and I’m out of the encore $230 rebuy
over 200 players almost $19,000 her
first and we lost three hundred and
thirty dollars its 430 could do the
drive of shame or we could hop in a cash
game open seat at 1/3 let’s get in there
and gamble
all right time for a break the cash game
action is fast-paced compared to
tournaments really certain like cash
games maybe I’ll make a little
the freedom the cold hard cash on the
table and ship form of course it’s got
its appeal
and some softer competition to some real
recreational don’t want to sign up for a
tournament they’d rather just play for a
few hours and gamble and I’m getting a
pretty good idea of what a recreational
is versus a pro even though I don’t know
any of these people that are really
playing cash I pick up little things
just how they stack their chips how they
put chips in play their general
appearance and like certain things they
say sets off alarm bells that they’re
either a rag or a true recreation true
recreation of course there’s table
selecting we’ll get into all the cash
game stuff in the future if I decide to
do a lot of cash game vlog let me know
in the comments if you wanna see cash
games you know I could make it happen
there’s at least ten casinos I can visit
in Las Vegas that have good cash games
that run with a $600 stack run to the
gun with pocket tents make it twelve to
go a rag on my left calls and I get
three more calls sixty dollars in the
pot the flop comes nine nine seven
I bet out twenty two to thin the field
hopefully just take it down our hand
stands to be best unless the guy on our
left is specifically slow playing it
over pair or someone else has nine X
like nine ten suited or nine eight
suited would make a lot of sense and of
course pocket sevens beat us the guy my
left does call and everybody else folds
now I got to think about what types of
hands he’s gonna call with nine X is a
strong possibility like I said nine
eight suited in ten nine suited although
we do block a few of the ten nine suit
he could have pocket sevens or he could
have a slow played pocket jacks he’s got
to think my range is very strong to open
under the gun and bet into four people
on the nine nine seven board when the
turn brings a five six eight gets there
he’s probably not flattening that pre I
decided to check it over to him I don’t
know how many pure floats he’s gonna
10:8 we block jack 10 we block he bet
$60.00 time to make a decision can we
make a big fold of pocket tens here what
value hands would he bet here that are
worse than pocket tens a seven suited
has even calling that pre pocket aides
eventually I put in the fold he doesn’t
show but he quickly gets a table change
I asked what he had we’ve been real
friendly we exchanged Facebook friend
invites and he says pocket eights I
believe him so we did get owned a bid on
that one but I think against his range
of pocket eights 9x some 7x think it’s a
decent fold out of position on the turn
and we move on to the next hand with
blinds at $1 $3 there’s an early
position Lin the middle position makes
it 17 to go we look down at East five of
clubs the new pocket aces we put in the
smooth call we’re three ways to a flop
after the limber completes the flop
comes eight four three no clubs extra
checks the original raiser who bets $35
we do have the gut shot and Andover
hopefully so good time to continue in
position we make the call of $35 and the
limper folds we’re heads up hopefully if
he checks the turn we’re gonna take a
stab at it or we can improve the turn is
a for not the best card for us we don’t
have too many fours in our flatting
range and he continues the story and
that $65 he’s wrapping it over a pair we
couldn’t continue to call and wrap
pocket threes or pocket eights but I put
in the fold
I lose a few hands seeing a few flops
and folding or there’s $100
a little mop holds me in the middle
position I may get $12 with the ten
eight suited the bucket calls and the
big boy calls for three ways to apply
clock hums Jack nine three checks to me
good time to put in the C bet with our
draw portage pretty wet so we size up to
$30 button folds and the big blind puts
in the call he has about sixty dollars
behind and the turn is jacked he checks
to us we could check behind and try to
realize our equity or if we bet and put
them all in put max pressure you might
fold a flush draw or a nine and if he
calls with the jack we might just get
there but then I double barrel 10 8 on
jak 9 3 Jack against the short stack who
calls it off with ace Jack and me river
so we’re back to even sitting on $600
couldn’t believe I mean I’ve been here
before when I cast it wasn’t like that
at all it was all not like just play was
horrible and you couldn’t even make it
past day one chimed in I’m like if
they’re playing Queen four I could play
I don’t know why I did it
