I see right now with
the Tofino is that the rear bench seat does
not have 3-pt seatbelts and it doesn’t come
with a toilet.
A portable toilet can be purchased separately
and stowed in the back so that’s not so much
of a problem but the lack of 3-pt seatbelts
means that this almost perfect family camper
van isn’t suitable for carrying kids or grandkids.
I’ll be doing a more in-depth review of the
Tofino in the future but at least for now
based on everything that we know it sounds
like the Tofino is a really interesting addition
to pleasure-way’s lineup.
Also I want to thank our roving reporter Marc
Stephen for sending me early pictures of the
Tofino from the California RV Show happening
in Pomona this week.
Let me know what you think of the Tofino in the comments below and if you like this video
then give me a thumbs up.
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So that about wraps it up.
Thanks everyone for watching Ultramobility
News where I cover all the good and bad that’s
happening in the RV world.
We’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Ultramobility News | Pleasure-Way Tofino | New Details”

  1. Nice day trip rig. But with no toilet,shower,generator and no room to stand up in, and going for almost 80k Canadian . That’s a little expensive just for a day trip.

  2. Great review Neil! I love this van. They could include a portable cassette toilet or make it an option. But I would not mind having to buy one. This seems like it is a great van and continuing with their high quality standards. I love the amenities that are included.

  3. Hmmm… not too keen on this one. Lack of toilet access, lack of standing space, lack of 3 pt seat belts… Not adequate for us.

  4. “Ouch!”. That’s the sound of hitting your head on the ceiling. Can’t believe the inside roof doesn’t go up. I think that’s a big mistake. And no heat? These might be two big deal breakers for people interested in a pop top camper. Although the Recon doesn’t have heat either now that I think about it. Some questionable decisions by PW. Curious if you were ever able to confirm an outdoor shower?

  5. Saw it Thursday in Pomona. Spent about an hour sitting in it and talking to the Pleasureway rep. It was his personal vehicle. Loved it, and might go back tomorrow to see it again. At 5'5, 1 was able to stand up in the front part of the van just under the front canopy even when it was down. The only thing that I might find a little troublesome is that the top bed platform does not fold back like I've seen in other poptops. When pulling on the bench seat to make a bed, I hit my head a couple of times. I learned pretty quickly to stay low. I do like this van.–Christine

  6. What kind of weight capacity is there in the loft??? Remembering a time when some friends collapsed the loft in their old VW. Ah, the good old days.

    Another question. Are there any hookups for an outdoor shower? Seems like that would make sense for this design.

  7. Having owned and traveled in a VW Westfalia camper that was 15.5 feet and had storage space for a portable cassette toilet in the front area of the camper, I think PW has a great product but missed the boat by not making space for the loo somewhere in the living area. How are you supposed to be able to use the loo if its in the back under the bed? Also our old 92 VW had shoulder seat belts on the rear sliding bench so there is really no reason why PW cannot put shoulder belts in this vehicle. I would have put the furnace in the rear bench seat and made a forward cupboard for stowing a loo where the furnace is; you need access to a loo but not normally to the furnace. I am sure outside venting can be figured out for furnace in a different location. BTW sure you might be able to put folding bikes in the back but what are you going to do with them at night when you need to put the bed down for the night and you are boondocking somewhere? Even if you are not? I would also like to see a manual awning as an option.

    I see version 1.1 making a good product a terrific product with 1) shoulder seatbelts, 2) cassette toilet forward of rear storage and 3) available awning. Version 1.2 could be a little bigger roof opening with sliding or lifting mattress up top so that you have the ability move around more with the pop top up. Version 2.0 would be a solid hightop option with version 1 upgrades mentioned.

    Love your reviews Neil, we upgraded from the VW to a PW and it was your videos that swayed us from shortlisted Roadtrek to a Pleasure-Way in the end specifically over build quality.

  8. I like it–especially once I saw that it has heat. If it just had a fantastic vent fan that would be nice, but I suppose you could add one yourself. I love that it gets 200 AH of lithium batteries, the multiplex wiring, and AC/DC fridge. I think they could have added a half cabinet over the galley area the way Sportsmobile does (it's sort of a shelf with half sides to keep items from falling out). That adds storage to the galley area for glassware and spices. I think you could add some Sumo springs to this and raise the ground clearance, put on some beefier tires and have a pretty capable rig. Very nice.

  9. I’m going to make the same comparison a couple others have made… it reminds me of the old VW camper vans. I used to own an ‘82 VW Vanagon Westfalia, the Trafino looks to be an exact copy of that vehicle only with features updated to the 21st century. While it may not be exactly what I’m looking for today at 46, the 20 year old still living in me is excited to see the return of a simplistic camper van. I could see this becoming a hit with the younger crowd.

  10. Very nice addition by PleasureWay! Too bas it’s not all wheel drive, because this setup screams adventure vehicle. Having no a/c, toilet, shower or stand up space – it’s not well positioned as camper van or a tour coach.

  11. Looks like a nice van for those who are nostalgic for the old VW Westphalia campers. Nice to see PW going with an induction cooktop and a compressor fridge. Tho' you're right – they need to add shoulder belts to the back seat, at least on the left and right sides if not the middle.

  12. i want too see how a 4 person family camps in this.
    …and I like the idea of minimal camping, as long as it doesnt get more complicated with a family.

  13. Wow the Festival hippie wagon hippies can't afford and no one else wants. Not even a outdoor shower. It's a conversion van not an RV…..

  14. Since it doesn't include any kind of bathroom/toilet, it's dubious, if it can pass muster with the IRS for a tax write off.

  15. Pleasure-Way just lost me with this model (yuck) , I'm sure they could come up with something better than this. When / if Pleasure-Way designs and manufacture a four season Class B motorhome we would be the first in line to purchase one. We hope to purchase a new model Pleasure-Way within the next 2-3 years as retirement approaches. However we are waiting for them to get on board with more technology offered by others. Sometimes we believe they wait just a little to long to adapt , which we understand. BT

  16. Kid carrying capacity is a must have.

    I’d rather have a wet bath over an interior kitchen. It’s so much easier to use a camping stove outside than to use alternative facilities.

    Also no longer an IRS tax write-off.

  17. Good video, plus: 4 season (Maybe), extra space & electric system. Big negative, unable to stand execpt for small area.Seems yot make it almost useless for long term use if you don’t want to bed over or walm on your knees.

  18. Neil I am ecstatic about what you presented us today. This van suddenly shot up to number one for me! 👍🏼
    I’ll be looking closely to see how well this thing can drive off the road.

  19. I was super excited about the Tofino when I saw it posted on the PW YouTube channel a week or so ago. I thought finally an RV perfect for my family of 4. But I was let down again for the exact reasons you point out—no toilet, no three point seat belts in the back. Why can’t any class b get this right? Why are they ALL aimed at retirees or couples that are trying to boondock instead of a typical family of 4 that wants to go on camping vacations (and parents that have no interest in a cassette toilet)? Great review and keep posting. Let us know if there is a class b in the works that will suit a family of 4, if not I might have to go the custom route and get a Sportsmobile or something.

  20. It will be interesting to see if this floorplan, common in European campervans, sells well in the US. I think the Axion is the only other production RV built on the shortie Promaster chassis. Neil, please do a comparison review of the two.

  21. I'm still wondering what happens with the pop up, when it is wet from rain or snow, and has to come down for departure. How does the water, sleet, and moisture that accumulates on the tent drain when the top is down? Wouldn't it get moldy?

  22. Does it have an under mount AC? Looks great if you ask me were tent campers and this is a step up and I prefer 12volt fridges vs propane.

    Looking forward to your full review.


  23. This Van will appeal to singles and young couples. However, Not having a bathroom is a "no-go" for most families and older couples.I do like the way it looks but I question if it is really bulit to the established Pleasureway Quality Standards. We will see; I look forward to your full review.

  24. The 5 Mars Imagine made in Quebec, Canada has this beat. Pleasure Way seems to have copied it, but not as good. http://www.5marsvr.com/imagine.html

  25. if a 3 point seat belts can be configured and a shower then id say this is the one for me!!! hmmm how much is an aktiv 2.0?

  26. I think the Carado Axion from Erwin Hymer group is a good competitor for this Tofino, + shower and toilet and more… Btw thanks for all your great reviews. Thumbs up!