actually I don’t even think I did
exactly that bad it was bad enough I
made a three bed and some lady called me
with King 9 offsuit and then it was like
a three card Welsh draw to her nine and
I bet the flop and she called and she
rumoured the fork wasn’t checked that I
checked back and she had a nine nine
I didn’t even call flip-flop and then
when I drop the drop I was like gee
called a Mac and I foot
I get called for the to five games so
let’s step our game up we’re currently
sitting on $600 we’re in for $600
max buying in this game is 1,500 we
might top off to that depending on how
the action is let’s see what happens at
2 5 no limit at the Encore poker room
a few hands after I sit down table looks
pretty soft but not not 100% sure I’m
under the gun plus two and I make it 20
to go with pocket ESA’s love pocket aces
action folds to the small blind a
Caucasian male age 65 with a dress shirt
covered by a sweatshirt and some glasses
he looks very conservative probably
recreational were heads up to the flop
the flop comes Queen deuce deuce two
we got the ace of diamonds he checks to
us sitting it’s a great time to down bet
to $15 pretty dry board and we blocked
the nut flush draw he puts in the call I
could have a queen you could have a few
ace highs more likely a mid pair type of
hand but turns a brick he checks to us
and it’s time to go for more value
targeting his you know King Jack a
diamond type of hands mid pairs and King
Queen Queen Jack type of hands
I bet 40 he thinks about it and puts in
the check rizal 105 to go
what is he repping did he slow play
Queens pre does he have the wand or a
remaining combo of ace deuce suited
those are like the only hands I can
really see beating us unless he’s just
you know calling with random Jack deuce
suited I don’t know but I don’t think
there’s much merit and raising so we
just put in the call let’s play a river
the river is an off suit Jack and he
bets 130 dollars he could be doing this
for value with king queen although I
think most people wouldn’t check raise
King Queen so his range is pretty
polarized to pocket queens the water
mating combo of a’s deuce suited and
some Bluffs not sure what he’s bluffing
with not sure what hands he called my
raise with if I went for value and we
just put in the call he shows pocket
he was trapping us and we didn’t get max
if you just want a three bed four you
would have got it all pretty unlucky but
we’ll take it
it’s Garrett and we now have around nine
hundred dollars
hey this is Alvin from album teaches
poker let’s take a look at how Jeff
played his hand in pile solver first if
your opponent checks and you bet fifteen
with your entire range you’ll often find
that this strategy is going to be about
as profitable as if you allowed pile
solver to play a strategy where you use
multiple bet sizings and allow it to
check back on the flop however using
this kind of simplification strategy
where you down bet all of your hands is
going to be very effective
however because Jeff has raised under
the gun plus two his range is generally
going to be very strong in this model
I’ve given him mostly pocket pairs above
sevens and above most of the suited aces
but as the under the gun plus two player
he’s not going to have many twos but
neither is his opponent who’s calling
from the small blind so this is a spot
where I would actually consider betting
half pot with my entire range which is
going to be a slight improvement but
betting a third here is going to
generally be very good your opponent
calls the turn is the six of Hearts and
your opponent checks to you it’s very
important to notice that if you have to
choose between two bet sizes here Payoh
is actually going to prefer betting
close to a hundred this is because your
opponent’s range is going to be very
wide after he calls the one-third bet on
the flop and you want to now put in a
ton of pressure and inflate the size of
the pots you can play big pots with your
big hands here we go for the small bet
our opponent raises us and we should
really never come over the top here we
should just flat all of our hands
including sixes and dues and against us
such a small raise sighs we should fold
a very small percentage of our turn
barrelling range we call and the river
is a jack here if we give our opponent
the option of betting small or shoving
our ponent should actually be shoving
the majority of the time because his
range should be very netted after he
calls the flop and then check raises the
turn for opponent shoves we should
generally be calling pocket aces and if
our opponent bets about two-thirds of
the pot with death
we should always be snapping off with
aces oh yeah yeah
with blinds at $2 $5 under the gun plus
one seeming recreational 40 year old
male makes it 25 to go I’m in the hijack
with Jack 10 of clubs good 3 bet but I