  27. Thanks for another great video! Here's a look at the new Hymer Activ I've been waiting for on the sprinter..


  28. So, there is no propane in this van? Pleasure Way decided to go the root of solar/DC or AC power? OK. If that’s the case, or not, that’s fine either way. So, the solar panels should have been included as part of the basic package. Not an option. A pop up roof on a shorter wheelbase. That too is fine. But extremely poor implementation. Even the new mini campers built in the small Nissan NV200 van that have the same type of slanted pop up roof, have the ability to fold back or raise up the upper berth to allow you more headroom, from front to back. And not just a 2.5 foot square hole to stick your head through. Let’s face it, the upper berths in these pop top campers are really good for mainly small children to be comfortable. But, since this camper does not have three point seatbelts in it, you can’t transport small children in it! Can’t even fathom what the engineer that designed this fixed upper berth and inadequate seat belt system was thinking! Nor can I imagine the ridiculous suggestion that you can purchase a porta potti which you can store under the bed, yet there are no access doors to that space from inside the RV. Looking from the back of the van toward the front, there was a solid wall under the front of the bed. So, if you purchased a porta potti you would have to go outside to the back of the camper and then carry the whole thing to the inside, use it, then drag it outside to the back of the camper to return it to the under bed storage area??? Are they serious? Because of just those few issues I’ve mentioned, above, I would consider this camper a combination of short sighted, poorly implemented design choices for @$70,000 just to start. I normally like Pleasure Way’s other model designs and quality. But, for a company that’s been building camper vans for some time, there were too many bad decisions made with this model. And, except for the solar panels, resolving any of these issues I’ve mentioned, would not add any significant cost to the company. I can’t believe the company owner would have signed off on this!

  29. Oh only if I was younger! But for me it is now all about comfort. Thanks for a peek at the rig. I'll share it with my son and his young family as they are in the market. Maybe they can upgrade the seat belts. Pleasure-Way made a boo boo overlooking that young family target market.

  30. For those looking for a small family camper with 3-point seatbelts, I found an interesting alternative to research.
    Video shows the build process and finished interior with 2nd row seats in-place.

  31. Neil great insight on the new Pleasure way – must agree with you about seat belts and toilet. Otherwise it would been a home run!!!

  32. How about a simple manually operated roof vent in the open roof section? Even without a powered fan it would really help the ventilation. Plus the 3 pt seat belts. And some tie downs in the cargo section. And hopefully some memory foam in both of the beds. And of course the Froli system in the upper bed. And it looks to have a "sprayer" in the cargo area to use as an outdoor cold shower, but it isn't mentioned in the specs. Okay, that's all for now Dean (and Neil).

  33. I was so excited about this van, until I realized you cannot stand up. Deal breaker for me. Not worth the price point for a camper van you cannot stand up in. Sorry pleasureway.

  34. Although Pleasure-Way compares the Tofino to one of it's popular full-size pop top vans from the 80's, this reminds me most of my 1979 VW Westfalia. But with more power! Bed is the same, poptop is the same, same location of stove, etc. –I want one! Too bad Pleasure-Way's site doesn't have much information on it yet.

  35. Pleasurewa REALLY needs to catch up to ROAD TREK with the UNDER HOOD generators!!!!!!!!!!!!we are not in the 1970's ANYMORE pleasureway! I get that they are trying to COPY VW WESTY/ VW Europe Vans.ok. This van if it was 40,000 would be great but at this price point of $70,000 plus other charges options etc-WELL

    Still nice though for NOT having a TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UNDERHOOD generator please Mr.Pleasureway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Too bad they didn't open up the the top like the Nissan NV200 and Sportsmobile which creates 8' of head room. A deal breaker for me. My guy is 6'8" so I. Would need to go with the Sportsmobile or the Nissan, both have a 5 year warranty and they should throw in the Thor cassette toilet and outside hot / cold shower option.

  37. Neil, this would make much more sense as a TOTAL electric, non pop up van. Without the seatbelts, there is no need for the extra roof top bed. In fact, without the seatbelts, there is no need for a complicated seat/couch/bed. A fold down bed like the Hymer Aktiv or Winnebago Travato would make more sense and also allow pass through storage of bikes, kayaks etc. The price point they are aiming for is just plain silly. Please call Dean and tell him they have a brilliant idea, but it is overly complicated, under designed, and grossly overpriced for the consumers who would ACTUALLY buy this model. This van as a non pop top, total electric adventure van priced at $49,995 would sell like hotcakes. PW would create a whole new market and Winnebago and others would be fast to follow suit. I’m guessing a 6-12 month backlog if they made THAT van instead of this one!!

  38. This may be what will start me out in the RV world. I am solo and short; can purchase a $60 cassette toilet and $50 microwave or toaster oven; camp at campgrounds with hot showers and have no need of seatbelt. When will these be available for purchase?

  39. This is the first time I've ever described an RV as pointless. It reminds me of customized vans from late 70's & early 80's; but without seatbelts you can't even take kids to grandma's house.

  40. I want a toilet. But never having owned a camper, I don't really know if its really necessary. I'm a single guy. Pee in a pot, ahaha. Technically speaking, does it have the 'lane assist' and other high tech driving features? I like it because of its short size for my outdoor apartment parking space. I'll look it up. Thanks Neil!

  41. Good introductory review. I wholly agree about the the rear lacking 3 point seatbelts missing the mark to make this a great “family” solution. I am fine with the lacking toilet, but the rear seatbelts issue makes this a no go for us. Sadly this puts me back to looking at 15 year old Eurovan campers to find a family camper/daily driver solution that seats the whole family safely. Why oh why American camper manufacturers can’t you learn from the European manufacturers? We want shorter camper vehicles that double as daily drivers. Do your polls and check your demographic metrics please!

  42. The first feature I look for in a RV is the bathroom. We all have different priorities but for me privacy, convenience and comfort is first the bathroom. I HATE public restrooms and portable toilets are not my thing. Would love this unit if it had a bathroom. Thank you for sharing. Love your work.

  43. As a three-time VW camper owner (1970, 1991, 1997), I have been waiting for a company in North America to see the market left by VW and filled by expensive customizers. Those who complain about not having a toilet/shower in a short van like this are RVers, not campers – there are plenty of van campers out there to find this design sufficient and are willing to continue to use campground bathrooms/vaulted toilets or do their thing in nature (for dispersed camping). Likewise, the cost of this van is not that much more than a do-it-yourselfer and considerably less than a customizer will charge. And if one knows the cost of restoring an older VW to modern technology standards, this is a competitive price. I hope other manufacturers will enter this market (short vans without toilet/shower) and I would like to see the Erwin Hymer Group build a comparable model with a hardtop utilizing the aft bed design and VoltStart system of the Aktiv.

  44. Awesome information Neil! I don’t know how I missed this report last month. While I’m happy that PW came up with an innovative model to add to their line especially under 20 ft in length, unfortunately, not having a proper bathroom is a deal breaker for most serious folks in my opinion. Perhaps they should add 3 ft in the rear for a wet bath and toilet? Thanks for this!

  45. I am also looking forward to the full review of this unit.I am really impressed by the Pleasure-Way brand in all aspects,and they look like they have captured the vibe of the old VW Westfalia campers with this van.It should resonate well with boomers like myself and the younger folks.

  46. This gets 90% of what you need to get on the road and camp. Seriously. The other 10% is less important – I travel currently in a Honda Element, this is loads better. Combine this with a small trailer, like a WeeRoll or similar, and you can sleep a family of five no problem.

  47. I like the idea of a pop top, but no toilet is no good…. not when I have to get up and pee at least a couple times every night. Would want AC as well, and I'd really rather have a shower as well.

  48. Ugh! Did the three point seatbelts make it to the production models? This is ideal for the family of 4, what are they thinking? Anyways, hope to see the Tofino at the Tampa Show in a couple of weeks. Great channel, thank you for all the invaluable information shared!

  49. Played around with one the other day in San Diego. I've had two T2.5 Vanagon Westfalias (water-cooled flat nose) and loved them; this is an almost exact copy of that proven layout (though w/way less storage on drivers wall). I still feel that this tent/backpack on 2-wheels layout is the most efficient, esp if you want to sleep 2+2. I will though, note some things I noticed and did not personally like. 1) stove and sink placement should be reversed (too close to the seat back/cushion, also a 2 burner induction would have been a nice option. 2) Rear seat and loft bed cushions leave ALOT to be desired. They need to be memory foam or at least supportive…I sank into them and almost bottomed out at 200lbs. They could have added 3-point seatbelts by using a 3-way folding seat where the backs are the bed surface, but it is the first gen and any Westy owner will tell you they've driven with their kids all over the world for years w/o them. 3) As everyone has already mentioned, the top bunk opening should be maximized. Not sure if Westfalia or Sportsmobile have any remaining patents on the roof in the U.S. but if not, maximize it (folding or strut lift). 4). Wood furnishing are on the cheaper side but so were the early Westfalia/Winnebago VW campers. I would though like to see some euro style cabinets (frameless/flush openings, which would hide those ugly edges and use the same space anyway) and the option of different wood and counter colors. You can put a porta pot/cassette toilet in the back under the seat braces. Van drives really nice, I was already used to being right over the wheels coming from a VW, and aside from the low rear clearance w/that rear axle support (not even sure it was not made w/some center clearance-but saw a modification on one of the Promaster forums that create one + gives 3" extra clearance ) it handles, corners and rides really smooth. New and as built, I think the van is in a very sweet price point w/20yr old Westys and Eurovans costing $30-$50K, SMB's being $100k for 2wd Sprinters/Transit, and the 4×4 SMB and Revel costing over $100K. Be nice to see it closer to $60k as there is not much extra cost in the build. Would also like to see them play w/the other Vanlife conversion builds in same price point (Elevated fixed bed w/rear garage and front-facing storage, sliding or no rear seats, etc). Very interested in any upcoming changes.