think a flat is in order let’s play in
position the cutoff in the button also
call and we’re four ways to apply the
flop comes King Queen six to clubs we
can hit the combo draw open it straight
and a flush draw original RAZR bets 75
he definitely has this beat when it
comes to range advantage he has about
four hundred dollars behind do we want
to raise and just get it in for our
stacks here or do we want to call in
position I think in general you want to
call in position withdraws like this and
check raise out of position we can use
our positional advantage on later
streets so we call $75 and the other two
players fold the turn is a brick and I
got to think about how much I’m willing
to call to see that River to my surprise
he only bets $100 so I think we’re
getting the direct immediate odds to put
in the call hundred dollars it is the
river is the six of clubs pairing the
board but we make our flush he quickly
he seems disgusted how much money can we
get from them let’s keep it simple and
just double his turn bet make it 200
we couldn’t still have some missed draws
like East Jack East ten Jack ten no
clubs to balance our betting range on
this river it’s not always value he puts
in the call and shows at East King he’s
disgusted at the turn of events flush is
good and we now have over a thousand
dollars in our stack starting like cash
games especially at the Encore
sit back down with my $1,100 stack the
blinds at $2 $5 the same guy Rivard with
the jack 10 of clubs opens under the gun
plus one to $30 this guy seems tilted
and he varies his open sizes depending
on his hand strength so limp equals weak
6x might be tens through aces action
folds to me in the high Jack and I
looked down at pocket jacks good three
bet but I think we can use flat under
upper hand a little bit see a flop he
has about 700 behind him he recently
reloaded after getting busted Asian
woman aged 30 to 50 calls on the button
she’s been splashing around a lot with a
lot of low crap 8 deuce suited 7 5 off
flop comes jack 9 for two clubs original
RAZR bets for green chips that means
$100 that’s a lot of money that’s a pot
size bet now based on our opponent if we
want to have a balanced strategy I
suggest flat call with my top set here
since we blocked top pair and we flat
called with our draws before with the
jack 10 on the king queen x2 Club board
we flat called so we should flat call
with our whole range draws and made
hands in position especially facing a
pot size bet but I have a feeling this
guy has Queens Plus and he’s tilted so
it’s time to get it while the getting’s
good and that means putting in a raise
we make it 250 dollars to go other
player folds when the action gets back
to him he immediately puts out a sigh of
disgust I try to look as nervous and
scared as possible and about 30 seconds
later he says those two magic words all
in I confirm it’s all in before putting
in the call
he shows pocket kings as occur to see to
him my show pocket jacks and here’s the
run out for a $1,500 pot
we finally reach elefanten
in for $600 out for 1968 dollars for a
net profit of 1,300 and $68 and we gotta
calm blackened salmon Caesar salad just
excellent dinner really starting to
think I should play more cash games
especially on Labor Day weekend and
really game select and plug myself into
the pipeline so I want to go someplace
where we know somebody who can plug this
into the social Playboy knowing the cash
game players knowing the ecosystem
knowing what games are good knowing when
to play and where to play and maybe even
getting you know invites to private
games and studying a lot of cash game
strategy I don’t want to be results
oriented but just the feeling of freedom
ability to go to the bathroom when you
want the ability to just go and get some
food when you wander when do we eat
also the luxury of dealers dealing
faster it really adds something to the
game it just makes it different than
tournaments I’d also like to give a big
shout out to Andrew Nene I have been
watching a few of his vlogs lately and
I’ve been following his preflop ranges
and wines that he takes with different
holdings he does make a lot of sense
with his thought process and he’s a
winner in two five and five ten so I’m
sure I can win a decent amount just by
imitation with a little bit of
application of course I’m happy because
I booked a win but there’s something
that feels good about booking a win in
the cash game versus a min cash in a
tournament apparently of course you
can’t win as many buy-ins in a cash game
as a kind of a tournament but I can see
how why people say the steady nature of
you know 60% wins compared to 90% losses
in a tournament probably better for the
mentality overall until next time sign
up on ECR in raise your edge I’m out


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