  50. Excellent introduction video and I cannot wait for the full review. I recently watched a video on the dangers of complexity and the resulting lawsuits. The Tofino looks perfect in this context. I am totally fine with a portable and easily emptied toilet, but would love to find out more on how a composting toilet would work in this rig. The four season capability is an added bonus. We once did a 3 month road trip from L.A. to Vancouver and then 1/2 way across Canada and then looped back down to L..A through the middle of the USA – in a Nissan 1600 station wagon. I am looking forward to doing it again in the vastly improved comfort of the Tofino.

  51. I like it.  But I'd love it if Pleasure-Way made a class B with the higher roof based on  the 1500.  A high quality van to compete with the Roadtrek SRT, and under 18 feet.   Like an Ascent built on the Promaster.  A man can dream…

  52. I don't understand not having 3pt seat belts on the rear seats! Can they be installed before purchase? It's a deal breaker for weekend family camping 🙁

  53. The Tofino is ideal for transporting one or two folding recumbent trikes like the Catrike Dumont. Test ride one and fold it up and place it inside the Tofino. There should be enough room for two.

  54. Seems to me that for many of the negative points brought up here, the answer simply is the 5 Mars Imagine model 16’ Promaster, pop up RV with cassette toilet, microwave, 1500 inverter, hot water and rear external shower and larger roof opening. I don’t have a link but look up 5 Mars RV, available in US built in Montreal. Lists at $89 K CAD. I’m renting one in May and will probably buy.

  55. Hello Neil and everyone. As a follow on to last post, 5 Mars RVs of Montreal area have applied to RVIA and are awaiting certification. They already sell coast to coast in Canada. Their bench seat in the Promaster Imagine model will have 3-point seatbelts within months. Fresh and grey water tanks are underneath but can have heating pads installed. Imagine pop-top 16’3” long, 1500 Promaster sleeps five and seats five, 2000 watt inverter, hot/cold water, cassette toilet, microwave, etc. Van shell can can be custom ordered. They also make pop tops for the Pacifica and the Dodge van similar to the MB Marco Polo.

  56. I'm definitely following this one! I saw a walk -through by a dealership in Phoenix. I feel there will be a huge growth in camping/full-time RV/and European-based ideas for vans. Really enjoying watching the innovative ideas on your Vlogs .

  57. Maybe a silly question…is the 3-pt seatbelt a USA issue or it’s also a Canadian issue? If I understand correctly, it’s illegal to have 2 kids sitting in the back in the Tofino while driving. Really? Can’t be…

  58. Looks like my old Vanagon layout and I am SO EXCITED to see a manufacturer utilize this very functional design.

  59. Hi Neil – did you get an update on the Tofino while you were at the PW HQ recently? Would love to know if they plan to add 3-point seatbelts and maybe better mattresses. Thanks!

  60. I wonder if you could have three point belts added in the back. Overall this looks like a darn near perfect motor home for someone like me

  61. Thank you Neil. I just ordered a Tofino today. I can hardly wait for delivery. Beautiful machine. PleasureWay brought the original to me for inspection. I loved it. Approximately eighteen inches of height under the removable back bed cushion. The cushion stores out of the way for easy access to the portable potty in the rear storage area. No such area in my old 1980 Westfalia. this seems about 50 percent bigger and Marshal from PleasureWay showed my grandson a quick loft entry without using the included ladder. He loved the lights and USB plug in on top. My wife loved the available space and quality of upholstery and space. My new Tofino is a 2020 model with some extra improvements. Thanks for the video.

  62. I almost forgot another important selling point. The stealth factor. This machine doesn't scream CAMPER like most others do. I personally consider that a little crime insurance. Call me paranoid, but I have been touched by the enemy and they are out there like vultures just waiting for prey. To them campers are rolling opportunity. Alls you have to do is take a hike. My touch came at Yellowstone.

  63. No air conditioning? Did I hear this correctly? Who in their right mind would camp in a metal van with no a/c?

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